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So, how's this icon for a blast from the past? :p

Karate party was crazy fun last night. I got my grading sheet back. I lost marks on basics (possibly for doing "The Wheels on the Bus" :p) and katta (for, well, screwing up :p), but I got full marks on sparring. So apparently I'm fine as long as I'm actually fighting a real person. What does THAT mean? :p

I got an A on my Organic paper, which is obviously super shiny. I just have one assignment and paper left for that class, since there's no exam. The paper is actually all typed up, I just need to go through it tonight to make sure that things like "This structure would make Langler cry" were typed into an IM window and not the paper itself. :p The assignment is going to be a bit of an adventure, since it's a question where the answer isn't actually known.

From the realm of the all pervasive Facebook, one of my students used it to ask me for an extension on her lab report. Is there anything Facebook ISN'T used for? :p (Which reminds me I have to mark the rest today. I managed to borrow Lach's marking scheme, since mine is MIA. :p)

I gave Glen a deadline for my rec letter today, so that will actually get done. I've been getting slightly stressed about the whole thing. Once I have that letter in my hand, I can send my application and nag Steve to mail HIS rec letter himself.
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So, I am now half a purple belt. I was generally shaky on a lot of stuff at the grading, and only managed a half past. But it's still a purple belt! Major goofs: doing "the wheels on the bus" during basics because I was getting my hands confused when doing a rising block with reverse punch and... leaving my glasses on during the katta. The plan had been to take them off because we discovered I do that katta WAY better with my eyes closed. :p This means I'll have to manage a pass and a half at my next grading, but I won't have missed a month of classes then, so hopefully it'll be okay. Of course, that'll be with a different club, so it could be interesting.
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It's been a pretty fun weekend. Friday was a "SIMS D*MMIT" day, which I greatly enjoyed. Simon, amusingly, has been playing piano at his son's house for three solid days. I'm starting to wonder if he's just planning to sit there until Amos and Helen GRADUATE. :p I played Luke's house a bit, he's boring right now, he just skills and goes to work as a Jedi. :p (I don't think I mentioned it, but Han and Leia wound up having a shotgun wedding because they refused to roll a marriage want. And then I cheated so they would have twins. :p) And then I played Daniel and Susan's house. Zoe and Wash now have their first grandchild, Derrial Washburne.

I had to get up early on Saturday because the Honours students were getting together to practice our presentations. Only the Toads and Metalheads showed up, which was somewhat upsetting, since we'd wanted to see what sort of questions people from other areas of chemistry would ask. Still, it was good to get that practice in for next week.

We took a break in the middle to all go down to the Farmer's Market. In four years, I'd never actually gone. I picked up some earrings because it's been ages since I last bought earrings. I also tried a rice dish.

I had a bit of time to kill after that, so I tried to work on my computational assignment. The computers were being ridiculously laggy in the Cragg, so I tried going over to the Avard Dixon computer lab, but it didn't help. I ran into someone from my Japanese class, so we had an awkward conversation in Japanese. (Mostly about coffee and plans for the night :p) Awkward, but still fun.

I gave up on productivity and headed over to the grocery store to pick up some bread. Never made it to the grocery store though, because I wound up hanging out on a roof with Maria, Lily and McGeek. :p

After that, I went to sing karaoke with the con staff, which was an absolute silly blast. Then it was the club meeting, with crazy anime purchase voting. We watched Nurse Witch Komugi (?), which was... strange. The incredible Gatchaman parody made it totally worth it. After that, we watched Castle in the Sky, because you really can't go wrong with a Miyazaki film. :p Even if we did have a field day with the thing about "With our primitive technology, we don't even know what this is made of, metal or ceramics." :p

After the meeting, I found a Firefly/Fiddler on the Roof crossover fic. This led to me wondering who looks at Fiddler on the Roof and decided "you know, that really needs to be crossed over with that space western...".

And then I decided I wanted to make Fiddler on the Roof sims. :p Poor Tevye's brain will so BREAK though. :p

Today was just karate and trying to work on this infernal computational assignment. Oh, and Japanese homework. We decided Wessa did that part, because my kanji look like a six year old wrote them. :p
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Wow, surprisingly tired from karate today. We did a blindfolded exercise, which is ALWAYS an adventure. And by adventure, I mean I flail a lot. :p And apparently body check. :p I don't do well blindfolded, especially since I have filtering issues so I don't hear the people moving over the other group giggling. (Apparently, their blindfolded person tried to use one of the attackers as a shield. :p)

I was on the go most of the day, but other than karate, it was running from one school thing to the next. The withdrawal deadline is coming up, so the profs are all dumping work on us so we have 20% of our mark by then.

I love my little sister SO MUCH. First I was trying to find Zoe/Wash songs because it's "Marrieds" month at [livejournal.com profile] fst, and she came up with "Running Scared" by Roy Orbison for the scene with Niska.

Speaking of which, I don't suppose I have any Roy Orbison fans on my flist? She came up with the song, but she didn't HAVE it. :p

The other reason I love her is that I was complaining that the tricky thing about writing Firefly fic is that they canonically burst out in a foreign language, so I have [insert Chinese here] at one point in my ficathon fic. So she pulled out her dictionary and came up with a rough translation of "Shiny!" without me actually asking her to do any such thing. :p

The fic is almost ready to go to Tessie for beta-ing. Which is good, considering the loomingness of the deadline and all. :p

I just accidentally typed my current music in the Location field. Which is funny considering the song title. :p

Oh, and Kim, was there anything in particular you wanted emphasized at the Fandom Etiquette panel?
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So, the convention? GEtting RIDICULOUSLY close. *flail* This was the focus of Saturday's staff meeting. :p We watched some pretty fun stuff at the club meeting afterwards. We started out with Fruits Basket, which is really quite cute. Then we watched Paradise Kiss, which I'm very taken with. So Vicki, Patricia, Sara and I are going to marathon it on Friday. After that we watched Tokyo Babylon, which was more than a little crack. We ended with Robotech which was very... mid eighties science fiction. Especially the female characters. UGH the female characters in a lot of older science fiction are awful. I worked on my ficathon fic during that one. I only have one scene left!

When I got home, my interent was acting up, so I read Runaways. When did I end up going to bed Saturday night? Umm... when I ran out of Runaways. Which meant I read volumes 4-6 and desperately tried not to get attached to anyone because I know Joss Whedon is taking over the writing and he's already broken my heart ONCE. Which I suppose helped with the non-Joss related death at the end of six. Favourite line? "Oh, how novel. A Wolverine appearance." Vicki and I always play "Count how many comics include Wolverine" every time we go to Hobbyton. :p Loving this series!

I even actually made it to church the next morning despite the "when I ran out of Runaways" bedtime! And I got to go to karate for the first time in AGES. I wore my shiny green belt for the first time. :D Then I went home and played Sims. I made Star Wars Sims, but didn't have good clothes for Han. I can find clothes for every handmaiden who was in three frames of a deleted scene, but no Han Solo. What gives?

VIcki and I watched some Sailor Moon on Sunday, which is always fun... even if they're currently in a "collect seven plot coupons and then send away to the creators for a story development" arc. :p Also, I've said it once, I'll say it again: DUDE! How is ZOicite a DUDE? It's not just the hair, it's the BODY LANGUAGE!

On Monday, I discovered that water is totally my new favourite solvent. My reaction crashed out and was practically CLEAN! *Ewok dance*

Today I had fun writing my Japanese assignment. We're supposed to write about our activities this week. Trouble is, we have a really limited vocabulary, so I sound like I'm around six years old. I don't even know any adjectives, so I can talk a lot about what I ate, but I can't say that it was good. :p

My internet's been really on the blink, but Doug talked me through fixing some settings over the phone, so hopefully that will straighten itself out soon.
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It's that wonderful time of year when iconmakers photoshop Santa hats on to unsuspecting characters. Why should I be any different? :p

I thought I was being picked up for the karate grading at 9 this morning, so I was pretty confused to have people knocking at 8:30. I was rather not ready, so they went to get other people and doubled back for me. I don't know why we were leaving that early, we got there UBER early. :p It doesn't take half an hour to change. :p

It wasn't the smoothest grading ever, I wasn't as prepared as I have been for other ones, but I'm not concerned. I had a chat with a cute little orange belt who we've watched all the way from white belt. SHe looked nervous, and I can't just ignore a nervous looking child. :p

I worked on my Quantum paper at the grading, to a couple more pages hammered out before realizing I couldn't remember where I was going next and had to check my Powerpoint file. :p Also, my paper was putting me to sleep by that point. So I took a nap. You know you're a student when you've mastered the art of sleeping while sitting with your head in your lap. :p

I took a study break to read Lucifer, which was REALLY nifty. It looks like it's going to be a really interesting series. (So much for willpower... :p)

Now I'm marking lab reports and wondering why my students can't write coherent sentences. :p
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We're making slow progress on the spec labs of doom. We keep having sessions to chip away at the questions, but ACK the end of semester is looming. We shall overcome though!

Stupid people on the ANimaritime forum posting about how there are less than a hundred days left until the convention. Don't remind us! It makes us panic! :p Actually, stupid people on the Animaritime forums in general. :p

We had live action night at anime on Saturday, which was fun. We watched My Boss, My Hero which is CRACKTASTICALLY awesome. It's about a Yakuza guy who, in order to prove that he isn't too stupid to become the boss, has to graduate from high school. Needless to say, crack ensues. No wonder the poor guy is confused in his math class though. We're convinced they were making that stuff up because a bunch of people who have taken math at a university level SHOULD be able to understand what's being said in a high school math class. Still, hilariously awesome.

After that, we watched Moonchild. It had Gackt and vampires and a lot of guns. Yeah, that's about all I got out of it. I appreciated the pretty boys, but REALLY not my thing. It was really long too, I was starting to fall asleep by the end. On the plus side, I wrote the ENTIRE draft of my "My Parents Gave Me a STUPID NAME" support group crackfic. Crack is so much faster to write than other things. :p (Like the fic Tess and I finally finished the first scene of :p)

On Sunday, I discovered that if you wear a Mount A sweatshirt to church, random church ladies will ask how your schoolwork is going and offer to pray for your week of DOOM. Quite frankly, I probably need it. After church, I made serious progress on the dishes and managed to clean the disgusting microwave, which makes everything happier.

After my cleaning spree, it was off to quite possibly the most boring karate class ever. Basics weren't so bad, but then it was katta, which made it clear just how SHORT my current katta is. We did discover that parts of the bunkai are NOT particularly effective if you're significantly smaller than your attacker. Try as I might, I couldn't pull off the trip. I suppose the purse smack is still effective though. (No, purse smack isn't the OFFICIAL explanation of what's going on, but it's TOTALLY the best application.)

There was a one hour break in between karate and rehearsal, so I decided that the most effective use of my time would be going to the Cragg to work on my spec assignment. Which I am totally declaring done, incidently. :p Then we had Winkie practice. We learned the choreography for the reprise of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". I love this dance, it's so ridiculously easy. I NEVER get the dance at the first rehearsal, but this one was well within my capabilities. It's more than a little cheesy, but that just makes it fun to dance. We're liking this whole "not being enslaved to the WIcked Witch of the West anymore" thing. :p We also reworked our marching formation for the "oh ee yoh" song so that it now actually WORKS and looks really cool. :D

After that, I went home and did schoolwork. Just need to get through this week. I'll do it somehow. :p

Also, Chiron Beta Prime is the only Christmas song I am ready to hear right now. I've started Christmas shopping, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not really Christmassy until after finals are over. However, Chiron Beta Prime kinda fits that mood. "Merry Christmas, from Chiron Beta Prime. Where we're working in a mine. For our robot overlords. Did I say overlords? I mean protectors! Merry Chriiiiiiiiiiistmas, from Chiron Beta Prime!"
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Almost didn't make it to church this morning. I woke up feeling vaguely migrainey, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. It wound up working out fine, at any rate. :p

Katikabe hurt us at karate today. Natasha decided we should stretch the whole time, since Sensei wasn't there. OH THE PAIN! Also, I swear I'm physically incapable of side situps. I just wound up flailing around like a fish. :p

Afterwards, I played Sims while marking and doing Japanese homework. Elphaba kept trying to help me mark, but she doesn't know much about chemistry. She also tried to gnaw on one of the books. Wouldn't that have been special? "Sorry, my cat ate your homework." :P We're on numbers in Japanese right now, which is less than fun. I'm so bad at numbers in EVERY language. For the record, this includes English. I used to have to pull customers ahead in drive thru while I tried to remember what those numbers were called. I understand the concept of numbers fine, if they handed me money, I knew how much change I owed them, but the names of numbers are elusive to me. This led to the fun time in German of reading 404 as "vier hundert und... quatre?"

Yes, that's right, when I'm really stuck I default to French. :p I'm going to blame... knowing that it's not the English word? Or possibly, in the case of numbers, the fact that I took math in French all through elementary school. :p

And yes, I realize you're sitting through this school stuff in hopes of hearing about the adventures of the Firefly Sims I was playing with while doing all this stuff. Well, Saffron has left Mal. They're living in different houses, though the game still lists them as married, but I'll figure out something to do about that. Maybe she can catch him with INara or something. River is now engaged to Bob so my sister will stop ASKING about that. :p And there are more Tam babies. I was feeling silly, so Simon got abducted by aliens and impregnated immediately after getting Kaylee pregnant. Having two pregnant Sims and a toddler is not a good combination, incidently. River got put to work a lot. :p Simon finally made surgeon, so he gets to go into crime once he has the baby. Then he can pursue his lifelong goal of being a criminal mastermind! Currently, I'm reloading the game until he has a girl, because he already has two boys with Kaylee and I want them to have a GIRL now. :p Especially since boys' names are less fun to come up with (Amos and Timothy) and I have a girl's name already picked out (Marigold). :p

Oh, and I'm currently writing up Sparknotes on the great flamewar between Bohr and Einstein. I love academia. :p
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Rainy Mondays are really not fun. It poured basically all day, which made going back and forth to campus unpleasant.

Natasha and I were the ignored middle children at karate yesterday. During what was theoretically the upper belts class, Jerrod went over basic stuff with the white belts and the other two brown belts went off to do their kata. Natasha and I had been working on our katta for the previous HOUR, so when left to our own devices, we climbed up on the heater to stare out the window. We eventually made the brown belts teach us one step sparring. The kick blocks are ODD, but at least we got to do SOMETHING eventually. :p

The exam schedule is out. All my exams are at 9 AM, joy oh joy. :p

December 5- Advanced Inorganic.
December 6- Spectroscopy
December 8- Japanese
December 15- Quantum

That's right. My last exam is on the SECOND last day of the exam period. Call the papers, it's a miracle! :p

Now I'm sitting in the Cragg eating cake because it's Nathan's birthday. My Spectroscopy class is madly trying to figure out our assignment because it's due today. Next stop, the lab, because we're getting booted from the Cragg in like seven minutes. Stupid intro midterms taking away our home every afternoon for a week. :p

Oh, and my still untitled Death/Death fic is off to Tessie for betaing. :D
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I've decided that the worst part of marking is when I have no choice but to give a REALLY bad mark. I still did it, but I felt bad about it. :p

At karate today, I realized I don't remember the section of the second kata that I hate. Other than that I hate that section. I'm slowly grasping the third one though. Katikabe decided it would be fun for all of us to learn the purple belt kata too. :p

So yeah, this is mostly a GIP. It wasn't right that I had an icon of Legolas but not one of Wes. I'm just sad that I couldn't find the picture of Wes with a curtain on his head. I could have sworn I had one. :p
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ANime club was fun as always last night. Bill broguth in a few games, including a new one called Gold Thief. That one was crazy fun. Silly people stealing my gold though! :p We watched Gunslinger Girl, which is always fun, except for the second episode. (Hey, let's make half the second episode flashbacks to the FIRST episode! :p) Then we watched Kodomacha (sp?), which is very cracktastic. Though it was developing a plot in the third episode. It's surprising, even if I had been told it was going to happen. :p We finished up with Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, which could be interesting.

I also finished the longhand draft of my Death/Death fic... FINALLY. :p

There was a baptism at church today. The baby wanted nothing to do with the tracing of the cross thing though. She kept turning away every time her godparents tried. :p She was adorable though. :P

We had karate this morning, which meant katta learning happy fun time for those of us who actually showed up. G&G general auditions were also today, so the choreography learning part of my brain is all burned out. :p Part of the audition dance was the EWOK DANCE, which makes it all worth it. :p

Sleepy now. :p
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My legs, back, ears and head all ache. My throat is burning. I'm losing my voice. I'm freezing. I have a cough of DOOM. All I want to do is sleep. But I still have so much work to do! Needless to say, this doesn't help my headache. And sitting in my computer chair isn't helping my back and legs.

Kinetics is still barely started, and Organometallics is untouched. My last Analytical lab is finally passed in though.

That was quite an adventure, incidently. Justin emailed me and said that he couldn't find my data and he was going out of time, so he sent me everything else we had and asked me to print and hand it in. I had to go into town to buy more cough drops when I finally woke up (feeling, if anything, worse than I did when I went to bed before). So I got cash and realized that after three years as a MOunt A student, I was going to have to seek out the Helpdesk and buy print credits. Fun times guessing how many I needed, incidently. I realized Justin had forgotten a schematic diagram, so I whipped that up. He also hadn't made a title page, so I had to do that. This was when I realized that I didn't know Phil's last name. My first attempt to remedy this was, of course, the Mount A stalker, hoping to find a Phil that matched his email. That's when I found out Phil goes by his middle name, so is listed as Something P. Something. Obviously, this was a dud. So I had to go down to Duffy's office and ask him my own lab partner's name. Then I could finally pass it in.

I ended up going to the Chemistry potluck for about half an hour even though the karate club was going out for Chinese food. I had fun explaining over and over again why I wasn't eating anything. I did end up trying one of the yummy meatballs because everyone was raving over them. I also had a deep fried Oreo, because WTF, deep fried Oreos? I can just FEEL my arteries clogging up. It was kinda tasty but DEFINITELY not something to eat more than one of. It was really fun to see all my chem buddies outside of the Cragg centre. It was also reassuring to find out most of the third years are as swamped and over deadlines as I am. Of course, I've been losing extra time by honestly not being able to get out of bed.

I got to karate a few minutes late because I stopped on my way out of the potluck to answer a few questions about karate. STill got there in time to get my new shiny orange belt though. Fortunately, it's not the FLIGHTSUIT orange I've seen on some other clubs. Chines food was fun, even though I didn't have much of an appetite. Of course, the whole time I was shivering and half dead. It was fun trying to put a smile on for pictures. Lots of pictures where I'm leaning against Ryan. :p
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[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: I was like, so your email would be like, yhnsn?
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: and then I realised your real name isn't Yubs

REALLY Tessie. :p

This grading was a lot more fun than the last one. SHORTER for one thing. Amusingly, we DIDN'T do half the techniques we had to do for the last one. :p The clinic was more fun, too. Not a solid hour of kicking. One of the instructors made Ryan stop coming at me so fast. I think she thought I was younger than I am, since I had my hair in French braids. Later we were sparring and I was paired with this cute little green belt. I kept getting so distracted by trying to get down to her level that I was screwing everything else up. ANd she would point this out. :p

La Vie Sloshed STu has now been unveiled. We killed Nicky loudly with our song. :D

Still no Goblins update. :p

Plan for this evening is work on Organic and Organometallic labs. Blah.
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Kinetics paper is FINALLY sent off. I HATE THAT CLASS SO MUCH!

I was the first person to the organometallics lab again today. They should stop letting me be the first. This time they all got to listen to the Delirium soundtrack!

Karate was all about the blind. We did a free sparring related excercise, and they made me take off my glasses. This was less than fun. Then we did blindfold excercises. :p I can actually do my katta BETTER blindfolded, because I don't see that everyone is five moves ahead of me and rush. :p Then we did blindfolded in the middle of a circle and being attacked. My strategy was "FLAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!" Which did mean no one wanted to get close to me. :p
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Hot water is WONDERFUL. I actually got a SHOWER this morning! This makes me a VERY happy Ewok. :p

It turns out I actually failed the Organic final before he scaled it which took it to exactly 50%. That was... kinda depressing to find out. I thought I'd done better on it than I had on the midterms. I started some problems, because I really need to make up lost ground in IV.

All this work for a class I don't even WANT to take. :p

I got in my one karate class before the show is over last night, which was fun. I couldn't remember the katta in the SLIGHTEST though. :p Ryan's in the class now, which is exciting. Though he needs to learn that white belts stand up last, because the mass of yellow belts was very excited to have someone standing up AFTER us for a change. :p In the self defense portion, we came to the conclusion that my wrist locks are really not so much with the threatening. ANd that I frequently have to resort to INTERESTING measures to get out of wrist locks.

Tess wins at music finding. I now have a song for the family meeting in Seasons of Mist, so all is well. Never ask her for help with happy music though. She doesn't have any. :p

Oh, I got a Christmas card from [livejournal.com profile] fyredra, which was TERRIBLY exciting. I also got my Ebay order from December. Vertigo Winter's Edge #3. So far I've only read the story I ordered it for, but some of the others look intriguing. Sandman may turn out to be a gateway drug for comics. :p The story was a Desire story, and it was pretty nifty. As a bonus, the art was by the guy who did the art in The Wake, so it was NICE. :D I don't read Sandman for the art, but when it's pretty, it's a bonus. :p

Oh, and I got my Death angst posted over at [livejournal.com profile] ewokese. So now I have the depressed anthropomorphic personification out of my HEAD. :p
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TOday shall be spent chained to my Organic notes. Joy.

Last night we had a fun little party with karate. Pizza and the first two Karate Kid movies. SO cheesy, but SO fun. :p Oh, the eighties. :p

Oh, and it's officially winter. My hair froze on the way to church. :p
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Far be it from me to be the only person in karate to NOT complain about how FREEZING it was in Hesler last night. Because... it WAS. I honestly think it was warmer OUTSIDE. Bare feet + frozen floor is a bad scene.

I now have my yellow belt. It's all happy and colourful and cheerful. :D So now I'm not a marshmallow anymore. :p We started learning the next katta, which I feel like I'm getting the hang of MUCH faster than the first one. Sensei has decided we're going to be the most overtrained yellow belts EVER come April so there can be no surprises at that grading like they pulled on the greens and ups this time around.

Sammy is going to live with us next year, so that's one less thing for me to worry about. I wish we could find someone for next semester, but at least next YEAR is taken care of. :p Yay Sammy! :D

So much work to do. Can we extend the semester? And push back my Organic final? Please?
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Been a busy few days, it has. Yesterday I went to anime cosplaying as someone who actually got to spend five minutes in her house that day. It wasn't a very accurate costume. :p

I dragged myself out of bed for the last Wild Toads of the semester. Spent the morning preparing stuff to try for crystals. Realized at 11:10 that I needed to be at the chapel at 11:30 and I hadn't taped my samples or cleaned my glassware. I rock and got out of the lab at 11:28.

We got to the grading fairly early. The little kids were all inside practicing kata. Us big mature adults had fun playing on the playground. :p The grading was an interesting experience. IT's not easy doing excercises when the instructor speaks softly in a heavy accent and you can't see the demonstrator. So we had someone reexplaining it to us like we were the little kids he was with. :p The little kids were SO adorable when they were doing their grading. :p The actual gradingness went decently, I hope. There was a LOT of sitting around afterwards. My butt got quite sore. :p

Anime was kareoke, which was actually more of a singalong and generally fun. Martin was filming stuff with the cosplayers so we just hung out. And did interesting things with the Squall and Seifer plushies. :p We had a fake meeting for the camera and came up with more cool panels for the con. :p

And apparently it's time for a music meme again!

1.) On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first thirty songs on the list that you randomly chose
2.) Write down one (or two [or] four) lines of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line.
3.) Have your friends comment and see if they know the songs. (NO CHEATING!)
4.) When someone guesses correctly, strike out the line and list the correct name of the song next to it.

My playlist is still on crack )
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Feeling much better today. Got a start on my Analytical assignment, which was much better than the last one. I guess the evil one was a fluke. I did a few Organic problems between karate and rehearsal, so all is well. My legs are killing me from the squat kicks last night though. :p

Rehearsal was pretty amusing. We were doing tableaus of "Having fun at the party", which demonstrated our rather odd definition of fun. Most of the stuff in the tableaus turned out not to be particularly useable for the box social scene. :p It was kinda funny watching us try to do the dances in a classroom. Hitchkicks in close quarters are INTERESTING. :p

I don't particularly want to have my Organic lab today. Though Dr. Langler claims to have taken this week's lab from a sophomore book, so alledgedly even WE can't screw up. Considering how the labs have gone this year, I remain skeptical. It's really annoying. We have to do a formal lab report this year, but so far we don't have results from ANYTHING. :p

It's also the only lab where we have to wear labcoats. They really only protect clothing ANYWAY. More to the point, my lab coat is too big, so the sleeves are always knocking things over. I figure the wretched thing is actually a safety HAZARD. :p

After the lab, Steve is doing a talk on "Your life after Mt A" with pizza, so I'm going to that. Then I'm going to hit the Cragg to work on my Quantum presentation and ask some of the fourth years for advice.

I have a tv table in my room now, so I can work problems while sitting at my desk now. I couldn't do this before, since there was no surface to put a textbook on.

Nicky didn't like the Ravenclaw update this week. I was just being honest. "As far as I can see, we didn't actually do any tasks this week. There's your update." was the gist of it. :p
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Vicki is very, very, very, very, very, very silly. She came and told me that supper was ready, and then realized that it wasn't because she hadn't actually put the hotdogs in the pot. :p

Hotdogs because we were rushing off to karate. :p We did an excercise where we were blindfolded and had to block attacks. I didn't like it much. I flailed at random. It was pretty amusing afterwards when we were all trying to find our glasses. "Those are mine!" "No, I think they're mine. Wait, you're right, they're yours." :p

Afterwards I read the Homeric Hymn to Demeter while practicing stances. :p


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