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Gwenna: "It occurred to me as I went downstairs using my sonic screwdriver as a flashlight to put a Tribble in the Christmas tree that I am a bit of a nerd."

Merry Christmas all.
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Today's "this isn't what happens in normal families" incident...

"She can't be Squid! I'M SQUID!"

I'd rather be Squid. My marine life related nickname is Shrimp.
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Okay, so Steam had the first three Virtual Villagers games on for $2.50 each, so I figured I'd give them a try. So I'm playing the first game and one of my starting villagers HATES WORK. Like, that's his trait. I have nicknamed him Senor Dumbass on account of how often I have to put put him back on task. (Why Senor? Felt like it.) So anyway...


Me: Okay, Senor Dumbass, you are allowed to eat, you are allowed to drink and you are allowed to research. THAT IS IT.
Ryan: So he's a grad student?

Yep. Sounds right.
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Me: No, I'm going to wear a pair of black pumps :p
Jello: pumps are.... little things with heels?
Jello: right?
Me: yeah
Jello: YAY
Me: The heel on mine is low enough that I can dance in them
Jello: I wouldn't know anything about that.
Jello: girls and their heeliocentric universe.

Terrible and yet WONDERFUL.
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Mom: Have you read the Cassandra Clare books?
Me: Oh GOD Cassandra Clare. She has... quite the reputation in the Harry Potter fandom.
Mom: I've heard.
Me: *condensed version of the saga*
Mom: Okay, someone said it was a wank fest and I wasn't sure it was something that I should put in my library even if the kids love it...
Me: *dying laughing* WANK MEANS INTERNET DRAMA!

I must admit I... never thought I was going to have to explain wank to my mother.



Oct. 10th, 2011 11:23 pm
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Poor Ryan. His back hurts. But from his pain, comes great amusement.


Ryan: I feel like I'm turning into a LIEFELD DRAWING!
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Me: Why does he have a penis on his head?
Ryan: It's a Japanese only game. Don't ask questions.

He... has a point.
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Ryan: I want this song. *plugs in MP3 player*
Me: Okay. Do you want "Geek Like Me" while I'm at it?
Ryan: I have it.
Me: You do? Where did you get it?
Ryan: From you!
Me: That's impossible, I only got it recently.
Ryan: I'm sure you gave it to me.
Me: No, I gave you "Geeks In Love", there's a difference.

Yes. I have multiple geek love songs. Is anyone actually surprised?
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Me: You have a head.
Ryan: Yes, it's standard issue on all humans.
Me: Not on the Headless Monks! I guess that's an after market modification though.
Ryan: Yes, that is in illegal mod and if we catch it on Xbox Live we will excommunicate it.
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Gwenna *playing with a pair of Eleventh Doctor action figures, making them hug*
Kelcie: One of them is slipping awfully low.
Gwenna: Well now that you mention it...
Ryan: You realize that's just masturbation, right?
Gwenna: No, it's Doctorbataion. I don't have a Master action figure.

I wonder what normal families talk about...
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Me: *singing along to the German recording of Rent* Amerika! And then some German lyriiiiiiics Amerika... du bist was du hast!
Ryan: *bouncing my head from side to side in time with the music* Our kids are going to think we're so weird.
Me: All kids think their parents are weird.
Ryan: Ours will have a reason to.
Me: Ours will be right
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Ryan: If I have a dream where I'm being chased by a forklift I blame yooooooooou, internet!


Sep. 29th, 2010 12:11 am
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Me: The wedding was on a beach, so I needed a hat :p
Kirana: or, you would be Lobster Freddie
Me: Or I would be sick witha migraine Freddie
Kirana: Lobster Migraine Freddie
Kirana: the most feared monster of the east coast!!!
Kirana: I now see you as a mix of Godzilla and Frankenstein's Monster
Kirana: you're really tall
Me: ... no one's ever said THAT before :P
Kirana: which part?
Me: really tall :p
Kirana: oh
Kirana: well, I figure that would be 1/3 50 ft tall Godzilla, 1/3 7 ft tall Frankenstein Monster and 1/3 short Freddie
Kirana: so you should average out at like... 20 feet?
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Me (Listening to a strange version of Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar): He's putting the emphasis in really random places.
Ryan: He's from the Frank Miller school of musical theatre!
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Ryan: "Haven't the shows I've been watching taught you anything? Feet are dangerous, they make things explode!"
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Me: You know who I really can't picture as Face? :p
Me: (Loran)
Tess: who?
Me: Robert Downey Junior :p
Tess: LOL
Tess: John Barrowman and his generic attractiveness would work well here, I think
Me: Yeah
Me: Face is supposed to be a prettyboy
Me: JOhn Barrowman? Is a prettyboy :p
Tess: also, his hammy acting style would totally work
Me: LMAO, that too
Tess: I was just joknig about his generic head but now I can see it :-p
Me: Also, I just realized I didn't actually SAY that John Barrowman was the first person I thought of who worked :p
Tess: LOL!!!
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Tess: stupid dragon!
Tess: whatever, I don't even have pants and I'm totally going to pwn you. eventually. after you burn me some more with fire.

Where WOULD we be without videogames?

Speaking of which, Ryan and I finally made it to 2008 and bought an Xbox 360. Along with Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect 1 and Bioshock. So far I've had a chance to play some FFXIII. I'm pretty sure even I'll be unable to get lost in this game! Except for the part where I sometimes can't find staircase. Why do they never oppress people in well lit cities? It would make heroing about so much easier.

Also, I think I may have set a new record for shortest time between declaring I like a character and the character dying. :p
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Vicki: "At least it wasn't the one with a comma. I always try to use the it's with a comma when I shouldn't."
Me: "You mean the apostrophe?"
Vicki: "You know what I mean! The comma like one that's way up high!"


Vicki: "FUCK! I don't want to be quote of the day!"


Vicki: "Can you say I was drunk?"


Vicki: "I'm not saying anything else anymore."
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Tess: There's nothing sexy about an iguana

Trufa'ax. :p
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Tess: you know that I will always say yes to crack!
Tess: ... that came out weird

One day Tess will learn to think before she types. It will be a very sad day.


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