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Moving out today. Somehow. Every time I think I'm getting to the end of packing, I suddenly realize "Wait... I own THAT too, don't I?" The next step is to wash up all the dishes and pack them.

Oh, and I have one grade in so far. An A in Japanese, which makes me happy. Should help balance out some of the classes I'm worried about. (Also, it's fun that for this brief shining time, my GPA for this term is listed as a 4.0. It won't last, of course, but it's nice to see briefly. Haven't seen anything like THAT since first year. :p)
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My landlord is supposed to come by soon this morning. I keep hearing knocking and going to check the door, and then it turns out to be our football players thumping around in the other half of the house. :p

Also, I'm somewhat confused about Sam. Her alarm kept going off, so I went in to her room and discovered she apparently never came home last night. I'm not WORRIED, really, since I know she wasn't planning to drink, but confused.
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I wrote my last exam yesterday, which went fairly well, I think. Khash's exams are usually pretty manageable, even if the course material is sometimes brain breaky. He's still an incredibly sweet prof. He brought us muffins and juice to keep us going while writing the exam.

I sent my thesis to be printed today. It's hard to believe that the monster I've been working on since May is actually completely finished now. It was a bit of an adventure making sure it was the right file, since the USB key also had the copy I saved as a Word document to send to my second reader. Not only does that copy not have the changes I made based on Glen's suggestions, it also has formatting completely EATEN by the document conversion. They printed the first copy out while I was there to make sure it was the right one. The first time they tried, the bookstore people started teasing me about "Wow, did you have to be so WORDY?" I commented that "Hey, it's only 35 pages, since I barely had any results!"

That's when they realized that the wrong thing was being printed. It was a Canadian Studies thesis. :p About as far as you can get from me and my chemistry and my never having taken a Canadian Studies course in my LIFE. :p

As soon as I wrap up the last question for my last overdue computational assignment, I am DONE with Mount Allison. Which is really strange.

But right now, we're trying to get the house clean for our landlord to come by tomorrow morning. We're making great progress! Sam and I cleaned the bathroom, I cleaned the kitchen and the living room. Now I need to clear out my room so I can vacuum it, and then move all the boxes from the hall into my room so I can vacuum the hall.

I'm now moving out on Saturday. Which is also really strange. What happened to the last two years? :p
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So Vicki is gone now. It's WEIRD. ANd not just because she took half the decor and large chunks of the kitchen. :p I keep closing the door to my room to make sure Elphaba doesn't get in and play with the big bag o' garbage and then I remember that she isn't HERE. :p

Sam brought her tv downstairs, and we randomly watched Evita while studying. :p We're both ridiculously fond of the character we dubbed "puppy dog photographer". Aka the first man in "Goodnight and Thank You", who does the saddest kicked puppy face EVER when Eva moves on to a new guy. :p Also, at some point I need to go through that movie and count how many different jobs Ché is shown in. It's a lot. :p
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Been a busy couple days. Yesterday I went to Moncton with Ryan and his roommates. I'd debated not going, but it wound up being really fun, so I'm glad I went. I only bought one book at Chapters, that's a wonderful bit of self control, right? It's a fun looking anthology.

I spent a bit of time in Chapters talking to the bookshelves. Looking at the Pratchett and declaring "Ha! HA! You can't get any more of my money right now! HA!" (This would be much more triumphant if the reason wasn't that I already had all thirty plus books :p) Glaring at Melanie Rawn's books because "You're never going to write book three of that trilogy, are you?" (I read books one and two in middle school :p) And a very melodramatic "I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU!" to the Star Wars EU. :p

We had lunch at a Thai place, with a very cool waitress. I had yummy fried rice with shrimp and lobster meat. Mmmm...

After that, we headed down to Gamezilla. I was good and resisted Lucifer! AND the Order of the Stick collection they had! I did by The Dead Boy Detectives, but I had been trying to find that for AGES! It's SO cute! :D

Then we had sushi and went back to Sackville. Where I stayed up until 3:30 AM finishing my computational paper. :p "Fun" times that. :p

Today, Vicki finally gave me and Sam our Christmas presents. They're teddy bears with "uchi" written on them in hiragana, which is the Japanese word for "house". She has one of her own too, and the three together are "house house house!" one of our running jokes. :p SHe also gave me a birthday present, this ADORABLE elephant hat. I was totally wearing it around inside all day. :p

My mother came up to help me get a start on moving out. SHe took back three boxes of books and one of fabric. And that's not all the books I have here. Ooh boy, packing will be an adventure this week. :p

Other than that, today was a SIMS D*MMIT day. :p Highlights: Jayne's alien son Sue is now a teenager and madly in love with Delirium. DEATH desperately wants to get engaged to Death. Death is too busy being a sorority girl and a popularity sim to actually roll romantic wants. Dream inherited a lousy party when he moved into a random off campus house at the university.

I'll probably do a massive picture post of doom in the near future. :p
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Let's see...

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] sarahetc!

I think I did decently on my kanji quiz. I don't like the verbs "to come" or "to go" though, their kanji are evil. The one for "to come" even looks angry, which amuses me. :p

Vicki, I called Rick and he'll be by sometime this afternoon to deal with that lovely pipe issue.

WHich reminds me I really need to sweep and mop the kitchen tonight. I ran a mop over the floor to clean up the dishwater, but mopping without sweeping first is always pretty icky. :P Especially since it's winter and stuff gets tracked in. :P
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Japanese lab was interesting today. Sam and I are both in the same session now. Some of you know where this story is going. I don't think Oe-sensei called either of us the right name once the entire time. We just kinda looked at each other and giggled after a while. :p And talked about our exciting lives of "Last night, I had rehearsal. Rehearsal was in Con Hall. I had rehearsal with my friends." Later, we got to have a conversation. Mine was basically "What are you going to do tonight?" "I am going to work on my thesis tonight." "When will you stop working on your thesis?" "At 7:30." "Then what will you do?" "I will go to Con Hall." "What will you do in Con Hall?" "I will have rehearsal."

Rehearsal was a bit annoying, actually. I walked all the way to Con Hall, and they only actually needed me for like ten minutes to work out a set change. :p

And today's BIG adventure was the dishes. Doug and I did almost every dish we OWN. When I let the disgusting dishwater out, it wound up all over the kitchen floor. At first I thought the water on the floor was just melted snow, since we come in the back door and track boots all over the kitchen. Then we realized it was FLOWING and coming out of the cupboard. I figured there must be some sort of leak, so I opened the cupboard.

It wasn't just a leak. The sink wasn't connected to the pipe at ALL. :p No clue how it happened. :p Doug screwed it back in by hand, but we're going to get Rick to come in and fix it properly. Because he wasn't JUST at our house yesterday to take down a hazardous lighting fixture, fix our smoke detector, get the water back on and try something to fix our fridge. :p
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Keep forgetting to update this thing. It's just that time of year. :p

Let's see... Steve ambushed me in the Cragg and asked me about grad school plans, so I'm supposed to just send him my long list and we'll work from there. (I told him that I was just all overwhelmed and confused because I could get as far as a long list but couldn't narrow)

We had a THRILLING rehearsal on MOnday for... playing the set. The only scene for the chorus in the section we were doing was the poppy field, in which we play... the poppies. Oh, and the snow. :p Which we may have FINALLY found a way to make work. THe original plan was a red outfit over a white outfit and removing the red outfit at the appropriate time. However, that was going to look a bit WRONG.

"Now, you don't want to just whip it off, but you also don't want to do the 'If I go slow, no one will see me!' thing. Just... gracefully remove the red."

"LIke you're stripping to classical music!"

And, umm, kids' show. With kids in that scene. :p Now we're trying to get red blankets, which would work much better, all things considered.

It was Sam's birthday on Monday, so I squeezed cake baking into my schedule somehow. The point is now we have chocolate cake. :p

I got to be highly confused this morning, because I heard people moving around upstairs at 10:30, when I know both my roommates have Japanese. Turns out our prof is sick, so I don't have my 11:30 Japanese class either. That means I only have Computational today, though we have the lab today, so it'll be long.
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I'm getting a sewing machine. [livejournal.com profile] ramenparty just got a new one, so she's selling me her old one. Which means no more hand sewing entire costumes! This makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy. :p

We put up our Geekmas tree yesterday. :p We call it that because it's decorated with [livejournal.com profile] thecleric007's RP characters, the Endless and this year we added some cute Final Fantasy stuff. And of course, it's topped with Yuto. :p There's really no word for this thing except Geekmas tree. This year we have the fun of informing Elphaba that it is NOT in fact a toy. :p

We also watched Elizabeth, which was a pretty cool movie. ANd of course, I worked on my quantum paper, which I am DETERMINED to finish today after the spec party. :p (In this case an actual party, involving going out to brunch, as opposed to it being our silly term for getting the class together to do assignments ;p) I'd also like to get a good chunk of the spec paper done. Other home on Wednesday!

Apparently, my brother is now 5'8" and thus taller than my mother. Oh BOY is he going to be insufferable over the break. :p

Oh, and I must say that this whole Flan thing makes me feel a little better about all my Animaritime worries. At least I know that however many headaches we may have with the new venue and trying to get the room block filled and trying to get people to respond to emails and trying to get everything together, the convention will actually HAPPEN. :p Good to know that there are conventions that have been worse. :p
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The dishes are DONE! They've been piling for a ridiculous amount of time, but I managed to get every dish in the kitchen CLEAN! And I made peanut butter/banana/chocolate chip muffins. A whole breakfast in one muffin!

We had fun in Japanese trying to explain "the" to our TA. And we talked about how we all LOVE how little verb conjugations we have to know. We had a bit of a hate session about French verbs and the necessity of the Becherelle. :p

My Quantum presentation went okay. I talked too fast so it was a little short, but I do that a lot.



[livejournal.com profile] thecleric007: Will you marry me? Actually... NO!

I have a very silly roommate. :p Such love. :p

ETA: SHe wants me to note that she was actually down on one knee with an (empty) ring box at the time. :p
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So yesterday I got to perform first aid on a guinea pig. That was an adventure. Afterwards, I went to read about clipping guinea pig nails so I would actually know what I was doing next time I had to treat such things. :p

Still no word on my elusive chemical, but Steve has me trying a new reaction while we scour. :p It takes five days, so the long weekend seemed the logical time to start. I almost got locked out of the lab WITH chemicals and had to chase after Francis (Steve's post-doc) because I have the wrong key. :p I'm thinking I should get the RIGHT key on Monday. :p

Today we watched When Harry Met Sally. Well, watched isn't QUITE the word. We listened to and occasionally got to see images. :p The tape was old and resisted all attempts to fix the tracking. But the movie was definitely hilarious. :p

This may be the last you hear from me until Sunday depending on where we're staying, incidently. Because [livejournal.com profile] thecleric007 and I are off to Toronto to see Wicked! And I get to meet [livejournal.com profile] akeyoftime
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Posting from home because oops, left my degree audit form on my desk. :p I've still got decent time before I have to dash back for Spectroscopy though. And then finish rotovapping that reaction hopefully. :p

The first ten minutes or so of Quantum today were us whining about Stacy's Quantum class. Fun times. :p

In Japanese, Oe-sensei called me Samantha. Sam is my honorary little sister, for those of you who don't know, and we look enough alike that people frequently think we ARE sisters. She's in the earlier section of the class. :p I was amused, and it's hardly the first time it's happened. :p

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this CD? :p
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I made pancakes this morning... well, this afternoon. :p They were all yummy and chocolate chippy! I'd never made pancakes before, though according to Sam, that may not entirely be true. We apparently made them at Guide camp at some point, and from the sound of the story, I had been REPRESSING that memory. These ones turned out great though. My 1950s copy of The Joy of Cooking has never let me down yet. :p I was also reminded that when Snippy claims she doesn't eat something, that is subject to change if I put chocolate chips in it. :p

Someone needs to remind me to check the length of songs BEFORE I decide to parody them for the House Cup, incidently.
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Yubsie loses at updating. :p

Watched Serenity with Gwenna. D*mned Tess. Daddy made a comment about "Well, it's so Zoe can hook up with the captain."

I think my "EWWWW!" deafened half the neighborhood. My mother was confused. :p

I came back to roughly a frillion event submissions for the con. And by a frillion, I actually mean three, but I still had to deal with them. :p

Vicki and I watched Interview With the Vampire on Thursday night. It was a kinda cool movie. Though I must say, Louie seemed to be attempting to rival DREAM for emo. Will someone please BIP him?

The science camp has been really fun. The girls are really into all the activities and I keep wishing that I could have gone to something like this. It's kinda cute, a lot of the girls can just barely peek up above lab benches. Tomorrow is the last day, and all the councillors are excited about starting at one instead of nine for a change. :p

Sam is now here, which is VERY exciting. Finally, that room is used for somehting other than storage! We were trying to figure out the best way to arrange the furniture and seriously considered recreating the room in The Sims in order to experiment. That probably makes us irrevocably geeky, but oh well. :p
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Work continues to go well, though the solubilities of my compound are starting to confuse me.

Vicki's back, so we watched the video of one of the musicals her church put on. Then we watched Sailor Moon. Nephrite is TOTALLY joining Mamoru in the Special Hell, incidently. :p

I've also come to a conclusion. There are pairings that squick me more. There are pairings that are more brain breaky. But nothing manages to WEIRD ME OUT quite like Mal/Zoe. :p
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Hey, Vicki, you know you left the stove on last night? I found when VERY scorched pot when I went to turn the lights out before I went to bed. Also, what the HELL was that call at 4:30/5ish this morning? Definitely put a damper on my day, that. :p

Ryan, Niko, if you guys could come over closer to six, that would be nice. I need a bit of time to scrub my poor scorched pot before I make the rice. :p

Got through my presentation. I don't like presentations. :p
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I do the dork dance to celebrate your birthday!

The chemistry conference was fun. ARe all fields of academia this drunk? Besides the partying, there were some really interesting presentations. Some exceedingly dull ones too, but c'est la vie. Altogether it was a blast though. :D

Vicki skipped town early and left me with a pile of dishes. Luckily, Ryan showed up at the door, so I put him to work. (He got cookies for his trouble) We watched the Little Shop of Horrors musical movie, which is great fun. :D

After the conference, I got to play "hope I read the bus schedule correctly" because Acadia is STUPID and didn't update their "leave from here to go here" thingy. So I had to click through multiple schedules to figure out which route Sackville was on and then hope I was right. I made it home, at any rate. :p

I made my brother and sister watch The Princess Bride. BJ didn't think he'd like it, but I sure showed him. :p
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Hmm, lets see. Still waiting for my starting material to come in at work. I'm more or less ready to start a reaction in the lab, but that requires actually having the chemicals. :p

I made fudge today. Not sure how it turned out yet, since it's still not set. Silly old fridge/freezer doesn't get cold enough. :p Vicki got annoyed because Ryan called when I was in the middle of the fussy stage. Which meant I couldn't leave the kitchen to talk on the phone. She was mean and cranked the volume on the TV when I was having a hard enough time hearing as it WAS. Apparently it is necessary to HEAR the Titanic sink? :p

We also finally balanced money. With her eleven grocery trips against my two phone bills, one grocery trip and a couple miscellaneous activities I wound up owing her... two whole dollars. :p

I went on a Rent iconning spree today. Is it obvious? :p
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How to get strange looks from my supervisor: Have a stack of CDs, the visible one labelled "Each Fish Sang a Different Song"

How to annoy [livejournal.com profile] thecleric007: Balance Firefly on your head. Grin. Keep this up for five minutes without any explanation.

She thought there was a deeper meaning to this. Because she's an English major. There totally wasn't. :p
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There is a cat on my keyboard tray. This is making computer use somewhat difficult.

(Guess which cat :p)


Had a ton of fun with Kate yesterday. Got to see the cute puppy, who is cute, though a jumper. :p We watched Rent. She cried, even though she actually KNEW what the "Remember, Tess ships them" warning meant. :p Then she heard La Vie Sloshed Stu and was HIGHLY entertained. :p

Vicki, I now have Sammy's rent cheques. :p


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