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So, I've been pruning my Sims custom content. For some reason, I decided to use Kara Thrace as my model. Enter giggles every time she ends up in an outfit that was never meant for her.

Like oh a pink hoopskirt )
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Also, my decongestant is SO fired. What does it think it's doing, kicking out in the middle of my TA session? FIRED! :p

Oh, and Sim pic spam time!

You know you love the sims! )
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So, plantsims? Can be a bit of a pain. Especially Romance plantsims in a house full of people. Ruth Washburne got herself turned into a plantsim. And kept leaving the room with the sunlamp to go talk to clients! And then promptly complaining about the lack of sunlight. Well if you'd STAYED in the room it would be okay!

Though she's not as bad as her sister who seems to have misplaced the USER INTERFACE. After playing Fyedka and Grissom (during which nothing particularly noteworthy occurred, as they are both Knowledge sims in university. :p), I decided to move Autumn and Hyacinth in, set them up with clothes NOT selected randomly by the game and get them into the sorority. Yeah, that doesn't work so well with no user interface. But apparently F10 will fix that, so I can actually get things going with them. :p
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Dear assorted stores:

It is November 8th. Step AWAY from the Christmas music.



I'm playing Fallout. Not the shiny Fallout 3 that looks very cool and just came out. No, no, the ORIGINAL Fallout, which will actually run on my laptop. :P My poor processor just can't handle modern games. :p I could probably get a desktop that can handle more for a decent price. But that would involve having room for a DESK, which I don't. :p (Maybe when we move to Laura's townhouse in the summer :p) But the original Fallout is fun too!

Also, Tess sent me all her hair because she binned and removed extraneous ages from it all. Except... now I'm realizing I don't have a lot of the MESHES. Oops.
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Sooooooooo much cake. It's Ryan's birthday, so I spent a great deal of time kitchening. I was going to draw a TARDIS on it. Unfortunately, this plan involved picking up blue decorator icing (I made the rest of the icing) on the way back from church. I discovered when I went in that the grocery store I wait for the bus in front of closed yesterday. :p This also meant I didn't pick up toothpicks and had to test the cake with uncooked spaghetti.

But hey, I got all the dishes clean!

In between kitchen toiling, I played the sims. I've decided Billy and Remington's offspring are going to be named after Doctor Who actors. THis started when I named Billy's surprise alien baby David because I was watching Doctor Who. I thought Remington's current baby was an alien, so I decided on Catherine for a girl and Patrick for a boy. Of course, I forgot that it was actually a cheated baby with Billy because I was sad Billy's face wasn't going to have a chance to be passed on. But I named her Catherine anyway. So now poor Elizabeth is the odd one out. If I'd realized I was going to do this, I should have named her Elisabeth. :p

I also got a portrait of the entire Washburne clan. Did you know if you have 33 sims and a cat on lot live mode is so NOT happening?

But I got my picture! )

Also, they're doing Maguyver myths on Mythbusters. It's roughly fifty seven frillion kinds of awesome. :p
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&@(#&@(#*&@)#(* ACR.

I mean, I shouldn't be surprised, considering the Fiddler sims don't get birth control if they're with other Fiddler sims, but couldn't Hodel and Perchik waited a DAY or so after Yacov was born? No? Didn't think so. :p

Pictures! Hilarious glitches! Hilarious parenting! Modestly dressed Twilek girls! )
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Did you know that sims can set the stove on fire and STILL have a Roof Raiser party? They can! I guess fires are so run of the mill for sims. :p

Also, wedding parties work a bit better when you pay attention to BOTH work schedules. So that it doesn't go "kiss the bride--> bride spins into work clothes--> bride runs to work without cutting the cake". Oops.

This all because poor Jason is FINALLY out of limbo. I shipped him off to university when Christopher and Theresa hit toddler. Next time I play Inara's house/the orphanage, Christopher and Theresa are getting sent to university. :p Well, I did play that house a bit today, but it was to send Inara on a Far East vacation to start learning all the massages. :p
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Ah, the Crypt O Night Club. When Jaina Solo starts swooning over Destiny Endless, it's probably time to go home. :p

I think I also caught Jag Fel swooning over Crumplebottom. Which is disturbing. :p Crumplebottom purse smacked Jacen. :p

Also, the joys of a house full of Knowledge sims. There's a distinct tone of "But I wanted to max out Creativity! Make Tenel Ka hand over the violin! And Jaina's using the robot bench so I can't get my bronze robot badge!"

Cue me going "Jacen, shut up and catch bugs, you don't even LIKE robots." :p

Also, zombie!Owen doing ballet wins at life. :p
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This is mostly a GIP.

But I will add that I attempted to play Sims in windowed mode today. The phrase, I believe, is "Epic Fail"? :p It ran well for about ten minutes and then... LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

I am sad, because I didn't get to put Jag in his "I am a terrible Star Wars fan" outfit. I finally found an outfit I like for him! It's... a Klingon outfit. :p And Jaina gets a Starfleet dress uniform for formalwear. Because it has PANTS! I have some other dress uniforms, but the female versions all have skirts, and Jaina's a pants kind of girl. :p
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I beat Curse of Monkey Island yesterday. It was great fun. I heart that game liek woah. :p

And of course, today being Sunday, I played Sims. :p Poor Dawn Tam is starting to wonder if she's the only lesbian teen in the neighborhood. Gotta loved randomized orientation. (There are actually at least two other lesbian teens in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, they're her aunt [Hyacinth Tam] and her aunt's girlfriend [Autumn Washburne]) Though at least she's a Popularity sim, so she's not distraught about her lack of dating potential. She's happy to befriend the random girls she brings home from school. :p

And Del and Sue had their baby. A son named Anything. He was born in the middle of a date, actually. :p And yet they still managed to have a dream date. :p Sue is a very bizarre Popularity sim and never rolled a want to throw a graduation party. Del did though, so she got to have the party. Sue got to just quietly move back to the neighborhood with Anything. :p Who didn't get accidentally left behind, yay!

Also, Destiny smustled with a llama at the graduation party.

It was awesome plus bonus pictures )
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Okay, who sets off fireworks at 1:30 AM? Honestly! Some people in the bazillion apartment complexes around here were trying to SLEEP. :p

I have my Anime North costumes all ready to go now. That just leaves Ryan's. :p LUckily, tomorrow is a holidy. Probably won't go into work because I haven't decided what to do next. Other than trying to find an alkyl option... :p I'll stop now. :p

For the record, Discworld!Death doing ballet...

Is like the greatest thing ever )

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So, how geeky is watching Doctor Who over MSN? AWESOMELY geeky, that's how geeky! [livejournal.com profile] neekabe, [livejournal.com profile] yacoba and I watched the last two episodes of series two together. We synched fine on the first episode, but I somehow got five minutes ahead on the second. Then thirty seconds behind when I tried to correct. :p Oh well, was still ridiculously fun!

Now I get to write notes for my Sarah Jane FST. For those of you wondering about my asskicking/world saving song, I wound up going with the Power Rangers theme. Because I'm awesome. A sixty year old woman is KINDA like teenagers with attitude, right? She gets help from a bunch of teenagers anyway!

And InTeen has been updated for Free Time so I can finally get it and Bon Voyage! :D
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The TARDIS of LOOOOVE is hilarious. It will be even MORE fun when they aren't in bloody Uni, but anyway...

Rose wants to get engaged to Ten, Ten wants to get engaged to Martha, Martha wants to get engaged to Jack, the Master wants to get engaged to Jack and Jack... wants to woohoo ten different sims. :p

Also, Rose seems to catch Ten with someone else once per academic year. In sophomore year it was Jack. This time it was Martha. So that just leaves the Master. :p

Also, I watched The Invasion today. MAN Two and JAMIE! The actors weren't kidding about trying to put as much subtext in as possible. "He's a brilliant cheeky little man"!

And Zoe is travel sized for your convenience! She comes up to the Brig's SHOULDER. :p Barely. :p
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Mount A people will appreciate my pain here...

AAAAAAARG, Western is doing a President search! Not again! :p

Played Sims today. Mal got to join Zoe, Wash and Jayne in the Old People Club. :p Also, Four and Sarah Jane apparently really wanted a daughter. I had to reload the birth FIVE TIMES before I got Luke. Naturally that was when I had declared "If this is another girl, I'm naming her Maria, giving up and making them have another kid." :p

Also, Sarah Jane's stripey overalls look kinda hilarious on a pregnant woman. :p

Oh, and Sarah Jane got fired on a chance card. So I turned around and had her get a job in the same career... and that job was higher than the one she got fired from in the first place! :p

Vertical stripes are slimming, but there are LIMITS. :p )
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Yay using safety rules as an excuse to slack! Today is a fake holiday (Family Day, arbitrarily invented by the provincial government this year), but I was going to go to work and enjoy Monday NOT being a write off for once. Except no one else was there. So I ran an NMR, and no one else was there. And since we're not supposed to work in the lab alone, I went home and played Sims. :p

Jayne now has a daughter named Fred. To go with his alien son, Sue. Sue is already in university, so I could redecorate his racecar bedroom to a butterflies and ladybugs nursery for Fred. Hopefully Jayne's glarey eyes will look better on her when she's older, incidentally. :p

I finished designing our invitations yesterday. So now I just have to figure out how I'm doing the reply cards and, y'know, actually ORDER the things. :p They are full of stealth geekery. :p
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Meme from, well, lots of people, but I'm going to say [livejournal.com profile] hm_yrie because I can. :p

Give me two characters from different fandoms you know I'm familiar with, and I'll give you a dialogue happening between the two of them. Without justifying how the crossover would work, how their worlds clashed, or how they could even meet each other. Just a silly crossover conversation with no backstory, for fun.

I had to go to campus for eight today to spend three hours being bored out of my mind. Oh how I loathe proctoring. Completely and utterly. I had a Tim Horton's extra large, but it was still putting me to sleep. :p

Also, last night I was making the sims for the TARDIS of LOOOOOOOOOOVE and... Jack has no face. He is the most generic looking guy EVER. Most characters have some sort of feature I can work with to make the sim recognizable. Jack is just... generically attractive. :p
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So I watched The Five Doctors today. Generally quite fun, because it has five Doctors. Even if really, it had four and stock footage because we no can has Tom Baker. :p

The Spoiler Cut of Rassilon! )

To distract myself from my Fury fury, I made Sims! Specifically, I made Four and Sarah Jane. I'm really proud of them because I made their everyday outfits myself. :D

Pictures! )
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[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: I'm a dealer and a gateway drug :p

I was semi-productive this weekend! Kinda. I wrote an outline for my paper that's due on Friday. Next step: Not following it! Why do I bother with outlines? :p

I need to dig up a few more papers on the topic, simply because of the expected number of references. I figure I can look up more stuff for the general intro stuff, because the specific topic is really super recent. But papers have come out on it since I picked the topic, which is cool. :p

Also, my sims are hilarious. Sim Tevye REALLY hates Motel now. Because he HAD to marry Tzeitel. Bielke brought Motel home on the school bus, so I decided I would probably marry him and Tzeitel when ACR inevitably got them woohooing and Tevye could catch them.

Except instead of just woohooing they decided to try for baby. Which WORKED. Even though the lot was full, which was really surprising. So then Motel HAD to marry Tzeitel. Oops. Oh well, it's not like there aren't lines in the musical about "From such children come... other children?" :p

Of course, if Tevye thinks THAT'S bad, he should see what I STOPPED from happening. It turns out that Tzeitel's mom has got it going on. I stopped anything from happening between Motel and Golde, because DUDE. :p

Also, this song is made of pure WIN. :p
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MTV is showing the Broadway version of Legally Blonde next Saturday. I can't WAIT! Yesterday, I didn't know or care if we got MTV. Today I am dancing because we do. :p Because... LEGALLY BLONDE. OMIGOD YOU GUYS!

I had my first class today. It was three hours. Interesting class, but LONG. I also marked labs today. It was painful. So many times I was sitting there going "But... but... That wasn't even the QUESTION!" Yeah.

And in Sims news... Zoe and Wash are going to be raising yet another baby. This one... is not theirs. Because they're not letting their grandchild grow up in the Heart of Gold. Thus they get to raise Ruth and Desire's kid. Because really, it was only a matter of time. :p

Aaaaaaaaaand, dream house meme from [livejournal.com profile] seryan :p

Pictures get LJ cuts! )
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So Sims? Are kinda hilarious.

I decided to try to move more Sims through university, so I loaded up Billy Washburne's house. Things were going normally enough until Billy got back from class and ran to the bathroom to throw up. He did the little "Pacifier?" thought bubble that sims do when they have morning sickness.

I was rather confused, since I was pretty sure he was NOT pregnant. IT's not exactly easy for male sims to get pregnant, requiring either alien abduction or using some sort of cheat. I knew there hadn't been any sort of cheat, since I never have SIms DELIBERATELY get pregnant in university (Carrot's Views and subsequent offspring aside :p). And an alien abduction is something I would have remembered. More to the point, something HE would have remembered. The only abduction in his memories was way back when he was a teenager.

Still, there was no denying that Billy was pregnant by Pollination Technician #34. Apparently Sims who have previously been abducted will sometimes get abducted again out of the dance sphere. I've never seen it happen, but it's possible. So my best guess is that this happened when he was on a community lot I was visiting with another family.

However it happened, the point is that Billy gave birth immediately after returning from finals his junior year. A little boy that I named David because we were watching New WHo at the time. :p David reached toddler before Billy graduated, which I've realized is the WORST stage for moving out with. He got left behind repeatedly, even after I started cheating him to child so I could tell him to get in the blasted cab. :p

But they did eventually make it back to the main neighborhood. It was a good thing I had spent all their uni money on loading their inventories, because the house I picked for them ate most of their starter money. Billy quickly married his beloved man maid Remington, who brought lots of money with him so they could have LIGHTS. :p

Remington's LTW is to marry off six children. So this means a combination of aliens, adoption and cheaty MPreg. :p I was surprised he was a family sim. :p But hey, more grandchildren for Zoe and Wash. Because clearly the eight they already have aren't enough. :p


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