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Things that make me sad:

We were at McDonald's yesterday. They have gendered toys for Happy Meals this month. Now, almost invariably the "boy" toy is infinitely cooler than the "girl" toy, but this time it went even further than usual. Girls are apparently supposed to get Strawberry Shortcake.

Boys get freaking STAR WARS.
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Star Wars Musical.

Yeah, a different one. This one uses existing music. Lots of Les Miserables.


HAN SOLO SINGS GREASED LIGHTNING. What more can you ask for?

I have been bouncing and giggling all evening.
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Fan Expo was awesome, if linerific.

And I talk about it a lot )
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From [livejournal.com profile] seariderfalcon

- Reply to this post with the words MARSHMALLOW FLUFF and I will pick six of your icons.
- Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
- Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
- This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

Icons! )
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Sometimes I wonder what normal families talk about. I have a feeling it's not...

Well, I sent my dad a link to this comic. And his response...

Was kinda epic )
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Jello: ...also I was just discussing how to Jews, the New Testament is basically LOTF
Jello: with God In Name Only
Jello: :-P
Jello: (they do not consider it canon, true fax.)
Me: LMAO!!!!
Jello: I mean he's totaly out of character
Jello: and I think the writer is obsessed with this Jesus guy
Jello: who wasn't in any of the other books
Jello: and now he's God's son, whatT/
Jello: plus none of the books really match each other. One book will go on an on about this one thing, and the next one totally ignores it.
Me: *dies8
Jello: :-D
Jello: then the fanfiction
Jello: like that bit about the Inferno
Jello: it's arguably better written than the canon
Jello: but it's just by some dude name Dante.
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I love multi-fandom RPs. Because...


Because he mentioned the Force.

My life is MADE.
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I may have been persuaded to play Hobbie in a second game. I may lose my mind keeping the two straight. Except not, since one's multifandom and one is PURE CRACK. Still, I'm blaming all of you people who KNOW who you are.

The, uh, deciding factor may have been when they said he could have his Taco Bell.

Also, apparently at Dragon*Con in 2007, they asked Stackpole if Inyri was at the same Taco Bell as Hobbie. And Stackpole said yes. And NO ONE EVER TOLD ME! Heartbroken here!
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It's perfectly normal to sit on the floor and try to stand up without moving one foot if you're RPing as Hobbie, right?

Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure I'm committing some sort of nerd sacrilege by playing a Star Wars character AND a Star Trek character. I can't help it though! Who could resist Quark?

Outside of RP, my week has been the thrilling word of proofreading Laura's thesis so she can submit tomorrow morning. And graduate and rent me her townhouse. The things I will do to get out of this hellpit.

Half a day tomorrow and then off to FanExpo! Yay!

Ugh, just remembered to pay my tuition so I can get my bus pass tomorrow. Now I have no money. :p Good thing I get paid tomorrow. :p


Aug. 21st, 2009 11:34 pm
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Because Yayoi totally came up with the greatest description of Hobbie EVER.
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A thought struck me in the shower today.

Why the frak did humans settle on Tatooine in the first place? Did it used to be a much more hospitable environment? Because it's not like humans developed there. Or were chased by cylons until their ships broke down. People went to all the trouble of travelling through hyperspace to get to this lousy planet where even the dust has dust. What were they THINKING?

Or is it just that magnetic force that always drew the plot back to Tatooine at work?
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So, since Adama/Roslin is the latest addition to my rather short OTP list, I started thinking about the list. And realized it's a depressing, DEPRESSING list. Seriously!

All of Yubsie's Full Blown OTPs EVER

Han/Leia: Actually did okay... other than the fact that one son is dead, the other son is EVIL and dead and their daughter lives at Donna Noble's Home for Abused Characters. :p

Cher/Hubb: Were in WOLF'S RAIN. :p

Angel/Collins: "Hey Nuki, have you seen... RENT?" :p


Bill Adama/Laura Roslin: Are on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

Carrot/Angua: Are in the best shape on the list. Now if only we could get Tess to stop shipping them...

In conclusion: I need to stop letting Tess near my OTPs. :p
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Rather minor Mindor spoilers )
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I has my kitty back! She missed us terribly. And still hates her carrier. Ryan opened her cage at the kennel and she jumped out and started nuzzling him. Then the kennel lady brought out her carrier and she jumped back into the cage. She proceeded to whine the entire way home. It occurred to us that maybe she's afraid that when we put her in her carrier we're going to abandon her like her last owners did (aka the SOULLESS ONES :p) She seemed to calm down an AWFUL lot when we were bringing her towards our building. :p

And I now have Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor because Schroedy was almost out of food. Chapters is right next to PetSmart and they were EVENTUALLY able to track down the nine copies in the back room. Along with "Hey, look at all these other ones that have come out recently! Let's put those on the shelf too!" (I had thought it was odd that I didn't see Millenium Falcon there, but figured maybe it had sold out)

I'm not far in, but what I've read has been BRILLIANT. THIS is what Star Wars books are supposed to feel like!

Kitty is making up for missed cuddles. :p
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&@(#&@(#*&@)#(* ACR.

I mean, I shouldn't be surprised, considering the Fiddler sims don't get birth control if they're with other Fiddler sims, but couldn't Hodel and Perchik waited a DAY or so after Yacov was born? No? Didn't think so. :p

Pictures! Hilarious glitches! Hilarious parenting! Modestly dressed Twilek girls! )
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Ah, the Crypt O Night Club. When Jaina Solo starts swooning over Destiny Endless, it's probably time to go home. :p

I think I also caught Jag Fel swooning over Crumplebottom. Which is disturbing. :p Crumplebottom purse smacked Jacen. :p

Also, the joys of a house full of Knowledge sims. There's a distinct tone of "But I wanted to max out Creativity! Make Tenel Ka hand over the violin! And Jaina's using the robot bench so I can't get my bronze robot badge!"

Cue me going "Jacen, shut up and catch bugs, you don't even LIKE robots." :p

Also, zombie!Owen doing ballet wins at life. :p
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This is mostly a GIP.

But I will add that I attempted to play Sims in windowed mode today. The phrase, I believe, is "Epic Fail"? :p It ran well for about ten minutes and then... LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

I am sad, because I didn't get to put Jag in his "I am a terrible Star Wars fan" outfit. I finally found an outfit I like for him! It's... a Klingon outfit. :p And Jaina gets a Starfleet dress uniform for formalwear. Because it has PANTS! I have some other dress uniforms, but the female versions all have skirts, and Jaina's a pants kind of girl. :p
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Jack and Lando need to meet. Seriously.
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So, ESB is on Spike right now. Do I own this movie on DVD? Yes. Am I watching it on TV anyway? HELL YES!

This of course leads to entertaining conversations. :p

yubs_timbits: Love this scene!
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Han thinks she likes him because he's a scoundrel
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: And then Threepio's Virgin Alarm goes off
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: And Han's all "DAMMIT! I was gonna get LAID!"
Tessie: he's there to represent CAPAlert
yubs_timbits: *dies*
yubs_timbits: "Sir! Sir! That's innappropriate touching!"
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: ... if Obi Wan KNEW Leia was Luke's sister, why didn't he ever tell Luke to not GO there?
Tessie: LOL
Tessie: he saw Luke drooling over her all the time
yubs_timbits: Exactly! He should have been all "No Luke, don't go there. Just DON'T. For you, THERE doesn't even EXIST."
Tessie: LOL!
Tessie: Vader must have been icked out when he read Luke's mind
Tessie: also, didn't Artoo know?
yubs_timbits: "Sissssster. So, you have a twin sister. And you... oh EW! Why would you DO that? That is seriously GROSS."
Tessie: LOL!
yubs_timbits: Artoo knew LOTS of things
Tessie: LOl
Tessie: that might have been a good thing to beeble
yubs_timbits: Maybe he was beebling it when tehre was no X-Wing to translate?
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Like he was totalling beebling "Um, LUke? That IS Yoda! Hi Yoda! How's it going? LOng time no see, Yoda!"
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Artoo is a seriously problematic character sometimes
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: I love how no one EVER comments on the incest
Tessie: LOL
yubs_timbits: Well, in universe
yubs_timbits: Out of universe it's like our favourite thing
Tessie: Luke and Leia are trying to pretend it never happened
yubs_timbits: lol
Tessie: LOL
Tessie: I'm kind of surprised no tabloids ever talk about it
Tessie: Luke wasn't exactly subtle about it
yubs_timbits: "I'd just as soon snog my brother!" is way more fun than kissing a Wookiee!
Tessie: back in the day
yubs_timbits: Sludge news!
yubs_timbits: Luke was SMUG
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[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello: so
[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello: if the EU is a China shop
[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello: Troy Denning is the kid with the slingshot
[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello: Karen Traviss is a raging bull
[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello: and Aaron Allston is the guy who puts all the broken pieces of glass together into funny shapes with scotch tape


[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello: Lucas is the guy who owns the shop and forget it even exists (because he planned to trade it for a pizzeria) but occasionally walks in and paints blue stripes on things, insisting they look better that way

Oh Star Wars. We mock so we don't cry. :p

Kim figures we might be able to pull off this first year report in the summer thing. Because I can actually write. She was very happy to get a student who can write coherently. (This is a problem in science :p)


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