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So today I was starting in on my CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! plan for the weekend. And discovered that despite changing the filter, my vacuum cleaner really doesn't seem to be up to the task any more. So, on the assumption that the internet contains all knowledge, I turn to you, flist.

Does anyone know of a good vacuum cleaner that is effective in dealing with cat hair? Our carpets are light grey and Schroedy is black and white, so it really shows. THe only thing is... we also need to get a vacuum cleaner that is affordable on a grad student stipend soon after tuition came through.
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I was productive today! In the kitchen, at any rate. I made stew and shepherd's pie and bonus mashed potatoes. The shepherd's pie was supper for today and tomorrow since I am NOT going to be foolish enough to not bring something to eat before problem seminars two weeks in a row. Bonus potatoes are to actually use up all the potatoes in the bag. ANd the stew... is in the freezer for some night that I don't feel like cooking. Let's see how often I can manage a stunt like this. :p

Also, I was actually WARM today, it was amazing. Maybe I should spend more afternoons cooking. :p
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How I Met Your Mother made me crave cupcakes. So today I... made cupcakes. This would be brilliant except for the part where it was thirty eight degrees with the humidity and thus having the oven on was an exceedingly poor idea.

But I can has cupcakes once I make frosting! And that's the important part.

Also been watching DS9 because I'm kinda sorta maybe probably gonna app Quark in Glaxcin. :p
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We made a birthday cake for Schroedy. Mostly because I wanted cake. RAINBOW cake! And as promised, I took pictures. :p

Mmmm, cake )
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I have achieved fudge! It's so much easier when there's no soft ball stage. :p It's yummy!

Bagless vacuum cleaners are so overrated. I had to empty mine today and it was NOT fun. But I managed to get my living room all vacuumed! Huzzah! It was long overdue. Next project... uh, the bedroom...

I think the heater isn't working right. It's starting to get cold in the living room, which ISN'T as crazy drafty as the bedroom. That and the neighbour I actually like came by and asked if there was any heat coming out of OUR heaters, because there wasn't any coming from hers. Not a good time of year for this, building!

I watched the movie version of The Best Little WHorehouse in Texas last night. It's a very fun movie. I had fun going "There's Tess!" :p

And I have completed two of the three major quests in Avernum 2! Take THAT too stupid to live Empire! They did have one set of smart soldiers though. They saw my party and RAN AWAY. :p
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There were actually STUDENTS in the help room this week! Students from the class I was there to deal with!

Apparently they had a biochem midterm and were neglecting orgo. All 1200 of them. :p But now they're doing orgo again and need help. They keep prompting my spiel about how there are only two answers in organic chemistry (sterics and electronics, in case you happen to care :p)

Also, is it normal to declare making muffins to be easier than going to the grocery store for more cereal? :p Does it help at ALL that I used a mix? :p
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Sooooooooo much cake. It's Ryan's birthday, so I spent a great deal of time kitchening. I was going to draw a TARDIS on it. Unfortunately, this plan involved picking up blue decorator icing (I made the rest of the icing) on the way back from church. I discovered when I went in that the grocery store I wait for the bus in front of closed yesterday. :p This also meant I didn't pick up toothpicks and had to test the cake with uncooked spaghetti.

But hey, I got all the dishes clean!

In between kitchen toiling, I played the sims. I've decided Billy and Remington's offspring are going to be named after Doctor Who actors. THis started when I named Billy's surprise alien baby David because I was watching Doctor Who. I thought Remington's current baby was an alien, so I decided on Catherine for a girl and Patrick for a boy. Of course, I forgot that it was actually a cheated baby with Billy because I was sad Billy's face wasn't going to have a chance to be passed on. But I named her Catherine anyway. So now poor Elizabeth is the odd one out. If I'd realized I was going to do this, I should have named her Elisabeth. :p

I also got a portrait of the entire Washburne clan. Did you know if you have 33 sims and a cat on lot live mode is so NOT happening?

But I got my picture! )

Also, they're doing Maguyver myths on Mythbusters. It's roughly fifty seven frillion kinds of awesome. :p
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Ryan's birthday was yesterday. Jello couldn't figure out why I kept disappearing to the kitchen with "brb, gotta make a cake" "brb, gotta make fish" "brb, gotta frost a cake".

I made red velvet cake with yummy white frosting. It turned out really well. And red velvet cake is so cool. 'Cause Red is Best!

He really liked his present (Monty Python's Meaning of Life and Mel Brooks's History of the WOrld Part 1)

Tonight I have to proctor an intro chem midterm. Don't wanna, it's boring as hell. :p We've been promised coffee and homemade cookies, but that doesn't make up for the long doing nothing hours. :p

I'm also not feeling the greatest today. I wonder if I look ready to keel over, Felix will send me home. :p
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I has a bed! Is super comfy! I'm a happy Ewok. :p

I also made cookies. :D

It's the little things in life. :p
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So Urinetown (the musical *sliding hand gesture*)? Absolutely HILARIOUS. Smashing the fourth wall is always fun. :D It would have been a really fun show to do, but of course I'm not crazy enough to take on two musicals in a year, especially with this one being around thesis time. A lot of my G&G friends, on the other hand, ARE that crazy. The cast was all BRILLIANT, too. I was really impressed with the number of guys they managed to get, too. Out of a cast of about twenty, they had SEVEN males! Vicki and I mentioned this to R. Mark after the show, and he told that the REALLY shocking part was that they were all straight. :p (A comment that is truly shocking to people that have spent a lot of time in musical theatre. :p)

There were some CRAZY costume changes that really impressed me. ANd the choreography was fantastic, Brian did a bang up job. And maybe one day Anita will get to play a character over the age of twelve. :p (She was Dorothy in our production of The Wizard of Oz, and Little Sally in this show :p)

The music was really fun too. "Like I said, Little Sally, this isn't a happy musical." "But the MUSIC is so happy!"

Oh, and I made Vicki's birthday cake yesterday. I get a much more reasonable amount of frosting if I use about a cup less icing sugar than the recipe calls for. (I had been planning to do this anyway, and I happened to not HAVE the last cup. :p)
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After a fun time of dishes, I decided to attempt fudge again. I've basically come to the conclusion that this recipe takes one to two days set, so I have no clue if it turned out or not. It's a bit caramelly right now, but it's not the rock hard stuff I got the time I overboiled or the goo I got when I underboiled. :p

Doug is visiting right now, so he gets put to work on our dishes. :p It amuses me that HE was the one to suggest the very studenty midnight pizza order. :p Somewhere among all our fast food business story swapping, he pulled out Sam's flash cards and decided he wanted to try to stump us. It took a while for him to realize that "Wait, I'm helping you guys STUDY, aren't I?"

I squeezed in some Sim time while writing up my flashcards for Japanese today. As vaguely frightening as the prospect is, Sim River had a baby. A little boy named Anthony for no real reason. :p I think the game may be slightly biased towards boys. Out of the natural born babies in that neighborhood, there's been six boys (Daniel Washburne, Thisland Washburne, Billy Washburne, Amos Tam, Timothy Tam and Anthony Sloane) as opposed to three girls (Helen Washburne, Ruth Washburne and Marigold Tam), and I had to reload Marigold three times to get her to be a girl. :p Tess, you will be amused to know that I apparently managed to hire the only competent nanny EVER in that game to babysit for a day. She took care of the baby! She fed him! She changed his diaper! And instead of sitting around watching tv, she cleaned the house! :p She's like the antithesis of your Sim nannies!

Then I popped over to the crazy, crazy Washburne house. Daniel is currently crushing on Susan (one of Book's orphans). He's so UTTERLY a Knowledge Sim though. :p He's crushing on this girl, yet his Wants panel is all "Do homework" "Get into private school" "Gain a skill point". Meanwhile Helen, who doesn't currently have a potential love interest on the horizon, has the stuff like "Have very first kiss". :p Zoe got promoted to astronaut, which amuses me greatly. :p Of course, she's CURRENTLY on maternity leave. :p (This is number six, for those of you keeping score at home. Which is how many she needs to even ATTEMPT to fulfill her Lifetime Want. :p)
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Well, got through the debate okay. Amusingly, it turned into a bit of a love fest. The sides wound up AGREEING on stuff. We expected to spend the entire time arguing about whether heavy main group pi bonds even EXIST, but they conceded that point early on and we wound up arguing over whether they were novel. :p I managed to talk a bit more in this one than the last, which is good. Also, I got my lit review and my midterm back, both of which were B+'s, so yay. I actually did two percent better on this midterm than the last one, which surprised me.

After the debate, I went to lunch with the Toads, which is always a blast. Then I spent the afternoon slaving in the kitchen for Ryan's birthday. The cookbook somewhat exaggerates how much frosting is required for a two layer cake. I hadn't tried that particular approach before and I wound up with a LOT more icing than I needed, so sugar rush ahoy. I made baked salmon with mushrooms, which was very yummy. I was definitely glad I had Doug there to help me with the dishes though. :p He also changed the lightbulb for our porch light, yay!

After that, it was off to [livejournal.com profile] neekabe's house for [livejournal.com profile] ramenparty's birthday party, which was a RIDICULOUSLY fun time. We're all so INSANE, I love it. Then it was off to Lily and McGeek's for Grey's Anatomy night, which is always a blast. We also watched CSI, which would have been a LOT less creepy if we could have stopped saying "pedophile Wash" because OMG WRONG. :p Geek that I am, I also yelled at the lab guy for holding a micropipet sideways, because you are NOT supposed to do that, it totally wrecks the calibration and those things are expensive. :p

ACK, note to self, return that book to the library tomorrow!
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I thought this was another failed attempt, though one of the more edible failures. Apparently it just took like two days to set, because it wasn't fudge last night, but it definitely was today.

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Ryan took me to the fair last night, which was really fun. Plenty of ways to spin around. He decided that if we were going to do one of the cliche dates, he was going to go all out on cliche. So he attempted to win me a prize and failed embarassingly. Then he switched to a different game and won me a cute stuffed seal. It's adorable. :p Then I bought us cotton candy and we decided to wander down to the stuff on Bridgestreet. We ran into Dom, who said Meet Your Prof Night was still going on at Dooly's and everyone was asking about me, so we headed down there so Ryan could meet my other circle of friends. The first person he met was STEVE. There's something special about running into your thesis supervisor and having him demand some of your cotton candy. :p Steve proceeded to ask Ryan about his knowledge of The Simpsons, Sandman and Firefly. :p We got to see most of my other chemistry people too, so yay.

When I got back, I attempted fudge. Not sure yet if it turned out, things set slowly in our fridge. :p Either way, I also made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. In a moment of pure recipe misreading genius, I put in about twice as much peanut butter as the recipe calls for. :p Needless to say, they weren't so much with the ball shape holding, so they're very THIN cookies. Still tasty though. My random addition of ginger seems to have been a good idea, too. :D

Today, we got to march in the parade and hand out comic books to kids. I wore my Fire Pretear costume, because the top was loose enough to go over a warmer shirt, and Katikabe let me borrow a pair of tights so my legs wouldn't freeze. I got called Wonder Woman at one point, but hey, it beats being called a costumed freak, right? :p
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I made pancakes this morning... well, this afternoon. :p They were all yummy and chocolate chippy! I'd never made pancakes before, though according to Sam, that may not entirely be true. We apparently made them at Guide camp at some point, and from the sound of the story, I had been REPRESSING that memory. These ones turned out great though. My 1950s copy of The Joy of Cooking has never let me down yet. :p I was also reminded that when Snippy claims she doesn't eat something, that is subject to change if I put chocolate chips in it. :p

Someone needs to remind me to check the length of songs BEFORE I decide to parody them for the House Cup, incidently.
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Hey, Vicki, you know you left the stove on last night? I found when VERY scorched pot when I went to turn the lights out before I went to bed. Also, what the HELL was that call at 4:30/5ish this morning? Definitely put a damper on my day, that. :p

Ryan, Niko, if you guys could come over closer to six, that would be nice. I need a bit of time to scrub my poor scorched pot before I make the rice. :p

Got through my presentation. I don't like presentations. :p
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Well, I'm mostly recovered from the House Cup now. Mostly. :p Had to work either way, after all. :p

[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello is very cool. He sent me a late birthday present... of a stuffed Ewok! Wicket has a friend now! He also sent me a smaller keychain version, which joined the rest of the geeky cute stuff on my purse. :p It took a bit of time to find a place for it. This is not a problem normal people have. :p

I made fudge last night... but I ran out of evaporated milk, so it's very dry fudge. Still tastes decent, but... I guess I'll just have to try again when the pan is clean. At this point, it's a matter of honour! :p

I'm hoping I'm making some progress on isolating my compound at work. Playing the waiting game right now, basically. But the waiting game is boring, so we want to play Hungry, Hungry Hippos! :p The Quest for Boron is in the same place as ever though. Steve gets back tomorrow on Thursday, at any rate. :p

Vicki found a really awesome Disney music site. I've been listening to this particular song over and over because it's cool. :p
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Hmm, lets see. Still waiting for my starting material to come in at work. I'm more or less ready to start a reaction in the lab, but that requires actually having the chemicals. :p

I made fudge today. Not sure how it turned out yet, since it's still not set. Silly old fridge/freezer doesn't get cold enough. :p Vicki got annoyed because Ryan called when I was in the middle of the fussy stage. Which meant I couldn't leave the kitchen to talk on the phone. She was mean and cranked the volume on the TV when I was having a hard enough time hearing as it WAS. Apparently it is necessary to HEAR the Titanic sink? :p

We also finally balanced money. With her eleven grocery trips against my two phone bills, one grocery trip and a couple miscellaneous activities I wound up owing her... two whole dollars. :p

I went on a Rent iconning spree today. Is it obvious? :p


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