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For those of you who don't play for Ravenclaw, I just posted The Twelve Days of Peevesmas at my fic journal. That would be the Peeves/Marietta fic. :p
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Well, we survived the House Cup. In a brilliant stroke of Ravenclawness, we did the majority of the tasks this weekend. But we DID them and they are DONE.

I'm actually quite proud of Freddy Boy. Oh, and if you want to hear freaky, unison lines of me singing all the parts might fit the bill. :p There! RIght There! And finally, SWCS is quite possibly the greatest boy band EVAH. :p

Now I need to find an appropriate comm to post a Peeves/Marietta fic in. :p

Oh, and my students are awesome. The lab once again turned into a SINGALONG. This time it was Avenue Q. :p

Now I'm working on my HMS Tessie Deadship FST. :p
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So last night I was reading one of my old fics because I got a review for it. A five year old fic. :p And I realized, looking back, that it was full of an ABSURD amount of innuendo. And accidental foreshadowing. :p Also, it's just really weird looking at the first fic I ever posted. :p

So I decided it would be fun to do a commentary!

Title: Not the World's Greatest Babysitters
Fandom: Star Wars EU
Rating: PG. Really. :p

Not the World's Greatest Babysitters with Author Commentary )
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So, I'm insane. And now have a rough synopsis for I Wish I Could Quit EU: A Bitter Star Wars Fan Musical This is still pretty rough, and there's a lot of places that need a song but I don't have one yet.

Also, I'm always looking for more Taco Bell patrons. So if you can think of characters from ANY fandom that are mysteriously absent at some point, let me know.

Rough Synopsis )
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Jello: you're like a thermal exhaust port. For weird.

And a meme from [livejournal.com profile] sarahetc.

What would you say are the trademarks of my writing? What themes or quirks or turns of phrase have you noticed? What is it that makes a story by me -- well, a story by me?

I'm curious about what you guys think. :p And here's my own thoughts. :p

1. Sentence fragments. :p
2. Dialogue heavy
3. Cuteness
4. Lackage of smut
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So, I'm reading an Aliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas fic. Solely because it's set in Sacvkille.

Yes. THAT Sackville. The one in NB. In which Jack and Syd are Mount A profs, but Syd currently has no memory of the last five years. In which she married Vaughn and they had a kid. Oh, and Vaughn teaches grade five... which for some reason is at a middle school. And his schedule bears no resemblance to grade five in District Two. :p

Oh, and Syd lost her memories by falling off the Swan Pond bridge. For those of you not from Sackville and therefore not already laughing at this, I have a picture to illustrate the problem.

Handy picture! )

Oh, and this fic is EPICALLY LONG. I've only made it through three chapters. The nostalgia only takes you so far. :p
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Tess and I have actually been working on our poor neglected fic (Zoe and Kaylee have been stuck behind the engine for MONTHS now :p) We hit a highly unusual problem of KAYLEE not wanting to talk. Of course, once she did talk, she babbled for 110 words in a row. THis led to...


Me: By the end she was suggesting getting Mal a kitten
[livejournal.com profile] sunshine_queen: LOL!
Me: That's when Zoe had to cut her off. Becaue Mal would EAT the kitten.
[livejournal.com profile] sunshine_queen: nooooo
[livejournal.com profile] sunshine_queen: "I don't like kittens, on account of them being snugglesome."

So I have a mission for everyone. Spread the use of this wonderous word "snugglesome"! Because it's my new favourite word. :p
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Today was an exciting afternoon of scanning barcodes. Yay training for work, eh? :p I made it to Highfield Square right in time to catch the bus back to Riverview... only to discover I didn't have my change purse and thus lacked bus fare. So I had to go in to the mall to break a ten, leading to having to kill an hour. :p

Fortunately, there's no bookstore in Highfield Square, so it was perfectly safe. :p

I successfully married off Sim Luke and Sim Mara. I've discovered the trick to making sure important family members don't miss weddings: HIDE THE CHESS TABLE. :p Wes played bass through the whole thing, but all things considered, that was probably a good thing. Kept him out of trouble. :p

Death decided she wanted to throw a Washburne family reunion at the Crypt o' NIght (which IS a goth club, JELLO :p). She called Daniel up and invited him downtown. When they got there, the other people turned out to be Zoe, Helen, Thisland and Billy. And Jayne, but he's not a Washburne. :p

And since I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] stormkpr

Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little-known facts about themselves.

You must also tag 10 others on your list.

1. I sleep with this ratty old teddy bear that I've had since I was a baby. The arm has fallen off three times, but there's no other bear quite like it. (Including the other one I got that same Christmas, which initially WAS just like it :p)

2. My high school math teacher used to make jokes about "And now you can go home and put that on your math poster." We all used to laugh. Then in first year calculus, I was putting a formula sheet up on the wall and realized that I actually HAD made a math poster. The next year, my walls were COVERED in organic synthesis reaction posters. :p

3. I tend to give strange nicknames that just keep GROWING. For instance, Tessie is ":Ding ship killing baby burning Cade loving nerf herding :( skillet" :p. This started as "skillet". :p

4. My bookshelf is currently organized based on "If it stays on the shelves, that's an accomplishment". Back when there was a semblance of order, beyond grouping authors and series, my organiziation system was only obvious to ME because it was arranged by themes. Placement of some authors was determined by which categories they straddled. :p

5. I've been collecting elephant themed objects ever since my kindergarten teacher gave me a little figurine of a sleeping elephant for my sixth birthday.

6. I take a twisted pleasure in feeding other people's plot bunnies. Unfortunately, this is a habit Tess shares (along with the brain, of course :p) One day we were both trying to give the other person a certain plot bunny, and wound up collaborating on it. Slowly.

7. I tend to use a lot of short sentences when I write fiction. Sometimes this works ("Last Moments" and "One Chance to Cry" come to mind), but a lot of the time I need Tess going "ACK! CHOPPY!" when she betas. :p

8. I'm a bit of a walking musical. I WILL burst into song at random. People are frequently shocked to discover it's a real song, but I've been known to re-write lyrics on the fly. (And then make them House CUp tasks :p)

9. There's nothing more comfortable than a pair of pajama pants, a t-shirt that's two sizes too big, and an ugly sweater. And I swear, the ugly part is REQUIRED. :p

10. I use the :p face like it's a punctuation mark. Definitely not little known, but I'd say it's a fairly weird habit. :p


[livejournal.com profile] non_horation, [livejournal.com profile] thepodsquad, [livejournal.com profile] akeyoftime, [livejournal.com profile] chlorrel, [livejournal.com profile] miana_dude, [livejournal.com profile] silver_saber, [livejournal.com profile] melonriel, [livejournal.com profile] virusq, [livejournal.com profile] wordsgate and [livejournal.com profile] byakuganchick (That's a lot of tagging! :p)
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It's been a pretty fun weekend. Friday was a "SIMS D*MMIT" day, which I greatly enjoyed. Simon, amusingly, has been playing piano at his son's house for three solid days. I'm starting to wonder if he's just planning to sit there until Amos and Helen GRADUATE. :p I played Luke's house a bit, he's boring right now, he just skills and goes to work as a Jedi. :p (I don't think I mentioned it, but Han and Leia wound up having a shotgun wedding because they refused to roll a marriage want. And then I cheated so they would have twins. :p) And then I played Daniel and Susan's house. Zoe and Wash now have their first grandchild, Derrial Washburne.

I had to get up early on Saturday because the Honours students were getting together to practice our presentations. Only the Toads and Metalheads showed up, which was somewhat upsetting, since we'd wanted to see what sort of questions people from other areas of chemistry would ask. Still, it was good to get that practice in for next week.

We took a break in the middle to all go down to the Farmer's Market. In four years, I'd never actually gone. I picked up some earrings because it's been ages since I last bought earrings. I also tried a rice dish.

I had a bit of time to kill after that, so I tried to work on my computational assignment. The computers were being ridiculously laggy in the Cragg, so I tried going over to the Avard Dixon computer lab, but it didn't help. I ran into someone from my Japanese class, so we had an awkward conversation in Japanese. (Mostly about coffee and plans for the night :p) Awkward, but still fun.

I gave up on productivity and headed over to the grocery store to pick up some bread. Never made it to the grocery store though, because I wound up hanging out on a roof with Maria, Lily and McGeek. :p

After that, I went to sing karaoke with the con staff, which was an absolute silly blast. Then it was the club meeting, with crazy anime purchase voting. We watched Nurse Witch Komugi (?), which was... strange. The incredible Gatchaman parody made it totally worth it. After that, we watched Castle in the Sky, because you really can't go wrong with a Miyazaki film. :p Even if we did have a field day with the thing about "With our primitive technology, we don't even know what this is made of, metal or ceramics." :p

After the meeting, I found a Firefly/Fiddler on the Roof crossover fic. This led to me wondering who looks at Fiddler on the Roof and decided "you know, that really needs to be crossed over with that space western...".

And then I decided I wanted to make Fiddler on the Roof sims. :p Poor Tevye's brain will so BREAK though. :p

Today was just karate and trying to work on this infernal computational assignment. Oh, and Japanese homework. We decided Wessa did that part, because my kanji look like a six year old wrote them. :p
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Sometimes I'm just really easy to make happy. Like right now. :p I'm very much enjoying the fact that there's a nice sunny spot next to this computer. (It's kinda hilarious, I'm typing at an odd angle so I can curl up in the sunbeam :p) I figure part of this is because it was one of those mornings where it was hard to get up because my bed was warm and my room was not. Though the fact that I stayed up late to get my Zoe/Wash ficathon fic posted probably didn't help. :p

The point is that the world seems like a good place when sitting in a sunbeam. :p

I have to present at the group meeting today. Probably a good thing, since there's a slide that I'm not sure where it should go in my presentation. Steve didn't show up today after all, so I can see about the slide in the low stress situation of the rest of the group. :p I got 91% on my Inorganic assignment, so that helped my mood too.

The frosh are working with naphthalene and sulphur today though. That's going to smell just SPLENDID. :p
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Wow, surprisingly tired from karate today. We did a blindfolded exercise, which is ALWAYS an adventure. And by adventure, I mean I flail a lot. :p And apparently body check. :p I don't do well blindfolded, especially since I have filtering issues so I don't hear the people moving over the other group giggling. (Apparently, their blindfolded person tried to use one of the attackers as a shield. :p)

I was on the go most of the day, but other than karate, it was running from one school thing to the next. The withdrawal deadline is coming up, so the profs are all dumping work on us so we have 20% of our mark by then.

I love my little sister SO MUCH. First I was trying to find Zoe/Wash songs because it's "Marrieds" month at [livejournal.com profile] fst, and she came up with "Running Scared" by Roy Orbison for the scene with Niska.

Speaking of which, I don't suppose I have any Roy Orbison fans on my flist? She came up with the song, but she didn't HAVE it. :p

The other reason I love her is that I was complaining that the tricky thing about writing Firefly fic is that they canonically burst out in a foreign language, so I have [insert Chinese here] at one point in my ficathon fic. So she pulled out her dictionary and came up with a rough translation of "Shiny!" without me actually asking her to do any such thing. :p

The fic is almost ready to go to Tessie for beta-ing. Which is good, considering the loomingness of the deadline and all. :p

I just accidentally typed my current music in the Location field. Which is funny considering the song title. :p

Oh, and Kim, was there anything in particular you wanted emphasized at the Fandom Etiquette panel?
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Today's quote of the day is... my mother? :p


Mom: And I went to a talk about FAN Fiction today. Kept thinking Tolkein would be turning over in his grave at the thought of Legoals dancing around to I feel pretty

I told her that Tolkien was spinning in his grave for more reasons than that, and she didn't want to KNOW what else Legolas is up to in fanfiction. She'd never be able to look at our cat the same way again. :p

Other than that, this assignment would have been a lot easier if Quattro Pro wouldn't CRASH so much. ANd the kanji for this week are DEATH.
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So, definitely don't recommend killing one's immune system. :p At least it's a kind of sick that leaves me able to function, I suppose. :p Small favours and all that. :p

Yesterday's big discovery: INvigilating midterms is a good way to get fic written. I had to invigilate the intro midterms, which mostly just means sitting in the room and handing out scrap paper. For the first hour or so I practiced kanji for Friday's quiz, but there's only so long that can go on. :p So for the next two hours, I worked on my Zoe/Wash ficathon fic. I took it from only having one scene to being about 3/4 done. Early Zoe/Wash is so much fun to write, incidently.
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OMG GOblins, a webcomic about D&D goblins should not make me wibble this much! And yet... *WIBBLE*

Looooong day of rehersals today. It was the first rehersal with the pit, which is ALWAYS an adventure. :p We dealt with costumes, which was pretty painless for me. Unlike poor Brian and his hilarious outfit for the Emerald City. :p

I sent my grad school list off to Steve last night, and he had suggestions sitting in my inbox by this morning.

There was more crazy mad planning at the anime meeting last night. For some reason, people think I should be involved with the anime/geek music panel. Can't think WHY. :p We watched Noir, which enjoys flashing back to earlier in the episode. Despite all the flashbacks, we're still not sure what's going on. Then we made everyone watch the crack on every drug known to man and some that AREN'T which is Excel Saga. We finished up with BLood: THe Last Vampire. That one was completely and utterly NOT my thing, so I started my Zoe/Wash ficathon fic. I think I finally figured out what I'm going to do!

I got back and found out that the zip for my Firefly soundtrack over at [livejournal.com profile] fst was already dead. I posted the thing and people managed to kill FOUR GIGS of YSI bandwidth in a matter of HOURS. I guess my strange song calls have gone over well. AMusingly, I had MULTIPLE people uploading better versions of "Married" for me, which makes me ridiculously happy because that song is ADORABLE. :p (And utterly ZOe/Wash :p)

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After a nice eight hours of sleep I'm... still tired. :p This is what happens when you get two hour long naps in the space of 36 hours. :p But there can be no rest for the weary. I need to pop into the lab after Spec to take an aliquot of my latest reaction and hope it's something good. Then I have to dash to the grocery store because the murder mystery is tonight and it's the most ridiculously specific potluck I've ever seen. I was assigned to bring Spanish rice. I looked up the recipe and it calls for all sorts of disgusting things that aren't in my kitchen because they're icky. That's right. I'm bringing an item to a potluck that I have NO INTENTION OF EATING. Figure THAT one out. :p Then it's home to prepare the aforementioned item and then off to the murder mystery, which should be fun. After that it's midnight madness, so I can continue Christmas shopping. Wonder how many people on my list I can actually take care of in Sackville. Bloody hell, I need to get an anniversary present for Ryan too.

This weekend doesn't get any saner, either. Saturday I'm meeting my group to work on Spec lab reports, which seems to be all I ever do sometimes. Then it's anime and home to sleep. Sunday we have rehearsal, surprise surprise. Not to mention the fact that I need to work on a bunch of presentations because next week is my three presentations in four days week. I want to at least get a start on my Quantum paper too, which can coincide with working on my Quantum presentation. :p And there's the spec assignment that was due Wednesday that I'm still trying to finish.

All this work is certainly making it clear that it's November. The weather certainly isn't. It's RIDICULOUSLY warm out today. We're talking, like, May weather. The only sign of the approaching winter is that the evil wood has started to appear. It's not on any of the stairs yet, but they have it on the way into Crabtree. I'm in fourth year and I STILL have no clue what the purpose of the evil wood is. :p

Fic rec! Fic rec!

Notes on a Fridge is the most hilarious Firefly fic type thingy, like, EVER. The link goes to part 6, but there's a link to the first five there. It's a series of lists and notes left on Serenity's fridge by the crew. Shopping lists, sign up sheets for getting shot, lost and found and the duty roster. Lots of comments between the crew and doodles in the margins. Every installment kills me with laughter. Also, Kaylee's handwriting is the same font that I use for a lot of stuff involving Sandman!Death, which amuses me to NO end.

Actually, Death and Kaylee would get along EXTREMELY well. That much cheerful in one room might get kinda scary though.


This is turning into a plot bunny. But first I need to write my silly "My Parents Gave Me A Stupid Name" support group fic. Any suggestions for characters who would join?
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My Death/Death fic is all happy and posted over at [livejournal.com profile] ewokese. And what an adventure it's been. :p The things that begin at 2 AM and Tess makes me go through with. :p

We're supposed to have a debate tomorrow about whether a certain paper is novel or derivative. Trouble is, none of us understand the paper. It's going to be, as Lachlan is fond of saying, a gong show. :p Our prof is sick, so we're supposed to VIDEOTAPE this debate. It's not going to be pretty. :p

Between that, a guest speaker and my Spec lab, it's going to be a long day tomorrow. :p

Also, conversations with my sister turn into amusing language mishmashes, with such gems as "Kon banwa, meimei" :p (Good evening in Japanese and little sister in Mandarin :p). She has a new motivation to pass her Mandarin test tomorrow. "If JAYNE can speak the language..." :p

Also, I'm starting to think I should just start answering to "Samantha" in Japanese class. :p
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Rainy Mondays are really not fun. It poured basically all day, which made going back and forth to campus unpleasant.

Natasha and I were the ignored middle children at karate yesterday. During what was theoretically the upper belts class, Jerrod went over basic stuff with the white belts and the other two brown belts went off to do their kata. Natasha and I had been working on our katta for the previous HOUR, so when left to our own devices, we climbed up on the heater to stare out the window. We eventually made the brown belts teach us one step sparring. The kick blocks are ODD, but at least we got to do SOMETHING eventually. :p

The exam schedule is out. All my exams are at 9 AM, joy oh joy. :p

December 5- Advanced Inorganic.
December 6- Spectroscopy
December 8- Japanese
December 15- Quantum

That's right. My last exam is on the SECOND last day of the exam period. Call the papers, it's a miracle! :p

Now I'm sitting in the Cragg eating cake because it's Nathan's birthday. My Spectroscopy class is madly trying to figure out our assignment because it's due today. Next stop, the lab, because we're getting booted from the Cragg in like seven minutes. Stupid intro midterms taking away our home every afternoon for a week. :p

Oh, and my still untitled Death/Death fic is off to Tessie for betaing. :D
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I made Sim Saffron yesterday. She's married to Durran Haymer and they have Heinrich the security programmer living with them. I'm trying to get her to have an affair with Heinrich, but he keeps catching her with Durran and getting mad. Sooner or later the fury will pass and she can split up with Durran. :p My sister has begged me to make a millionaire to marry River, so he's going to be Saffron's next husband. Then Mal, of course. Tee hee. :D

At the Animaritime meeting last night, all the heads of various things were explaining to the new staffer what we do. This frequently involved "Wait, you mean I'm in charge of THAT too? Good to know." because we all do FAR too much.

We tried to watch Sailor Moon Live Action, but we weren't in our usual room, so we didn't have the computer we snuck DivX onto before they locked us out of downloadability. :p So we watched Howl's Moving Castle, which was good, as can be expected from a Miyazaki film. We watched S-Cry-ed, which I suppose was good for its genre, but not really my thing. I appreciated it in a vague detached manner. :p Then we watched His and Her Circumstances, which I am QUITE taken with. Okay, OMGLOVE. :p

Backtracking to Friday, there was lots of watching then too. Vicki and I watched episode 15 of Digimon 02 because the subbers finally put it out. Was it filler? Yep. Was it fun anyway? Of course. I love that Digmon's attack is "BIG CRACK!", because that's clearly what the writers were TAKING by the end. :p Then we watched the first two episodes of Welcome to NHK, which was nifty. Then we watched some more Sailor Moon CLassic. They're rather spoilerific episode titles, incidently. Guess what happens in "Naru's Tears! Nephrite Dies for Love!". :p If you guessed "Nephrite is sent to the SPecial Hell"... :p And Kunzite/Zoicite? Wow, their subtext is rapidly becoming TEXT. :p Zoicite also continues to have the most RIDICULOUSLY feminine body language. :p We finally got to Makoto's introduction and the realization that the reason no one can find the Silver Crystal is that it's in seven pieces that need collecting before they can be redeemed for the next advancement in the plot. :p

After that, Sam and I watched some Firefly happy shininess. We finally got to finish "Safe", which we had started to watch before and had to go do something else. I love ickle!River so much, she was ADORABLE. We also watched "Our Mrs. Reynolds" which is just SO much fun. Especially since I get to be all "Just watch, all shall be explained" when Saffron is making people go "What?"

I finished reading my Firefly geek book, which was great geeky fun. Most of the essays were really interesting to read. There were a couple things that were just fun silliness instead of analysis, which is also enjoyable. There was, of course, the essay to fill the requirement that every essay book must have one that demonstrates that if you try hard enough ANYTHING can be the tool of teh eb0l patriarchy. Yes, even the work of Joss Whedon, apparently.

The only essay I really didn't like was one going on about how political correctness was making Firefly untrue to its Western origins by not having an element of chivalry. Not just because I disagree rather adamantly with the essay, but because it showed a lack of knowledge of canon. I don't just mean where the author was clearly missing the POINT of some scenes, which was annoying in and of itself, I mean getting hard FACTS wrong. It talks about Jayne's recruitment scene as being in "Serenity" instead of "Out of Gas". It refers to Zoe as Zoe WARREN. NOw, I'm not sure her last name was used before the movie, but it was NEVER Warren. Finally, they talk about how we don't know if there's a prohibition against violence in Book's religion, but we can assume. Umm... "Doesn't the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killing people?" "Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps." I know this person SAW "War Stories", because they complain about how Wash going on the job and thus saving Zoe from being kidnapped and tortured is shown as a petulant action instead of heroic. (Which is a whole other rant, which I may go into when I don't have to dash out to karate.)

I should note that these two essays are back to back... immediately after one about how if it came to a fight, the guys would totally lose to the women of Serenity. :p

Also, is it bad that my cracktastic Death/Death fic is, at 2785 words, the longest thing I've written in AGES? :p
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Hmm... there was something I wanted to mention but what was it?

Oh! At the audition last night, Brian told us that in order to keep track of which side moves start on, we should think of our right foot as the dominant one that initiates everything and the left foot as the one that just kinda follows along. He made a comment about "If you like to personify your feet, that is." Well, my feet are already personified as slashy, SLASHY feet. So that little spiel is just wrong on SO many levels. :p

Tess and I were writing last night, which means I didn't get to bed on time, oops. :p The ellipsis mafia is totally going to put a hit out on us soon. Because nothing says "Angst" like ellipsises and sentence fragments. :p Also, Serenity is totally not designed for angsting on the bridge about news received in the infirmary. Fancy that. :p

Also, I just lost the game. :p

Today is the moment of truth for whether my reaction went to completion. :p


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