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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

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Meme from [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad!

Comment on this post. I'll choose seven userpics from your profile and you'll reply here, explaining what they mean and why you're using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

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We got quite the sampler of weather today. On my way home from the grocery store, I experienced wind, sunshine, rainbow, downpour and HAIL. And it's only a fifteen-twenty minute walk!

We tried to do our spec lab today, but we didn't get far before realizing we needed Liz's notes and she's in Halifax. Oops. :p

At the party last night we watched Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust. I've seen it before, but I must have been paying attention to something else, because I never noticed the AWESOME SNARKY HAND CREATURE! Totally my favourite character. :p We also finally got the club to watch Live Action Sailor Moon, which was amusing. A lot of people were scared, but some of them were getting the oddly compelling vibe it has. :p

I broke poor Snippy by pointing out that Britney Spears named her baby the same thing she's planning to name her RP character's baby. Am I evil for taking great joy in this? Because it's funny! :p
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I made Sim Saffron yesterday. She's married to Durran Haymer and they have Heinrich the security programmer living with them. I'm trying to get her to have an affair with Heinrich, but he keeps catching her with Durran and getting mad. Sooner or later the fury will pass and she can split up with Durran. :p My sister has begged me to make a millionaire to marry River, so he's going to be Saffron's next husband. Then Mal, of course. Tee hee. :D

At the Animaritime meeting last night, all the heads of various things were explaining to the new staffer what we do. This frequently involved "Wait, you mean I'm in charge of THAT too? Good to know." because we all do FAR too much.

We tried to watch Sailor Moon Live Action, but we weren't in our usual room, so we didn't have the computer we snuck DivX onto before they locked us out of downloadability. :p So we watched Howl's Moving Castle, which was good, as can be expected from a Miyazaki film. We watched S-Cry-ed, which I suppose was good for its genre, but not really my thing. I appreciated it in a vague detached manner. :p Then we watched His and Her Circumstances, which I am QUITE taken with. Okay, OMGLOVE. :p

Backtracking to Friday, there was lots of watching then too. Vicki and I watched episode 15 of Digimon 02 because the subbers finally put it out. Was it filler? Yep. Was it fun anyway? Of course. I love that Digmon's attack is "BIG CRACK!", because that's clearly what the writers were TAKING by the end. :p Then we watched the first two episodes of Welcome to NHK, which was nifty. Then we watched some more Sailor Moon CLassic. They're rather spoilerific episode titles, incidently. Guess what happens in "Naru's Tears! Nephrite Dies for Love!". :p If you guessed "Nephrite is sent to the SPecial Hell"... :p And Kunzite/Zoicite? Wow, their subtext is rapidly becoming TEXT. :p Zoicite also continues to have the most RIDICULOUSLY feminine body language. :p We finally got to Makoto's introduction and the realization that the reason no one can find the Silver Crystal is that it's in seven pieces that need collecting before they can be redeemed for the next advancement in the plot. :p

After that, Sam and I watched some Firefly happy shininess. We finally got to finish "Safe", which we had started to watch before and had to go do something else. I love ickle!River so much, she was ADORABLE. We also watched "Our Mrs. Reynolds" which is just SO much fun. Especially since I get to be all "Just watch, all shall be explained" when Saffron is making people go "What?"

I finished reading my Firefly geek book, which was great geeky fun. Most of the essays were really interesting to read. There were a couple things that were just fun silliness instead of analysis, which is also enjoyable. There was, of course, the essay to fill the requirement that every essay book must have one that demonstrates that if you try hard enough ANYTHING can be the tool of teh eb0l patriarchy. Yes, even the work of Joss Whedon, apparently.

The only essay I really didn't like was one going on about how political correctness was making Firefly untrue to its Western origins by not having an element of chivalry. Not just because I disagree rather adamantly with the essay, but because it showed a lack of knowledge of canon. I don't just mean where the author was clearly missing the POINT of some scenes, which was annoying in and of itself, I mean getting hard FACTS wrong. It talks about Jayne's recruitment scene as being in "Serenity" instead of "Out of Gas". It refers to Zoe as Zoe WARREN. NOw, I'm not sure her last name was used before the movie, but it was NEVER Warren. Finally, they talk about how we don't know if there's a prohibition against violence in Book's religion, but we can assume. Umm... "Doesn't the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killing people?" "Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps." I know this person SAW "War Stories", because they complain about how Wash going on the job and thus saving Zoe from being kidnapped and tortured is shown as a petulant action instead of heroic. (Which is a whole other rant, which I may go into when I don't have to dash out to karate.)

I should note that these two essays are back to back... immediately after one about how if it came to a fight, the guys would totally lose to the women of Serenity. :p

Also, is it bad that my cracktastic Death/Death fic is, at 2785 words, the longest thing I've written in AGES? :p
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Work continues to go well, though the solubilities of my compound are starting to confuse me.

Vicki's back, so we watched the video of one of the musicals her church put on. Then we watched Sailor Moon. Nephrite is TOTALLY joining Mamoru in the Special Hell, incidently. :p

I've also come to a conclusion. There are pairings that squick me more. There are pairings that are more brain breaky. But nothing manages to WEIRD ME OUT quite like Mal/Zoe. :p
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It's been a pretty fun weekend so far. We went to see Superman Returns, which was quite cool. Even if Metropolis is totally populated by the densest people in the world. :p

Yesterday I watched another episode of Doctor Who, which I love oh so very much. WHY is CBC not airing the new stuff until October? Then I watched the commentary for "Shindig" and "War Stories". OMG, audio commentary is so much love!

Vicki and I were going to watch the infamous Holiday Special, but the file refused to open. Maybe the computers were too scared of what it contained? So we watched Sailor Moon instead. Which led to the new icon. :p

I did some more work on my River costume. There's something incredibly amusing about looking at historical recreation websites for tips on making a costume from a SCIENCE FICTION movie. :p

EDIT: Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] nukichan? I'm going to be in Riverview next weekend. :p
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Continuing the cutification of this journal, I finally got around to that custom mood theme. For those of you not up on live action adaptations, it's Luna and Artemis from the Live Action Sailor Moon.

Into the Woods rocked.

Time for sleep. :p
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We watched the "How Haruka and Michiru met" episode of Sailor Moon dubbed, to see how they would do it with the "cousins". The answer was, of course, BADLY.

But the real horror was...

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I got a good start on the research for my Classics paper today. Next time, we check what time the library opens though. There's something vaguely geeky about sitting outside the library 20 minutes before it opens. On the plus side, it meant the book I needed on course reserve HAD to be available. It's an interesting topic, at least. I'm looking at creation myths in different cultures, which is fascinating.

Didn't get Organic done like I wanted to, but I guess you can't have everything. I'll have to force myself to buckle down and do it tomorrow.

I randomly decided to make a Sailor Stars crack [livejournal.com profile] fst. Because I'm silly like that. :p

House Cup started today. Eventually, once Nicky got around to posting the task list. SIlly, silly Nicky. :p
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We finished watching STars today. HIt that point in the plot where we look at each other and said "Yeah, we don't REALLY have homework" :p

Because I can't finish something without a spoilerish babble )

Andre, any ideas for where we could find Classic and R used? I know it's out of print, but there's surely a place it can be tracked down.

Oh, and Lindsay, we need to borrow BIll to change a lightbulb. We can't reach our ceiling light in the kitchen. :p
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My new plan for dealing with Disgusting O'Clock Mass is to get up for it, and if I'm still tired afterwards, take a nap. :p

We had the SACtivities Fair, and I wound up signed up for more clubs than I meant to. Yes, I'm a third year and should know better, but I also know too many people working tables. I meant to sign up for anime, writing society and G&G. Which I did. I also kinda meant to sign up for Chem Society because my friends from the summer had insisted. The chem society gave me a pixie stick. :D Katikabe made me sign up for karate. It should be a fun way to get exercise... if it fits in my schedule. I also signed up for Mount A Christian Fellowship. They seem like a nice bunch, so hopefully I can make it to SOME meetings of that one. Chem society doesn't have regular meetings, so that should help.

The show this year is Oklahoma!, which should be a blast. :D Black Tie is doing Into the Woods. It would be fun to do that one, but with convention, it's just not viable. I do have SOME restraint, see? I can't wait to see it though. :D

The Christian Fellowship had a free BBQ today, which was pretty snazzy.

Vicki and I watched one more episode of Stars, which was great fun. We may actually finish it off this week. We really fly through anime now. Next up is Escaflowne.

And OMG, I actually did a Langler problem set before the next class! Gape in awe, everyone! I even dug out my old notes so I COULD do it. Because he assigns homework as if there was no summer in between. :p Also got all of the analytical assignment done that's based on chapters we covered. I'm actually keeping on top of things!

ANy bets on how long it lasts?
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Went to see Wedding Crashers last night. Like Vicki said, it was amusing, if predictable. Definitely worth two dollars, at any rate.

Today, I had to boyfriendsit for Sammy. Doug and I went for lunch at Pattersons. He bought me a chocolate milkshake to prove that it would still make me hyper. Yeah, he's strange. Then we watched the second Care Bear Movie. Hey, don't look at me, I suggested Moulin Rouge! It was kinda scary that I could still remember the growing up song though. It's a cute song, I'll admit. :p Then, since he had a car, I made him drive me to the grocery store so I could pick up food for this week.

We were being total geeks, and having a birthday party for Ami. We made chocolate cake! Ryan, Sammy and Doug came over for the party. Doug, Ryan and Vicki tried to stop me and Sammy from singing, but we sang anyway. Then we ate the cake. I was a little skeptical when I read the sour cream in the recipe, but it wound up tasting good. You can't REALLY go wrong with chocolate cake. :p We watched Millenium Actress (finally, after like a year and a half of wanting to see it :p) It was a really interesting movie. QUite strange, and there are some things that still aren't clear, but that's kinda what's cool about the whole thing.

When Ryan, Sammy and Doug headed back to campus, Vicki told Sam and Doug to "Go continue your incestuous relationship elsewhere!"

Explanation: Sammy is my "little sis". Doug is my "big brother". When I introduce them as such, it makes their relationship seem really weird. It amuses me. :p

After that we watched more Stars. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that season? It's getting really, REALLY cool. We only have like ten episodes left, which we may try to get through tomorrow. I'm REALLY curious about some of the secrets.

Funny, when we were younger, my sister loved Sailor Moon and I didn't like it. Now that I'm watching it subtitled, I'm the one that loves it, and Gwenna, with only her memories of the horrendous dubs, doesn't like it. :p

Tessie has addicted me to Noob It kills me ded. :p
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Survived the first day of classes. With my one whole class. Dr Briand is very cool, his class should be fun. Class got out really early, but I had to wait for Vicki, so I sat there and started writing a Neville/Luna fic. I realized I couldn't actually write the first scene without HBP to refer to, so I skipped to the second. Inserting little bits of the Insane Ravenclaw Fanon as articles in the Quibbler is FUN.

We watched a bit more Stars, which is great fun. I love jealous!Haruka, I really do. They were doing the "Cousin THIS!" thing again. :p

We're trying to see how many languages we can get the Sailor Moon opening in. So far we have Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish and SWEDISH. The French theme amuses me to no end "Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon!" The German theme is pretty funky. Spanish, Swedish and ENglish do the "Same tune, NEW LYRICS!" thing.

Yeah, this is dorky, I know.

Four classes tomorrow. Fun. :p
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Star gentle uterus!

Aka I was watching Sailor Stars again. It's like they stopped trying to make the attacks make sense and just threw a bunch of English together. Maybe this is the wandering uterus that explains MPreg!

Ami is so cute. She's all *fangirls* *blushes* "But I don't really know much about it." Liar. :p

I wish if they were going to change the theme on us, they would consistently give us the romaji line so we can still sing along. Because it's a cool theme and I want to sing along!


Crazy dinner night was great fun, though the oven ready lasagna noodles were unsuccessful. We had enough leftovers to not have to cook today, which is exciting. Of course, there's crazy dishes that need to be done now. :p I lost pretty thoroughly at Munchkin, but it was fun. I was a cleric and then got hit with a necrophobia curse. That made being a cleric rather pointless. Also, it's NOT the same thing as the necrophilia curse, which does not exist. Though it would be funny. :p
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We watched the Sailor Moon Special Act last night. It was cute and HAPPY! Jadeite is such a little twit, it was endlessly amusing. We also watched the Making Of special, which was fun. It really drove home that the girls playing the Senshi grew up watching Sailor Moon. Though I'm not sure what I'd say if I asked my friends which character I should audition for and they all said "Usagi! Usagi!"

We also played The Sims 2. We moved Himeno into her own house (actually, back into the drunken novelist hovel, but whatever :p) Sent her downtown to buy clothes, and who should wander onto the lot but Hayate? Himeno ran to see him, so we just went "Okay then. Time for you to flirt." Seeing as their relationship was 98/98, this worked. As did kissing. So home she went, to invite him over. And propose. Yay whirlwind courtship! Then it was time to throw a wedding party, inviting Kaoru and Yayoi while deliberately NOT inviting Sasame, since he and Hayate were still in love. The party was nicely underway when a message popped up about neighbors coming to welcome Himeno to the neighborhood.

Including Sasame. :p

Fortunately, HImeno sent him home before anyone caught anyone else having romantic interactions, and the wedding went off smoothly. :p
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Vicki. Has. Too. Much. Stuff.

Can't wait to get a hold of Bill, King of Men so we can get Vicki's internet hooked up. And I can use her scanner for iconing purposes. :p

We watched some more Live Action Sailor Moon. I'd forgotten how much I ADORE that series. We can still sing the themesong and do Usagi's transformation moves. We are dorks. We're rusty on Rei's moves though. :p
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The Meme - WITHOUT LOOKING PAST THIS FIRST LIST, choose 12 characters from fandoms you know and love.

1. Duo Maxwell
2. Marietta Edgecombe
3. Wes Janson
4. Kei
5. Peeves
6. Sasame
7. Luna Lovegood
8. Ami
9. Leia Organa Solo
10. Neville Longbottom
11. Eowyn
12. Quatre Rabarba Winner

Now answer the following questions about these characters.

On to the inevitable WTFness! )


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