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My mom was in town this weekend, which was a lot of fun. We went down to the Stratford Festival to see Camelot. It was a fantastic performance. All the actors were absolutely amazing, the actress who played Guenevere was so bang on amazing. I really liked Arthur too. Brilliant show.

And there was a live falcon on stage, which was super cool.

And yes, we really do try to imitate the cool London. The river that runs through Stratford? Yeah, it's... the Avon. :p

And then after Mom left, Ryan and I watched Torchwood. :p

Spoilers for episode 2 of Torchwood Miracle Day )
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Star Wars Musical.

Yeah, a different one. This one uses existing music. Lots of Les Miserables.


HAN SOLO SINGS GREASED LIGHTNING. What more can you ask for?

I have been bouncing and giggling all evening.
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Because I sure couldn't remember last night. I eventually decided that it was like Barry Manilow wrote the episode. Or in other words, the entire second half didn't make sense. (This comparison of course only makes sense if you're familiar with the Copacabana musical...)

ETA: This Pilate is awesome.
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Me (Listening to a strange version of Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar): He's putting the emphasis in really random places.
Ryan: He's from the Frank Miller school of musical theatre!
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Good weekend in Toronto, even if Vicki was unfortuanately working most of it. We had fun on Friday night though! We were left to our own devices on Saturday, so we went shopping. The TTC Daypass is brilliant. On Saturday or Sunday Ryan and I can both travel on one, which costs the same as four tokens. So we can travel as much as we want for what we'd pay for one round trip.

We went to Indigo, where I managed to find The Western Wizard by Mickey Zucker Reichert. I was surprised, since I was sure that entire trilogy was out of print. I'd been looking off and on for the first book for roughly ten years before finding it second hand. I also got the second Song of Ice and Fire book and Neil Gaiman's Batman comic. ALl in all, a good time! Made even better by discovering that the mystery gift card in my purse was actually for $50.

We were in Best Buy when a voice behind us declared that we weren't supposed to be in there. It turned out to be [livejournal.com profile] 2raggedclaws. I only know... five people in Toronto, not counting family in Markham. What are the odds? We then wandered down to the little anime store and generally got all sorts of good exercise in.

Then of course we went to see Legally Blonde, since that was the whole point of the excercise. A really fun show. I was impressed to discover that all the dogs used were from various humane societies. Also, the lyrics for "Ireland" had changed. Still all sorts of fun.

This morning was less than awesome when we discovered that we were boxed in by someone who was illegally parked. Not a good time. We did eventually get out and get home.

Right in time for me to discover I'd left my keys, bus pass and flash drive at Vicki's. Because I'm awesome.
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So, the talk went pretty decently, I think. I got a few good questions, including one I had to ask the guy to take me through slowly afterwards (on the computational stuff).

But man, the guy before me thought he had a 40 minute talk when he actually had a 20 minute talk. I was kinda freaking out at that point because Kim's talk was pretty soon after mine in a different room and I was worried she wasn't going to be able to stay for my whole talk. She did manage it though. My talk was standing room only! Which... probably had more to do with the room being too small than anything else.

After the conference that day a bunch of us went to Vicki's to play the BSG game. Chris brought the Pegasus expansion and OMG it was EPIC. The humans won... but just barely. So many resources were at one or two. If the final crisis card had activated the Raiders, the civilian ships would have gone SQUISH. It... basically felt like the New Caprica rescue. :p

Also, we had apparently been playing Cylon attack cards wrong all this time. Which might explain why the humans always lost. :p

Other fun things at the conference: I ran into a friend from high school. I hadn't even realized she was in chemistry, so that was awesome.

Oh, and Steve (my supervisor from undergrad) was actually there this year. It took me days to actually track him down, but I did eventually get to talk to him.

After the conference (well, actually, I blew off the last afternoon) I met up with my mom and we went to see Mamma Mia. It was definitely more fun seeing it with her than seeing the movie with Ryan, since Ryan doesn't like ABBA. Also, the stage show is better because the male leads can actually sing and dance. :p It was lots of fun.

After the show Mom took me for supper and then gave me cab fare because it was pouring rain. Except it took me forever to actually get a cab. But I did eventually make it to the train station!

So yeah, we were an hour late even getting on the train. I was going to email Ryan from the train, except not only was the wifi not working... the power outlets weren't working. I'd never seen that happen before. Though I ran into one of the guys from the department at the station, so at least I was sitting with him and had someone to talk to (otherwise I did have a book...)

We also got stuck for like half an hour in Brantford when the brakes got stuck on one of the cars. Oddly, even though I've been on trains with much worse delays, this was probably one of the more annoying ones. I think it's because it was supposed to be such a quick and easy trip without even having to change trains, so when it took twice as long as it should have it was really annoying.

Poor Ryan though. He was at the station to pick me up at 9:30 when my train was supposed to get in and he had to wait until 11:30. And he had to work at six this morning. It was most unfortunate.

But, I'm back!
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Allow me to set the scene. Kara Thrace has just run off to marry Sam Anders. Lee Adama responds in the way only he could.

Which is, of course, by singing "Many a New Day". And being even less convincing that Laurie. :p



Picture, if you will, Helo singing about how "Oh the humans and the cylons should be frieeeeeeeeends! Oh the humans and the cylons should be frieeeeeeeends!"

You know he would.

Also, I got my travel money today! My bank account is a happy Ewok. :p
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QotD (the day being last night...)

[livejournal.com profile] 2raggedclaws, on what Raptors are good for: "Did he take a viper? No, he took the MINIVAN OF THE SKY!"

We instituted a bunch of house rules for the BSG board games, resulting in, for the first time, the humans NOT all dying! It was awesome. We decided we can send Raptors to try to find more resources and roll for what they get. Every time they did this, morale increased, so we decided they found a lot of weed. A 7-8 means... well, those long Raptor rides can get boring. ;)

The ability to to nuke a sector and take out all the raptors in it is also useful. And the President now gets the key to the airlock. But if the President airlocks a non-Cylon, they lose their title, get sent to the brig and the Admiral withholds sex. And yes, that last part is actually written in our house rules list. :p

We also gave Bill and Saul the ability to fly if they hand the Admiral title over to someone else until the turn after they return. If Saul is not Admiral, he also has to pass a breathalyzer roll. Hey, it says right on his card that he's an alcoholic.

But yes, the general point here is not all the humans dying!

Oh, and Fiddler on the Roof was amazing. I love that show oh so very much. Also, Tevye is such a woobie. Not quite Papadama level of wobbietude, but really, who is? :p "Do You Love Me?" is such an absurdly adorable song.
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The Sound of Music was BLOODY FANTASTIC. It turns out that there was a communications mixup and we WERE seeing Janna as Maria. Oh she was BRILLIANT. And the kids are adorable. :p It was also quite fun seeing the differences from the movie. Like the fact that Max and the Baroness have two songs. Which I got a kick out of. There's also some interesting song moves.

But MAN, Naziing up the theatre for the festival scene was CREEPY. There were banners overhead, including a creepy eagle on the ceiling. Creepy!

Oh god, so tired, maybe I can finish this assignment tomorrow before TAing. I just have to type up my notes...
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Watched Repo! today. It was great. Though how did I not notice in all my time listening to the soundtrack that Nathan is, uh, GILES?

I also tried to watch Razor. Yeah. Tried. The DVD kept skipping and the stopped playing altogether. So Amazon's sending me a new set. :p

I, uh, also may have bought season 3. Evil DVDs being in stores and not made of gold and diamonds. At least this way if any disc is a dud it's easier to get fixed. :p

And now I'm playing the awkwardest thread EVER in Glacxin. Poor Bill. The last thing he needed after getting thrown in prison was to walk into the dining hall and see his son naked in a glass box. :p

Oh, I also bought a new MP3 player. Mostly because I wanted one with a built in battery, since the one I have runs on AAAs and eats them for breakfast. It is shiny and I am filling it. :p
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Also, my decongestant is SO fired. What does it think it's doing, kicking out in the middle of my TA session? FIRED! :p

Oh, and Sim pic spam time!

You know you love the sims! )
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"The Doctor's Daughter" is just as delightful the second time around. I adore Jenny. Then again, it's hard not to. :p

The Torchwood finale is slightly less traumatizing. Slightly. I still hate Tess for it though. :p D*MN YOU TESS!

Also, musical madlibs are BRILLIANT. Absolutely brilliant.
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So Spamalot? Is kinda made of awesome. :p Not that this is really surprising. :p

I loved all the little references to other show, just moves and set pieces. They were fun to spot. And of course, "how many Python sketches can we reference?". :p

The choreography was a total blast too. I love how all the main knights have their distinct dance style. Well, Robin's is "getting it RIGHT", but the others. :p Lancelot was always a hoot to watch.

Speaking of Lancelot, "HIs Name is Lancelot" is even more amazing than I ever imagined. SO AWESOME. Why didn't he wear that costume for curtain call? And "Knights of the Round Table" was spectacular. And... "You Won't Succeed on Broadway" OH MY GOD, "You Won't Succeed on Broadway".

The Lady of the Lake is so fun. "I thought you were a fairy." "No, that would be Lacelot." And being Guinavere. And Lancelot's "OH SHIT!" I, umm, don't think Arthur has to worry this time. :p

And you have to love ending with a singalong. :p

Also, I totally bought a "I am not dead yet" t-shirt. :p
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Okay, so Avenue Q? Is made of pure unadulterated WIN. So many laughs not on the soundtracks. So many things that are infinitely funnier with context. Christmas Eve, much as expected, is a total show stealer. Not surprising, she DOES get all the best lines. The actress playing Gary Coleman was also BRILLIANT. And of course, puppets ftw. :p

Marineland was also a blast. Cute little baby whales! Though, for the record, the unpadded middle seat for two hours kinda sucks. We also stopped by to see Niagara Falls which was pretty spectacular.

Traffic on the way back to London was inexplicably awful though. It took us half an hour to go 20 km on the HIGHWAY. For no apparent reason. There was an accident at one point... on the other side of the divided highway, so that shouldn't have affected the flow of traffic on the other side. Bizarre. And a little annoying. :p
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It rained BUCKETS last night. This led to the discovery that ALL the water runs toward our corner of the building. So yeah, we had water leaking into the living room. We got people in with a steam cleaner and they cut out a section of the underpadding (EW, so much dirt got washed in too), so now we're just waiting for things to dry. :p

Some of you may be familiar with my vaguely obsessive quest for the version of Jesus Christ Superstar I listened to growing up. Most musicals I don't mind different casts, but for some reason this one is so ingrained that it HAS to be the one I listened to as a child. All the other recordings seem to either have a bad Judas or a bad Pilate or a bad Herod (And yes, his one song TOTALLY matters) or in one case a bad JESUS. The OBC sounds like DUCKS. :p I have a really good Spanish recording, but I rather want the right English one. :p I'm pretty sure that the one I'm trying to find is the concept album, at this point. Which I can't find ANYWHERE. But the Original London Cast sounds close! It's the best one yet!

Also, Tanz der Vampire is made of win. What's NOT to love about a German musical about vampires that borrows music from... "Total Eclipse of the Heart" :p
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The Bleach musical? Is kinda awesome. Somehow I don't think the anime goes quite like that? Also, why does everyone hate Orihime, she's cute! I also loved at the end when they were all "Let's sing the songs from the FIRST musical! Ooh, I want to sing! Can I sing?"

I, umm, kinda REALLY want that "DEATH!" song. :p

Working with lithium is also awesome. It involves a HAMMER. You take it out, weigh it into hexanes, pound it flat with a hammer, cut it up with scissors back into hexanes and then get it the HELL under argon. Because this whole time you're also hoping it doesn't CATCH FIRE. (Lithium's not too bad though. At least it's not sodium or potassium. Or those cesium vials we have on a shelf... :p)

Yesterday we had fun melting pipettes with a bunsen burner and stretching them out. Because we needed spotters. Yes. This is why. :p Today I played matchmaker in the broken glassware drawer since we decided we should take the new guys to see the glassblower tomorrow. (This may have started with an incident involving an entire apparatus falling and breaking) We have drawers upon drawers of broken glassware that has been there for years, so I was sitting there going "Okay, we can fix THIS one with THIS piece..." :p
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So, Good Friday mass at a church that normally has five masses? Is quite something. The place was PACKED. THey also had these TINY kids serving. I felt bad for them when they had to hold the cross during the veneration, that thing must have been getting HEAVY.

It's my poor sister's birthday today. What a bad day to have your birthday on. "Happy birthday! We got you dietary restrictions!" :p I called her and she bragged about getting to see Spamalot, Wicked, Avenue Q and Phantom of the Opera. And then informed me I was jealous as if I couldn't figure it out on my own. :p
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Meme from [livejournal.com profile] chibifrieza

TEn things I love that begin with B.

1. Bananas (I like bananas. Bananas are good.)
2. Boppy/Brian/BJ (my little brother, who I like I suppose :p)
3. Bipping!
4. Brobdignagian Bards (I can't SPELL their name, but I like them :p)
5. Ballet (Everything is beautiful at the ballet...)
6. Barnabas (Del's doggie :p)
7. Baking
8. Bowling (I'm BAD at it, but I like it :p)
9. Broadway
10. British humour

Comment to get your own letter!

Also, it is my sincere hope that Ten gets all emo about Rose at some point in series four. And that Donna BIPS HIM.
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I finally has a Sarah Jane icon!

I did my first oil change yesterday. Not on a car like a normal person. Nope, on a vacuum pump! The vacuum isn't much better though, so now my poor pump is in the shop. Fortunately, Yun is letting me use her line since she's writing up her thesis.

Oh, Vicki, it turns out the reason Hillary Duff wasn't Britney Spears was that Spamalot and We Will Rock You both changed their scripts recently to no longer poke fun at Spears because sad people aren't funny. I guess they just hadn't changed the programs yet, since they're probably printed in massive quantities. :p

I don't like the new verse for Diva's Lament though! They changed "I've no Grammy, no rewards/I've no Tony Awards/I'm constantly replaced by Britney Spears/Britney Spears!" to "They hate me there backstage/They say I'm too old for my age/They're trying to replace me with Posh Spice/With Posh Spice!"

I hate it. The rhythm is ALL WRONG. Verses that don't scan aren't funny either. :p
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Had an exam today. It was hard, but that course is notorious for its hard exam, so it's not like we were blindsided. It was just a very... interesting bunch of data to work through. So that's done with. :p

The Aida concept album is WEIRD. Instead of doing the usual thing and getting a bunch of musical types to record the music for the show in a way that it might be staged (though of course things usually end up changing between the concept album and the stage show. See: La Faute de Voltaire :p), it's a bunch of popstars. Not even obscure ones. It has Elton John (okay, he WROTE the thing, so that's not a surprise but...) LeAnn Rimes, Boyz II Men, Lulu, James Taylor, Shania Twain, Dru Hill, Sting, Tina Turner and...

I kid you not...


Finally, I watched Remembrance of the Daleks today. It was great fun. I really like Seven and Ace. Seven's not QUITE as awesome as Four or Ten, but he's definitely up there. Ace can compete with Martha, though I doubt anyone will ever beat out Sarah Jane for my favourite companion. :p

The theme song from that era, on the other hand, I am not so in love with. Just because you have a synthesizer doesn't mean you should USE it. Basically it's very Y HALO THAR EIGHTIES! :p

Spoilers for something that aired in the eighties because I care )


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