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So when you ask a doctor about a medical issue and his advice is "graduate", that's some sort of sign, right? Though I guess it's fair that the tension headaches I've been getting lately probably are related to being a grad student.

A least when I slipped in the shower this morning it didn't bruise. Or I would have had to explain that the huge bruise on my knee was due to lack of adhesive ducks.

Speaking of Sheldon, my in-laws got me a Soft Kitty t-shirt for my birthday and it is adorable.
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Okay, at this point my drug saga has gotten so Hobbie-esque that it's crossed over from frustrating to... kinda funny.

I called Student Health today to see if the doctor who wrote my prescription was in today. She was not, and wasn't scheduled to be in until May 31st. The obvious one being that that's an awfully long time from now. Not only would that be a pretty good chance of the migraines coming back, if I go off the pills the side effects always hit really hard when I go back on them. Don't want that.

So obviously I made an appointment with a different doctor. It was a pretty simple thing, it was 9:50 and they were able to get me in at 10:30. Figured it meant my morning would be shot, but otherwise fine. So I get to Student Health at 10:15 and go to the computer to check in. I got a message saying I was late for my appointment and should talk to the receptionist. Confusing.

So over to the receptionist I go. She agrees that it is definitely still 10:15 and searches the computer only to find... there is no appointment for me in the system. She asked what it was for and as I explained it she remembered that she was the one who made my appointment. Weird. She eventually decided she must have entered it on the wrong screen.

Long story short, they were able to squeeze me in and I now have drugs. Now I just have to figure out how to cut these tiny pills in half. :p
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My migraine medication is giving me a headache. I went to get the prescription refilled today, since last month they could only give me 30 pills (usually I get a hundred). Annoying, but I need to get my asthma medication refilled once a month anyway, so it wasn't actually adding an extra errand.

Well, fortunately I got in the habit of checking the bag before I leave the pharmacy after a couple incidents where they refilled the wrong prescription. So I was actually still at the counter when I realized that the inhaler was there but the pills weren't (the price also sounded like it was just the inhaler, but the migraine pills are only about a dollar with my drug plan so I wouldn't necessarily have noticed).

So they got the pharmacist for me and he explained that they don't have my dosage anywhere in the province. I'm on 10 mg and the only thing they have right now is the 25 mg pills. So what they've been stuck doing is having people cut the 25 mg pills in half (which is going to suck, because I have a feeling they won't be that much bigger than the 10 mg pills I take. I also suspect I am going to suck at this and will thus be all over the place in terms of alertness.)

But of course, they can't just give people the 25 mg pills on a prescription for the 10s. They need the doctor to okay the change. And since I go through Student Health, there's no guarantee the doctor who wrote the prescription was even there. They were supposed to call the lab if they managed to get ahold of her... so I'm guessing from the fact that I have no drugs that she wasn't in today. I guess I'll call myself tomorrow. I hope she's there, we're going into a long weekend.
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It is officially the season of DRAFTS. Getting out of bed kinda sucks because the bedroom is drafty and and freezing. But at least I only have to endure it for 24 more days! (Hmm... maybe I should think about starting to pack soon. :p)

It's also raining again. I know we strive to imitate the cool London, but really, this is quite ridiculous. We haven't seen the sun in over a week. I don't want to go out in it. :p

I will, of course, because Paul is practicing his defense (he defends on Friday) this morning, not to mention I still have to, y'know, do chemistry. But I don't wanna. :p

Also, I love how the only thing anyone cares about when they realize I'm sick is whether it's H1N1. (It's not, it's one of my standard issue "I have a rubbish immune system" colds. :p)
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Ugh. Been trying to cough up a lung all day. Not fun. I'm told I do actually need my airway though, so I guess I'm stuck with it. Grah. Go 'way, cold!
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So, no one told me that my physical was going to involve a QUIZ. The doctor kept asking me what every test did before he did it. I guess he was trying to educate me, but it was kinda "Okay, can we just get the frakking speculum OVER with?" :p

He also asked me about my TAing. WHich may have led to me checking that he didn't have to cheat to pass second year orgo. The dangers of teaching premeds. :p
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Woke up feeling pretty wretched this morning. I was going to try to tough it out through the wonders of medication, but then thought the better of it. So I sent my coworkers an email saying I wasn't dead in a ditch (yes, that was the subject line) and decided to take a nap. Man, being a grad student is sweet. :p

When I finally was ready to go in to work, I had the fun problem of "But there's a CAT on my chest." Schroedy is good at helping people take naps, but not at letting them get up afterwards. :p

They've started IR in the class I TA. Except... they haven't actually learned about any of the functional groups that IR is GOOD for. Which leads to a lot of "Yep, the peak you're looking for is that little shoulder. This is why you wouldn't REALLY use IR to figure this problem out." :p

I'm now three episodes into the first season of Battlestar Galactica. Seriously, what TOOK me so long?
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This job hunting thing is a bit of a roller coaster. Yesterday was a really bad day. Today was better though, because he arranged a couple interviews. Want this over plz.

Had my oh so fun employee health exam today. No one mentioned that there was a tuberculosis test involving a JABBY THING. :p I have to go back in for bloodwork because I work with designated substances, lucky me. :p

And I has The Colour of Magic movieness, yay! Something to watch in the place of Torchwood tomorrow!
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Not feeling great today. Headache, eyes having trouble focusing, breathing not great. Fun times.

You know what really IS fun times? Torchwood!

Spoilers for Dead Man Walking )

Also, is the LJ store on CRACK or something?
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Traffic this morning was RIDICULOUS. I was running a few minutes late and figured I would have missed my regular bus. I got out to the bus stop and saw there were still people, meaning I hadn't missed it. Then I realized there were a LOT of people, which meant a bus couldn't have come by in a WHILE. A few minutes later, a bus creeeeeeeped around the corner. It was jam packed, so it creeeeeped past us. There was another bus a couple cars behind it which ALSO creeeeeeeeeped past us. At that point I decided that I was going to walk.

I think it was the right decision. I didn't see a single bus until I made it to campus. Well, that's not entirely true. At one point I caught up to one of the buses that creeeeeeeeeeped past us. The cars weren't moving much faster than I was, it was INSANE. Fortunately I didn't have anything I had to be on campus at a particular time for. :p

Later I discovered that health services is WEIRD. I called in the afternoon to make an appointment, and was told that there weren't any today. Which I had kinda expected and was calling to make an appointment TOMORROW. But apparently they don't let us do that and I need to call back in the morning? It's really strange. The other people in the lab had never had that happen to them before. So WTF. I just need to get new prescriptions! :p

I am madly cranking out lyrics for House Cup songs. Nicky, can we pleeeeeease have an extension? It would make us oh so very happy. :p


Dec. 3rd, 2007 09:21 pm
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The weather was NASTY today. The roads were absolutely awful. Which led to the bus schedule being ALL out of whack. When I got out to the bus stop (running late, not that it wound up mattering...), the superintendent of my building mentioned that he'd been waiting for almost an hour and hadn't seen a 10 yet. A few minutes later, a 10 came by... and kept right on going. Because of course all those students who are usually spread out across several runs were on it at ONCE. There was another 10 about a minute behind it which also went right past us. At this point, one girl was really worried because she had a 9 o'clock lab and it was 8:53. Fortunately, the NEXT 10 was an accordion bus and actually had enough room. :p

When I got in, the second floor was all dark, deserted and creepy because the weather was delaying everyone else too. :p People started trickling in eventually though.

I'm really glad 213 labs ended last week. Since I was all migrainey yesterday, I didn't get my assignment done. Which was due today. Not having to TA meant that I could bring my laptop to campus and do the assignment there. :p I got it done, so it's all good!

Also, NATURALLY I needed to refill my prescriptions when it was storming. Walking to the pharmacy, while not far, was not fun. :p

Also, Broadway actors holding concerts about being back are so much fun. :D

Jelly baby?

Nov. 9th, 2007 09:47 pm
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Yeah, I lose at updating. I just keep getting distracted. It seems to happen so easily these days. I have to concentrate so much harder on listening to things these days, which might be part of the problem. I think my hearing is getting worse. I should have mentioned it when I had my physical on Tuesday, but I forgot... oops. :p

Katie, your DVDs are in the mail. Vicki, so is your check.

I have a new icon, because Four is basically tied with Ten for my affections at the moment. Still need a Ten icon. :p And a Sarah Jane icon, because she is also awesome. :p On that note...

Sarah Jane Adventures: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part Two )

Old School Doctor Who: Robot )

And now for something completely different...

Grey's Anatomy )
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[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello: Mine is a manly squee.

Oh Jello. :p

Yun got back from Vancouver two days ago and brought a nasty cold with her. Now half the lab has the cold, obviously including me. Heaven forbid I have an immune system. :p I'd curse her, but we haven't seen her since, so she's probably suffered enough.

Today I found out that Western does midterms on Saturday nights. I can't think of a more exciting way to spend a Saturday night. I found this out because I'm stuck invigilating midterms on two Saturdays. Yep, just how I want to spend my weekends. It's not like this complicates my plan to go see a show in Toronto with Vicki or anything.

I has Fire Emblem! I'm very excited, maybe this time I'll actually manage to play all the way through. :p

I picked up a passport application last night. And MAN what a pain that will be. There's a bunch of stuff that I need a guarantor to sign. The guarantor has to have known me for at least two years. This is problematic, seeing as everyone who has known me for at least two years is kinda NOT IN LONDON. What are you supposed to do if you need a passport within two years of moving? Well? Gah. And then I need references. At least I had to get a new birth certificate when I got my SIN, because oh yeah, the birth certificate that was issued when I was born? Is not valid proof of Canadian citizenship. I've got an idea! How about we go with I was born in Canada. So give me a freaking Canadian passport. Wouldn't that be easier?
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After a saga of "OMG why isn't my Medicare card in my wallet?" I was finally able to get in to see a doctor. So now I have all my medications.

Of course, this mean that this morning I woke up and was greeted with "Good morning, remember me? I'm the side effects of your medication!" In other words, I woke up exhausted. :p Good times. :p
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I finally managed to quit my job. This had been proving quite difficult because every time I called or stopped by, there was no one in the office. But I finally managed to put in my notice today. :p

I'm no closer to having an apartment, but at least we'll manage to save a bit on hotels since a friend who lives about an hour from London has offered to let us stay with her for a couple days. The joys of Facebook. I had my status as something to the effect of hating moving and she offered. :p

I still need to get a bunch of stuff packed up to figure out moving. UGH my books. SO many books. They can't all come, obviously, but there's an awful lot that I don't want to part with. Moving is annoying. :p

Also, I'm all allergy-y today. Not fun.
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Ugh, I think I'm coming down with something. My legs, ears and throat all ache, and I have quite the cough. It's not fun. Especially since I have a night shift tomorrow (an Old Navy in Saint John, should be a nice change from Zellers. :p)

Ryan's parents came by today, which was quite fun. They seem to get along with my parents, which is nice. :p I'm still trying to figure out why we all stayed in the kitchen though. :P

My mother waved a notebook at us and ordered us to start making a guest list. :p In the middle of me interneting. :p But we did start the list of our friends. I've been teasing my sister that she'd better not be hoping to pick up at my wedding, because my choices are pulled from rather female circles (not to mention the fact that most of the guys that ARE invited are attached :p). :P The list rather explodes when our families get added in. :p

(Also, my sister scribbled Clay Aiken in on the bottom of the list. SIlly sister. :p)
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Ugh, my allergies are acting up like crazy. Yay for sneezing, dry throat and coughing. The worst part is, it's all done something to my EARS. My hearing isn't spectacular at the best of times, but now everything is all muffly.

Dad bought a best of John Cleese DVD, which was for obvious reasons most amusing. :p Other than that, Ryan and I walked down to get ice cream and that's the excitement of my day. :p

Tess is off to Rome, so I need a new crack dealer until June 20. :p Not to mention someone else to fill up the QotD! :p
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Ugh, this cold is annoying. Not just because I can find a million kinds of gas and nausea medication in this house, but not COLD MEDICINE, either. No, it's the fact that I'm all stuffed up and my ears are all not hearing properly most of the time! It's rather annoying. :p
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So, I think I'm coming down with something. I woke up with a headache this morning, and I'm all stuffed up. I missed my last class at Mount A EVER, and had to hop myself up on all sorts of drugs to get through the day. But my grad school application is now mailed!

I also picked up volume 8 of Fables today. Figures a few weeks after I give up and buy volume 7 elsewhere Hobbyton actually gets stuff in. :p It's so shiny!

Cut for spoilerish squee )

I'm now briefly home for the Easter weekend. I got a pleasant surprise when I got on the bus and saw... my sister. :p I didn't realize she was coming home on that bus. :p I was right about to sit next to a random person when she got my attention.

Also, the weather was AWFUL today. Right when I was walking to the bus station, of course. :p I think the precipitation was freezing rain. Something nasty like that, anyway. :p
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Total number of invites to "So and So for Valedictorian" Facebook groups: 3
Number I have actually joined: 0

It's just so AWKWARD, I apparently know a lot of people who are running. :p

Had a touch of a migraine today, but it's passed. It was problematic when I was supposed to be listening to presentations in Computational today. Oh well, I'll live.

Inorganic midterm tomorrow, so happy fun study time. Fortunately, most of it is fairly hands on stuff, and I did fine on the relevant assignments. What theory there is, we covered in much more depth in Spectroscopy last semester, so I can answer any questions he might ask in WAY more detail than I need to. :p

Tonight I'm going to go see Floralie, which is a billingual play and should be interesting. One of my roommates is performing in it.

Also, I love this song SO much more in French than English! It's one that had considerable changes between languages. In English, it's Little People. The French version is all "I fell to the ground. It's Voltaire's fault!"


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