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I love the internet because this exists. (It's the latest Order of the Stick, but you don't have to have read all 700+ strips to get it).
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I love multi-fandom RPs. Because...


Because he mentioned the Force.

My life is MADE.
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Okay, so I'm totally late to the party but...

A Very Potter Musical is the winningest thing to ever win. SO HILARIOUS.

Also, I'm now shippping Voldemort/Quirrell. WTF.

The point is, anyone later to the party than I am should go watch it now. :p
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Anyone who has a cat will agree. :p


And, because sheep says BAAA...

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

I think you'd all know that by now though.
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This is made of complete and utter WIN.
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Commentary! The Musical is BLOODY BRILLIANT. Now I dead from funny. :p

Also, what genius put the place you have to go to write the driver's permit test NOT on any bus route? :p
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I kinda want this

I have a feeling it would make Pride and Prejudice a more interesting read. Since it would address my major complaints about it. Those being:

1. Most of the female characters annoy me because all they care about is landing a man. Which would be remedied with zombies!

2. Large chunks of the book tend to involve NOTHING HAPPENING. Zombies would definitely liven that up. :p

Plus... Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. What's not to love? :p
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Rather minor Mindor spoilers )
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What will Schroedy nuzzle?

Patient Schroedy dances!

Death, Death and the internets

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I'm not sure what delights me more. That there IS a Toy Hall of Fame or that this year's inductees included the STICK. (The cardboard box, incidentally, was inducted in 2005). I mean, those are the best toys EVER right there.
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Neil Gaiman used the word "slashiest".

That is like the greatest thing ever. :p

Specifically he called this "the slashiest cover of Good Omens I've seen to date."

It is pretty darn slashy. :p

This is why his fanbase is so crazy. He ENCOURAGES us. :p
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There was a paper in... one of the chemistry journals today, and the title started with "The Bip Method". Cue me very happy I was alone in the office, because THAT would have been an adventure to explain why it's so darn funny. :p

Ryan and I watched the first serial of the Key to Time saga today. I totally heart Romana. And the way the DOctor is all "I don't want you along, whippersnapper" and Romana is all "You have ISSUES and I intend to sit here and DIAGNOSE them." :p Also that Fred is preferable to Romana. :p

And the Doctor has a DOG WHISTLE for K-9! How cute is that?

Is it bad that when Four said "By the Rod of Rassilon!" my immediate thought was "Is that what they called Tiemcock back then?" :p
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I take delight in such simple things as the fact that I can say "Wash probably had dinosaurs in his zarf."

Well, it's true. He probably DID. :p

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First of all, I have a new surefire cheer up video! John Barrowman on a British quiz show of some sort called Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Challenging the host to a gay-off! Is win! Brings a smile to my life forever. :p "You have OUT-GAYED me Barrowman!" "Let's have a gay-off! Lips pursed, hands on the table, go!". :p

There was a baby determined to entertain the entire church today. I was trying to calculated her distraction radius, but I realized that didn't really make sense since she was distracting more people sitting BEHIND her because they could see her climbing on the pew. The only people in FRONT of her she was distracting were the ones she poked when she was toddling along. Well, and people who turned around when she made noises. So I settled for zone of distraction instead. It was considerable, if the number of people giggling around me are an indication. :p
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I love reading the subject lines in my spam folder. I really do. Because I'll get things like

said, told you, and according to pass in the children and to


come may flee from our Lord, said to kill thee even to the

This amuses me to no end for some reason. And then I empty the folder because it's not THAT amusing. :p These are at least a nice change from viagra and bigger penii, I suppose. :p

Oh, and I've been playing around with my sewing machine, and I think I've just about got the thing figured out. I was making jokes about "See how close and even the stitches are?", but no one got the reference. It made me sad. :p
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Noghri. Disguised as EWOKS. *dies and is dead*

We had dance rehearsal last night. Mark stopped by, which was exciting and random. We also learned the fine art of lifting skirts to dance. Yes, there's an art to it.

*sigh* Thanks to this catchup work, I'm already behind in my schoolwork three days into the semester. I hate Organic. But that's not news. :p

Also, apparently I can't do an FST without ending up with an After All (a song that is absolutely PERFECT but I can't find for the life of me). At least After All had an EXCUSE, being by Kalan Porter and all. Shout It Out is by Elvis bloody Presley. :p


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