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Ugh, even for Ravenclaw, this is a bad procrastination place. Especially with the new Headmistress not grasping that brevity is the soul of wit. Sometimes humr fic doesn't need to be 2000 words. Indeed, sometimes adding extra would make it less funny.

Also, argh, I just realized that I got the parodies done but I still have to come up with six originals. Why do we do this every game?

BUt JOhn Barrowman has a new CD and that is happy making. Even if I am missing the song from it that I want mostest.
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Meme from [livejournal.com profile] gabri_jade

Comment on this post, and I will choose seven interests from your profile and ask you to explain what they mean, and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your journal so that others can play.

Anne McCaffrey

Author of The Dragonriders of Pern, as well as some fun science fiction stuff. I first starting reading her work in middle school because, well, DRAGONS! She also has some... interesting views on tent pegs. But still fun books. :p

Arrogant Worms

A brilliantly hilarious Canadian comedy band that also does some freaking GORGEOUS harmonies when you'd least expect them (such as in a song called "Brian's Balls"). They actually DON'T sing "The War of 1812", but they do sing such gems as "The Last Saskatechewan Pirate" and "Canada's Really Big". And my Olympic themesong for Canada... "Rocks and Trees" :p

Han Solo

Everyone's favourite no good half witted scruffy looking NERF HERDER. I mean, what's NOT to love about Han Solo? Also, he shot first. :p

inventing languages

For a while there was a language inventing task in the House Cup. Tess and I always had a BLAST doing it. We invented a whole House Elf culture to explain our language. Then we did Giant Squiddese. We made * and several other random symbols letters solely so d*mn was pronounceable (it's pronounced "doom", in case you're wondering :p). We also put apostrophes everywhere because we'd always wanted to invent a language with a bunch of superfluous apostrophes. For some reason, this task went away next game. :p

mythological dysfunctional families

Believe it or not, I actually had this interest BEFORE I started reading Sandman. Mythological families tend to be incredibly dysfunctional... and it's incredibly entertaining. :p

rocksay off

One night I posted a House Cup task and went to bed. The next morning, we realized that it contained the phrase "Normally Godric would be rocksay off". Tess and I never DID figure out what "rocksay off" was SUPPOSED to be. Now it's the follow up to "rock on!" :p But man, I wish I could figure out what that typo was SUPPOSED to be. :p

sloshed stus

Part of the Insane Ravenclaw fanon. They're self aware characters based on various Ravenclaw players. Originally they were invented to fulfill the "students getting drunk" challenge fic requirement. By the time Nicky stopped including that requirement, the Stus had taken on a life of their own. The drinking is actually a cover for the fact that they're the Headmaster's secret world saving force. The tradition goes back to the sixth year of Hogwarts' existance.
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Well, we survived the House Cup. In a brilliant stroke of Ravenclawness, we did the majority of the tasks this weekend. But we DID them and they are DONE.

I'm actually quite proud of Freddy Boy. Oh, and if you want to hear freaky, unison lines of me singing all the parts might fit the bill. :p There! RIght There! And finally, SWCS is quite possibly the greatest boy band EVAH. :p

Now I need to find an appropriate comm to post a Peeves/Marietta fic in. :p

Oh, and my students are awesome. The lab once again turned into a SINGALONG. This time it was Avenue Q. :p

Now I'm working on my HMS Tessie Deadship FST. :p
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Meme from [livejournal.com profile] superbus

1 - Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to Random quotations: http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr’s “explore the last seven days” http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

1. Band Name: Author, Author
2. Album: Another Word for Thesaurus
3. Cover: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14801820@N06/2212843826/

Ravenclaw... are you thinking what I'm thinking? :p
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Traffic this morning was RIDICULOUS. I was running a few minutes late and figured I would have missed my regular bus. I got out to the bus stop and saw there were still people, meaning I hadn't missed it. Then I realized there were a LOT of people, which meant a bus couldn't have come by in a WHILE. A few minutes later, a bus creeeeeeeped around the corner. It was jam packed, so it creeeeeped past us. There was another bus a couple cars behind it which ALSO creeeeeeeeeped past us. At that point I decided that I was going to walk.

I think it was the right decision. I didn't see a single bus until I made it to campus. Well, that's not entirely true. At one point I caught up to one of the buses that creeeeeeeeeeped past us. The cars weren't moving much faster than I was, it was INSANE. Fortunately I didn't have anything I had to be on campus at a particular time for. :p

Later I discovered that health services is WEIRD. I called in the afternoon to make an appointment, and was told that there weren't any today. Which I had kinda expected and was calling to make an appointment TOMORROW. But apparently they don't let us do that and I need to call back in the morning? It's really strange. The other people in the lab had never had that happen to them before. So WTF. I just need to get new prescriptions! :p

I am madly cranking out lyrics for House Cup songs. Nicky, can we pleeeeeease have an extension? It would make us oh so very happy. :p
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So today was my big write off day because I spend the whole day TAing Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences. It was pretty hectic. The second section went better than the first because I added things that were problematic in the first section to the pre-lab talk.

I also got to demonstrate the procdure for cleaning up broken glassware in my pre-lab talk. Because I may have kinda sorta dropped something. :p

And a meme from [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post your this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

My answers. Because I has weird interests. :p )
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Well, today is a strange day. We're back in class, but all extra-curriculars are still cancelled. Oh, and no one is allowed to give tests. And if you're sick, don't show up. Maybe they think we'll only catch the plague if we're having fun? I'm not terribly worried, since no one in fourth year chem is sick. The only class that might be a problem is Japanese, but everyone seemed relatively healthy there.

My Anne and Gilbert soundtrack arrived, which is very shiny. :D

Ravenclaw so loses at House Cup, incidently. It will be hilarious if we don't come in last, because we sucked so bad. Now we know. IT is possible to do 56 tasks in a week. It is NOT possible to do 56 tasks in two days. It was really obvious that my voice was giving out by the end of the recordings. Tess and I are talking about re-recording some of the songs just for kicks, because we really like the lyrics for For Good, but I recorded it half an hour before the game ended, so it was not so much with the good. Plus, I can't hit Glinda-notes. :p [livejournal.com profile] ravenclaw_devi rocks for joining the game to help us out the last day. And of course, [livejournal.com profile] miana_dude rocks because... MI WILL DO IT!

Right now I'm playing "Figure out which papers by my chosen researcher are the most cited". My life is thrilling.

On the plus side, since there's no karate tonight, I get to watch Doctor Who. I also still need to get the rest of the first new season, of course. :p Also, after a weekend of House Cupping, I am playing SIMS DAMMIT. Once we do more work on our Spec labs, that is.
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Oh, the last days of the House Cup are always SPECIAL. I pulled two task fics out of the air last night. The second thing is quite possibly the worst thing I've ever written, but it's DONE. Now I just have to write two more fics, six original songs, a whole pile of parodies, put together an FST and record a lot of a capella music. Why do I always procrastinate?

We're still meeting to work on our lab report this afternoon though, so that'll have to wait. Yep, we're braving the plague zone because we still have work to do. :p Hopefully I don't end up regretting this. No anime tonight though, so that's an extra four hours of tasking I hadn't planned on.

No more HOuse Cups during the school year, mmkay? :p

I tried to do a lyric meme, but Firefox crashed twice over the course of it, so I gave up. I'll probably do one in NOTEPAD when I'm tasking tonight. :p
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I made pancakes this morning... well, this afternoon. :p They were all yummy and chocolate chippy! I'd never made pancakes before, though according to Sam, that may not entirely be true. We apparently made them at Guide camp at some point, and from the sound of the story, I had been REPRESSING that memory. These ones turned out great though. My 1950s copy of The Joy of Cooking has never let me down yet. :p I was also reminded that when Snippy claims she doesn't eat something, that is subject to change if I put chocolate chips in it. :p

Someone needs to remind me to check the length of songs BEFORE I decide to parody them for the House Cup, incidently.
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How peculiar. My sister's laptop won't display any of the buttons on the Ravenclaw boards. Which means I can't reply or post or any of that somewhat useful stuff. :p

Chapters and Coles didn't have Bloodlines yet, which makes me a sad Ewok. I guess I'll try to pick it up from Tidewater when I get back to Sackville. :p

I wonder how much convincing it would take to get Gwen to let me put some sort of IM program on this thing...

Picked up a birthday present for [livejournal.com profile] nukichan since that's kinda coming up and all. :p I also bought a cute shir and some new jeans.
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Next game we put tracking devices on to avoid having so many disappearers? How 'bout it? :p

House Cup done. Ravenclaw dead. Nicky gonna murder us. Also, not enough tasks done. Though we did manage to pull off the whole list, I don't think we did enough of the unlimited.

Sleep now.
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It's ten o'clock. Do you know where your House is?

More importantly, do you know where my House is? :p No? Yeah, me neither. :p

VIcki and I played tennis for a while before going to feed Bill and [livejournal.com profile] ramenparty's cat. Vicki let me use her racket for a while. I'm much better with a full size racket than I am with my kiddie one, so hopefully I'll remember to get my mother's racket when I'm home for my sister's graduation in June.

We went up to Pizza Delight for garlic fingers and dessert. We both had the Chocolate Explosion. OMG SO GOOD!

We watched Brokeback Mountain. It was a pretty good movie, though not as OMGAMAZING as the hype would have you believe. Then again, it's a rare thing that lives up to quite THAT much hype. :p

Over the course of typing this entry, all the Ravenclaws that might actually appear did appear. :p
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La Vie Sloshed Stu lyrics )
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You know Ravenclaw's in a bad spot when Nicky is ENCOURAGING crazy task ideas just so we'll actually do some tasks.
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Well, it's been a busy couple days. Got a B+ on my Classics paper, which is decent. Wish it was a bit higher though, since that class is supposed to be my GPA booster. I did my Quantum presentation. Not entirely sure how it went, I feel like I just blathered. But I used the phrases "ungodly amount of math" and "doomishly large organic molecules", and that's what counts.

Saw Antigone last night, which was quite fantastic. I didn't realize that when Sammy said it was cross cast, she meant the female roles were filled by men. I figured it was the traditional women pretending to be men because not enough boys audition. :p

I skipped research this morning because I feel like I'm coming down with something and REALY needed the extra sleep. Had an acting rehearsal for Oklahoma after that. Then I went to a help session for Analytical.

Finally, the anime club Halloween party, which was great fun. THough for the record, black is NOT a good colour for nighttime photoshoots. Black eyeliner is a definite pain. How do goths DO it? The costume turned out really cool though. I think it's my favorite costume I've made so far.

We watched Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, but I really didn't follow because I was playing Monkey Arena. Then we watched Hellsing, which I didn't even TRY to follow. Then we watched X. We did the photoshoot during episode zero, but got back in time for the actual first episode. I SO adore Sorata.

Oh, Vicki, when he says "Missy" it was "Neechan" :p

I also finished reading volume nine of Sandman. The scene where... it was so sad! I was whimpering.

I found my missing Duo pin. Unfortunately, I found it by stepping on it with a bare foot. :p


"My poo has been wasted!" [livejournal.com profile] neekabe

Finally, for everyone's amusement...

Bothering Nicky
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I got a good start on the research for my Classics paper today. Next time, we check what time the library opens though. There's something vaguely geeky about sitting outside the library 20 minutes before it opens. On the plus side, it meant the book I needed on course reserve HAD to be available. It's an interesting topic, at least. I'm looking at creation myths in different cultures, which is fascinating.

Didn't get Organic done like I wanted to, but I guess you can't have everything. I'll have to force myself to buckle down and do it tomorrow.

I randomly decided to make a Sailor Stars crack [livejournal.com profile] fst. Because I'm silly like that. :p

House Cup started today. Eventually, once Nicky got around to posting the task list. SIlly, silly Nicky. :p
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So she can be HELD to it...

Me: Banging on pots constitutes instrumentation, riiiiiiight? :-P
Me: O:)
Nicky: suuuuuure :-P
Nicky: hey, if you want to... :-P
Nicky: crap, i shouldn't have just said that...

So, the upcoming House Cup should be veeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting, don't you think? Nicky is SO broken. And we're LOVING it. :p

We got an email about the house, which was surprising. Not getting my hopes up, but we got an email.

The last section of Theogony was titled "Zeus' unions with miscellaneous deities and mortals" during today's lecture. It amused me far more than it should have. :p

We did our massive pile of dishes. Then we baked up a storm. Which meant we had to do MORE dishes. So many dishes. :p

After supper, we watched the first five episodes of Escaflowne. For all that Vicki hates Allen, he amuses me. :p We managed by pure chance to pick one of the few good stopping places. D*mn that creator likes the cliffhangers. :p I don't have a favorite character picked out yet, but give me time. (It won't be Allen. Amusing, but not favorite material :p) The music ROCKSAY OFF. :p
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So, House Cup is now nice and done. When I was posting the update at four in the morning, "Who Needs Sleep" started to play. As did "We Broke Nicky". Both seemed rather appropriate. :p

Next game, let's not procrastinate. At least not to the point that I have to sing a capella at two in the morning, at any rate. :p

I played oodles of Quest for Glory today. MAN that game is crazy mad fun! Easy to get lost in, but FUN! I love how Erasmus's crazy questions go back to the first game. :p Don't much care for the fact that you can get locked out of town if you're out after dark. Especially since sleeping most outdoor places gets you KILLED. It's not really an issue anymore though, since my character has enough climbing skill to get over the city walls. I've managed to die in many exciting ways. The most amusing being shoving a lockpick up my nose. Oh, Quest for Glory, I love thee so. :p
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Moncton is getting another comic shop

Their own Comic Hunter. You know what that means, right guys? Yep, more people to try to get to be vendors at Animaritime. :p

We were going to see A Midsummer's Night's Dream last night, but it was raining so we didn't. We picked up a new game at Hobbyton. It's Gloom and, though it makes us horrible people, it's crazy mad fun! You make your characters' lives miserable and then you KILL them. What's not to love about a game where the player who had the worst day goes first? It's a really neat design too. The cards are clear, so points from one card can show through the next if the positioning is appropriate. Then we watched Constantine, which was actually good except for the parts that weren't. :p

In honour of the last week of the House Cup, I give you...

Nicky's Gonna Murder Me

Because instead of apologizing, we sing about it. :p

It looks like hte rain is finally clearing up, so hopefully the 7:30 performance will be outside.
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So, Spring session is now over. This means Ryan is leaving town at noon tomorrow. I'm going to miss him. :(

I had good luck in the lab today. I ran a melting point on the stuff I got a clean NMR on yesterday, and it was in a very pure range. I was excited.

Okay, so I'm going home/writing workshop this weekend. THat means:

House Cup: TEH is doing the update. I'll do the scoresheet when I get back Sunday night, unless Tessie or MiMi loves me.

Shinshirayuki: I'll try to pop on as Hajime a couple times to keep the game of hide and seek going.


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