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... so apparently today is the twentieth anniversary of the beginning of the BLizzard of '92. How is this possible? Something I remember should not be twenty years ago!

Apparently math says it was, but I can't get my head around it.

It was awesome because we didn't have school for a week.

And now it was twenty years ago and I am still in school. :p
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It is snowing. The calendar mocks me.
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Dammit, it was spring! There was grass! It was above zero! I wasn't wearing my winter coat and hat.

So WHY IS THERE SNOW? The sidewalks were just nasty this morning. I thought we fired winter!
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My icon is an accurate representation of what's happening outside my window. I DON'T WANNA GO TO WORK!
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Yesterday it was twenty five degrees. Today it is snowing. Oh Canada.
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Dear rain,

Feel free to stop any time. It's been three days. Imitating the cool London like this is really not necessary.


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I really wish the weather would be more gradual in its changes. I get headaches when winter decides to give spring a miss and plunge right into summer!

Still, this weather is rather awesome.
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The rest of the province is bracing for a snowstorm. And what are we getting?

The icon is a hint. :p

I'd prefer snow. At least that I can brush that off and not get wet.
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It is officially the season of DRAFTS. Getting out of bed kinda sucks because the bedroom is drafty and and freezing. But at least I only have to endure it for 24 more days! (Hmm... maybe I should think about starting to pack soon. :p)

It's also raining again. I know we strive to imitate the cool London, but really, this is quite ridiculous. We haven't seen the sun in over a week. I don't want to go out in it. :p

I will, of course, because Paul is practicing his defense (he defends on Friday) this morning, not to mention I still have to, y'know, do chemistry. But I don't wanna. :p

Also, I love how the only thing anyone cares about when they realize I'm sick is whether it's H1N1. (It's not, it's one of my standard issue "I have a rubbish immune system" colds. :p)
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Man, it is NASTY out there. We're talking Rain of Pain for the second day in a row. Remind me why I have to go to work and TA instead of staying inside with my blankie and my tea?

Seriously. Outside my window? Looks like my icon. Though hopefully with less imminent betrayal. :p
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How I Met Your Mother made me crave cupcakes. So today I... made cupcakes. This would be brilliant except for the part where it was thirty eight degrees with the humidity and thus having the oven on was an exceedingly poor idea.

But I can has cupcakes once I make frosting! And that's the important part.

Also been watching DS9 because I'm kinda sorta maybe probably gonna app Quark in Glaxcin. :p
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It is currently 29 degrees. With a humidex of 42. At 8:45 PM. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.

Also, it's weird when Wash gets angsty. He's WASH. :p
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I hate 9 AM group meetings and the summer bus schedule. It means I have to catch the 8:27 bus. I was running a bit late this morning, so I didn't have time for my tea. Just to throw my lunch together and grab a couple muffins.

Yeah, cue me not being able to find my buspass. So I had to take the 9 instead of the 10 and power walk across campus to get there on time. And it was way too hot for being before nine in the morning.

Later in the day when I went to get coffee, I stepped out of the building and was just hit with a WALL of hot and muggy. Who INVENTED this stupid season?
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We just got a department wide email with the subject line "Too Hot and Too Humid". Gee, I would never have figured this out from the fact that I have my hair up in braids or anything. :p

The body of the email informed us that Physical Plant was aware of the fact that something is wrong with our air conditioning in the chem building, but are very busy dealing with a million downpour related problems. (Every room on the third floor seems to be leaking here. INCLUDING STUFF IN THE NEW ADDITION, WTF?). Really, that's beside the point though. :p
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It snowed today. It was less than pleasant. Hopefully that'll be the last of it for now. :p

Also, I am apparently atrocious with names. Today's problem seminar consisted of asking us to name two guest speakers we'd had over the course of the last semester and describing a bit about their research.

I could remember lots of talks.

Not so much with the names. :p

Though apparently everyone had that problem. :p
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I have achieved fudge! It's so much easier when there's no soft ball stage. :p It's yummy!

Bagless vacuum cleaners are so overrated. I had to empty mine today and it was NOT fun. But I managed to get my living room all vacuumed! Huzzah! It was long overdue. Next project... uh, the bedroom...

I think the heater isn't working right. It's starting to get cold in the living room, which ISN'T as crazy drafty as the bedroom. That and the neighbour I actually like came by and asked if there was any heat coming out of OUR heaters, because there wasn't any coming from hers. Not a good time of year for this, building!

I watched the movie version of The Best Little WHorehouse in Texas last night. It's a very fun movie. I had fun going "There's Tess!" :p

And I have completed two of the three major quests in Avernum 2! Take THAT too stupid to live Empire! They did have one set of smart soldiers though. They saw my party and RAN AWAY. :p
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It snowed today. Snow.

Jiacheng was very excited. The rest of us have seen snow before. :p

Also, the 213s had better not come whining to me when it's the week before the final and they don't understand the material. I sat in the help room for FOUR HOURS today without seeing ANY of them. I entertained myself by giving peptalks to freshmen. Then they went into their lab. I'd been trying to read scientific papers, but eventually gave up and read The Wandering Fire instead. But guh, that's four hours of my life I'm never getting back. :p
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What comes after two days of rain?

Monday! :p

Yeah, that joke is the excitement of my life. I spent the day studying. Nothing big, just reviewing everything I'm supposed to know about chemistry. :p

I also watched some Danny bits of Aliaaaaas. Man how is he SO CUTE? Why do I adore the doomed ones? I blame Tess.
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Is it normal that I'm totally fine with going to church in a blizzard, but heavy rain keeps me home? It was pouring, and waiting for the bus, walking ten minutes from the stop to church, being WET all through Mass, walking back in the rain and waiting twenty minutes for another bus didn't seem like fun. At least with snow I can just bundle up and brush the snow off before going in. :p
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It rained BUCKETS last night. This led to the discovery that ALL the water runs toward our corner of the building. So yeah, we had water leaking into the living room. We got people in with a steam cleaner and they cut out a section of the underpadding (EW, so much dirt got washed in too), so now we're just waiting for things to dry. :p

Some of you may be familiar with my vaguely obsessive quest for the version of Jesus Christ Superstar I listened to growing up. Most musicals I don't mind different casts, but for some reason this one is so ingrained that it HAS to be the one I listened to as a child. All the other recordings seem to either have a bad Judas or a bad Pilate or a bad Herod (And yes, his one song TOTALLY matters) or in one case a bad JESUS. The OBC sounds like DUCKS. :p I have a really good Spanish recording, but I rather want the right English one. :p I'm pretty sure that the one I'm trying to find is the concept album, at this point. Which I can't find ANYWHERE. But the Original London Cast sounds close! It's the best one yet!

Also, Tanz der Vampire is made of win. What's NOT to love about a German musical about vampires that borrows music from... "Total Eclipse of the Heart" :p


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