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Today's lesson: Airlocking a Sharpie is a bad idea.

We have needed a new marker in the glovebox for a while, as the one we have now only writes when held at a really awkward angle, leading to a lot of illegibly labelled samples. Today we had an extensive discussion about the best way to bring the marker in, balancing the need to keep it from bringing in moisture against the need to not dry the thing out. We discussed whether we should cycle it in overnight or just the way we do for regular things. Cap on or off.

At no point did it occur to any of us that it might not be such a great idea to put it under vacuum.

So yeah, that exploded. Next time, we blow it in. :p
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Okay, turns out that TAing intersession is definitely madness. It's 1:30 to 4:30 and then 5:30 to 8:30 Monday through Thursday. And at some point these things need to get marked. Eating is hurried, actual lab work is basically non-existent.

So really, it's no surprise that I was sick yesterday. I was going to go to work... right up until I tried to go put the kettle on and couldn't make it downt he stairs. Then I decided going back to bed was a much more sensible option.

And then today we had to proctor the midterm. Our proctoring gets more intense every year. This time, the new thing is giving us a printout of the photos from the Registrar of all the students who should be in the room. We're supposed to check that the pictures on the ID card match the picture on record. Apparently they did catch an imposter with a fake ID in the regular term, but in intersession, it's just a bit silly. Seeing as I know half the students in the room, and one of the other proctors knows the other half.
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Today we realized the downside to not having any guys in the lab. I couldn't get a bottle open, so Jess had a go at it. She couldn't get it open either, so I got the vice grips out. All those managed to do was start breaking the lid, and I needed the lid intact.

End result? Me grabbing a random guy in the hallway and asking him to open the bottle. Hopefully this doesn't become a regular thing.

After hearing this, Ryan is threatening to get my dumbells.
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Well, back to the usual at work. But nothing remotely noteworthy's been happening (except that I am developing a hatred for the 4 mm probe because it behaves less every time I use it...), so have some other random babblings!

Ryan was away this weekend. When we're both home, the cats sleep on me. When I'm away, the cats sleep on my side of the bed. This was actually the first time Ryan's been away while I'm still here. Guess where the cats slept!

Yep, on me.


Today my MP3 player started acting up randomly and refused to turn off until I reset it. This would have been irritating... except it was playing "All Along the Watchtower", so it was really quite disturbing.


And today I discovered that they sell UWO branded Ugg boots. This is quite possibly the most frightening and yet oddly appropriate piece of university merchandise. Seeing as the stereotypical "Western Girl" has bleache blonde hair and wears miniskirts and Ugg boots in the dead of winter. Now they can be Western Ugg boots!

Also, are leg warmers back in fashion or something? If so... why?
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This is basically why I haven't updated much. It's sad when webcomics look this much like my life.

The rotovap BIT me today. I'm not sure HOW the piece that is broken got broken, but when I was turning it off I managed to cut myself. For the record, thumbs are awkward places for bandaids.

Oh, and I went to a conference this weekend. Dinner conversation looked much like that comic. A member of the solid state NMR group at the host university was chairing my session. The room I was in was ahead of schedule, so he decided it was time for an unscheduled break when he noticed none of his group (aka the only people who might be interested in my talk :p) were there. Which was good given that my group wasn't there yet either. (Not that I blamed them, I would have gone to the talk before mine in the other room too). I think the talk went okay. I had a couple fun days trying to get the introduction to the point that people who don't do NMR could follow it.
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Sometimes being in two different research groups can be annoying. Like weeks when I end up having to give group meeting in both groups. Which seems like it would be fine except they use completely different formats.

Sometimes, though, it can be awesome. Kim took us out to lunch so we could say goodbye to our summer student (he's not going FAR, but he's starting grad school in a different group) and welcome our new exchange student. I got back from that and found an email from Yining saying that since his group has four new students, we should go out for drinks at the grad club.

One of Yining's new students is into science fiction, so we had lots of fun geeking out. I'm sure the others were confused by our discussion of whether the Cylons actually had a plan. But we had fun. (We agreed that the plan was: 1. Nuke the Colonies 2. Chase remaining humans 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!) And he's sad he didn't know about FanExpo. :p
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Everything in the NMR room has abandonment issues. Mat is on vacation this week. So far the shimming/locking on the 600 has gone down. Because a cable got disconnected. A cable no one had any reason to go near. Then Shatner (the robot that loads the samples on the Mercury) was drunk or something and kept manhandling the samples back into place and there have been mass errors. And then the tuning on the 400 was completely frakked up. I spent an hour tuning it to get it to "It'll DO."

So yeah, it's been an adventure. Mat's back on Tuesday.

In exciting news, I beat the bus on my bike the other day! I left at a time where I might have been able to make it to the stop if I'd run and the lights would have cooperated. The bus caught up to me when I got to the intersection on the edge of campus. But there's a whole loop the bus goes down that the bike path misses and I wound up getting to the chem building about a minute before the bus. It was exciting.

Also, I will try to do a picture post from Austria this weekend when I have a moment.
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Sometimes I end up making very bizarre phone calls. Like today's memorable "Honey, could you please bring me a pair of pants?"

My vacuum pump leaked. Changing the pump oil is always a messy business, so I was wearing my labcoat. Unfortunately, it only goes to my knees. I didn't notice the leak at first when I was moving the pump up onto a stool so I could drain it and I got oil all down my pant leg. It was... icky. :p

On an unrelated note, my sister has figured out what Glaxcin needs. It needs the doctor from Voyager! Because he doesn't need to eat!

Also unrelated, it's a bit chilly today. The nearest warm thing I could grab to throw on was... a White Mage cloak. I'm not sure what that says about me. But I'm typing this while wearing a cloak. :p
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So, apparently my solemn duty in 658 practices is to declare "You just made every synthetic in the audience cry" or "Yeah... everyone but the physical chemists stopped listening three slides ago." I guess there are advantages to not being sure what kind of chemist I am. :p

For that matter, when Jiacheng was practicing I had to say things like "Remember, there are physical chemists in the audience" or "Dammit, you're doing that total synthesis thing where you use abbreviations and assume we all know them!"
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So, Kim is going on sabbatical starting in July. I didn't figure it would be too much of a problem, since I'm co-supervised.

Yeah... guess who's going to be acting chair while Kim's away! I CAN'T WIN!
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When did LJ change all the buttons around? And why did they change them to the same general idea except fuglier?

Yesterday we realized I'm the only thing keeping our lab from sounding like the Duggars. Kim, being "mom", doesn't need a J name, but studentwise it's... Julie, Jiacheng, Jessica, Jared and... Margaret. :p Naturally this led to picturing Jiacheng (really quite a big guy :p) in one of those homemade dresses. We wish we could unpicture it.

Today promises to be another lonely day. Julie is TAing all day, Jess is on vacation, Jared is holed up somewhere because he procrastinated hardcore on his thesis and Jiacheng is... well, Lord alone knows where Jiacheng is. :p SINGING IN THE LAB! YEAH!
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It is almost 7:30. I am at work. I have been for the past half hour. This is so many kinds of NOT RIGHT.

Ooh, Tim's is open! I can has FOODS!
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So, we kept getting sidetracked at group meeting yesterday when I was practicing my seminar by pronunciation. I'm talking about polymer vesicles, and I commented that I was going to endeavour to say veh-sicle instead of vee-sicle.

That's when Kim asked what was wrong with vee-sicle. And I said the rest of the group had been making fun of me for two weeks over it.

So naturally I'm putting it to an LJ poll!

[Poll #1484668]
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Ugh, I really don't know why I've been getting so many headaches lately. There aren't any obvious triggers. Maybe stress? It's been busy at work trying to get actual chemistry done in among the five million group meetings because of defenses and first year reports. Not fun. Though things are really starting to come together with the chemistry. We're talking paper in the near future for a couple of the solid spectra. Andre will be first authour, but I'll still be on the paper.

I have to throw a presentation together for the division meeting tomorrow, but... five minute literature presentation. I know what paper I'm going to talk about, I can totally squeeze that in between Crystallography and the meeting. Ugh, not enough hours in the day.t I wanted to work on that tonight but, well, my head hurts and that's just not going to work.

Maybe this does make sense.
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It is officially the season of DRAFTS. Getting out of bed kinda sucks because the bedroom is drafty and and freezing. But at least I only have to endure it for 24 more days! (Hmm... maybe I should think about starting to pack soon. :p)

It's also raining again. I know we strive to imitate the cool London, but really, this is quite ridiculous. We haven't seen the sun in over a week. I don't want to go out in it. :p

I will, of course, because Paul is practicing his defense (he defends on Friday) this morning, not to mention I still have to, y'know, do chemistry. But I don't wanna. :p

Also, I love how the only thing anyone cares about when they realize I'm sick is whether it's H1N1. (It's not, it's one of my standard issue "I have a rubbish immune system" colds. :p)
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I installed a CD drive today. Because apparently I'm the only person in our lab willing to deal with the computer stuff. It works though! Now if only that wasn't our temp computer until the shiny new one shows up. Oh well, I'll try to get it online anyway. If I can find the cable in the JUMBLED MESS under the desk. I spent so much time crawling down there dealing with power cords that did not want to come out.

This may have involved a lot of "MotherFRAKKER!" Ah, technology. :p

Also, I am so sick of meetings about TAing. They are eating my time! As is the fact that all the computer stuff keeps falling to me.
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It's perfectly normal to sit on the floor and try to stand up without moving one foot if you're RPing as Hobbie, right?

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure I'm committing some sort of nerd sacrilege by playing a Star Wars character AND a Star Trek character. I can't help it though! Who could resist Quark?

Outside of RP, my week has been the thrilling word of proofreading Laura's thesis so she can submit tomorrow morning. And graduate and rent me her townhouse. The things I will do to get out of this hellpit.

Half a day tomorrow and then off to FanExpo! Yay!

Ugh, just remembered to pay my tuition so I can get my bus pass tomorrow. Now I have no money. :p Good thing I get paid tomorrow. :p
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Computational is SUPER boring. And I can't set up any lab stuff, since I'm leaving tomorrow.

So I'm on LJ. And RPing from work. Because I'm waiting for jobs to finish running.

I'm also technically supervising our undergrad, since no one else is here. (Well, Jiacheng is in the other office, but that's in the addition)

She has instructions to scream really loudly if anything blows up or catches fire. Which hopefully won't happen, since we've already had the fire alarm go off ONCE today. :p

We know not a drill, since there were firetrucks (plus, they don't tend to have drills in the summer). We're thinking not construction, since they don't usually bring in so much equipment when it's construction tripping an alarm by accident. Plus, all the construction is in the biology building, and they didn't go into alarm. (Chemistry and B&G are physically connected, but for some reason, one being on fire doesn't necessarily mean the other gets evacuated :p)

So we figure small fire, chemical spill or... toaster. Since they did let us back in eventually. I'm sure we'll get a Health and Safety email about it soon enough. :p
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Made it to Silicon Symposium. Had to get up at Disgusting O'clock. Ten hour drives long. Sleepy. Typing in dark while roommates sleep. Should go to bed now.

Am zombie. Vicki killed me with funny. Vicki got to keep her powers. Guess I really am zombie. :p
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Fun times at work, kinda forgetting who I was talking to!

Our summer student had a headache, so I was getting him some Advil from my purse. To do so, I had to take Kushiel's Dart out of my purse. It has an... interesting cover. Which led to Chris asking if it was a smut novel. I said that it was a fantasy political thriller... in which the main character is a courtesan.

All good so far. Except then I added "I mean, please, I get my smut for free on the internet."

Though the look on his face was priceless :p


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