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I handed out more resumes today. I have an interview tomorrow for a part time position at a quilt store. It would be part time, but currently I'm working with NO time, so...

When my sister and I dropped off resumes at Walmart (renting my soul? If they'll have me :p), we got asked if we'd had our sixteenth birthdays yet. I'm 22 and she's 19. :p I'll be glad of this in a few years time, I know. :p

I also got my hair cut today. Pictures... when I find my battery charger. The point is, it's now MUCh shorter and a million times more manageable. And no longer attacks poor Ryan. :p

The big discovery of the day was that even if Topaz is making "I wanna come inside now!" faces at the door, she changes her mind REALLY fast if you say "Go get your ball!" :p

Oh, and I played Sims today. Sim Saffron is now pregnant with Monty's child in part of an elaborate plot to make Sim Mal's house less boring to play. Also, when I played Zoe and Wash's house yesterday, Zoe rolled another "have a baby" want. I could not BELIEVE it. MOstly because they already HAVE a ridiculous number of children. :p
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Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 icons, for you to explain.

[livejournal.com profile] sunshine_queen asked:


This one is probably obvious to about half my flist. The half that doesn't know the Gundam Wing fandom, on the other hand, is probably most confused. Most of the male characters (and some of the females) have a name that corresponds to a number. Two is my favourite character, Duo. H is Hilde, a woman he spends several episodes with and appears to be living with at one point. I think they would be cute together. This is a very lonely pairing to ship, incidently, because the fandom is rather dominated by 1x2. I don't particularly like Heero. It kinda sucks to be a Duo fan when you just don't feel 1x2. :p

Ewoks eating timbits

Well, I like Ewoks. I like Timbits. (Donut holes from Tim Hortons :p) This phrase actually originated as the silly option on a poll by AT_ST_DRIVER in Atlantic Canada General over at the JC. Back when the JC was cool and ACG was a blast. :p

Marion Zimmer Bradley

I'd honestly forgotten I still had her listed as an interest. :p I used to be a big Darkover fan when I was younger. I tried to read The Mists of Avalon this year though, and I came to the conclusion that I probably would have enjoyed it in high school, but now all I could notice was that she was trying too hard to Make Her Point. (Though Vicki tells me the book does get better when they actually get into the Arthurian myth instead of the setup)


This is one of my family's cats. His name is Wes, because he was the little troublemaker who was always trying to get out of the basket when he was a kitten. He likes to live up to his name, hence "Delicious chaos". :p

Oh, Han/Leia, how I love you so. The text is from "The More You Ruv Someone" from Avenue Q, which is totally Han and Leia's song. It opens with "The more you love someone, the more you want to kill them." The verse the text actually comes from is "And when you find someone you wanting most to kill him. You go and find him. ANd you get him. And you no kill him. 'Cause chance is good he is your love."

[livejournal.com profile] obaona made this for me in one of those memes where they make an icon based on your interests. The phrase "procrastinatable" is, like many things, a joke between me and Tess. Tess was offering to send me some sort of shiny thing when I was busy with school, and I said "Ooh! More procrastinatables!" Procrastinatables are thus any shiny thing used to procrastinate because they're more fun. :p
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Sometimes I really wonder why we bother with cat toys. This morning, Elphaba was playing with a POTATO. :p

Japanese went decently. I remembered all the WORDS, but I blanked on the kanji. I remembered all the location kanji except front and back. Guess which ones she asked for. :p I'm also pretty sure I made up half of the kanji for read and study. I could remember the left hand side of both those characters, but the right hand side was a little less clear. :p

One exam and a paper to go!
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Brr, cold. DEFINITELY should have been wearing my winter coat this morning. Who went and made it WINTER? :p I think Elphie was the only one of us who was warm on the walk this morning. But she was going to the vet, so she doesn't exactly get happy times either. :p

I've been binning my custom hair for the Sims and developing a hierarchy of hate for custom hair makers. I dislike people who don't assign their hair to the colour bins, leaving me to do it myself (and if I can do it, it's not that hard), but not nearly as much as people who start their filenames with random gibberish so the recolors don't all end up next to each other in the folder. But my hatred for them pales in comparison to my hatred for people who DON'T PUT THE COLOUR IN THE FILENAME. :p

Also, for the record? Purple is not red. ANd red hair is not usually FIRETRUCK ride. :p Oh, and wavy != curly. :p Wavy hair may have a habit of waking up in the morning and deciding it wants to be curly today, but that doesn't mean they're the same thing. :p

Poor Sunny has started watching Firefly and suddenly understands all the hate for Tess. :p
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Almost didn't make it to church this morning. I woke up feeling vaguely migrainey, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. It wound up working out fine, at any rate. :p

Katikabe hurt us at karate today. Natasha decided we should stretch the whole time, since Sensei wasn't there. OH THE PAIN! Also, I swear I'm physically incapable of side situps. I just wound up flailing around like a fish. :p

Afterwards, I played Sims while marking and doing Japanese homework. Elphaba kept trying to help me mark, but she doesn't know much about chemistry. She also tried to gnaw on one of the books. Wouldn't that have been special? "Sorry, my cat ate your homework." :P We're on numbers in Japanese right now, which is less than fun. I'm so bad at numbers in EVERY language. For the record, this includes English. I used to have to pull customers ahead in drive thru while I tried to remember what those numbers were called. I understand the concept of numbers fine, if they handed me money, I knew how much change I owed them, but the names of numbers are elusive to me. This led to the fun time in German of reading 404 as "vier hundert und... quatre?"

Yes, that's right, when I'm really stuck I default to French. :p I'm going to blame... knowing that it's not the English word? Or possibly, in the case of numbers, the fact that I took math in French all through elementary school. :p

And yes, I realize you're sitting through this school stuff in hopes of hearing about the adventures of the Firefly Sims I was playing with while doing all this stuff. Well, Saffron has left Mal. They're living in different houses, though the game still lists them as married, but I'll figure out something to do about that. Maybe she can catch him with INara or something. River is now engaged to Bob so my sister will stop ASKING about that. :p And there are more Tam babies. I was feeling silly, so Simon got abducted by aliens and impregnated immediately after getting Kaylee pregnant. Having two pregnant Sims and a toddler is not a good combination, incidently. River got put to work a lot. :p Simon finally made surgeon, so he gets to go into crime once he has the baby. Then he can pursue his lifelong goal of being a criminal mastermind! Currently, I'm reloading the game until he has a girl, because he already has two boys with Kaylee and I want them to have a GIRL now. :p Especially since boys' names are less fun to come up with (Amos and Timothy) and I have a girl's name already picked out (Marigold). :p

Oh, and I'm currently writing up Sparknotes on the great flamewar between Bohr and Einstein. I love academia. :p
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I get to be a Winkie in Wizard of Oz. :D For those of you who don't know, those are the "Oh ee yo" guards at the Witch's castle. I get to sing the Oh Ee Yo song! And the reprise of "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead". :D Which is exciting, since the first act of the show is not so much with the chorus if you're over 5'3". There's a couple other chorus things in there, but it's mostly just Munchkins, so I'm currently not in that act at ALL. Guess I'll get a lot of homework done, eh? :p

Yesterday morning it was abundantly clear that my brain doesn't entirely function first thing in the morning. I was making breakfast when the door suddenly opened. My sleep addled thought process went roughly "Okay, Vicki is upstairs and Sam is in class... are our football players drunk and walking into the wrong half of the house?" It was actually Sam's boyfriend Doug, who I knew was coming that day, I just didn't know he was taking the morning bus. Also, I had assumed he was going to, y'know, KNOCK. :p I clued in fairly quickly, well before he demanded his hug. (Doug and I have been friends since high school :p)

Yesterday's unfortunate discovery was that Elphaba REALLY hates the fan on Sam's computer. I was talking to Doug while he played WoW, and holding the kitten. Unfortunately, the fan came on because Sam's computer can't ACTUALLY handle the game well, and Elphie went absolutely BESERK. So now I have a lovely collection of scars on the hand that I was holding her in. :P

Oh, and the obligatory Sims report. Sim Saffron is now married to Bob Sloane. So obviously she is now working on Mal. This is going to do unfortunate things to Mal's friendship with Bob, but such is life. :p The "No autonomous toasting at weddings" hack I installed makes weddings go MUCH more smoothly. The guests don't spend so much time drinking that they forget to go to the WASHROOM anymore. :P

Right now I'm in the Cragg reading about one of the wankiest current topics in chemistry. Multiple bonds between heavy main group elements. It has people using phrases like "clearly misunderstanding the chemistry" and taking potshots at other papers. Oh academia, you are so amusing. :p

Heh, my mother emailed me and asked me what we have against St. FX. First we beat them at football and now they have our plague. I thought it was obvious what we have against them: They keep beating us in the Maclean's rankings! :p
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Yep, bored in the Cragg. I'm reading a paper that's a potential for my Spectroscopy project and killing time before our Spec lab. It's the second part of a two part lab, and we got most of it done last week, so hopefully we'll finish it fairly quickly so I can get home and see what Elphaba got into while left to her own devices. :p Grey's night is at our house this week, so I'm going to make cookies. And then probably play Sims. :p

High school meme from Mi and Atty )
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Kitten! Vicki's kitten, Elphaba, got here today. She is the cutest little ball of grey fluff! Also, it's really hard to use a digital camera that doesn't have a working LCD screen. It took like five tries to get the memory card formatted so we could actually have kitten pictures. Which will be posted eventually, or you can just look on Vicki's journal. :p

I played Firefly Sims today. Sim Saffron has broken up with Sim Durran because she cheated on him with Sim Heinrich. ANd now Heinrich is dead. After leaving Bollerephon, they moved to the aptly named "Random Place to Kill Heinrich" which had a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and BURNING ROOM. Heinrich burned to death while Saffron practiced romance. :p And then she cried softly, didn't plead with the reaper and went to change into her "Going to marry a millionaire" outfit, because I promised my sister River could have a millionaire and then I decided he would be one of Saffron's exes. :p

I got called Samantha for the sixth Japanese class in a row today. :p

I started reading Bloodlines today. I'm forty pages in and I've already wanted to throw the book at the wall twice. Once because of Jacen and once because, well, I don't like Boba Fett. :p

Also, [livejournal.com profile] inthatcantina is so much awesome crack. Even if it's kinda weird playing an Ewok during ANH. ;p
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I've decided that the worst part of marking is when I have no choice but to give a REALLY bad mark. I still did it, but I felt bad about it. :p

At karate today, I realized I don't remember the section of the second kata that I hate. Other than that I hate that section. I'm slowly grasping the third one though. Katikabe decided it would be fun for all of us to learn the purple belt kata too. :p

So yeah, this is mostly a GIP. It wasn't right that I had an icon of Legolas but not one of Wes. I'm just sad that I couldn't find the picture of Wes with a curtain on his head. I could have sworn I had one. :p
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My wallet was turned in to Student Life! I don't know if the rest of my purse is with it, but at least now I'm saved trying to replace SOME of that stuff. Some monetary savings because I now don't have to pay the replacement fee on my student ID.

Also, Wes is RIDICULOUSLY affectionate right now. He's sitting on the chair with me, headbutting and rubbing against me. Clearly it's because I'm paying attention to the computer instead of him. :p
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I just got pwned at soccer by the puppy. That's more than a little sad. :p
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Well, let's see... the graduation was long and hot. There were eight kids with 95%+ GPAs. When I graduated, no one had EVER gotten that high. Oddly though, there wasn't a whole lot of scholarship money for them. Though some of them were going to Queen's. :p There were some really obnoxious guys who kept screaming and I was ready to hurt. :p The speaker was someone from MY graduating class, which was really surprising.

All through the ceremony, there was this recurring theme of trying to encourage the kids to stay in Riverview, stay in New Brunswick. No one seemed willing to acknowledge that a fair number of these kids are intending to go into science, and there JUST ISN'T WORK for them here. I had a long "discussion" with my mother about this. She thinks that they want people to start up work for them. But you can't just START UP a chemical company, it takes billions! I'm not in a field where entrepeneuring is FEASIBLE. She got really annoyed when I added that I didn't want my kids to have to go through the NB education system. Even though the only selling point she could come up with was French Immersion, which is what people are constantly trying to destroy! Amusingly, my grandmother was siding with me and my sister on the whole idea that one size fits all education and social promotion are a BAD IDEA. :p

Yesterday Gwenna and I hit the mall. I picked up a pair of sandals, because the one I have right now doesn't fit properly and do horrible things to my poor toes. I picked up the new Arrogant Worms CD for my father, which is a highly amusing bit of music. It has Canadaman. :p I bought a really cool shirt, because it was funky and only ten dollars. I finally picked up Betrayal, which is much Allstony goodness. :D And I bought the fabric for my River costume, which is terribly exciting. The overdress is getting made out of drapery fabric, because it was the most affordable sheer fabric in the colour I need. We ran into Doug on the bus ride back, which was great fun. He and Sammy are coming over tomorrow, yay!

After supper, I went over to Shannon's and introduced her to Firefly. She is very much addicted now, to the point of us losing track of time. :p

My sister tried to wake me up with the puppy this morning, but Topaz is too well trained not to go into bedrooms. :p

[livejournal.com profile] nukichan is evil and made me pick up the phone. I'm going over to her house this afternoon, so yay.
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There is a cat on my keyboard tray. This is making computer use somewhat difficult.

(Guess which cat :p)


Had a ton of fun with Kate yesterday. Got to see the cute puppy, who is cute, though a jumper. :p We watched Rent. She cried, even though she actually KNEW what the "Remember, Tess ships them" warning meant. :p Then she heard La Vie Sloshed Stu and was HIGHLY entertained. :p

Vicki, I now have Sammy's rent cheques. :p
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I'm not sure what Wes is up to. He's walking around my feet meowing and purring. He's also periodically poking at things. All I'm sure about is that he is CLEARLY up to no good. :p

Though I suppose he could just be enjoying the fact that the dog is outside. :p

I actually watched American Idol the other day. Can I just say that Kelly HURT me? The things she did to Unchained Melody! She twanged. On the HIGH NOTE. You know what happens when you twang the high note? It comes out SHARP. Oh, the PAIN! I'm just glad she got booted and they didn't have time for her to sing again. Oh, and Andreas Bocelli singing made it all worthwhile. :p

EDIT: NOw he's headbutting me. :p
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Please note that if you are doing the first option (paper or book chapter)
your report should be well written and maximum 10 single-spaced pages. The
font should be 12 with one of the common fonts. I would like you to write it
with your own words to show your reflection on the paper and the area of

I think I'm going to go cry now. I hate Kinetics. SO MUCH. Well written is a reasonable request. But 10 single spaced pages? THE HELL? I mean, that's the max, but it's a KRIFFING LOT.

EDIT: Heh, my kittens have three confirmed kills at [livejournal.com profile] kittenbreak as substitute kitty :p
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Spammers. All of you. I was only gone for three days, how did I get back 320 entries without catching up? Yes, I eventually gave up. :p

I had a fun time at home. The puppy behaved herself fairly well, for a change, though Legolas has taught her how to open the gate into the kitchen. I'm still not sure how HE figured it out, he's the STUPID cat!

My Sandman made the rounds again. BJ has proclaimed Desire "weird". Gwenna's partway through volume six, which means she's one shy of the SOUL EATING volume. Shannon flipped through a bunch of them admiring teh pretty. Because there is indeed much pretty. Oh, and Wes seems to quite like Sandman. :p He also thinks there should have been some Wes in The Swarm War, and tried to physically make it so. :p

I finally FINISHED The Swarm War. My ship is being frustrating... and Tess doesn't even SHIP them! They shouldn't be causing me this much trouble! :p

I saw The Corpse Bride, which was very fun. Death is fun, even! :p Maybe I'm slightly morbid, that I keep finding so many places to apply that. :p

My big discovery this weekend: Cutting fabric is a PAIN when you have cats. I was trying to lay out the fabric for my Fire Pretear cape, and both cats kept deciding it was a toy. :p

Oh, and I finally saw Princess Mononoke, which was very snazzy. :D

Yeah, my entries jump around a lot when I don't update for a few days, I know. :p
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Well, I eventually got the cheques. Didn't see Kate, but at least now we have the rent for the last months that she's on the lease. And then Sammy takes over and I breathe easier.

Langler says that I can have permission to take Organic IV, but it would be a bad idea. But, since not taking it really isn't an option, I've agreed to go in for help more often. Which I should have been doing anyway, becuase DAMN his classes are hard.

I'm back in Sackville now. We have no hot water. Which is going to be FUN when I get up for my 8:30 tomorrow morning. Our water heater broke over the break and the basement is flooded. The zombies are not happy. :p

And now, because my camera is shiny, picture spam! The zombie basement, the geeky Christmas tree, the cats and the dog. :p

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Home. Already missing Firefox. :p

I'm allergic to something Topaz tracks in on her fur. This is NOT going to be a fun vacation if this persists.

I may have work this week. The daycare down the street is shorthanded, so I get to go save a life. :p Yes. A daycare the week before Christmas. THIS will be interesting.

Last night I went to a Christmas party. Kiara is so BIG now. Of course, that makes sense since I saw her when she was a week old and now she's eight months. :p She was so cute and scooting along with the furniture. She stole my glasses, which Daddy insists is some sort of karma. She also likes necklaces. :p This year we actually had words for the Christmas carols so we could sing more than one verse of things. :p

Yeah, this post is incoherent. Blame the stupid allergies. STupid allergies GAH.


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