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McDonald's managed to fail pretty epically today. I was all excited because I ordered fajitas only chicken and cheese and for once I didn't have to fight them over it. This lasted until I got home and actually opened them.

1. They were cold
2. It was the wrong cheese (they put the sliced cheese instead of shredded for some reason)

But all this pales in comparison to...


Seriously. WTF, McDonald's?
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So today had one rather bizarre moment. Ryan and I went to EB (basically Canada's Gamestop) to get Celebi (GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!). The store was pretty quiet, mostly just people there to get Pokemon, so I wound up chatting with the guy at the counter about Mass Effect. I mentioned that I wasn't sure what to do about Kaidan, since I am currently romancing him but I've heard the romances in the second game are cuter so I'm thinking about killing him off when the option comes up.

The guy said "I didn't know there were same sex romance options in the first game."


For those of you who haven't played Mass Effect... you can play as a woman.

I know 75% of players make Shepard a man and the box art doesn't acknowledge that the female option exists, but still! For one thing, female!Shepard has a way better voice actor!

(Actually, there is a same sex romance option... if you play as a woman. :p)
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Well, back to the usual at work. But nothing remotely noteworthy's been happening (except that I am developing a hatred for the 4 mm probe because it behaves less every time I use it...), so have some other random babblings!

Ryan was away this weekend. When we're both home, the cats sleep on me. When I'm away, the cats sleep on my side of the bed. This was actually the first time Ryan's been away while I'm still here. Guess where the cats slept!

Yep, on me.


Today my MP3 player started acting up randomly and refused to turn off until I reset it. This would have been irritating... except it was playing "All Along the Watchtower", so it was really quite disturbing.


And today I discovered that they sell UWO branded Ugg boots. This is quite possibly the most frightening and yet oddly appropriate piece of university merchandise. Seeing as the stereotypical "Western Girl" has bleache blonde hair and wears miniskirts and Ugg boots in the dead of winter. Now they can be Western Ugg boots!

Also, are leg warmers back in fashion or something? If so... why?
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The city has Captcha on their cat/dog registration page. I'm trying to figure out why a bot would try to register a cat. :p
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It's probably not a good sign that Caprica required less suspension of disbelief last night than Glee. But Caprica just expects me to buy killer robots and holobands! I watch science fiction all the time and can practically take those as a given.

Glee though, Glee expected me to believe that sectionals is in two weeks and they haven't picked their songs yet! Performing arts doesn't work that way.
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Firefox's spellcheck is fascinating. It doesn't like the word "seldomly". Most of the suggestions make sense.

One of the suggestions was "Dusseldorf".

I don't even...
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Uh, LTC? I might do a better job of believing your "live" arrival times were actually, y'know, live if you weren't telling me when routes I know are not running this week would be arriving. (Aka, no, the 10B won't be here at 8:42 as the 10A and 10B are only there when the undergrads are :p)
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I don't like phones.

I don't like the Conservative Party.

I am in no way interested in speaking to any representative of the Conservative Party on the PHONE.

I'm not even sure what the hell they were doing calling me if there's no election on, but I'm not doing their survey. I want supper! :p
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So apparently they are going to do another season of Torchwood. I must admit I am somewhat confused as to how.

(Uh, probably CoE spoilers in the comments :p)
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Continuing my theme of "The Empire in Avernum is too stupid to live"...

If you were a bureaucracy obsessed empire (as so many of us are these days :p) that builds huge archives full of $@)*$)@#*$@)(* invisible enemies to keep anyone from stealing an accountant's ledger...

Would you have FIRE LIZARDS in said building? :p

*gets thrown into Avernum for mentioning this* :p
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Meme from [livejournal.com profile] djcati. Meme of MADNESS.

Go to your icons page in Livejournal and look at the first two icons (the one on the right and the one on the left). Pair up the characters in the two icons. Go to the next two and do the same until you have a list of ships. Then...well, write 'em.

I'm not writing them, but I will comment on them. :p Because this may not have been a good idea given MY icons. :p

So, umm... )
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There was a motherfucking SNAKE in my motherfucking APARTMENT today.

I thought Schroedy was going nuts, because I couldn't see the snake at first. So as far as I could tell, she was attacking random inanimate objects. But no, it was because SHE knew there was a snake. I, umm, may have freaked out new tenants, because the superintendant was helping them move in when I asked him to help with the snake. It was just a little garter snake, but it still doesn't belong in my apartment. (It has now been released in the woods :p)

The hole it got in through has now been covered. The maintenance people are going to properly seal it up on Tuesday (whoo for long weekends :p)

Next apartment I get, I want to be on the SECOND floor. That way it's harder for snakes and mice and water to get in. :p
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Apparently GINGHAM is in fashion. As in, "Yay, we're not doing a period piece, I won't have to wear gingham!" Seriously, most of the dresses in the stores look like someone took a bunch of costumes from Oklahoma, cut off the sleeves and lowered the necklines. Why on Earth is UGLY in fashion?
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Weather is WEIRD. It was nice out, so I decided to walk home as usual. I made it across campus and it started to rain. Since I was at the stop for the 9, I decided to hop in the shelter and take the bus. I make it home... and the rain stops. It apparently rained only the length of the bus ride? WEIRD. :p
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Sometimes, the students blow my mind. I had to proctor the blasted intro chem midterm this morning (EW). It's a 9 AM exam. And yet... some of the girls were in cute little Friday night dresses. They were DRESSED UP. For a 9 AM exam! Honestly, DRESSED for a 9 AM exam is an accomplishment. Definitely nothing about the "studying clothes". :p

We also kinda sorta maybe forgot to tell them to turn off their cellphones when they put their bags at the front of the room. Apparently none of them have any common sense, because the blasted things were ringing the ENTIRE TIME. I was so close to actually ANSWERING one. :p

The new student in our lab got here today. We're still working on pronouncing his name. He admits that it's a tricky name for anglophones. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon, because I fell bad about not being able to pronounce his name.


This paper starts out so logical and sequential and then it hits the point of "Ooh! I should have a paragraph about this!". Downside to longhand drafts. But it's all typed up now, so I can edit it tomorrow morning. Yun's defense is in the afternoon, so I'd like to have it mostly done by then, since the paper is due on Wednesday. Exam on Friday for my other class. Then just research!
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Uh, Karen Traviss?

Minor Revelation spoilers )
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Dear Mount A:

I only just graduated in May. It is TOO SOON to ask me for money. What are you doing with the money I gave you for the past four years? :p

Mixed Feelings,


Also, I no longer have the reject desk at work. They snuck me into another room. I went ALL the way down to the keys office only to discover it needed the same key as my old office. :p Oh well, there were cookies. :p
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I've been using my sister's employee discount at Walmart to buy Sims expansions. She picked Seasons up for me yesterday, but we couldn't find Pets. So I have Seasons installed and am enjoying the whole weather thing. Today she was able to find Pets, so she picked it up for me and I was in the middle of installing it.

Except it turns out that although the second disc SAYS that it's Disc 2, it's ACTUALLY Happy Holiday Stuff. So Pets installation is not so much with the happening. I'll have to take it back tomorrow and exchange it. (And they'd better not give me grief about exchanging open software, it was a manufacturer defect. :p)
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Okay, seriously, who the HELL robs a Girl Guide camp?

Someone apparently broke into the area Guide camp over the long weekend. They ransacked the old farmhouse there to get all the copper wiring and plumbing. From every appliance, every fixture. They also stole about a dozen tents (the good ones, of course. Not the evil canvas ones that they quite frankly would be WELCOME to) and a bunch of pots and pans. And the news coverage seems to delight in noting that they even stole the cookie sheets. (Seriously, who steals a cookie sheet?)

I spent many a weekend when I was in Senior Branches there helping to keep the place in repair. Because that's how the camp gets looked after. Not to mention selling so many cookies to keep the place in shape. I mean, it's a Guide camp. Other than an occasional donation, it's kept afloat by fundraising.

Also, it was seriously weird watching my old Guiders being interviewed and walking through a building that I know so well. They were showing the stove knocked over in the kitchen, and I was having flashbacks to picking apples in the pouring rain to make a pie in that very stove when we went in to get everything straightened out before winter.
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So, apparently a telemarketer thought Vicki must be my GRANDAUGHTER. As they informed her when she said I wasn't home. I guess I really do have an old lady name. :p

My presentation has now been sent in, so I have to stop FIDDLING with it. :p It was really hard to actually let go and send it in. :p

Oh, and still hate kanji. :p


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