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For some reason all the penis enlargement spam to my email has been in French lately. At least it's something new?

I've also discovered the best way to avoid the hairdresser reassuring you about how much better your life will be with shorter hair when getting half of it cut off. For some reason, they don't realize I already know this and this is why I'm getting it cut. But they get the hint if you answer the initial question with "MAKE IT GO AWAY." :p (Hair is so much more manageable now. And less likely to kill Ryan. :p)g
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Ryan: "I'm glad you don't have erectile dysfunction."

This is what happens when he looks at my spam folder. :p
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Spend a few times less money buying programs that you need for your computer.

My viagra spam tells me exactly what discount they're advertising. Get on the ball, other spam!
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Why is my spam always 80% off? It doesn't matter which clearly highly respectable Viagra dealer (because clearly I'm in the marker :p), it's always 80% off. Have some variety, spambots! :p
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My spam is all about debt and loans right now. Go figure. :p

I was social two days in a row! This has to be some sort of new record. Yesterday was the My Gosh It Started party. Today the guest speaker was brought in by my supervisor. That meant we had to go to the bar with them after work. There were nachos!
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Meme from [livejournal.com profile] seryan

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Noble Excellency Yubsie the Blue of Fishkill St Wednesday
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Yeah, this post has no actual content. :p I think I'll go sew or play video games or something. :p And maybe wrap my sister's Christmas present. :p
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I'm bored, so... fandom/character/ship count on my icons! :p

I have a lot of icons )
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The NMR machine is rather on the blink right now. Even if we can GET a lock, which takes like five tries, the spectrum ends up looking all manner of hideous. I sent my sample up to Shrubby for a boron, and I asked him to run a proton while he's at it. We always have to get Shrubby to run the borons, because we're not trained on the machine that can actually do them, but usually we can run protons on our own. Which is good, because they need more or less constant running. OF course, there's nothing for me to do until I get it back. I can't even use this time as reaction time, because I don't know if my sample needs to be refluxed for longer. If it's done now, I don't want to risk making it decompose by heating it longer. I can only figure this out with the NMRs though, which means waiting for Shrubby.

On the plus side, I managed to get on to SciFinder for the first time in like a week, so I can find lots of papers. Except I totally don't want to be reading papers right now.

So, umm, comment spam please? I need entertainment!
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Okay, I'm at work and vaguely restless. You know what that means...


Give me your theories about a shared fandom. Give me uses for zuchinis. Recommend a fandom. Recommend a recipe. Hell, give me your thoughts on yaoi. SOMETHING!
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Things in Chemistry that Yubsie Cannot Take Seriously:

ENDOR (it's a calculation method, iirc)
DAMN (diamino something or other :p)
Bipyridine (a common inorganic ligand... which is abbreviated BIPY :p)
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The Quest for BOron continues. Mostly because Shrubby hasn't run my boron NMR yet. So I'm in the Cragg reading and doing thesis stuff.


With anything but lilacs. :p
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Still no love from Aldrich. Can't get on to SciFinder. Running out of keywords for literature search.

PLEASE. Someone start comment spamming me to alleviate my boredom? :p
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Umm, my darling spamming flist? I hope you're happy. I was only offline for a DAY. WHY did it take me until skip=160 to catch up? :p

No Goblins yet. :p
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Spammers. All of you. I was only gone for three days, how did I get back 320 entries without catching up? Yes, I eventually gave up. :p

I had a fun time at home. The puppy behaved herself fairly well, for a change, though Legolas has taught her how to open the gate into the kitchen. I'm still not sure how HE figured it out, he's the STUPID cat!

My Sandman made the rounds again. BJ has proclaimed Desire "weird". Gwenna's partway through volume six, which means she's one shy of the SOUL EATING volume. Shannon flipped through a bunch of them admiring teh pretty. Because there is indeed much pretty. Oh, and Wes seems to quite like Sandman. :p He also thinks there should have been some Wes in The Swarm War, and tried to physically make it so. :p

I finally FINISHED The Swarm War. My ship is being frustrating... and Tess doesn't even SHIP them! They shouldn't be causing me this much trouble! :p

I saw The Corpse Bride, which was very fun. Death is fun, even! :p Maybe I'm slightly morbid, that I keep finding so many places to apply that. :p

My big discovery this weekend: Cutting fabric is a PAIN when you have cats. I was trying to lay out the fabric for my Fire Pretear cape, and both cats kept deciding it was a toy. :p

Oh, and I finally saw Princess Mononoke, which was very snazzy. :D

Yeah, my entries jump around a lot when I don't update for a few days, I know. :p
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There's been some confusion
Over Kinetics out Mout A
But of course instructions are hazy
But of course there's a follow up question
Every time that we try to respond
There's been some confusion
For you see the professor is
Unusually confusing and all together quite impossible to understand

What is this feeling
That starts to grab
Every time I try to do this lab
My will is breaking
My brain is aching
My head is reeling
What is this feeling?
Fervent as a flame
Does it have a name?


Unadulterated loathing
For these stats, these rates
This analysis
It's so pure so strong
Though I do admit it came on fast
Still I do believe that it can last
And I will be loathing Kinetics for forever
Loathing truly deeping loathing this
My whole life long!

(An LJ post from the Avard Dixon lab as we were banished from the Cragg Centre for an Intro Chem test)
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[Poll #650054]
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Don't try to study right after an exam. It DOESN'T WORK. :p

Help session soon. Then I'm going home and playing Quest for Glory.

Which means I'll stop spamming and make you all very happy. :P
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In the Cragg. Very bored. Spamming. :p

Trying to study. Brain melty from exam. Spamming. :p

Still snowing. Don't want to leave. Spamming.

EDIT: LOok, I was good and just changed the icon out of boredom instead of making yet ANOTHER pointless post of nothing. Aren't you all thrilled? :p

I've now used all three of my icons on posts this morning.

How sad is that? Pretty sad. :p

It would be sadder if I had a paid account and managed to use all THOSE icons though. :p

I really do abuse the :p face, don't I? :p

I'm done now.

Really. :p
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[livejournal.com profile] thecleric007 threw a pillow at me! ;___________;

All I did was make a snarky LJ comment! I didn't deserve pillow blasting!


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