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Gwenna: "It occurred to me as I went downstairs using my sonic screwdriver as a flashlight to put a Tribble in the Christmas tree that I am a bit of a nerd."

Merry Christmas all.
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Today's "this isn't what happens in normal families" incident...

"She can't be Squid! I'M SQUID!"

I'd rather be Squid. My marine life related nickname is Shrimp.
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Last night, my little brother was complaining about "KIDS THESE DAYS!".

He's not allowed to do that! He's a baby. (Note: He is in fact 19. Thus, a baby. :p)

That said... he does have a point. He's been helping out with a group of Beavers (youngest branch of Scouts, five to seven years old). He told them to dig through the mud and look for bugs and... they were all afraid to touch the mud. Five year olds. Afraid to touch mud. The only thing you can really say here is, well, KIDS THESE DAYS!

He was claiming that when he was five he would have dove right in. I told him that I remember when he was five. He wouldn't have waited for someone to tell him to do it. :p

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Back home. The house is freezing. We had a good trip (for the most part anyway), but it is nice to be back. Well, mostly it's nice to be off the train. :p Though it was a remarkably smooth train ride this year. There were almost no delays in either direction! That's almost unheard of around Christmas.

When we were with my parents, my poor mother spent most of the time being confused. She just doesn't speak Geeky Reference as much as my father, brother, sister, Ryan and I do. And geeky reference we did! Considering we arrived just in time for the Doctor Who Christmas special, it was inevitable. And of course, as usual my father had gotten me the new Pratchett book. And read it before me. This year, his new twist on his emailed "spoilers" was to rename one of the characters from one of the other books he gave me to Tiffany.

I wonder what normal families do. :p

Speaking of normal families, apparently random people have been asking my mother when Ryan and I are having kids. Apparently these are people that don't actually know me, really.
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Gwenna *playing with a pair of Eleventh Doctor action figures, making them hug*
Kelcie: One of them is slipping awfully low.
Gwenna: Well now that you mention it...
Ryan: You realize that's just masturbation, right?
Gwenna: No, it's Doctorbataion. I don't have a Master action figure.

I wonder what normal families talk about...
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Sometimes I wonder what normal families talk about. I have a feeling it's not...

Well, I sent my dad a link to this comic. And his response...

Was kinda epic )
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My mother was confused by my Facebook status. I thought "wants to keep Eleven and Amy" was pretty self explanatory. :p

I don't really have anything new to contribute to ELeventh Hour flailing, so I'll leave it at that.

Though honestly, my father and siblings watched it, she should have at least realized the significance of the Eleven! :p
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Merry Christmas/Happy Celebration of Your Choice all!

It's mostly been fun being home. Siblings still fight, but not nearly as much as they did once upon a time. University has been good to little brother.

My father keeps insisting that Lorne Green was the bestest Adama evah. Head!Bill has been unimpressed. It didn't stop me from introducing the siblings to BSG though. Gwenna thinks the mini is a little slow paced but it's picked up. Not screaming CYLON! at the Final Five is most difficult though. She's decided Starbuck is a Cylon because she annoys her. Pretty sure that's not how it works. :p

My secret Santa fic is over 2000 words and I haven't finished it yet. Why couldn't my person have requested a short piece of fluff? Instead it's the longest I've written in ages. :p

Shannon came over last night. We were going to go for a walk, but it was pouring rain so we watched Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. The whole family got a kick out of that. Which... says something about my family.

There's no 10 PM Mass tonight, so we're going to the the 7 PM. Which is going to be... squishy.
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We made it to New Brunswick! Only about two hours late, too! Half of that was boarding delays in Montreal. The other half I suspect is just a case of the sheer volume of passengers this time of year pushing everything off the schedule. It was a relatively uneventful trip. I finished two books and started a third. It had small print though, and I had a bit of a headache after getting at least some sleep in interesting positions, so in the morning I took advantage of the outlets on the train to play Avernum and work on my Secret Santa fic.

I must say though... it's nice that they have so much space under the seats for luggage, but I wish the seats were a little farther apart. Mostly because every time I got down to access my bag under the seat, I wound up smacking my head on the seat in front of us. Ow.

Still haven't seen my sister yet. She's out LARPing. We kinda thought she would be home by now though. Seeing my brother has been nice though, university has done good things to him. :p
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Fun times: Spending most of Canada Day joking about how we were spending Canada Day with "Twenty thousand of our closest friends!" and then actually running into someone we knew other than the group we were meeting up with us. This random guy came up to us and asked if we went to Mount A and it turned out he had been in our Japanese class. What are the ODDS?

I also am amused by my country. On the way in they were checking everyone's bags. Which involved briefly glancing in and then ASKING if we had any drugs. ASKING. :p

Oh, and I got to climb the fence on Parliament Hill. There was just the one narrow gate in and out. After the fireworks, EVERYONE was leaving. So going over the fence was clearly the more efficient option. I am proud to say that I didn't flash anyone even though I was wearing a skirt.

I'm such a nerd. I needed red and white... so most of what I wore was my Laura Roslin costume. Because... it was red! I just switched the camisole out for a white shirt.

And now Ryan has met... well, most of my dad's side of the family. I think he was vaguely frightened by how many they were. And there were three more of my dad's siblings who were never there! I have a big family. :p

So a very fun time in Ottawa, whee! And now Polaris is this weekend... one of these days I'll actually put in a full work week, I swear. :p
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Gwenna: Where is sparkeling in vampire lore? Why in gods name do they sparkel?

I may have told my sister about Twilight today. Her brain may be in pain now. :p
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TERRIBLY exciting birthday. :p Had to catch an early bus so I could go to my friend's PhD defense. Then I spent the morning adding the citation into my essay. (One of these days I'll learn to cite as I go :p), and fighting with stupid Word 2007 about adding page numbers. It wasn't broken, why did they decide FIX it? IN the afternoon I tried to distill some chemicals, but apparenlty didn't stopper my apparatus properly, so that didn't work. Also, studying, since I have a final on Friday morning. And group meeting, which no one thought to tell me about, oops. :p They also didn't know it was my birthday and were sad we'd missed an excuse to go out for lunch. :p (Of course, to them I'm still twelve :p)

Things were a bit more exciting when I got home. :p Ryan gave me a fedora (possibly because I always steal HIS :p) and the two Phoenix Wright games that I didn't already own. (So now Vicki can has her copy of the first one back) We went to East Side Mario's for supper. MAN restaurant portions are filling. :p I only managed a teeny bit of the cake Ryan made (yummy!)

My family called while we were out and sang Happy Birthday very off key on our answering machine. So I got to talk to them. :p
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So, Good Friday mass at a church that normally has five masses? Is quite something. The place was PACKED. THey also had these TINY kids serving. I felt bad for them when they had to hold the cross during the veneration, that thing must have been getting HEAVY.

It's my poor sister's birthday today. What a bad day to have your birthday on. "Happy birthday! We got you dietary restrictions!" :p I called her and she bragged about getting to see Spamalot, Wicked, Avenue Q and Phantom of the Opera. And then informed me I was jealous as if I couldn't figure it out on my own. :p
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Still alive, in case you're wondering. Just at Ryan's parents house and therefore can't just hop on the internet with a laptop.

Ryan's parents got him a Wii, which is SO much fun. I may have accidently emasculated him though. I kinda sorta maybe beat his high score at the boxing "working the bag" training. With my flashdance approach to boxing. :p

Passport process is too complicated. NOW I'm being told that th only government ID I HAVE isn't good enough. ALl I have is my NB driver's license because we weren't quite qualified for OHIP yet. I couldn't just get it changed to an Ontario one without re-writing the test, so it's still the NB one. But once I have my OHIP card, I can't exactly PART with it, I need it to get in to see my doctor! BUt I can't photocopy it because the photocopy has to be signed by my guarantor, who lives in New Brunswick like everyone ELSE who has known me for more than two years. Honestly, aren't three different people saying I'm me plus my freaking BIRTH CERTIFICATE good enough to prove I'm a Canadian citizen?

I'm also SICK TO DEATH of all this stupid planning! My mother asks way too many questions. I TOLD her what I want in a cake: Chocolate! White frosting, separated tiers, actually look like food. WHAT MORE IS THERE TOO IT? Am I supposed to have some sort of exact image? It's a CAKE! I want it to look like a CAKE! Gah, why didn't I elope?

Why can't I just live my life in peace without FIVE MILLION QUESTIONS about FLOWERS flying at me?
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First off, oh my GOD, Terry Pratchett, it's so distressing. And of all the diseases...

Onto the cheerier topic of Pushing Daisies!

And spoilers )

The conversation thingies will probably be written after my final on Saturday is over. Some of them will be interesting to write since I've never written the fandom before. :p

My sister amuses me. She's disappointed that the actor who plays Jack is gay... because she was hoping he was a straight man comfortable enough in his sexuality to play a pansexual. Most straight women are sad he's gay because his hot. :p (Though of course in a highly generic way! Silly Mr Generichead. :p)
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So apparently my supervisor goes to the same church I do. That was kinda random, but it resulted in me getting a ride home. Which was nice, because it was RIDICULOUSLY hot and I didn't feel like waiting for the bus in the heat.

It's CRAZY hot out. I wore shoes to church because I figured it's October, shoes are appropriate. When I got back, I changed to SANDALS. And I'm an absolute WUSS about cold, so when I think it's hot... :p

We went to my uncle's for Thanksgiving dinner, which was super fun. The food was soooooooooooooo good. There were a lot of people there, which was a bit insane. Apparently one of his wife's relatives remembers me from their wedding. I was eleven at the time. :p So yeah, chaos. Also, we have a flower girl now. My cousin Jasmine was SO excited when I asked her. :D

Incidently, stirring up children and then leaving? So fun and SO evil.

So hot, can't think or paragraph!
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Moving still sucks. :p I spent most of the day packing. :p Final count for boxes of books? Seven and a half. (The last box was a mix of books and games. :p

I'm still not sure how we're going to get everything that's coming with us in the car IN the car tomorrow. It'll be... cute. :p Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess!!!

And after three days of driving in a Tetris car, we get to try to find an apartment. Joy. I don't want to be moving anymore. It's not that I don't want to move to London, it's just that I don't want to be MOVING. :p Of course, even when we have a place to live, there will be the stress of waiting for our furniture to get here. My books are coming UPS and will thus arrive much before my bookSHELVES. :p

So yeah, the next month or so is stressful. Wake me up when September ends? :p

My brother asked how he can help with the wedding today. Which I thought was sweet. :p I don't think the normal answer is "Oh, I know, you could make spears!" though. :p He also declared that when he's emperor of the world, he wants to make a kitten that turns into a dog because he doesn't like cats or pupppies. :p
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Nuki, Katie has us down as being your ride to the wedding. We're planning on driving down on Thursday for it, so we need to touch base with you about such things!

Bill, Lindsay, my mother wants to know if you two drink wine. :p


(On Catholic rules that most modern Catholics don't follow)

"If God wanted us to have ten kids, HE can put them through college!"- Gwenna
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Ugh, I think I'm coming down with something. My legs, ears and throat all ache, and I have quite the cough. It's not fun. Especially since I have a night shift tomorrow (an Old Navy in Saint John, should be a nice change from Zellers. :p)

Ryan's parents came by today, which was quite fun. They seem to get along with my parents, which is nice. :p I'm still trying to figure out why we all stayed in the kitchen though. :P

My mother waved a notebook at us and ordered us to start making a guest list. :p In the middle of me interneting. :p But we did start the list of our friends. I've been teasing my sister that she'd better not be hoping to pick up at my wedding, because my choices are pulled from rather female circles (not to mention the fact that most of the guys that ARE invited are attached :p). :P The list rather explodes when our families get added in. :p

(Also, my sister scribbled Clay Aiken in on the bottom of the list. SIlly sister. :p)
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Hilarity when my sister grabs my computer and starts talking to Jello!

LONG hilarity )


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