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Me: You know who I really can't picture as Face? :p
Me: (Loran)
Tess: who?
Me: Robert Downey Junior :p
Tess: LOL
Tess: John Barrowman and his generic attractiveness would work well here, I think
Me: Yeah
Me: Face is supposed to be a prettyboy
Me: JOhn Barrowman? Is a prettyboy :p
Tess: also, his hammy acting style would totally work
Me: LMAO, that too
Tess: I was just joknig about his generic head but now I can see it :-p
Me: Also, I just realized I didn't actually SAY that John Barrowman was the first person I thought of who worked :p
Tess: LOL!!!
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Tess: stupid dragon!
Tess: whatever, I don't even have pants and I'm totally going to pwn you. eventually. after you burn me some more with fire.

Where WOULD we be without videogames?

Speaking of which, Ryan and I finally made it to 2008 and bought an Xbox 360. Along with Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect 1 and Bioshock. So far I've had a chance to play some FFXIII. I'm pretty sure even I'll be unable to get lost in this game! Except for the part where I sometimes can't find staircase. Why do they never oppress people in well lit cities? It would make heroing about so much easier.

Also, I think I may have set a new record for shortest time between declaring I like a character and the character dying. :p
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Tess: There's nothing sexy about an iguana

Trufa'ax. :p
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Tess: you know that I will always say yes to crack!
Tess: ... that came out weird

One day Tess will learn to think before she types. It will be a very sad day.

I can :p

Mar. 24th, 2010 11:57 pm
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Tess: I can't believe I created a doomship :-p
Tess: out of a CRACK PAIRING

(Referring to Tosh/Hobbie and the HORRIBLE ANGSTY EVENT OF HORRIBLE ANGST in Glaxcin)
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Tess: also, you guys are having too much fun with the boning :-p

Honey, there is no such thing. :p


Jan. 13th, 2010 12:20 am
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Well, that explains the most baffling moment in End of Time...

Incredibly minor EoT spoilers )
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Me: Lucky Cottle gets to be next to their discussion of pirates and parrots :-p
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: LOL
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: he'll let them have their fun
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: Laura's dying ;-p
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: sadface.
Me: LOL!
Me: Bill says Laura's not dying :-p
Me: Egyptianface.
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: LOL!
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: Bill didn't look at Laura's test results
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: frownyface
Me: Bill is trying to change those test results through sheer force of will
Me: Harmonianface.
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: LMAO!
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: So is Cottle, but he has the power to actually do it!
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: smugface.
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Tess: also, man, the voices in my head freaked me out the first time I heard them

She really ought to know better than to say things like that. They always get quoted out of context!
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[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: All I could think when I was trying to figure out if Sephiroth had wings was that he was twice as absorbent as a regular Sephiroth

(See, I even fixed your typos!)
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Tessie: man
Tessie: I'm back for a few hours and I kill you like 100 times
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Tessie: well, it says "be on his whe rocksay off
Tessie: so it looks like you typed "be on his way off" and somehow "he rocks" got stuck in the middle ;-p

Also, the rocksay off tag is PRE-EXISTING, wtf.


Understand, this has been bothering us for YEARS. AND SHE FIGURED IT OUT!
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Tessie: it is hard being a whore

Yeah, expect a lot of these until her show is done. :p Because it's funny. :p

I get to do solid state NMR tomorrow barring major explosions! Yay getting results!

I also need to finish our chemical weapon inventory. Which I mention SOLELY to freak you guys out a little. :p

Oh, and Jiacheng brought us all loose leaf green tea from China. Is exciting.
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Chemists shouldn't be allowed in restaurants where they put paper on the tables and give you crayons. I may have covered it with chemistry doodles of working through the reaction I did the other day. I figured out where all the atoms go!

Yesterday I made a super awesome grilled cheese sandwiches. I put oregano and garlic powder in the butter and it was NUMMY.

Sunny and I are on a quest to see how many whore jokes we can manage before May because Tess is in the whorus of The Best LIttle WHorehouse In Texas. It's fun. :p
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More reasons Tess is the root of all evil!

She hasn't even SEEN Torchwood yet, but she already ships Tosh/Owen and has Tosh as her favourite character. TESS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. :p

(This brought up, obviously, by watching A Day In The Death last night and squeeing to her about the cuteness that is Tosh/Owen at the end of that episode, because... ADORABLE.)

Also, someone from my old Fanforce PMed me yesterday, out of the blue. We hadn't been in touch since... I was in first year or so. I think I broke her brain when I mentioned that I was married now. :p
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So, ESB is on Spike right now. Do I own this movie on DVD? Yes. Am I watching it on TV anyway? HELL YES!

This of course leads to entertaining conversations. :p

yubs_timbits: Love this scene!
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Han thinks she likes him because he's a scoundrel
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: And then Threepio's Virgin Alarm goes off
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: And Han's all "DAMMIT! I was gonna get LAID!"
Tessie: he's there to represent CAPAlert
yubs_timbits: *dies*
yubs_timbits: "Sir! Sir! That's innappropriate touching!"
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: ... if Obi Wan KNEW Leia was Luke's sister, why didn't he ever tell Luke to not GO there?
Tessie: LOL
Tessie: he saw Luke drooling over her all the time
yubs_timbits: Exactly! He should have been all "No Luke, don't go there. Just DON'T. For you, THERE doesn't even EXIST."
Tessie: LOL!
Tessie: Vader must have been icked out when he read Luke's mind
Tessie: also, didn't Artoo know?
yubs_timbits: "Sissssster. So, you have a twin sister. And you... oh EW! Why would you DO that? That is seriously GROSS."
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: Artoo knew LOTS of things
Tessie: LOl
Tessie: that might have been a good thing to beeble
yubs_timbits: Maybe he was beebling it when tehre was no X-Wing to translate?
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Like he was totalling beebling "Um, LUke? That IS Yoda! Hi Yoda! How's it going? LOng time no see, Yoda!"
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Artoo is a seriously problematic character sometimes
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: I love how no one EVER comments on the incest
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Well, in universe
yubs_timbits: Out of universe it's like our favourite thing
Tessie: Luke and Leia are trying to pretend it never happened
yubs_timbits: lol
Tessie: LOL
Tessie: I'm kind of surprised no tabloids ever talk about it
Tessie: Luke wasn't exactly subtle about it
yubs_timbits: "I'd just as soon snog my brother!" is way more fun than kissing a Wookiee!
Tessie: back in the day
yubs_timbits: Sludge news!
yubs_timbits: Luke was SMUG
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Happy birthday Tessie! Maybe this year you'll get another love story you actually like! :p And don't kill!

The bookcases is up now. We actually unpacked the five frillion book boxes! THere is space to walk in the living room now! Huzzah!

And we put the microwave stand together. Now the microwave is off the floor. It really needs to be cleaned. :p

Played some Kingdom Hearts. Gave up when I got tired of falling off ledges midbattle and having to climb back up. STupid 3D game. :p

Also, my two favourite Marias are the finalists! Yay! Also, the host hitting on Andrew Lloyd Webber like made my day. :p


Mar. 6th, 2008 12:08 am
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Things that just don't come up in normal conversation...


[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: I don't think I ever asked why I'm a skillet of doom :p
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I finally got around to burning SJA to DVD so I could get it OFF my poor harddrive (there are new Sims expansions!). Naturally I had to check that the files burned properly first. Mostly it means watching the beginning, my favourite scenes in the middle and the end of each episode to check that the files are all there.

So I watched the end of every episode in the series in a single evening. I came to the conclusion that a good alternate title for the series is "Is It Can Be Hugs Tiem Nao?" If the episode doesn't end with cliffhanger, it ends with hugs tiem. :p

Related to this, someone has dared me to write a fic about Desire being in charge of Torchwood, because... yeah. This led to talking to Tess about which Endless are responsible for which of the other shows. Doctor Who itself HAS to be Del. Who else would come up with a flying police box and a man who wears a STICK OF CELERY?

And Hugs Tiem? Totally Death. :p Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane? is her trying to make a point to magical girls that unkilling people is a BAD idea. :p

Welcome to my weirdness. :p
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[livejournal.com profile] non_horationDEAD WIVES DON'T ANSWER PHONES
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: man, that would so be FCQed if we still had Crest :p

Honey, Crest may be gone, but silly out of context quoting will NEVER DIE.

The students were playing Mario Kart in the lab today. I was amused. At least they were entertaining themselves during the absurd downtime...

Ryan has a sonic screwdriver. He is having fun with it. Alas, it doesn't put up a lot of shelves.

Watched the Sarah COnnor Chronicles. Cameron is a lot like River, except not, y'know, crazy. Just... out of place. :p It's still the River intonations. :p


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