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Musings on the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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You know, at this point I'm pretty sure the Master could get elected PM if he ran on a campaign of poison gasing the rest of the politicians. Just sayin'. :p

My coworkers and I have been complaining lately about the joys of trying to find pants that fit when you have no hips. I think I've lost weight, because my pants keep falling down to my non-existant waist. We have decided that we're bringing suspenders back into fashion post haste.

I watched the finale for season one of BSG today. I was... very glad I had season two all ready to go because OMG they did NOT end the season there and make people wait! EEEEEEEEEEVIL! I'm also seriously needing a BSG icon if I'm going to keep this up. :p

Also, I so watched SJA on Monday and forgot to post so...

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Toys R Us is SO not as cool as it was when I was a kid. There's not enough LEGO. I was looking for a present for, uh, my seventeen year old brother, and the lego pickings were pretty slim. They didn't even have the big buckets of bricks! Those were the best!

Fortunately, Lego has an evil evil website full of shiny things and I managed to order him some knights and a new brick separator.

Also, part two of The Temptation of Sarah Jane was wonderful.
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Sarah Jane Adventures! Squee!

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So, I think most of you have noticed that I hate shoe shopping. Unfortunately, I needed new shoes. And by needed I mean the sole was cracked and water was seeping in every time it rained. So needed. :p Of course, so many stores FAIL. Are boots without heels so much to ask for? You know, boots that have traction? Eventually I found something that worked at Sears. Also, it was raining, so I had to put a plastic bag inside my shoe so I wouldn't be trying on shoes with a wet sock. Because that would be icky.

Schroedy is very happy I got new shoes, because she gets the BOX.

I consoled myself about the whole shoe shopping thing by buying geeky things. The SJA DVDs are only made of SILVER and diamonds, so I splurged on them. Because it's SJA!
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I feel like the bloody Maytag repairman. Like in that commercial where they try to tell you their appliances are reliable by showing their very bored repairman waiting for SOMEONE to call. Not a SOUL showed up in the help room today. :p Well, construction workers, professors commenting on the lack of students and lab techs making Maytag jokes. :p

Someone had better show up tomorrow, seeing as I have a four hour shift.

And... Sarah Jane Adventures!

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Whee, Sarah Jane Adventures!

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Man, some of the SJA fandom is really being HARSH on poor Rani and her family. It's one thing to not like a character for her own sake, but Rani is catching so much flak for just... not being Maria. I liked Maria too, but I respect the actress for choosing to focus on her exams rather than count on an acting career in the long run. And writing out the Jacksons meant writing out roughly half the cast. Obviously they would need to bring in new characters. Not to mention, this is a spinoff of DOCTOR WHO. New characters happen.

So, Rani's not Maria. But she's not trying to be. She's Rani.
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OMG, I managed to get through an entire help session without anyone asking about question 2.14! It is a miracle! (Question 2.14 needs to be done with pKas. They kept trying to do it without pKas. So I would tell them to use the old exams to practice without pKas. One of the profs was joking we should have a sign on the door that says "Question 2.14 needs pKas." :p)

First year report on Wednesday. Eep.

And SJA!

Clowns are creepy and spoilerish )

Can't sleep! Clowns will EAT ME!
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Whee, SJA premiere!

Last Sontaran SPoilers )

Also, Luke remains oh so awesome.
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Back from camping. Very fun. Learned to play cribbage. Got rained on. Almost lost the boss's kids in the dark. Very tired. Kitty helped me nap when I got back.


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So, how geeky is watching Doctor Who over MSN? AWESOMELY geeky, that's how geeky! [livejournal.com profile] neekabe, [livejournal.com profile] yacoba and I watched the last two episodes of series two together. We synched fine on the first episode, but I somehow got five minutes ahead on the second. Then thirty seconds behind when I tried to correct. :p Oh well, was still ridiculously fun!

Now I get to write notes for my Sarah Jane FST. For those of you wondering about my asskicking/world saving song, I wound up going with the Power Rangers theme. Because I'm awesome. A sixty year old woman is KINDA like teenagers with attitude, right? She gets help from a bunch of teenagers anyway!

And InTeen has been updated for Free Time so I can finally get it and Bon Voyage! :D
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I finally got around to burning SJA to DVD so I could get it OFF my poor harddrive (there are new Sims expansions!). Naturally I had to check that the files burned properly first. Mostly it means watching the beginning, my favourite scenes in the middle and the end of each episode to check that the files are all there.

So I watched the end of every episode in the series in a single evening. I came to the conclusion that a good alternate title for the series is "Is It Can Be Hugs Tiem Nao?" If the episode doesn't end with cliffhanger, it ends with hugs tiem. :p

Related to this, someone has dared me to write a fic about Desire being in charge of Torchwood, because... yeah. This led to talking to Tess about which Endless are responsible for which of the other shows. Doctor Who itself HAS to be Del. Who else would come up with a flying police box and a man who wears a STICK OF CELERY?

And Hugs Tiem? Totally Death. :p Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane? is her trying to make a point to magical girls that unkilling people is a BAD idea. :p

Welcome to my weirdness. :p
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This is more or less my reactions from various flailing IMs. It's not the most coherent thing ever. Lots of flail and squee. :p

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Oh. My. God. I predicted DOOOOM from the preview, but not THIS MUCH DOOM.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Lost Boy Part One FLAILING )

Jelly baby?

Nov. 9th, 2007 09:47 pm
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Yeah, I lose at updating. I just keep getting distracted. It seems to happen so easily these days. I have to concentrate so much harder on listening to things these days, which might be part of the problem. I think my hearing is getting worse. I should have mentioned it when I had my physical on Tuesday, but I forgot... oops. :p

Katie, your DVDs are in the mail. Vicki, so is your check.

I have a new icon, because Four is basically tied with Ten for my affections at the moment. Still need a Ten icon. :p And a Sarah Jane icon, because she is also awesome. :p On that note...

Sarah Jane Adventures: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part Two )

Old School Doctor Who: Robot )

And now for something completely different...

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Considering that it costs $1.50 for a cycle on the dryer, would it be so much to ask that it actually get the clothes some SEMBLANCE of dry? And they provide the extra "quarter" trick on the WASHERS, but not the dryers. Don't they know you need the extended cycle to DRY things, not wash them? :p

Also, flying around Christmas SUCKS. A flight from London to Moncton on December 12 is $120. Unfortunately, we're going on December 19th, when it's $358. But of course, driving is kinda NOT an option. If I'm taking that much time off work, I'd rather not spend almost a week in the CAR. :p And taking the train is only about $20 cheaper... and that's if we sit up for the 26 hour trip. :p So expensive plane tickets it is. :p Which I had to overpay my credit card bill in order to be able to buy, because my credit limit SUCKS. :p

Now spoilery tv babble!

Sarah Jane Adventures: Warriors of Kudlak part 2 )

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I officially heart Sarah Jane. She's so CUTE and COOL. It's the little things like calmly going through her options when she finds herself in a medieval castle. Even though she came to the wrong conclusion, she still was reasonable. I also like the fact that she sought out appropriate clothing to blend in instead of running around "naked" like Rose did. :p

I also enjoyed her trying to spark women's lib in the kitchens in the middle ages. :p

I was sad to discover that my download of the latest episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures hadn't downloaded properly. But I have it downloading now, so I should be able to watch it tomorrow. Which is good, because I love Sarah Jane and her supporting cast is also awesome. I want to hug Luke. :p

Also, something I forgot to mention about Thanksgiving. If any of you ever decide to have a Star Wars wedding, please keep in mind that EVERY MALE RELATIVE will want to be Vader. :p

Hmm, I need to make a Sarah Jane icon! ANd a Tenth Doctor icon, for that matter. :p


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