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Kim says "I think it's a thesis!" and that she doesn't want to see it again until I give her a copy for my defense. Here exact words were "GET THIS OFF MY DESK!"

So I spent today watching the Muppet Show while making her final revisions. Tomorrow I'm going to trade theses with my labmate to proofread. He's only doing a Master's... one of us is getting the shit end of this deal. :p Unfortunately, all our other labmates (in both my labs) are ESL, so we were really each other's best option.

Five more days.
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Well. I have a date.

Somewhat, anyway. I defend my thesis the week of December 17th. Which means submitting on November 5th. Pretty sure I will remember that date.

It's exciting. Also terrifying. Because this means it is really a thing that is happening.
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So, Mount A people, remember what an adventure it always was navigating Hart Hall? Today I found Western's equivalent. Sommerville House. It took me ages to find the TA union office to drop off my dental claim form. And then I couldn't figure out how to get back out.

Brought back memories. :p

The past month or two has largely been an adventure in writing things and then camping outside my supervisor's office. The chapter I just gave her refused to print until I made all the figures into terrible, terrible JPEGs.
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So, got through my thesis presentation. I was the person who didn't get ANY questions. I had half expected it, since I was the fourth boron person to present. My mom came to write some sort of profile about what a certain grant had funded. Poor Nathan was the only member of our group not funded by that grant and thus the only one left out of the pictures.

I got one of the more memorable moments of the day when I was doing my acknowledgements and thanked my second reader "... who appears to be sleeping." :p It means I won't be remembered for half the auditorium leaving when I got up because they were all there to see the guy before me. :p

I'm glad it's over. :p
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So the grad banquet was actually quite fun. We had a blast talking to the random person we met in the line to get in. :p

Lindsay, Bill won the Computer Science award. Yay Bill!

The Alma Mater Song has these INCREDIBLY cheesy lyrics set to lovely music. Lovely for a FUNERAL, that is. The music sounds for all the world like "Behold, Behold the Wood of the Cross"... which we sing on GOOD FRIDAY. :p

There was a collective stifled laugh at the line "on every field, her teams victorious". We just couldn't keep a straight face through THAT! Mount A. Right. :p

Other than that, I sent my thesis to Steve but the odds are very much against him being able to look at it, so I'll be sending it to my second reader soon. Tomorrow I'm ordering my transcripts and talking to Glen about a rec letter. I need one from Steve too, but I really don't want to ask him when he's this badly off.

I also totally forgot my mechanistic paper for Organic was supposed to be due this week. Hopefully Dr. Grant will let that slide if I bring up the thesis thing. He's already proven just how cool he is today. He realized that we all have a lot of work to do, so he made this really intense assignment GO AWAY. :D

Now if only the calculations for my Computational project would WORK. They keep failing after eleven hours, giving me a collection of disconnected atoms. I need to talk to Khash about it.

On the plus side, my mom's stopping by for a bit tomorrow afternoon. ANd we're celebrating Vicki's birthday tomorrow because I didn't have time to make her a cake on Tuesday. Tomorrow is also Urinetown, which should be a fantastic show considering who's involved. :D

I also started playing Kingdom Hearts today, which was SO fun and actually RELAXING!

Oh, and I finally managed to get decent ring pictures. Small sparkly objects are hard to photograph. :p

SParkly! )
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Dear Spellcheck,

The following ARE in fact words. Furthermore, they are spelled correctly.

Dimethylsulfoxide (aka EFFING DMSO :p)

So stop red squiggling at me!

No love,

The Scientific Community
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I think I might be done. I don't know, how do you tell when a project you've been slaving over for months is done? Either way, I sleep now.

The real question is am I stopping because "J'ai finis" or "Je suis finis"? :p
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Things that make me happy:

Yesterday, when I was walking to campus with my big bag of hardcover lab notebooks, someone who works for External Relations on campus gave me a ride because the bag looked like it must be heavy. (Which it is, though not as bad as first semester when I was marking thirteen students instead of nine)

Getting all the formal lab reports marked. In the lab because the students are at a point where they don't CONSTANTLY need me. Plus, this was a lab that Ron understood better than I did, so I directed a lot of the questions to him. Because he's a crazy physics guy. :p

Getting my ring back so I can now actually WEAR it. The lady at the jewelery store commented on how TINY the ring is. :p But it fits and that makes me very happy. :p

Things that make me not so happy:

My computational project, in which my calculations will run for ten hours and NOT WORK.

My thesis. It's currently being left to sit for a little bit before I go all edity on it. We're also very confused as to what exactly is going on with sending it to Steve versus sending it to our second reader. NOrmally it would go Steve, then second reader, but with Steve so sick, we're not sure WHAT is going on, and his emails are just confusing us more.

In conclusion, we're all about ready to be DONE with being undergrads. :p
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Well that was a thoroughly depressing group meeting. First off Steve is CLEARLY in TERRIBLE health, and that's upsetting in and of itself. Secondly, we apparently all lose at thesis and suck for not keeping up with the literature. (We're supposed to have time to do that WHEN exactly?) My thesis is due on Thursday and apparently there's a lot more left to do than I thought. (MAYBE if he'd actually ever gotten my FEBUARY copy back to me I would have KNOWN that and been able to deal with it EARLIER.)

ANd of course, since he's so sick he's not sure he's going to have email contact for the next few days, which is problematic for those of us who kinda need rec letters. Not his fault, of course, but terribly frustrating.

What would make this SO much easier is if the OTHER groups had their theses due on Thursday too. THEN maybe I wouldn't have so many deadlines for my CLASSES right around now.


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