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We went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World last night. It was incredibly awesome. Sadly, I can see why it's doing poorly at the box office. See... the entire time I was watching it, I felt like they had made the movie for me.

And on a related "movies made for me don't succeed" note, one of the previews managed to lose my attention and then actually get it back. It looked like a really generic hockey movie... until halfway through they all started singing and dancing! They are making a HOCKEY MUSICAL. It looks RIDICULOUS. I am excited to watch it. :p

Just about ready to go for Fan Expo. Which is good, since we're leaving tomorrow. I made a Deadpool mask for Ryan today, it came together rather well. I think I have all my costume bits packed, just need to make sure I have all the emergency repair supplies. And the con food. And the non-costume clothing, might want that. :p
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I just want to say, for the record, that staying in Laura's head during that d*mn AU was really frakking difficult. I kept trying to jump over to Bill's in the scenes he was in, and Laura SO shouldn't have been able to read his mind yet.

We watched Ghosts of Girlfriends past with Ryan's parents last night. It was... well, everything you would expect from the previews. I spent the movie reading Unseen Academicals (which was actually quite difficult to find, I wound up sending someone into the back room at the second store I tried) so it wasn't so bad. Good book. :p Ryan and I watched Young Frankenstein afterwards, which was a lot more fun. :p
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Fun weekend with Vicki. We saw Watchmen, which was great. And I totally picked up the soundtrack because it was a kind of awesome soundtrack. :p

We also finally watched Batman Begins. Because I'd never seen it. It was pretty fun. :p I'm pretty sure I will always adore Alfred. :p Because he is wonderful. As is Lucius.

And wow, episode six of Dollhouse was rather fantastic. I think that show has found it's footing. :p
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Watched Repo! today. It was great. Though how did I not notice in all my time listening to the soundtrack that Nathan is, uh, GILES?

I also tried to watch Razor. Yeah. Tried. The DVD kept skipping and the stopped playing altogether. So Amazon's sending me a new set. :p

I, uh, also may have bought season 3. Evil DVDs being in stores and not made of gold and diamonds. At least this way if any disc is a dud it's easier to get fixed. :p

And now I'm playing the awkwardest thread EVER in Glacxin. Poor Bill. The last thing he needed after getting thrown in prison was to walk into the dining hall and see his son naked in a glass box. :p

Oh, I also bought a new MP3 player. Mostly because I wanted one with a built in battery, since the one I have runs on AAAs and eats them for breakfast. It is shiny and I am filling it. :p
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I have achieved fudge! It's so much easier when there's no soft ball stage. :p It's yummy!

Bagless vacuum cleaners are so overrated. I had to empty mine today and it was NOT fun. But I managed to get my living room all vacuumed! Huzzah! It was long overdue. Next project... uh, the bedroom...

I think the heater isn't working right. It's starting to get cold in the living room, which ISN'T as crazy drafty as the bedroom. That and the neighbour I actually like came by and asked if there was any heat coming out of OUR heaters, because there wasn't any coming from hers. Not a good time of year for this, building!

I watched the movie version of The Best Little WHorehouse in Texas last night. It's a very fun movie. I had fun going "There's Tess!" :p

And I have completed two of the three major quests in Avernum 2! Take THAT too stupid to live Empire! They did have one set of smart soldiers though. They saw my party and RAN AWAY. :p
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Back from a fun weekend in Toronto! We watched more BSG with [livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky, finishing up the Kobol arc and seeing up to Final Cut. So I got to know two more Cylons! And apparently there is impending doom.

We also introduced Vicki to the wonders of Classic Who. Though Robot lacks a quarry. :p Still, it introduces Four.

Also, I wonder how much BSG/Doctor Who crossover fic there is that exists solely to pair Cylons with the appropriately numbered Doctor. :p

Oh, and I gave Vicki The Wiz for Christmas, so we watched this. The phrase "acid trip" comes to mind. :p

Also, Vicki is awesome and gave me John Barrowman's autobiography for Christmas. It is shiny and will entertain me on the train ride. As will the other books I bought when she took us to see the store she works at. And Fables 11, which we had to pick up at another store. We'll see if I actually hold out until the train ride with that one. :p
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Saw Mamma Mia. I thought it was great fun. Ryan didn't like it. Silly Ryan. :p Yeah, the plot was contrived. The plot was also REALLY not the point. It's all about the SINGING AND DANCING! There was choreographed dancing... with FLIPPERS! And "Dancing Queen" just delighted me like wow. It was... FUN!

I also love that the chorus would give dirty looks to anyone who started singing without background music. Until the music started up and they were all "Oh, okay, harmonies and jazz hands coming up!" :p

Also, I kinda hearted the dads. :p
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So, umm, Tess and Sunny may have kinda sorta maybe talked me into reading Twilight. Possibly by actually SAYING "peer pressure! peer pressure!" I almost never caved to far more insidious peer pressure in high school, but now I cave to people blatantly SAYING "peer pressure!" to persuade me. :p

We'll see how this turns out. :p

We tried to go see Mamma Mia! today. We really need to start buying tickets online ahead of time for Tuesday shows though. :p Also, I don't understand how the people ahead of us were having SO much trouble with the self serve kiosk. It's not that complicated. :p
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They FINALLY fixed our blasted bathtub faucet. Apparently they installed the thing backwards and one day the threads just gave up and the hot water tap refused to move anymore. I'd been washing my hair under the freezing faucet and sponge bathing for weeks. It wasn't fun.

Also, saw Batman last night. Was brilliant.

Spoilers )
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WALL-E is like the most ridiculously adorable movie EVER. I want a WALL-E. :p

Cuteness spoilers )

In conclusion, if you have any fondness at all for cute things, go see movie now!
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Terribly productive day. They moved my staff health appointment up a day and it took far longer than it needed to. And the report is in such an accusatory tone! It's all "admits to working with benzene" and "denies any exposure to mercury". You'd think it was a criminal investigation or something. It also took a while because they offered to do a hearing test. Apparently I have perfect hearing... as long as I'm in a soundproof room listening to beeps on headphones. :p

Changed pump oil. It was disgusting brown sludge. Then there were talks all bloody afternoon. :p

I was planning to go to the reception for the schmancy lecturer, but Ryan had already bought movie tickets, so that didn't happen. But, Iron Man!

Okay, movie theatres? LESS COMMERCIALS MORE PREVIEWS! There's a difference! Two yeses and two passes in the previews. Indiana Jones and The Dark Knight= umm, YES. Guru something and some Adam Sandler movie= I'm pretty sure we just saw every decent scene of the movie there.

Iron Man spoilers )

Apparently I don't have the original of Iron Man. Just cracktastic Europop covers. :p
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Saw Sweeney Todd today. :p I was glad that I was warned that Johnny Depp wasn't a very strong singer, because it meant I could focus on his acting instead.

Well that and my incredible musical frustration with the fact that they used the MUSIC for "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" but not the LYRICS. By the end of the movie I was about ready to scream "Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd DAMMIT!" and "Swing your razor high Sweeney, THERE ARE LYRICS HERE!" :p

I am NOT sad that a lot of Anthony and Johanna's stuff got cut. Even if I did like this Johanna a lot more than the one in the video of a stage performance I watched with Sammy when she was taking a musical theatre class.

The kid playing Toby was fantastic. And Helena Bonham Carter kicked ass. :p

Changing gears! Homilies comparing the baptism of Jesus to Finding Nemo? Kinda awesome. :p

And finally, John Barrowman singing "The Wizard and I" delights me. :p "And one day he'll say to me John my boy, a boy who is so superior, shouldn't a person who's so good inside have a matching exterior?" :p
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So Tess and I came to a fun conclusion on Thursday. :p Term papers are much more fun if you replace the key concept with the word "yaoi". It all started when she called her paper "Fifteen pages on Plato's thoughts on yaoi", meaning commerce. And it was so much fun because it was all about yaoi destroying society by keeping people focused on pleasure rather than improvement. And then there was Athens having yaoi with everyone because they had a yaoi EMPIRE. :p

We didn't manage to get my books from Kitchener because Shannon was out of town dealing with a health thing. My books, they are cursed, but obviously health comes first. :p

At least I got to see Vicki and Elphie and give her fabric. And watch some ParaKiss and Nodame Cantabile. And go see OMG ENCHANTED. Which was SO AWESOME!

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So, Hairspray? SO MUCH AWESOME!

I squee now. Spoilers. :p )
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I apparently just keep forgetting to update this thing. So now I will talk about movies that I've seen in the past couple days. :p The first was Transformers. I wanted to see OotP, but Ryan pouted. :p It was surprisingly good though. :p

LJ Cut for Devi! )

My mother wound up taking me and my siblings to see OotP today, so all was well. :p

Luna Lovegood and the Harry Potter Movie )

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It took a couple tries, but we managed to see Romeo and Juliet. :p We tried to go yesterday with Lindsay and Bill, but it was raining. So we went to every theatre in town trying to find the rain location. :p We eventually did find it, only to discover that oops, the show had sold out.

So we decided we'd go back to Moncton to catch a movie. Except we got to the theatre in between two rushes of showtimes, so that didn't work. We wound up going and renting Tron. I'd never seen it before, so I just raised my Geek Test score. :p It's a very fun movie. :D

I also bought a pretty pink Nintendo DS. And Pokemon Pearl. My sister had been playing one of the new Pokemon games, and it looked really fun, so I'm giving it a try. There's a bunch of other games I want too, but I am teh poor. :p

Today we did see the play, and it was quite well done. Even if the actors sword fight like Leafe Knights. :p I got to hear about the interesting challenges of doing Shakespeare outdoors. Namely that corpses can't swat mosquitos. :p My friend said it was the most self control he'd ever had to exert. :p R&J is definitely not my favourite of Shakespeare's plays, but it was still a good production. :p

I also got to tell Sammy about the reception theme and ask her to be a bridesmaid. She was really excited about both. :p

And now sleep. :p
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So, I'm apparently all about the movies this summer. Ryan and I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas a couple days ago, which was great fun. I'd never seen the movie before, because I live under a rock. Ryan kept telling me to pay attention to the layout of Oogie Boogie's house because I was going to need it when I got to Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts. :p

We also watched the other random Tim Burton stuff on the DVD. Including a Frankenstein type thing with a boy and his dog, which demonstrated that everything would have been FINE if Victor hadn't rejected his creation. Well, and been less whiny. :p

Yesterday we went to see Shrek the Third, which was also very fun. Cute little ogre babies and dragon/donkey freak babies! And fun with the Arthurian myth. We were trying to figure out why Artie's voice sounded so familiar. I was shocked to discover it was Justin Timberlake. :p And the stuff with Fiona and the damsels in distress? SO awesome.

I also played a bit of Kingdom Hearts, finishing up with Monstro. The High Jump ability is AWESOME... even if it does mean that I keep overshooting my target. :p The parasite cage only killed me once. Stupid poison. :p Also, it was so weird seeing Gepetto and Pinochio after reading Fables. :p

And of course, there's always Sims. :p Anakin Solo aged up to toddler... I'm hoping he'll grow into his cheekbones. :p I really need to make Mara, because Luke is next up in the rotation in the main neighborhood, and one sim houses are BORING. Timothy and Marigold Tam started university, along with Timothy's girlfriend, Skanky Pink Leggings Girl.... err, Meadow. :p I've decided to change Marigold from Romance to Pleasure when she finishes Sophomore year so she won't have to constantly cheat on Thisland to achieve her LTW. Monty and Saffron had a baby girl, who I named Bridgit. Monty and Saffron split up after Monty caught Saffron flirting with Mal. Monty and Mal now live together, and Mal just ADORES Bridgit, it's so cute.

Oh, and apparently Alderaanian birth control kinda sucks. I had my second "oopsie" baby since getting InTeen. The first one was Han and Leia. This time, it was Tycho and Winter. So they now have a baby boy named Bail. They also have very little money because I had to build them a nursery and they had the baby in the second semester of sophomore year. At least Han and Leia waited until they graduated. :p

Oh, and I read Destiny: A Tale of Deaths Foretold, because I found it on the two for one table at Gamezilla. It was a cool little comic. My fondness for Destiny continues to grow. Which is strange, because I used to think of him as a rather boring character. Also, the art was quite nice. I don't exactly read comics for the art (See: Preludes and Nocturnes) but it's always a nice bonus when there's pretty art.
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So, I think the interview went okay. It kinda sucks that I'm in competition with my own sister for the job though. I also did the horrible follow up thing that I hate doing at a couple of the places I applied last week and found out that I keep applying at Ravenclaw places. In other words, they were all only now looking at resumes and expecting to make calls. :p

Ryan and I went to see Spiderman 3, which was fun. Yay random dancing! :p

Tomorrow we're picking [livejournal.com profile] thecleric007 up at the airport and then going down to Sackville to pick up our grad gowns. How crazy is that? Convocation is on Monday, which is quite crazy.
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So Vicki is gone now. It's WEIRD. ANd not just because she took half the decor and large chunks of the kitchen. :p I keep closing the door to my room to make sure Elphaba doesn't get in and play with the big bag o' garbage and then I remember that she isn't HERE. :p

Sam brought her tv downstairs, and we randomly watched Evita while studying. :p We're both ridiculously fond of the character we dubbed "puppy dog photographer". Aka the first man in "Goodnight and Thank You", who does the saddest kicked puppy face EVER when Eva moves on to a new guy. :p Also, at some point I need to go through that movie and count how many different jobs Ché is shown in. It's a lot. :p


Apr. 5th, 2007 10:55 am
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So, last night we learned that the word "Sparta" must never, EVER be spoken in a normal voice. It must be yelled "SPAAAAAAAAARTA!" :p

In other words, I saw 300 and it was SHINY. Pretty fight scenes! Snarky one liners! GLISTENING MEN! And there was a bit more plot than I expected. :p

One of my favourite moments had to be "SPAAAAAAARTANS! WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION?" "A-WHOO! A-WHOO! A-WHOO!" (Translation "MANLINEEEEEEEEEESS!" :p) The movie definitely wouldn't have been the same without that grunting noise.

My favourite moment though, had to be

See, there IS a plot to spoil! )

The movie was also GORGEOUS. I don't just mean there were many good looking men in little clothing, either. The fight scenes were shot INCREDIBLY.

Definitely an awesome end of semester movie. :p


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