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Rory.When has the Doctor EVER cared about Keep Out signs?

No, Doctor, you cannot sound badass while ordering tea. Unless you demand Earl Grey, hot.

Shooting hats. THE WORST!

Doctor. It is not the toast. YOU CANNOT AIM.

Sure, Doctor, we're going to end the episode thirteen minutes in.

... a horse named Sue. And SURE you speak horse, Doctor. WE BELIEVE YOU. :p

Because those aren't traits people can have without being a mother or anything. Honestly, show.

I'm pretty sure he actually said that bit about waiting for the Doctor for the audience's benefit. :p

Dammit, Doctor, you set off the car alarm! I hate it when people do that.

I am shocked that he wasn't on the up and up! Shocked I tell you!

Man, the Doctor is all death and destruction this season.

This is why we don't let the untrained people hold guns.

I see Amy has also picked up on the Doctor being all death and destruction this season. ANd pulling out Donna's lines.

Well. We can't resolve it here, only halfway through the episode.

Kid. what are you doing?

Are you going to power him down with the power of cuteness?

Oh the Doctor isn't going to like that.

Doctor. You really need to find yourself an actual full time companion again.


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