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Today we got our wedding gifts from the UPS depot. We are now the proud owners of TWO fondue pots. One for cheese and one for chocolate, we've decided. Tomorrow gets to be thank you note happy fun time. :p And getting all this stuff out of the boxes to find PLACES for it. :p

Also, for the record, only having one NMR machine running is a PAIN. It's already mostly booked up for tomorrow, because just about everyone needs NMR to check their reactions. There's a lot of "Ooh, someone must have cancelled this ten minutes! MINE!" They're moving the NMR room, but even when they get the machines set up in the new facility, it's a construction zone and we're not allowed in. We're hoping they move the boundary soon. :p
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I'm baaaaack! Didja miss me? You were all spamming to make up for the great big void in your heart left by my absence, weren't you? :p

So the wedding was marvelous. There are pictures coming when I have more time to do a full post on it. I also need to sort through the roughly ONE FRILLION pictures I took on the honeymoon. Because... Disney World. :p

And yes, the first thing I did upon returning home was turn on my computer and go on a Who Quest. And...

OMG. POst on that to follow too. :p
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All my bags aren't packed, I'm not ready to go...

One day I'll go somewhere without making a post starting like that. Really. :p

Who am I kidding? I'm a Ravenclaw. :p

But I sent the second draft of my first year report off, and now I am going to not think about it for two weeks. :p

And I can has germanium spectra! It is exciting! They are pretty! And you don't care! :p
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So, I apparently accidentally sent Ryan's grandmother the blank cardstock used to mark off the bundles in the package instead of a wedding invitation. Oops?

At least she figured out what the envelope was SUPPOSED to be. :p Go me. :p

Wouldn't have happened if Ianto were helping!
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Got a 93 on my essay (WOW Dr Usselman marks fast :p). It pays to be a scientist who knows how to structure a proper paragraph. :p I totally have my parents to thank for always emphasizing that scientists REALLY need to know how to write clearly. :p

People have started to get their invitations, it makes me happy. :D

Is this really all I have to say? Wow, my life is dull. :p Oh, we had a party yesterday to celebrate Yun's thesis defense, that was fun. Though of course we wound up talking chemistry, much to the confusion of the assorted significant others. :p

We took some glassware to be repaired today. Glassblowing is SO COOL! It's really amazing what they can do. We arrived in the middle of a lesson, which the student declared to be "art day", and it was so neat!
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Sometimes, the students blow my mind. I had to proctor the blasted intro chem midterm this morning (EW). It's a 9 AM exam. And yet... some of the girls were in cute little Friday night dresses. They were DRESSED UP. For a 9 AM exam! Honestly, DRESSED for a 9 AM exam is an accomplishment. Definitely nothing about the "studying clothes". :p

We also kinda sorta maybe forgot to tell them to turn off their cellphones when they put their bags at the front of the room. Apparently none of them have any common sense, because the blasted things were ringing the ENTIRE TIME. I was so close to actually ANSWERING one. :p

The new student in our lab got here today. We're still working on pronouncing his name. He admits that it's a tricky name for anglophones. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon, because I fell bad about not being able to pronounce his name.


This paper starts out so logical and sequential and then it hits the point of "Ooh! I should have a paragraph about this!". Downside to longhand drafts. But it's all typed up now, so I can edit it tomorrow morning. Yun's defense is in the afternoon, so I'd like to have it mostly done by then, since the paper is due on Wednesday. Exam on Friday for my other class. Then just research!
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Whee, putting address labels on envelopes. This seems DISTINCTLY like something for the con where I'd help by not touching anything. :p Some are a bit crooked because static decided they were going on THERE. :p I don't suppose Ianto will do this for me?
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I found wedding shoes! The pain is OVER. I wound up getting them at WALMART of all places. :p I like thirteen dollar shoes. :p

And they are CUTE )

I also finally got my hair cut. I had been getting split ends like you would not believe. And it was developing a life of its own. :p The hairdresser was all "But what about your UPDO?" I assured her that they'd gotten that length of hair up for prom, and besides I didn't really want anything fancy. Also that my hair grows faster than average, which is actually really ANNOYING. :p

But I know you just want pictures :p )


Mar. 12th, 2008 10:41 pm
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Look, I finally have a Torchwood icon! :p

I still want him to fairy my wedding. So much. :p Or at least find me some shoes. :p
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The invitations. They are ORDERED. Finally. :p

Of course, now I have to collect addresses. :p

Please Ianto, oh Wedding Fairy, PLAN MY WEDDING FOR ME! :p
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TOrchwood Spoilers (Something Borrowed) )
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So we didn't get the cat we applied for at the shelter. BUT one of my friends needs to find a new home for her cat, so we're going to take him in. So there will be a kitty soon!

Got my passport today. I was so confused, because there was a post office card in the mailbox and my books came on Friday. I'd forgotten passport=registered letter=must be signed for. Hopefully Ryan's will come tomorrow, because I don't exactly fancy a Cristina honeymoon. :p

Also, invitations are annoying. :p
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Yay using safety rules as an excuse to slack! Today is a fake holiday (Family Day, arbitrarily invented by the provincial government this year), but I was going to go to work and enjoy Monday NOT being a write off for once. Except no one else was there. So I ran an NMR, and no one else was there. And since we're not supposed to work in the lab alone, I went home and played Sims. :p

Jayne now has a daughter named Fred. To go with his alien son, Sue. Sue is already in university, so I could redecorate his racecar bedroom to a butterflies and ladybugs nursery for Fred. Hopefully Jayne's glarey eyes will look better on her when she's older, incidentally. :p

I finished designing our invitations yesterday. So now I just have to figure out how I'm doing the reply cards and, y'know, actually ORDER the things. :p They are full of stealth geekery. :p
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Still alive, in case you're wondering. Just at Ryan's parents house and therefore can't just hop on the internet with a laptop.

Ryan's parents got him a Wii, which is SO much fun. I may have accidently emasculated him though. I kinda sorta maybe beat his high score at the boxing "working the bag" training. With my flashdance approach to boxing. :p

Passport process is too complicated. NOW I'm being told that th only government ID I HAVE isn't good enough. ALl I have is my NB driver's license because we weren't quite qualified for OHIP yet. I couldn't just get it changed to an Ontario one without re-writing the test, so it's still the NB one. But once I have my OHIP card, I can't exactly PART with it, I need it to get in to see my doctor! BUt I can't photocopy it because the photocopy has to be signed by my guarantor, who lives in New Brunswick like everyone ELSE who has known me for more than two years. Honestly, aren't three different people saying I'm me plus my freaking BIRTH CERTIFICATE good enough to prove I'm a Canadian citizen?

I'm also SICK TO DEATH of all this stupid planning! My mother asks way too many questions. I TOLD her what I want in a cake: Chocolate! White frosting, separated tiers, actually look like food. WHAT MORE IS THERE TOO IT? Am I supposed to have some sort of exact image? It's a CAKE! I want it to look like a CAKE! Gah, why didn't I elope?

Why can't I just live my life in peace without FIVE MILLION QUESTIONS about FLOWERS flying at me?
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Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate everyone!

I feel bad for the poor puppy and kitties today. We eat Christmas dinner at lunch, and then we're on our own for supper because usually no one is that hungry or willing to cook. Which, umm, ended with us kinda sorta maybe forgetting to feed the animals THEIR supper. Oops. :p

I spent most of the day reading Making Money because as usual I got the newest Pratchetty goodness from my father for Christmas. And oh MAN, I am never getting page 254 out of my head. SCARY STUFF.

My mother gave me, among other things, a bridal magazine. This should be entertaining. She still thinks I should wear heels. Haha, not happening. For some reason she objects to the totally adorable dyeable satin bridal SNEAKERS I spotted. :p I personally think they're a BRILLIANT idea. :p

We had fun watching Hairspray and Robot today. My brother is now sad that he didn't know about Robot in time to try to convince his English teacher to watch it when they were studying Frankenstein.

Now my brother and I are racing Voyage of the Damned torrents. :p
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Decorating the tree gets more interesting every year. Mostly because we're not as small as we used to be, so everyone getting in around the tree to put the decorations on is tricky. The fact that we had an extra PERSON didn't exactly help either. :p

I got my passport photo done. I look like I'm STONED in it. The not smiling, I knew about. What no one thought to warn me about was the fact that I wasn't allowed to wear my GLASSES. I am INTENSELY uncomfortable without my glasses. And of course, I looked stoned because my eyes are all out of focus. Isn't it nice to know my passport photo will convince people I am me? :p It's not like the absence of glasses completely changes the way my face looks or anything. :p

Home is a crazy place of wedding planning. So far we've met with my priest and the music minister. Amusingly, seeing as the Catholic church is supposed to be so old fashioned, my church frowns on "giving away the bride". Because women aren't property. :p They prefer the delightfully modern idea of the bride and groom walking in together. Which is an idea I'm definitely partial too. Though my dad was looking forward to skipping down the aisle singing "One daughter down and one to go!" :p

We also got all the music picked out. No "Here Comes the Bride" involved. (We went with a hymn set to a traditional Irish tune instead. Not that we could have used "Here Comes the Bride" if I'd WANTED to. :p)

I also finally figured out how we're going to pull off getting my skirt to the right length. With a combination of hoop and crinoline, it gets up to where I won't trip on it. We also discovered that because of the age of the dress, getting it zipped is going to involve multiple bridesmaids. :p Mostly because we don't want to pull too hard, so I need an extra set of hands to pull fabric together while someone else zips. DAMN my grandmother was skinny. :p

Still on the To Do list while we're here? Cake, DJ my sister won't kill, designing the invitations and finalizing the guest list.
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Our wedding rings came in today. :D So there are blurry pictures under the cut. Because... you try photographing small shiny objects. :p

Blurry ring photos! )
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I officially heart Sarah Jane. She's so CUTE and COOL. It's the little things like calmly going through her options when she finds herself in a medieval castle. Even though she came to the wrong conclusion, she still was reasonable. I also like the fact that she sought out appropriate clothing to blend in instead of running around "naked" like Rose did. :p

I also enjoyed her trying to spark women's lib in the kitchens in the middle ages. :p

I was sad to discover that my download of the latest episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures hadn't downloaded properly. But I have it downloading now, so I should be able to watch it tomorrow. Which is good, because I love Sarah Jane and her supporting cast is also awesome. I want to hug Luke. :p

Also, something I forgot to mention about Thanksgiving. If any of you ever decide to have a Star Wars wedding, please keep in mind that EVERY MALE RELATIVE will want to be Vader. :p

Hmm, I need to make a Sarah Jane icon! ANd a Tenth Doctor icon, for that matter. :p
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Dude, where's my layout? (Seriously, it's randomly vanished :p)

We bought a kitchen table yesterday. It came with four chairs. We only really need two, so one is being used as my sewing chair and the fourth is in a corner somewhere to be pulled out when entertaining (because it would get in the way of the fridge normally. :P

I also tried out my new sewing machine yesterday and I heaaaaaaaaart it. I finished up the hood, so today I'm hoping to get started on the rest of the cloak.

We also watched the Fifth Doctor's first arc. I quite like him. Of course, I've yet to meet a Doctor I didn't like. :p Teagan is also really cool. :D Also, I want to see Deadpool, because David TEnnant sings and dances. :p

And I found Photoshop! It was in my drawer thingy. Sometimes known as my other boot. So I can make icons again! As soon as I rebuild my font collection. :p So I can have Doctor Who icons! And all those other things I talked about wanting icons of. :p

I have a weird hobby of looking at every list of wedding song ideas that I come across. This frequently leads to me WTFing and wondering if people even READ the lyrics. I mean, I love "I Will Follow You INto the Dark" but it's kinda DEATHTASTIC (and I don't mean super cheery like I usually do when I say that. :p) Also, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" as a father/daughter dance? NO BAD WRONG. "A Whole New World", while fine for a bride/groom dance, is not father/daugther material. I mean, wasn't Jasmine's father the one KEEPING her from seeing the world, shining, shimmering, splendid? "My Heart Will Go On" just makes me think "They're like that couple from Titanic, only no one dies, omigod you guys!"

And "Memory" from Cats? Do people just not LISTEN to these songs before they suggest them?

And yes, I look at these lists just for the WTF factor, since we already have both those songs picked out. :p

EDIT: Well, my layout's back. :p
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Moving still sucks. :p I spent most of the day packing. :p Final count for boxes of books? Seven and a half. (The last box was a mix of books and games. :p

I'm still not sure how we're going to get everything that's coming with us in the car IN the car tomorrow. It'll be... cute. :p Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess!!!

And after three days of driving in a Tetris car, we get to try to find an apartment. Joy. I don't want to be moving anymore. It's not that I don't want to move to London, it's just that I don't want to be MOVING. :p Of course, even when we have a place to live, there will be the stress of waiting for our furniture to get here. My books are coming UPS and will thus arrive much before my bookSHELVES. :p

So yeah, the next month or so is stressful. Wake me up when September ends? :p

My brother asked how he can help with the wedding today. Which I thought was sweet. :p I don't think the normal answer is "Oh, I know, you could make spears!" though. :p He also declared that when he's emperor of the world, he wants to make a kitten that turns into a dog because he doesn't like cats or pupppies. :p


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