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They're making a modern day adaptation of Anne of Green Gables.

I really want to know how they're going to get around what I see to be the biggest issue. Namely that modern day Prince Edward Island's major industry is... Anne of Green Gables.
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So apparently they are going to do another season of Torchwood. I must admit I am somewhat confused as to how.

(Uh, probably CoE spoilers in the comments :p)
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So, ESB is on Spike right now. Do I own this movie on DVD? Yes. Am I watching it on TV anyway? HELL YES!

This of course leads to entertaining conversations. :p

yubs_timbits: Love this scene!
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Han thinks she likes him because he's a scoundrel
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: And then Threepio's Virgin Alarm goes off
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: And Han's all "DAMMIT! I was gonna get LAID!"
Tessie: he's there to represent CAPAlert
yubs_timbits: *dies*
yubs_timbits: "Sir! Sir! That's innappropriate touching!"
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: ... if Obi Wan KNEW Leia was Luke's sister, why didn't he ever tell Luke to not GO there?
Tessie: LOL
Tessie: he saw Luke drooling over her all the time
yubs_timbits: Exactly! He should have been all "No Luke, don't go there. Just DON'T. For you, THERE doesn't even EXIST."
Tessie: LOL!
Tessie: Vader must have been icked out when he read Luke's mind
Tessie: also, didn't Artoo know?
yubs_timbits: "Sissssster. So, you have a twin sister. And you... oh EW! Why would you DO that? That is seriously GROSS."
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: Artoo knew LOTS of things
Tessie: LOl
Tessie: that might have been a good thing to beeble
yubs_timbits: Maybe he was beebling it when tehre was no X-Wing to translate?
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Like he was totalling beebling "Um, LUke? That IS Yoda! Hi Yoda! How's it going? LOng time no see, Yoda!"
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Artoo is a seriously problematic character sometimes
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: I love how no one EVER comments on the incest
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Well, in universe
yubs_timbits: Out of universe it's like our favourite thing
Tessie: Luke and Leia are trying to pretend it never happened
yubs_timbits: lol
Tessie: LOL
Tessie: I'm kind of surprised no tabloids ever talk about it
Tessie: Luke wasn't exactly subtle about it
yubs_timbits: "I'd just as soon snog my brother!" is way more fun than kissing a Wookiee!
Tessie: back in the day
yubs_timbits: Sludge news!
yubs_timbits: Luke was SMUG


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