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So, Mount A people, remember what an adventure it always was navigating Hart Hall? Today I found Western's equivalent. Sommerville House. It took me ages to find the TA union office to drop off my dental claim form. And then I couldn't figure out how to get back out.

Brought back memories. :p

The past month or two has largely been an adventure in writing things and then camping outside my supervisor's office. The chapter I just gave her refused to print until I made all the figures into terrible, terrible JPEGs.
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Okay, so Steam had the first three Virtual Villagers games on for $2.50 each, so I figured I'd give them a try. So I'm playing the first game and one of my starting villagers HATES WORK. Like, that's his trait. I have nicknamed him Senor Dumbass on account of how often I have to put put him back on task. (Why Senor? Felt like it.) So anyway...


Me: Okay, Senor Dumbass, you are allowed to eat, you are allowed to drink and you are allowed to research. THAT IS IT.
Ryan: So he's a grad student?

Yep. Sounds right.
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Well, back to the usual at work. But nothing remotely noteworthy's been happening (except that I am developing a hatred for the 4 mm probe because it behaves less every time I use it...), so have some other random babblings!

Ryan was away this weekend. When we're both home, the cats sleep on me. When I'm away, the cats sleep on my side of the bed. This was actually the first time Ryan's been away while I'm still here. Guess where the cats slept!

Yep, on me.


Today my MP3 player started acting up randomly and refused to turn off until I reset it. This would have been irritating... except it was playing "All Along the Watchtower", so it was really quite disturbing.


And today I discovered that they sell UWO branded Ugg boots. This is quite possibly the most frightening and yet oddly appropriate piece of university merchandise. Seeing as the stereotypical "Western Girl" has bleache blonde hair and wears miniskirts and Ugg boots in the dead of winter. Now they can be Western Ugg boots!

Also, are leg warmers back in fashion or something? If so... why?
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This is basically why I haven't updated much. It's sad when webcomics look this much like my life.

The rotovap BIT me today. I'm not sure HOW the piece that is broken got broken, but when I was turning it off I managed to cut myself. For the record, thumbs are awkward places for bandaids.

Oh, and I went to a conference this weekend. Dinner conversation looked much like that comic. A member of the solid state NMR group at the host university was chairing my session. The room I was in was ahead of schedule, so he decided it was time for an unscheduled break when he noticed none of his group (aka the only people who might be interested in my talk :p) were there. Which was good given that my group wasn't there yet either. (Not that I blamed them, I would have gone to the talk before mine in the other room too). I think the talk went okay. I had a couple fun days trying to get the introduction to the point that people who don't do NMR could follow it.
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Everything in the NMR room has abandonment issues. Mat is on vacation this week. So far the shimming/locking on the 600 has gone down. Because a cable got disconnected. A cable no one had any reason to go near. Then Shatner (the robot that loads the samples on the Mercury) was drunk or something and kept manhandling the samples back into place and there have been mass errors. And then the tuning on the 400 was completely frakked up. I spent an hour tuning it to get it to "It'll DO."

So yeah, it's been an adventure. Mat's back on Tuesday.

In exciting news, I beat the bus on my bike the other day! I left at a time where I might have been able to make it to the stop if I'd run and the lights would have cooperated. The bus caught up to me when I got to the intersection on the edge of campus. But there's a whole loop the bus goes down that the bike path misses and I wound up getting to the chem building about a minute before the bus. It was exciting.

Also, I will try to do a picture post from Austria this weekend when I have a moment.
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Laura is now Dr. Laura, go her! Apparently she had one of the cleanest theses her committee had ever seen. I guess that means if this whole chemistry thing doesn't work out for me, I can always go into proofreading, eh? :p

Yesterday I discovered the Grad Club actually has a schmancy goblet for the new PhD to have their one free drink out of called the Cup of Knowledge. It was missing last week when Paul finished. It's pretty cool. :p

I think the students were amused that I kept telling them they needed to finish the lab on time because I had drinking and nachos to get to. It's valid! They didn't quite all get out on time, but there was time needed to organize the whole "getting to the Grad Club" thing anyway, so the timing worked out well. :p

Oh, and apparently the labour dispute at LTC didn't get resolved back in September like I thought it did when we stopped hearing about it. The drivers are in a strike position as of tomorrow. I... really hope a strike doesn't happen. It's only about a half hour's walk to campus, but I've been having to bring my laptop in a lot. There's no way I can haul this thing on foot. Plus... the weather's been unpleasant. Ugh.
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Well, heard back from the person at Western. She says that she's still willing to take me, and warned that she's not always very available. BUt I think I'm used to having a supervisor who isn't readily available, since Steve only made it in a couple times over the course of second semester. :p

Ryan made me supper tonight. :D And he cooked most of it himself! (He forgot I don't like tomato sauce, so I had to whip up a cheese sauce :p) But he did in fact cook! We watched Advent Children and Last Order, which were super shiny. :p Mm, FFVII prettiness. :p
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So, I finally got my official letter from grad school. Or, as [livejournal.com profile] seryan put it, the Central Bureaucracy. :p Of course, there's some confusion because the person I'd been in contact with is missing from the list of possible supervisors...

My high school chemistry teacher called today. He wanted to talk to my parents about my little brother going on a camping trip when he passed out in class today. Fogarty was very excited that I'm going to grad school in chemistry. AND he didn't call me by the wrong name, which ALWAYS impresses me. People frequently think I'm my sister on the phone. They used to think I was my brother too, before his voice changed. :p

I also played more Kingdom Hearts, which I love to itty bitty pieces. I went to Agrabah! Nostalgia ahoy! (Even if it annoys me that the female characters keep getting used as plot points for the villains to abduct...) Still, ridiculously fun game.

Though I'm already starting to hate Winnie the Pooh and his EVIL MINIGAMES OF HARD. :p
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So this post is FULL of exciting news. First of all, the rest of my profs got my marks out last night.

Physical Aspects (Inorganic): B
Computational: B+
Thesis: B+
Physical Aspects (Organic): A-

This means I get my Honours, hurrah.

AND I just got an email saying that I was accepted to Western. I should receive the formal admission letter later this week. I'll be a probationary student, which means that I need to achieve a B+ average on my first two graduate courses, but I can manage that. I figured that would be the outcome since I do have that D+ in Organic III hanging around my neck like a millstone. But I got in, so September is now figured out.

Now I just need to find a summer job. But today is for going to the mall with my sister so we can buy birthday presents for each other, as well as our parents. :p

Oh, that was the other exciting thing. My parents gave me a shiny new sewing machine for my birthday! It WORKS! It does buttonholes! It has a zipper foot! It WORKS! :p It's SO SHINY. :D

EDIT: And the award for strangest Facebook add yet goes to... one of my mother's university friends. :p
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Well, I still haven't heard back from Western about whether I'm accepted, but I just got an email from someone trying to steal me. :p That was amusing. :p

None of my other grades are up yet. They should be soon though, since marks for graduating students are due today. :p

(Gee, five million new notes on my Facebook wall. Wonder why THAT could be. :p)

EDIT: I am amused that the BtVS fandom now has SW style canon wars. I feel for you, BtVS fans, it isn't going to be pretty!

And a meme from [livejournal.com profile] non_horation

Cause it has pictures )
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Okay, so hopefully I'm set for Japanese tomorrow. I'm torn between hoping she asks for a bloody lot of these kanji after all the energy I've put into learning them and hoping she doesn't ask for kanji because they're evil. :p Fill in the blanks and find the mistakes should be fine, so that just leaves the translation to worry about.

I watched the first episode of Supernatural while studying. I need to find a better streaming site, since it took me two hours to watch a 45 minute episode. :p But I think I'm going to like this show. And gen the hell out of it, because Sam and Dean are so utterly brotherly. :p And there were exploding people!

Tomorrow after the exam I really need to put a dent in that paper for Computational. :p

Oh, and I sent Steve an email asking about my rec letter and found out he sent it last week, so my entire application is in. Now the waiting game. I don't like waiting to find out.
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So, I think I'm coming down with something. I woke up with a headache this morning, and I'm all stuffed up. I missed my last class at Mount A EVER, and had to hop myself up on all sorts of drugs to get through the day. But my grad school application is now mailed!

I also picked up volume 8 of Fables today. Figures a few weeks after I give up and buy volume 7 elsewhere Hobbyton actually gets stuff in. :p It's so shiny!

Cut for spoilerish squee )

I'm now briefly home for the Easter weekend. I got a pleasant surprise when I got on the bus and saw... my sister. :p I didn't realize she was coming home on that bus. :p I was right about to sit next to a random person when she got my attention.

Also, the weather was AWFUL today. Right when I was walking to the bus station, of course. :p I think the precipitation was freezing rain. Something nasty like that, anyway. :p
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So, how's this icon for a blast from the past? :p

Karate party was crazy fun last night. I got my grading sheet back. I lost marks on basics (possibly for doing "The Wheels on the Bus" :p) and katta (for, well, screwing up :p), but I got full marks on sparring. So apparently I'm fine as long as I'm actually fighting a real person. What does THAT mean? :p

I got an A on my Organic paper, which is obviously super shiny. I just have one assignment and paper left for that class, since there's no exam. The paper is actually all typed up, I just need to go through it tonight to make sure that things like "This structure would make Langler cry" were typed into an IM window and not the paper itself. :p The assignment is going to be a bit of an adventure, since it's a question where the answer isn't actually known.

From the realm of the all pervasive Facebook, one of my students used it to ask me for an extension on her lab report. Is there anything Facebook ISN'T used for? :p (Which reminds me I have to mark the rest today. I managed to borrow Lach's marking scheme, since mine is MIA. :p)

I gave Glen a deadline for my rec letter today, so that will actually get done. I've been getting slightly stressed about the whole thing. Once I have that letter in my hand, I can send my application and nag Steve to mail HIS rec letter himself.
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So the grad banquet was actually quite fun. We had a blast talking to the random person we met in the line to get in. :p

Lindsay, Bill won the Computer Science award. Yay Bill!

The Alma Mater Song has these INCREDIBLY cheesy lyrics set to lovely music. Lovely for a FUNERAL, that is. The music sounds for all the world like "Behold, Behold the Wood of the Cross"... which we sing on GOOD FRIDAY. :p

There was a collective stifled laugh at the line "on every field, her teams victorious". We just couldn't keep a straight face through THAT! Mount A. Right. :p

Other than that, I sent my thesis to Steve but the odds are very much against him being able to look at it, so I'll be sending it to my second reader soon. Tomorrow I'm ordering my transcripts and talking to Glen about a rec letter. I need one from Steve too, but I really don't want to ask him when he's this badly off.

I also totally forgot my mechanistic paper for Organic was supposed to be due this week. Hopefully Dr. Grant will let that slide if I bring up the thesis thing. He's already proven just how cool he is today. He realized that we all have a lot of work to do, so he made this really intense assignment GO AWAY. :D

Now if only the calculations for my Computational project would WORK. They keep failing after eleven hours, giving me a collection of disconnected atoms. I need to talk to Khash about it.

On the plus side, my mom's stopping by for a bit tomorrow afternoon. ANd we're celebrating Vicki's birthday tomorrow because I didn't have time to make her a cake on Tuesday. Tomorrow is also Urinetown, which should be a fantastic show considering who's involved. :D

I also started playing Kingdom Hearts today, which was SO fun and actually RELAXING!

Oh, and I finally managed to get decent ring pictures. Small sparkly objects are hard to photograph. :p

SParkly! )
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Just got a response to the email of doom. :D My first choice does have space.

And... now what? :p Must ask Steve. :p
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The email of DOOM has been sent. Now I'm terrified of getting a reply. WHY IS THIS ALL SO SCARY?
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So very COLD! Apparently, the Barclay building doesn't need trivial things like HEAT. :p I've spent the entire day with my coat wrapped around me. Unfortunately, that's a little TOO much like a blanket. So I spent my three hour class block trying to decide which was better: NOt paying much attention because I'm FREEZING or drifting off in class because it seems blanketesque. :p

SO COLD! Winter has arrived with a VENGEANCE. :p

Rehearsals are going well. I think karate has really helped my dancing. All that katta stuff is improving my choreography memory. :p Normal people find that dance improves their performance in sports. I find a sport improves my dancing. I suppose it's all in which one you're focused on. :p Though of course, the bit I can NEVER remember is the worst possible part for me to forget, since it's the steps that put me in the right place to catch my Munchkin partner on the next line. :P

Other than G&G my life is school (this is what happens when the show opens in a week :p) kanji are the devil, isolation for my thesis is turning into a vicious cycle. I keep trying an isolation technique, it doesn't work, I get annoyed, I don't want to LOOK at my project anymore... which obviously isn't going to make ANYTHING better. :p

I've been talking to STeve and I think I've got my first choice made for grad school. I'm going to read a few more papers by her, look at the city she's in and then start drafting the email of doom. EEP!


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