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1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

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Oh amateur theatre. :p


Me: How many guys do you have this year?
Gwenna: I think about ten. And they're all real, with penises. But one of them is in Middle school, so we have to do the sanitized version of the number, so its not acctually about penises anymore.
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So, crying while wearing stage makeup? TERRIBLE idea. :p But of course, lifers cry. Vicki, Erin and I had a tearful lifer huddle right after curtain call. It's hard to believe that after four years, our last G&G show is OVER. It's been such an AMAZING time. The show went REALLY well, which only made us cry MORE. :p

The cast party was really fun too. We played a thrilling game of "How many people can we fit into Erin's house?" There were people sitting on every available bit of floor. The next step was laps. I actually had a seat on the couch, since Vicki, Quinn and I managed to get there before the HOSTS, despite them having a car and us WALKING. :p There was much singing, mostly of Disney songs and showtunes, but we rarely actually managed to finish a song. :p

Today was teardown. Quinn and I went through costumes because we're better suited to that than actually taking set pieces apart. We found these AWESOME green batons that we're SO sad didn't make it into the show, so we played with them. We couldn't find the lightswitch for the costume room, so it's not the most organized place right now. Whoever finds the lightswitch next year can deal with that. :p

Once we finally finished with all the teardown, we did our good old G&G awards. I managed NOT to get "Most likely to be doing schoolwork", which I was voted for the past two years. QUinn, my G&G Science Buddy, got it this year. :p I was voted Most Spirit, tied with Vicki. I was actually somewhat surprised to get that one. And of course, I was also presented a Major Lifer award.

How is this all OVER? You give G&G your soul and your January for four years and in return you get to meet the most amazing people. And that's why lifers always cry on closing night.
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Tonight's show went REALLY well, other than the fact that we were having a bad prop day. :p The props were clearly out to get us though.

First the witch's broom started falling apart on stage. THe kid playing Toto picked one of the sticks up, because she's a dog. Pretty good stage sense for a kid. :p Joanna is really all around amazing. She's SUCH a trooper, that's a really demanding role.

The next fun time came in the scene where the flying monkeys rip an arm and leg off the scarecrow. This is accomplished by Jason being chased off stage and throwing out the extra limbs before dragging himself back on stage. Tonight, he accidently tossed out a sweater with the arm because it was lying right under them and it's a REALLY fast prop grab. :p

Next came the hourglass falling over whent he witch put Dorothy in the cage and getting stuck sidewaysish. Anita got the thing back upright, but being in a cage with bars in the way, had to put it back up so that she had no time left to live. :p

Next was the fire extinguisher that we use to set the scarecrow on fire going off when we were getting up after Dorothy rejected us. THere was really nothing to do there except NOT CRACK UP. :p The audience definitely cracked up though. :p

Finally, there was the balloon. When they were moving it on stage, it hit the edge of the bay and fell over. Brett is currently our HERO for managing to utterly recover the scene. Instead of his line about having his balloon ready just in case, he adlibbed some stuff about "Just as soon as they get my balloon ready" long enough for them to get things set up properly. Then later in his speech, he had a line about "a hazardous journey into the stratosphere", so he gave the balloon a very nervous look on the word "hazardous". Because he is made of AWESOME. :p

The actual scenes all went really well tonight, and that's what really matters. :D

Now, I suppose some of you are wondering about the icon Tess made for me. :p It all started a few days ago when Ron said that he didn't want glasses on the Winkies if possible. I'm quite blind without my glasses, so it wasn't possible unless they WANTED me to fall into the pit. It was basically the same situation as when my high school did Fiddler on the Roof and I gave the director the choice between having my glasses on or having me be Rahul the shoemaker's daughter. ("Rahul? But she can hardly see, she's almost blind!" "Tell the truth Avram, is your son so much to look at? The way she sees and the way he looks, it's a perfect match!") Both cases ended with me wearing my glasses on stage. :p

As is typical of the chorus, we invented elaborate lives for our characters. I'm Rahul the nearsighted Winkie, who is only in the witch's guard because nine is a full complement of Winkies and everyone else was just too depressed to do it. ("We're very depressed" is the explanation for ANYTHING strange involving the Winkies.) Amusingly, me being Rahul gives us a new response to the witch's line of "I wonder if the Winkies do shoe repair." That's an exit line, and we used to inform Stephen that no, no we don't. Now that I'm Rahul though, obviously my father does shoe repairs. :p

Us, insane?

Also, I can't believe that tomorrow night is my LAST G&G show EVER. Like any G&G Lifer, I'm going to be a bit of a wreck, I think.
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[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: twice I danced with the teens and the rest of the time I was the town whore as per usual
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: man, I need to learn not to say things like that in that way
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: If it wasn't me, I would probably qute MYSELF [

We had our matinee this morning with the EVER fun seven AM call. It's really far too early to be awake. :p Especially when there was the dress rehearsal the night before. I hate stage makeup, btw. Specifically, the lipstick that makes my lips CRACK AND BLEED. :p Though at least if I put lip balm under it, they only get all dry. Still, that stuff is EVIL. :p

The matinee went quite well, though curtain call was a bit of a gong show. THis is what happens when you work out curtain call the morning of the matinee. :p The show itself is what really matters though. :p It was a REALLY big audience, considering it was the school matinee.

Oh, and I totally completed the rainbow in my Munchkin costume with orange star shaped hair bobbles on the end of my braids. :p And we have the quick change all smoothed out. Jill's Winkie coat turned out to be on the FLOOR near one of the main costume racks. Now I can keep track of it so I can throw it on her. :p

Opening night tonight. :D Sackville people, don't forget to all come!
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So today was very long. :p

I had class from 8:30-11:20. I just love 8:30 classes. Except for the part where I TOTALLY DON'T. :p I'm lucky I thought ahead and packed my lunch the night before. I then ate that lunch in the Cragg where I tried to work on my Computational assignment. Got a little of it done, but am totally passing it in late.

Then I went off to sell tickets. Erin wasn't supposed to be on that shift, but she stuck around so we chatted, reminisced and swapped stories about our pre-G&G shows. And of course harassed everyone we knew to buy tickets and politely asked people we didn't. We were stuck behind a huge display by the SAC, which was really annoying since we couldn't see the door. Then I went to a group meeting a nipped into the lab.

After that, it was time to TA. Fortunately, it was a pretty simple lab, though half the students forgot their combinations. :p It actually wrapped up a bit early, so I was able to buy bread and bagels so I can have breakfast and lunch tomorrow. And then I bought supper at Subway and went to Con Hall. I was fairly early, so once I finished eating I helped paint sets. I was initially just doing basic roller stuff, but then I got to weather the house! It was fun. :D

We had our first makeup and costume run today. There were some definite technical issues that will need working out, especially in the tornado. Also, I need to figure out where the Winkie coat I'm supposed to put on the Tin Man got to, because I couldn't do the change today.

I spend the entire first act looking about twelve years old because of my costumes and my hair, which is in two French braids. In Munchkinland, I'm wearing a yellow sundress with blue flowers with heinous purple tights and my red Ranger tie as a sash. I'm seriously considering getting orange hair ribbons and wearing my green Pathfinder tie that I have for the Emerald City so I'll be wearing the whole rainbow. :p I change into a white peasant skirt and a white blouse for the poppy scene, which does NOT make me look any older. :p

I actually look like an adult in Act II when I put my hair in a bun. In the Emerald City, I look like I'm appearing in the Emerald City production of Grease, but the point is I don't look 12! (Which is good, because as usual, I'm a mommy in that scene :p) And then when I'm a Winkie, I definitely don't look 12. :p And I had my black pants today so I don't look like the Winkie camp follower. Also, now that I have a spear, I can actually swing my arms correctly when I march. :p

All the costumes look FANTASTIC, by the way. Sackville people, you ARE coming to see the show, right?

(By the way, I finally got home around 11. I'm definitely rather corpsified. :p)
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It's been a very G&G weekend. :p Except Friday night. We watched Center Stage on Friday. A very fun movie, even if the ending required suspending your disbelief from the ceiling. :p The dancing was very shiny. I got excited every time I recognized a dance term. It's the same sort of rush I get when I recognize a Japanese word when watching anime. :p "Hey, pas de bouret... no kick kick though." (Explanation: When we did Footloose in first year, the choreographers default move was "kick, kick, pas de bouret". We did this for the entire dance off of "Let's Hear it for the Boy". It grew most tiresome. :p)

The next day, we had the EVER fun ten AM Saturday rehearsal. Yeah, people trickled in late. :p We had the kids, so there was a lot of Munchkinland and Emerald City stuff. We're getting somewhat tired of constantly running the Munchkin sequence. It does have fun novelty aspect for me though. I actually get to COWER IN FEAR! I don't usually get to do that in "cower in fear" sections because I usually have to be a mommy. :p But since we're all Munchkins, I get to cower! :p This is what passes for excitement in my life. :p

Well, that and the fact that last night was G&G Pub Night. :p We skipped out on anime club after the Animaritime meeting. For a while, Vicki, Erin, Jill and I were the only ones there and we were all most distressed. THen we started playing pool. Eventually, other people showed up and we were happy. SInce none of the high school students showed up, they somehow got the bartenders to start serving alcohol early. Erin and I had the conversation that Vicki and I have been having for the last little bit (I imagine Vicki and Erin have had it too :p), which consists of "Can you BELIEVE there aren't going to be any lifers next year?" (Lifers are people who have been in G&G all four years they were at Mount A) This also includes discussion of who the blazes is going to be the exec, and especially PRESIDENT, next year, because there aren't even people who are in third year who just aren't going to be lifers.

Pub night included the ever fun choreographed dancing at a bar. First we got them to put on "Sweet Home Alabama" and we TRIED to do last year's spirit dance. They didn't have the version we used though, so we could only really dance the chorus. Brian laughed at the fact he was drunk and STILL teaching people to dance. After that, they played "Jump, Jive and Wail" and we did THIS year's spirit dance. It was crazy mad fun and we joked that we should ALWAYS do the spirit dance drunk. (Well, I wasn't drunk. I had the fun time of explaining why I can't drink. :p) The people from the Classics Society who were there in togas applauded. :p There was a SERIOUSLY intense game of foosball at one point, and we monopolized the pool tables. :p I don't usually like the pub, but on G&G night, it's awesome. :p

I had to leave pretty early since I wanted to actually get to church this week. Considering I had to skip last week, and there's no way I'm going to make it the morning after the CAST PARTY, it seemed like the thing to do. :p The sidewalks were AWFUL. We've had a lot of snow followed by rain and then temperature drops, so there's a definite ice situation. For some reason, the sidewalks weren't properly salted. I was late to church because rushing and breaking my ankle when the show opens on THURSDAY would be bad. We managed to get through an entire year without anyone putting themself out of comission shortly below the show, and we'd like to repeat that performance. But considering the high school kids kept talking about The Scottish Play yesterday... (History: When we did Footloose, someone said it to our lead and he dislocated his knee in a rehearsal two days before we opened. We wound up writing Jeeter out of the show so the guy who was playing him could learn the role of Ren in a day. He was AMAZING and I'm still in awe that he pulled it off. When we did Copacabana, we had a girl walk off the stage when they were doing light levels, breaking her ankle. We now have battery powered lights around the edge of the stage called the Carolyn Lights. You do not walk past the Carolyn Lights. :p)

We didn't have rehearsal until three today (yes Katie, I know, but I had schoolwork to do :p), which was probably a very good idea. Otherwise, the day after Pub Night? I'm picturing "We got up at noon and had rehearsal at one. Had breakfast for lunch and my energy is done. This is not fun!"

Of course, today we did cue to cue, which is always the most evil rehearsal. For the non-theatre people, cue to cue is when you only do little bits of scenes that contain technical cues. But you do these little bits over and over again, because it's the first time the technical cues are actually being used. So it's an IMPORTANT rehearsal, but a bloody annoying one. THough nothing will ever beat the cue to cue for Footloose, where we spent THREE HOURS doing the cues for "Somebody's Eyes", because it had like SEVEN set changes, using all the most cumbersome set pieces. The trickiest scene change so far this time is, naturally, the tornado. :p The one thing that was somewhat troublesome tonight was that we only did the cue to cues for Act 1, because the tech wasn't quite ready for Act 2. Which means tomorrow is MORE cue to cues instead of running the show. We open on Thursday, so EEP. :p
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Japanese lab was interesting today. Sam and I are both in the same session now. Some of you know where this story is going. I don't think Oe-sensei called either of us the right name once the entire time. We just kinda looked at each other and giggled after a while. :p And talked about our exciting lives of "Last night, I had rehearsal. Rehearsal was in Con Hall. I had rehearsal with my friends." Later, we got to have a conversation. Mine was basically "What are you going to do tonight?" "I am going to work on my thesis tonight." "When will you stop working on your thesis?" "At 7:30." "Then what will you do?" "I will go to Con Hall." "What will you do in Con Hall?" "I will have rehearsal."

Rehearsal was a bit annoying, actually. I walked all the way to Con Hall, and they only actually needed me for like ten minutes to work out a set change. :p

And today's BIG adventure was the dishes. Doug and I did almost every dish we OWN. When I let the disgusting dishwater out, it wound up all over the kitchen floor. At first I thought the water on the floor was just melted snow, since we come in the back door and track boots all over the kitchen. Then we realized it was FLOWING and coming out of the cupboard. I figured there must be some sort of leak, so I opened the cupboard.

It wasn't just a leak. The sink wasn't connected to the pipe at ALL. :p No clue how it happened. :p Doug screwed it back in by hand, but we're going to get Rick to come in and fix it properly. Because he wasn't JUST at our house yesterday to take down a hazardous lighting fixture, fix our smoke detector, get the water back on and try something to fix our fridge. :p
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So very COLD! Apparently, the Barclay building doesn't need trivial things like HEAT. :p I've spent the entire day with my coat wrapped around me. Unfortunately, that's a little TOO much like a blanket. So I spent my three hour class block trying to decide which was better: NOt paying much attention because I'm FREEZING or drifting off in class because it seems blanketesque. :p

SO COLD! Winter has arrived with a VENGEANCE. :p

Rehearsals are going well. I think karate has really helped my dancing. All that katta stuff is improving my choreography memory. :p Normal people find that dance improves their performance in sports. I find a sport improves my dancing. I suppose it's all in which one you're focused on. :p Though of course, the bit I can NEVER remember is the worst possible part for me to forget, since it's the steps that put me in the right place to catch my Munchkin partner on the next line. :P

Other than G&G my life is school (this is what happens when the show opens in a week :p) kanji are the devil, isolation for my thesis is turning into a vicious cycle. I keep trying an isolation technique, it doesn't work, I get annoyed, I don't want to LOOK at my project anymore... which obviously isn't going to make ANYTHING better. :p

I've been talking to STeve and I think I've got my first choice made for grad school. I'm going to read a few more papers by her, look at the city she's in and then start drafting the email of doom. EEP!
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Sooooooooo sleepy. Rehearsal ran a little bit late because we had to rework the "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" reprise. Poor Aaron, he's the only male WInkie, so he has to put up with this being a musical and musicals meaning skipping. :p Hopefully we can figure out a way to get rid of our weapons before the dance, because although BRIAN has no problems turning it into a big baton twirling extravaganza, I sure do. PRoblems of the "Oh dear, I'm going to put someone's eye out" nature.

Needless to say, lateish rehearsal + 8:30 class is a BAD combination. Just for good measure, the air in Barclay 311 is SUPER dry, so my eyes were BURNING at the same time they were trying to drift closed. :p BOTH my physical aspects courses were doing symmetry related stuff today. Dr Briand was commenting that he should try doing his lecture lying in the spot on the floor that we all seemed to be staring at. :P It was a thrilling lecture about how if you do nothing to a molecule and then you do nothing again, it's the same as doing nothing to the molecule. (We dealt with other symmetry operations too, but that was the amusing one :p)

We've come to the conclusion that we may have to hurt the next prof who tries to teach us VSEPR. Seriously, we covered it in Intro Chem, Intro Chem II, Organic I, Inorganic I, INorganic II, Advanced Inorganic, Physical Aspects of Organic AND Physical Aspects of Inorganic. WE GET IT! :p I never want to hear that word again for so long as I LIVE.

On the plus side, no rehearsal tonight, since Steve Wozniak is stealing Con Hall from us. We were going to have vocal rehearsal, but it turns out our vocal director is busy with CHorale Society tonight... which is in the room we need for those rehearsals ANYWAY. So night off for me. :p *dances*
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OMG GOblins, a webcomic about D&D goblins should not make me wibble this much! And yet... *WIBBLE*

Looooong day of rehersals today. It was the first rehersal with the pit, which is ALWAYS an adventure. :p We dealt with costumes, which was pretty painless for me. Unlike poor Brian and his hilarious outfit for the Emerald City. :p

I sent my grad school list off to Steve last night, and he had suggestions sitting in my inbox by this morning.

There was more crazy mad planning at the anime meeting last night. For some reason, people think I should be involved with the anime/geek music panel. Can't think WHY. :p We watched Noir, which enjoys flashing back to earlier in the episode. Despite all the flashbacks, we're still not sure what's going on. Then we made everyone watch the crack on every drug known to man and some that AREN'T which is Excel Saga. We finished up with BLood: THe Last Vampire. That one was completely and utterly NOT my thing, so I started my Zoe/Wash ficathon fic. I think I finally figured out what I'm going to do!

I got back and found out that the zip for my Firefly soundtrack over at [livejournal.com profile] fst was already dead. I posted the thing and people managed to kill FOUR GIGS of YSI bandwidth in a matter of HOURS. I guess my strange song calls have gone over well. AMusingly, I had MULTIPLE people uploading better versions of "Married" for me, which makes me ridiculously happy because that song is ADORABLE. :p (And utterly ZOe/Wash :p)

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So we're totally going to be the girliest Winkies ever for this show. For Winkie uniforms, the current plan is to use the STRIPPER DRESSES from Copacabana. (Two years ago we did Copacabana. There was a number in it called "I've Gotta Be Bad", in which the Copa girls enter wearing these sailor dresses over skimpy devil costumes. They proceed to strip the sailor dresses off. ERin dug these dresses up in the costume room. :p)

Vicki and I finally managed to go costume shopping yesterday after three failed attempts. Mostly shopping for her, since I was able to grab things out of my closet. We also picked up some groceries and it was a PARTY in the grocery store. Every second person seemed to be someone we know. :p

Vicki and I went to catch The Holiday last night, since it was the toonie movie. IT was CRAZY busy at the theatre. The people who own the Vogue are so nice though. They held off on starting the movie until just about everyone had gotten through the concession line. The only downside is that the movie starts at midnight, and with the fifteen minute delay it was quarter to three when we got home. I'm definitely glad I went though, because it was a super cute movie.

Spoilers )

I need to find my hand cream. I love chemistry and all, but those gloves are MURDER on the skin. Though part of that problem is that the evil latex ones are the only gloves we actually have in my size. :p


Jan. 12th, 2007 12:34 pm
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So, the LARPers? Totally my favourite volunteers right now. They RESPOND! And then they send follow up emails to make sure I got their giant response of DOOM.

[livejournal.com profile] seryan, is there any chance I can get you to poke the modelly types about actually answering one of my emails? :p

We've hit a hundred pre-reg for the con. *flail* That's a lot of people and there will be more at the door and pre-reg isn't closed yet and how did this convention get so BIG and why is it less than two months away? *more flailing*

Speaking of flailing... how is the show less than two WEEKS away? *flail* I'm starting to get the hang of the Munchkin dances at least. Tonight's rehearsal should be interesting, since I suspect there will be some re-choreographing going on. EVERY year, there's a number where the score is completely different from the CD. EVERY year, it's one of the big full chorus song and dance numbers. THis year is no exception, with the music for the dance break in "Merry Old Land of Oz" being completely different from what we thought. *flail*

And in slightly less pressing flailing... Grey's ANatomy! *flail* Izzie listened to us, but we're hoping that she'll get off okay because the entire cast was telling her to do the same thing. And George's dad! *flail*

ANd of course, there's also that thesis and grad school thing looming. *UBER FLAIL OF DOOM*

In non flailing news, I wrote all my track notes for my Firefly FST last night, so I should be posting it up soon. There was a lot of not apologizing involved, because I'm NOT sorry for my cracktastic song choices. :p
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Keep forgetting to update this thing. It's just that time of year. :p

Let's see... Steve ambushed me in the Cragg and asked me about grad school plans, so I'm supposed to just send him my long list and we'll work from there. (I told him that I was just all overwhelmed and confused because I could get as far as a long list but couldn't narrow)

We had a THRILLING rehearsal on MOnday for... playing the set. The only scene for the chorus in the section we were doing was the poppy field, in which we play... the poppies. Oh, and the snow. :p Which we may have FINALLY found a way to make work. THe original plan was a red outfit over a white outfit and removing the red outfit at the appropriate time. However, that was going to look a bit WRONG.

"Now, you don't want to just whip it off, but you also don't want to do the 'If I go slow, no one will see me!' thing. Just... gracefully remove the red."

"LIke you're stripping to classical music!"

And, umm, kids' show. With kids in that scene. :p Now we're trying to get red blankets, which would work much better, all things considered.

It was Sam's birthday on Monday, so I squeezed cake baking into my schedule somehow. The point is now we have chocolate cake. :p

I got to be highly confused this morning, because I heard people moving around upstairs at 10:30, when I know both my roommates have Japanese. Turns out our prof is sick, so I don't have my 11:30 Japanese class either. That means I only have Computational today, though we have the lab today, so it'll be long.
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It is the time of many, many rehearsals. There's a new girl in the kids' chorus, which means I'm not the ONLY Munchkin who doesn't really know the dances. And, y'know, that I have a dancing partner for the pairs stuff. At least the Munchkin scenes are pretty simple "Gawk at Dorothy and then dance" things. :p The chorus spends a lot of this show gawking at Dorothy in one form or other. :P

We found out some stuff about the set design. It sounds like it should be pretty cool, even if it does have the steppy steps from Copa, which we seem to recall having wheel locking issues. As long as we never have to use the lockers from Footloose again, we will be happy though. :p

We watched a really cool episode of Cold Case last night because the tv lied to us. :p They were investigating a murder at a theatre that was performing Cabaret, so the cops kept periodically singing "Cabaret" and other songs from the show were periodically woven it. It was actually pretty neat, since they used them to comment on the events, just like they do in Cabaret.

This led to poor Sammy pointing out that the version they couldn't be doing the version they seemed to be doing. We initially thought they must have been performing the 1988 version, since it included "Mein Herr", which was written for the movie and then worked into the revival. But then they showed one of the suspects singing "Maybe This Time", which was again written for the movie, but not included in the 1988 revival. It WAS included in the 1998 version of the stage show, but the rights to that aren't available (WIndsor Theatre apparently really wanted to do that version :p)

We definitely suspect they did this episode because movie!Joanne from Rent is on the cast. One of the other characters doesn't like musicals, so there was the brilliant moment of "Joanne" asking "What do you have against musicals?" We died laughing. Oh, lines that are ONLY funny because of who the actor is. :p
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I have the greatest boyfriend EVER.

Two years ago today (well, yesterday now that midnight's passed), Vicki and I decided that if Ryan was going to eat lunch with us on a regular basis, he should see Pretear so he could understand our conversations. Vicki eventually had to leave for class, but he stuck around my room a little while longer to watch some more. And, well, this turned out to be one of the better decisions I made in my life, since he randomly kissed me and we've been together since then.

Anyway, the point is that for our anniversary, he gave me a rose, nerds, smarties, a giant pixie stick and dinosaurs. DINOSAURS! My computer monitor is now This Land. :p

I have the greatest boyfriend EVER. :p

I gave him homemade cookies (a new recipe experiment, chocolate chocolate chip :p), the first two episodes of Doctor Who, a mix CD and two hours of my time. Considering what time of year it is, that's the most precious thing in the UNIVERSE. :p We sandwiched dinner in between my day of hammering out Spectroscopy lab reports and the Animaritime staff meeting. There's something vaguely amusing about changing into a little black dress in the bathroom of the chemistry building. :p

Campus security is STUPID, so we had our meeting in the hall outside of the locked classroom. This meant we also had to have the party in the hall, so it didn't go long. But I did start learning the Munchkin dances, so yay! I think I will be able to learn them in time to be a Munchkin, so yay!

I got home and Sam was watching Moulin Rouge to try to figure out her paper, so I joined her while working on my Quantum paper. I got to help with the paper by finding elements that parallel other musicals. I like helping her with papers for that class. :p

Karate grading tomorrow.
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So, I may have wormed my way into Munchkinland after all. :p I was commenting on how I was too tall and too alto to be in the first act at ALL, and said something about how fun the Munchkin dances looked. Our director said that if I thought I could catch up on everything, I could be a Munchkin since some of the kids are taller than I am. Which was not the response I was expecting. :p

From [livejournal.com profile] gabri_jade (Among others :p)


So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library. (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button.
6. Don't lie.

My movie is WEIRD. )
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I forgot to mention the most amusing part of rehearsal last night. We tried to go into the dance after melting the witch... and I was the only one who remembered the choreography. ME. For those of you who don't know, being the worst dancer in G&G is kinda my schtick. I usually don't get the hang of these things until the dress rehearsal. So when I'm the one calling out dance instructions to everyone else? Something is fundamentally wrong with the fabric of the universe.

We got our papers back in Inorganic today. I got a B-, which while not awful, is not as good as I hoped. Especially since I happen to disagree on certain points of his marking. Mostly every time he picked at my grammar when the sentence was grammatically correct. For instance, it is perfectly legitimate to start a sentence with "However, ..." He said that my essay and presentation didn't have enough pictures. I had the pictures I needed, yeesh! Oh, and I didn't ask enough questions in other people's presentations. Just because I'm not asking questions doesn't mean I'm not listening!

Then there was the marking for the debate. My participation was apparently "weak" and "forced"... even though I definitely said more in this debate than the last one. And of course my participation was forced, he was the one who forced us to DO the bloody debate! I don't DO debating. I'll discuss things, sure, but this extended verbal thing? Makes me want to annonymously said him that "Are you taking care of your introvert?" thing that [livejournal.com profile] neekabe linked to a few months ago.

Vicki, I'll probably be in the Cragg working on labs until about 5:30, so I'll pop to Subway for food and go right to rehearsal from here.
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Progress on the Quantum paper goeth slowly. Rehearsal today was amusing though. "Okay, in this scene we have the lion, the witch and the wardrobe..." There were also many jokes about Dumbledore. For the record, we were practicing melting the witch in The Wizard of Oz. And Wicked has totally ruined things for us, there's a line about the Scarecrow becoming the witch's old flame! (One assumes this MAY have figured into Fiyero's fate in the musical :p)

Also, Winkie society is apparently very oddly structured. The General is male, but all the footsoldiers are female! :p

Meme from [livejournal.com profile] stormkpr

01. Post this on your journal.
02. Your friends will comment with the name of one of your fandoms (or of more than one of your fandoms)
03. In a new post (or in comments) respond back with one or two of your unpopular opinions for that fandom or topic.
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We're making slow progress on the spec labs of doom. We keep having sessions to chip away at the questions, but ACK the end of semester is looming. We shall overcome though!

Stupid people on the ANimaritime forum posting about how there are less than a hundred days left until the convention. Don't remind us! It makes us panic! :p Actually, stupid people on the Animaritime forums in general. :p

We had live action night at anime on Saturday, which was fun. We watched My Boss, My Hero which is CRACKTASTICALLY awesome. It's about a Yakuza guy who, in order to prove that he isn't too stupid to become the boss, has to graduate from high school. Needless to say, crack ensues. No wonder the poor guy is confused in his math class though. We're convinced they were making that stuff up because a bunch of people who have taken math at a university level SHOULD be able to understand what's being said in a high school math class. Still, hilariously awesome.

After that, we watched Moonchild. It had Gackt and vampires and a lot of guns. Yeah, that's about all I got out of it. I appreciated the pretty boys, but REALLY not my thing. It was really long too, I was starting to fall asleep by the end. On the plus side, I wrote the ENTIRE draft of my "My Parents Gave Me a STUPID NAME" support group crackfic. Crack is so much faster to write than other things. :p (Like the fic Tess and I finally finished the first scene of :p)

On Sunday, I discovered that if you wear a Mount A sweatshirt to church, random church ladies will ask how your schoolwork is going and offer to pray for your week of DOOM. Quite frankly, I probably need it. After church, I made serious progress on the dishes and managed to clean the disgusting microwave, which makes everything happier.

After my cleaning spree, it was off to quite possibly the most boring karate class ever. Basics weren't so bad, but then it was katta, which made it clear just how SHORT my current katta is. We did discover that parts of the bunkai are NOT particularly effective if you're significantly smaller than your attacker. Try as I might, I couldn't pull off the trip. I suppose the purse smack is still effective though. (No, purse smack isn't the OFFICIAL explanation of what's going on, but it's TOTALLY the best application.)

There was a one hour break in between karate and rehearsal, so I decided that the most effective use of my time would be going to the Cragg to work on my spec assignment. Which I am totally declaring done, incidently. :p Then we had Winkie practice. We learned the choreography for the reprise of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". I love this dance, it's so ridiculously easy. I NEVER get the dance at the first rehearsal, but this one was well within my capabilities. It's more than a little cheesy, but that just makes it fun to dance. We're liking this whole "not being enslaved to the WIcked Witch of the West anymore" thing. :p We also reworked our marching formation for the "oh ee yoh" song so that it now actually WORKS and looks really cool. :D

After that, I went home and did schoolwork. Just need to get through this week. I'll do it somehow. :p

Also, Chiron Beta Prime is the only Christmas song I am ready to hear right now. I've started Christmas shopping, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not really Christmassy until after finals are over. However, Chiron Beta Prime kinda fits that mood. "Merry Christmas, from Chiron Beta Prime. Where we're working in a mine. For our robot overlords. Did I say overlords? I mean protectors! Merry Chriiiiiiiiiiistmas, from Chiron Beta Prime!"


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