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Making progress on my Kaylee costume! I wasn't able to find coveralls, but I need something for Can't Stop the Serenity, so I'm going with cargo pants. Which I was able to find easily enough at Value Village.

In the boys' section. THe sad part is? THe first pair I tried on were too long.
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A quick update on today's work on the cosplay project of doom..

Because fitting through doors is overrated anyway )
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Super fun weekend with [livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky. We wound up watching all of Princess Jellyfish. It's only eleven episodes, and it's so cute. Definitely recommend it for all the geeky anime girls on my flist. Someone made an anime about female geeks.

We also watched When Harry Met Sally. This is notable as previously I had only watched an old VHS where we wound up not so much watching the movie as listening to it, since we couldn't get the tracking fixed. :p

And as usual, we played the BSG board game. It's amazing what a difference not playing the game wrong makes! The humans wound up winning. Not easily, but we used the unadjusted distance to Kobol and still got there. It's a good thing I have still never been a Cylon, since by the end I was Admiral President Helo. :p

We also went costume shopping. I managed to find new boots for my Garnet costume, since I borrowed them from [livejournal.com profile] neekabe last time. I also went in with the vague idea it might be fun to do a casual Kaylee costume (also working on the layer cake :p). And walked out with...

Well... )
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Hey look, I finally uploaded my Polaris pictures!

Con photos! )
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I promised a friend I would promote her Etsy store to all the costumers on my flist. She makes latex masks and prosthetic ears and horns. Only a few things in there right now, but she's eager to do custom work.

In exciting news, Felix fixed my TA schedule! All my TA hours wound up in the fall term instead of the usual setup of two terms on and one off. I spent half the day trying to get up the nerve to ask him to fix it. But it's all settled now. I'm still NMR monkey in the fall because Mat wants me to do the training, but he moved my 213 help room assignment to the Spring term. So I get to keep what remains of my sanity!
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We went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World last night. It was incredibly awesome. Sadly, I can see why it's doing poorly at the box office. See... the entire time I was watching it, I felt like they had made the movie for me.

And on a related "movies made for me don't succeed" note, one of the previews managed to lose my attention and then actually get it back. It looked like a really generic hockey movie... until halfway through they all started singing and dancing! They are making a HOCKEY MUSICAL. It looks RIDICULOUS. I am excited to watch it. :p

Just about ready to go for Fan Expo. Which is good, since we're leaving tomorrow. I made a Deadpool mask for Ryan today, it came together rather well. I think I have all my costume bits packed, just need to make sure I have all the emergency repair supplies. And the con food. And the non-costume clothing, might want that. :p
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You know what I hate? TULLE. It is evil. It does not hold pins and it kept getting caught on my presser foot.

BUT! My Water Pretear dress is now poofy! And I managed to get away with just having the crinoline to where the front of the dress is, the back still falls okay (for those of you not familiar with Pretear, this is the costume. Damn anime costumes not being subject to gravity!)

For the record, this would have been much easier had I done it from the get go instead of wearing it, realizing I don't like the physics and having to put a crinoline between the overskirt and the underskit. :p Oh well, I was doing alterations anyway since the bodice wasn't fitted properly. I'm really happy with how it looks now though.
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Sometimes I end up making very bizarre phone calls. Like today's memorable "Honey, could you please bring me a pair of pants?"

My vacuum pump leaked. Changing the pump oil is always a messy business, so I was wearing my labcoat. Unfortunately, it only goes to my knees. I didn't notice the leak at first when I was moving the pump up onto a stool so I could drain it and I got oil all down my pant leg. It was... icky. :p

On an unrelated note, my sister has figured out what Glaxcin needs. It needs the doctor from Voyager! Because he doesn't need to eat!

Also unrelated, it's a bit chilly today. The nearest warm thing I could grab to throw on was... a White Mage cloak. I'm not sure what that says about me. But I'm typing this while wearing a cloak. :p
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I have a desk! It is desky and wonderful and holds my computer! I also found a backpack that can hold my laptop. It was a little pricier than I would have liked for a purchase I'm making under duress, but I don't exactly have a choice. The laptop is three kilograms and the buses go on strike next Monday. (Remind me again why they're allowed to do that? The people who are counting on transit to get to work or school don't control the contract, and we're the ones getting screwed over. That's just not fair.) Even with a backpack, there's no way carrying it to campus (about a forty minute walk when not weighed down) is going to even come close to not sucking.

Also, I totally never posted pictures of our Halloween costumes!

So I shall remedy that )
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It took hours and I hit my thumb with a hammer more times than I care to count (there was a big purple bump. Then I hit it again and it started bleeding :p), but my Halloween costume now laces up!

And the cat decided that the ribbon was a toy. :p
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Not a lot of my costume here, they're all on Nico's camera. Hopefully I can get those from her soon. But there are some! And our totally awesome Project Cosplay dress! And some other cool costumes.

Everyone loves pictures! )
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You know what I hate? Zippers. :p They are evil. I was trying to avoid having to use a zipper in this costume, but I didn't have enough slack in the back to do velcro. I was going to do lace up, but when I tested grommets on a piece of scrap fabric, it was NOT HAPPENING. The awl doesn't like this fabric. :p So zipper it was.

Though at least I had the brains to hand baste the zipper in first, so it was easy to pick back out when I, shock, screwed it up. :p

And then when I was sewing it in, I got a little close to the teeth so it snagged when I was trying the costume on. What a sight that was. I was, uh, sitting in the living room in my underwear, battling a zipper with a stitch ripper. I'm told this doesn't happen in normal households. :p

But! The zipper is attached! And the overskirt is made and sewn on. Though I still have the NEVER ENDING HEM to do. And I need to alter the bodice a bit because it's sagging in the chest. Still, making progress!
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I think Schroedy likes this costuming hobby of mine. She is currently sleeping on the fabric. The white fabric, of course, as her fur wouldn't show up NEARLY as well on the blue. I'm pretty sure I don't have to cut anything more from the white though.

This is a Water Pretear costume for Anime North. Which is in two weeks. I started the costume today. Because I am THAT AWESOME. It's going pretty decently though. I have the basic shape of the bodice down. Though I need to figure out how to actually do it up in the back, as the art explanation is "It's all one piece, screw physics". I'm not sure I have enough slack to do velcro, so I may try making it lace up. I also have the underskirt done, it just needs to be hemmed. Though I want to be sure the back is done up properly because I try hemming it, I think.

So that just leaves the detailing and the overskirt. Hemming the overskirt is going to take forever. This may not have been a wise costume considering I hate hemming. Oops.

My laptop keyboard has more or less given out. The letter keys have gotten wonky in addition to the missing Ctrl and F5. So I decided it was time for a USB keyboard. All I could find at Best Buy was a roll up one. I tried it. The keys wobble and it's clearly meant for someone who types more slowly than I do. So I returned that and went to future shop and now have a proper keyboard. The only tricky thing now is positioning it so I can still use the trackpad. :p
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I have found my missing shoe! Which would probably mean more to you if I'd mentioned I was missing a shoe in the first place. Packing for Anime North is FUN! :p And I have to take a break from it until my laundry finishes. Which is, uh, now. :p

Okay, now that that's done with. :p

Ryan's great aunt got us a lamp as a wedding gift. This makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy, because we need that lamp greatly. The living room is poorly lit. :p

Is it normal that posts on the Piled Higher and Deeper forum about the uncertainty of the academic profession make me think of my childhood lullabye? :p
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Okay, who sets off fireworks at 1:30 AM? Honestly! Some people in the bazillion apartment complexes around here were trying to SLEEP. :p

I have my Anime North costumes all ready to go now. That just leaves Ryan's. :p LUckily, tomorrow is a holidy. Probably won't go into work because I haven't decided what to do next. Other than trying to find an alkyl option... :p I'll stop now. :p

For the record, Discworld!Death doing ballet...

Is like the greatest thing ever )

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Dude, where's my layout? (Seriously, it's randomly vanished :p)

We bought a kitchen table yesterday. It came with four chairs. We only really need two, so one is being used as my sewing chair and the fourth is in a corner somewhere to be pulled out when entertaining (because it would get in the way of the fridge normally. :P

I also tried out my new sewing machine yesterday and I heaaaaaaaaart it. I finished up the hood, so today I'm hoping to get started on the rest of the cloak.

We also watched the Fifth Doctor's first arc. I quite like him. Of course, I've yet to meet a Doctor I didn't like. :p Teagan is also really cool. :D Also, I want to see Deadpool, because David TEnnant sings and dances. :p

And I found Photoshop! It was in my drawer thingy. Sometimes known as my other boot. So I can make icons again! As soon as I rebuild my font collection. :p So I can have Doctor Who icons! And all those other things I talked about wanting icons of. :p

I have a weird hobby of looking at every list of wedding song ideas that I come across. This frequently leads to me WTFing and wondering if people even READ the lyrics. I mean, I love "I Will Follow You INto the Dark" but it's kinda DEATHTASTIC (and I don't mean super cheery like I usually do when I say that. :p) Also, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" as a father/daughter dance? NO BAD WRONG. "A Whole New World", while fine for a bride/groom dance, is not father/daugther material. I mean, wasn't Jasmine's father the one KEEPING her from seeing the world, shining, shimmering, splendid? "My Heart Will Go On" just makes me think "They're like that couple from Titanic, only no one dies, omigod you guys!"

And "Memory" from Cats? Do people just not LISTEN to these songs before they suggest them?

And yes, I look at these lists just for the WTF factor, since we already have both those songs picked out. :p

EDIT: Well, my layout's back. :p
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How can they do this to me when there's the resolution to a three part arc on tonight?

Also, the convention is tomorrow. ACK. I've opted for the River dress because I've never worn it at Animaritime before and I want to get some better pictures. Today was crazy con prep day. Of course, I'm not trusted to fold, so I was a runner. Bill and I made a run to Moncton to drop some stuff off at the convention centre. We were SUPPOSED to get some colour copies of badges made, but the price was ridiculous so we bought ink for his printer instead.

Of course, the convention means that I won't be online the whole weekend, lacking a computer at the hotel and all. I won't go so far as to say this post is the last you'll hear from me, since I'm sure I'll make a post-Grey's post. :p

[Poll #933279]
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So yeah, with the sewing machine not so much with the working, I think I'll just wear one of my old costumes to Animaritime this year. Which leaves me with a decision.

[Poll #932207]

Katikabe, do you perchance know when Ash Wednesday Mass is today?
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Bit of a shopping spree today. I try to remind myself that this is because I won't be buying much of anything until the NEXT time I'm in civilization. :P

I picked up the last of the fabric for my Garnet costume. It's not QUITE the right weight, but it was what I could afford and I shall find a way of managing. Also, everything was 50% off today, which is always a bonus. The girl who cut it for me sat there trying to figure out where she knew me from until I said something about it being for a costume. SHe was at ANimaritime last year, so we talked about cosplay plans for this year's convention. :p

Then it was off to Chapters because I had a $50 gift card. Which is mostly used up now, since I bought Tempest, Wintersmith and The Science of Discworld III: Darwin's Watch. I wandered through the oddly organized youth section looking for Wintesmith since it's a Tiffay Aching book. Turns out I should have turned around after picking up Darwin's Watch, because there was more Pratchettness on the next shelf. :P

Then we went to the madhouse that is the mall on Boxing-Day-for-sale-purposes. My search for Sims 2: University turned into a bit of a quest, as a lot of the stores only had the later expansions that my computer can't handle. My sister eventually suggested TOys R Us, which, much to my surprise, actually had it. THat made me happy, because the only option after that was trying EB Games, and they were making people line up to get in the store. I don't much care for queuing up just to get IN to a store. :p I also eventually found a Christmas present for Ryan. And I bought the RotJ DVD, because they had the good version with the Ewok song. :p
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I love my sewing machine. I sat down and made the blouse for my Garnet costume in a single sitting. I can't think of HOW long that would have taken to do by hand.

I also clearly mismeasured myself, because the blouse definitely wound up a size or so too big. Fortunately, too big is much simpler to fix than too small. :p

Let's see... other than that, I watched CSI. It was the conclusion of a cliffhanger I had missed several weeks ago, so that made me happy. Though apparently I have to see other episodes to find out what's with the model crime scenes. :p

Also, cubes are hard to wrap. This is the last time I give the Borg. :p


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