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Yesterday I learned that being the President is not NEARLY as fun when you're playing as Chief. I didn't get to play with the Quorum cards because I was too busy fixing the frakking ship. I was the third president we had that game, after Baltar and Zarek.

One of Zarek's traits in the game is the ability to use Soylent Green as a solution to the food problem once per game. Amusingly, the crisis immediately after that was riots. Possibly because of the cannibalism. Just sayin'.

The humans all died in the end. It was very festive. WE're thinking we need to implement some house rules that actually give humanity a fighting chance. Because DAMN we die a lot. (Which wouldn't be so bad... if I were ever a Cylon :p)

But there was good food, good friends and the death of humanity! All in all, a good Christmas party. :p

Aaaaaand out come the Christmas icons!
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So, a random observation...

Spoilers through the end of BSG )
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Well, I'm now a PhD candidate. Glad that's over. :p

I'm going to have to do a second year presentation though, because it was decided that my committee wasn't the right committee for the direction my project has gone. Also, I apparently don't answer questions very confidently.

I'm just glad it's DONE.
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First year report tomorrow. Which is also my PhD candidacy exam.

I'm gonna sing the doom song now! Doom doom doomity doom!

I mean, I've practiced, I've studied, but I'm still rather nervous and want it to be over. I mean, I'm going to wear clothes that look like I don't muck around in a lab all day, this is serious business!

And yes, Chris and I were totally singing the doom song today. :p

I also had epic four hour help room session. It was really busy for a while. Of course, there was also a really quiet patch in which I managed to read about NMR, which was useful. Next week will be NUTS though, since that's the week of the midterm and we fully expect lots of students to suddenly realize they don't understand things.


Mar. 6th, 2008 12:08 am
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Things that just don't come up in normal conversation...


[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: I don't think I ever asked why I'm a skillet of doom :p
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Oh. My. God. I predicted DOOOOM from the preview, but not THIS MUCH DOOM.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Lost Boy Part One FLAILING )
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So the grad banquet was actually quite fun. We had a blast talking to the random person we met in the line to get in. :p

Lindsay, Bill won the Computer Science award. Yay Bill!

The Alma Mater Song has these INCREDIBLY cheesy lyrics set to lovely music. Lovely for a FUNERAL, that is. The music sounds for all the world like "Behold, Behold the Wood of the Cross"... which we sing on GOOD FRIDAY. :p

There was a collective stifled laugh at the line "on every field, her teams victorious". We just couldn't keep a straight face through THAT! Mount A. Right. :p

Other than that, I sent my thesis to Steve but the odds are very much against him being able to look at it, so I'll be sending it to my second reader soon. Tomorrow I'm ordering my transcripts and talking to Glen about a rec letter. I need one from Steve too, but I really don't want to ask him when he's this badly off.

I also totally forgot my mechanistic paper for Organic was supposed to be due this week. Hopefully Dr. Grant will let that slide if I bring up the thesis thing. He's already proven just how cool he is today. He realized that we all have a lot of work to do, so he made this really intense assignment GO AWAY. :D

Now if only the calculations for my Computational project would WORK. They keep failing after eleven hours, giving me a collection of disconnected atoms. I need to talk to Khash about it.

On the plus side, my mom's stopping by for a bit tomorrow afternoon. ANd we're celebrating Vicki's birthday tomorrow because I didn't have time to make her a cake on Tuesday. Tomorrow is also Urinetown, which should be a fantastic show considering who's involved. :D

I also started playing Kingdom Hearts today, which was SO fun and actually RELAXING!

Oh, and I finally managed to get decent ring pictures. Small sparkly objects are hard to photograph. :p

SParkly! )
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(I swear, that con report IS coming, once I get through all these essays and such :p)

Today was the first time I've missed a class for non-G&G reasons the entire time I've been at Mount A. I kinda fell back asleep and missed Japanese, oops. But at least I got the paper passed in, even if I DID switch to thirteen point font to get the thing long enough. :p

I'm definitely glad that the paper I have due tomorrow is ACTUALLY due "before your presentation" so I can hand it in on Monday, because it's nowhere near done. It's one of those super stressful ones that doesn't have a set length so I have no clue how long it needs to be. I found about seven relevant articles, so I'm figuring about a page on each might do it. I don't know. :p

And the Fabricville flyer is definitely not trying to help my stress levels. I open it up and what do I see? Bridal fabric. :p I have a feeling this is going to be like how you don't realize you see someone every day until you've been introduced to them. But I am NOT worrying about wedding plans until my thesis is done, I SWEAR. :p (I HAVE A WEDDING TAG, WHAT THE HELL?)

Speaking of my stress level, tomorrow is the last chance to have Steve look at it before I hand in the final version on the fifteenth. ACK my thesis is due soon.

ANd Ryan, did you get my message that I forgot Friday is the MIDW so Thursday works better?
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So, this morning I tripped over a skipping rope on live television. :p For those of you who aren't MOunt A students and thus have NOT been getting three emails a day, Mount A's capital fundraising campaign is called JUMP. Since we have a national champion skipper, they decided it would be a good idea to attempt to break the record for most people simultaneously skipping. They were interviewing the girl in question this morning and they wanted people skipping in the background. She's in my 8:30 class, so we all got drafted. I was NOT dressed for skipping, with a coat that goes past my knees. I think I managed to jump over the rope three times once. :p My one consolation? It's not like anyone actually WATCHES CBC. :p

I didn't actually participate in the JUMP thing, I went to the recruiting session instead. A lot of us were feeling pretty divided since there WAS the recruiting session, but we also see Sara every day, so if we didn't go jump...

I got my INorganic assignment assignment that is due tomorrow done. ACK so much schoolwork. There is an UNGODLY amount of stuff due right around my THESIS. But I got the assignment done in time to whip up a batch of brownies for Grey's Night. :p

Oh, and the kanji for this week are utterly DEATH. Why do they have to be so COMPLICATED?

And Grey's! OMG *FLAILS* HOW CAN IT END THERE? That was a SERIOUSLY intense episode.

Finally... OMG STAR WARS THE MUSICAL! I don't know why it exists, but it's the greatest thing in the history of EVER! I love my crack music. :p


Jan. 12th, 2007 12:34 pm
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So, the LARPers? Totally my favourite volunteers right now. They RESPOND! And then they send follow up emails to make sure I got their giant response of DOOM.

[livejournal.com profile] seryan, is there any chance I can get you to poke the modelly types about actually answering one of my emails? :p

We've hit a hundred pre-reg for the con. *flail* That's a lot of people and there will be more at the door and pre-reg isn't closed yet and how did this convention get so BIG and why is it less than two months away? *more flailing*

Speaking of flailing... how is the show less than two WEEKS away? *flail* I'm starting to get the hang of the Munchkin dances at least. Tonight's rehearsal should be interesting, since I suspect there will be some re-choreographing going on. EVERY year, there's a number where the score is completely different from the CD. EVERY year, it's one of the big full chorus song and dance numbers. THis year is no exception, with the music for the dance break in "Merry Old Land of Oz" being completely different from what we thought. *flail*

And in slightly less pressing flailing... Grey's ANatomy! *flail* Izzie listened to us, but we're hoping that she'll get off okay because the entire cast was telling her to do the same thing. And George's dad! *flail*

ANd of course, there's also that thesis and grad school thing looming. *UBER FLAIL OF DOOM*

In non flailing news, I wrote all my track notes for my Firefly FST last night, so I should be posting it up soon. There was a lot of not apologizing involved, because I'm NOT sorry for my cracktastic song choices. :p
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Spec Paper= DONE (By the end, I may even have UNDERSTOOD IT! :p)

Spec Lab Report= DONE (Handing in electronically because my printer is REALLY running out of toner. May get JM to PDF it for me to make it pretty. :p)

Quantum Paper= I have to pick up the draft tomorrow and edit it before the secretary goes home

I've been copy/pasting the same reference list for all of these. I'm starting to think of it as my "Works I never want to see EVER AGAIN" list. :p

Especially Molecular Spectroscopy by Jack D. Graybeal. Which I finally realized hurts my head because it's written at a first or second year GRADUATE level. :p

Bed= NOW! :p
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Gwenna: Exams eat my sanity. They like it with ketchup.

That about sums my day up. :p

I got all my marking done and out of my life, yay. Then I studied for Spec, went to a Quantum help session and then went home to study for Spec. :p We popped in Disney's Hercules as study noise and played "How many mythological figures are CRYING right now?"

A lot of them. Especially Perseus. "What the hell, Dad? First you give Hercules my horse, now you're giving him my MONSTER? Do I at least get to keep my love interest?"

Then I headed into campus for a spec studying party. I'll be glad when this exam is over. :p
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That actually wasn't too bad. I didn't like the response question about a paper we hadn't seen before and how it pertained to the course and whether it was novel, but it was otherwise fine. The long answers were pretty straightforward to answer, especially since it was "choose four of the following ten". I couldn't help noticing he included all the questions from midterms that no one opted to answer on the midterm. I once again avoided those questions. :p He gave us Kinder Surprises for chocolate and stress relief value (playing with the toy :p).

Now if only I didn't have Spec tomorrow. :p

Oh, and Vicki? Mt is an element, Unnilnonium was fairly recently renamed Meiternium, so my shirt is shiny. :p
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Bah, this Quantum paper is annoying. Because it's Quantum. :p

I got a beautiful NMR of garbage today. It's the most pristine NMR I've gotten in month, and it's junk. But that's okay, because I was running the NMR to double check that that stuff was junk and my product was the stuff I had sitting in chloroform. :p Maybe one of these days I'll actually get this thing isolated. :p

I practiced my thesis presentation for the group today. I was so horribly out of practice and forgot where I was going with my talk. But they thought I had good points ("Which I intend to steal"), I just need to actually know where I'm going with the talk so it isn't all disjointed. :p

Quantum paper
Spec paper
Spec labs
Four exams

I can do this.
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So, just when you thought you were getting over pedophile!Wash at the beginning of the months, Desperate Housewives decides it wants in on the creeping outness. The creepy pedophile neighbor? Is named Art WASHBURN.

I barely understand my own presentation for spec tomorrow, it's evil. I hope no one asks questions. :p Heisenberg's matrices are EVIL. I mean, I thought Schroedinger's waves were bad, but Heisenberg's matrices are INTENSE. If Heisenberg weren't dead, I'd kill him! Better yet, I'd lock him in a metal box with a vial of hydrocyanic acid rigged up to a geiger counter and an atom of a radioactive substance that may or may not decay! And then I wouldn't open the box, so he would be stuck in a superposition of alive and dead!

EDIT: I can't help giggling a little at Neil Gaiman referring to a certain comic artist owning a piece of his soul. :p
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We're making slow progress on the spec labs of doom. We keep having sessions to chip away at the questions, but ACK the end of semester is looming. We shall overcome though!

Stupid people on the ANimaritime forum posting about how there are less than a hundred days left until the convention. Don't remind us! It makes us panic! :p Actually, stupid people on the Animaritime forums in general. :p

We had live action night at anime on Saturday, which was fun. We watched My Boss, My Hero which is CRACKTASTICALLY awesome. It's about a Yakuza guy who, in order to prove that he isn't too stupid to become the boss, has to graduate from high school. Needless to say, crack ensues. No wonder the poor guy is confused in his math class though. We're convinced they were making that stuff up because a bunch of people who have taken math at a university level SHOULD be able to understand what's being said in a high school math class. Still, hilariously awesome.

After that, we watched Moonchild. It had Gackt and vampires and a lot of guns. Yeah, that's about all I got out of it. I appreciated the pretty boys, but REALLY not my thing. It was really long too, I was starting to fall asleep by the end. On the plus side, I wrote the ENTIRE draft of my "My Parents Gave Me a STUPID NAME" support group crackfic. Crack is so much faster to write than other things. :p (Like the fic Tess and I finally finished the first scene of :p)

On Sunday, I discovered that if you wear a Mount A sweatshirt to church, random church ladies will ask how your schoolwork is going and offer to pray for your week of DOOM. Quite frankly, I probably need it. After church, I made serious progress on the dishes and managed to clean the disgusting microwave, which makes everything happier.

After my cleaning spree, it was off to quite possibly the most boring karate class ever. Basics weren't so bad, but then it was katta, which made it clear just how SHORT my current katta is. We did discover that parts of the bunkai are NOT particularly effective if you're significantly smaller than your attacker. Try as I might, I couldn't pull off the trip. I suppose the purse smack is still effective though. (No, purse smack isn't the OFFICIAL explanation of what's going on, but it's TOTALLY the best application.)

There was a one hour break in between karate and rehearsal, so I decided that the most effective use of my time would be going to the Cragg to work on my spec assignment. Which I am totally declaring done, incidently. :p Then we had Winkie practice. We learned the choreography for the reprise of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". I love this dance, it's so ridiculously easy. I NEVER get the dance at the first rehearsal, but this one was well within my capabilities. It's more than a little cheesy, but that just makes it fun to dance. We're liking this whole "not being enslaved to the WIcked Witch of the West anymore" thing. :p We also reworked our marching formation for the "oh ee yoh" song so that it now actually WORKS and looks really cool. :D

After that, I went home and did schoolwork. Just need to get through this week. I'll do it somehow. :p

Also, Chiron Beta Prime is the only Christmas song I am ready to hear right now. I've started Christmas shopping, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not really Christmassy until after finals are over. However, Chiron Beta Prime kinda fits that mood. "Merry Christmas, from Chiron Beta Prime. Where we're working in a mine. For our robot overlords. Did I say overlords? I mean protectors! Merry Chriiiiiiiiiiistmas, from Chiron Beta Prime!"
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You know, I never pulled all nighters before this class. What IS it about this class that made me pull TWO? I need 150 more words on this paper and I feel like I'm REALLY out of things to say. THe first 1500 words were easy enough. The next 500 were trickier. The last 500 were like pulling teeth. The ones I'm trying to come up with now? Are probably hurting the paper. Well, some of them are making it flow from one paragraph to the next, which is good, but some are definitely me going "Hmm, how wordy can I make this?" Padding is bad, mmkay? We get +/- 10% of the wordcount. Needless to say, I am currently madly trying to get to that -. :p (Ooh, down to 60 to go! I may actually call that good enough. :p)

Then I have to go through and add purty pictures and equations. And then the most sleep deprived lightning edit ever to make sure there's no mention of fishies in the middle. :p

Amusingly, this managed to dodge me having to use a number in my Japanese lab today... err, yesterday I suppose. We've started in on verbs, with our vocabulary basically consisting of to work, to study, to go to bed/sleep and to get up. We were going around the table asking each other questions, and someone asked me what time I was planning to go to bed tonight. To which I replied "Haha... Watashi wa kon ban NEMASEN!" (Haha, I'm NOT SLEEPING tonight.) Also, I am HORRIBLY jealous of the example people in our textbook. They only study for two hours a night! (They must be frosh or something :p)

I wonder if my prof ACTUALLY expects us to have read the reading for today. Other than Allison, seeing as today's reading is by her guy. :p

I wonder how many of the words in my paper are phosphorus, phosphine or phosphenium, incidently. :p HOpefully none of them are "FISHIES!"...

EDIT: WOrd count achieved! Now to make pictures and then edit. :p And possibly have BREAKFAST. :p

And while I'm at it, I'll use LJ as a message board! :p

Kim, you said you have a recipe for spanish rice for tomorrow's murder potluck, right?

Katikabe, we have some tall people chores that need doing. Our kitchen lightbulb is burnt out and the smoke detector needs to be put back up once I get a new battery for it. If I give you Fablesness, will you please come be tall for us?
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*dies* NEver again. NEVER again.

I basically finished my lit review at 6 AM. Then I went to bed for about three hours and got up to read it over and print it. I guess this qualifies as my first academic all nighter? I'd made it to fourth year without ever pulling one, too! But, at least it's done. That's something, right?

Bets on me falling asleep in class today? Though I'm going to stop at Sassy's to buy Bawls on my way there. :p The spec lab should be interesting this afternoon, considering I'm DEFINITELY seeing the fishies. :p

I think the big problem was the three and a half hours spent writing my quantum midterm last night. That thing was LONG. And he asked us to draw an F ORBITAL. F orbitals are HORRIBLY complicated. And I realized afterwards that I drew it completely wrong. :p

Other than my Japanese homework, I have no intention of doing any schoolwork today once I get home. Sims here I come!

And dishes, because they desperately needed doing three days ago. :p
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The Inorganic midterm was pretty bad. The questions were a lot of really broad "Describe the chemistry of this" type things. OH well, worst case scenario, I take the B from the first test. I mean, a B isn't great, but it still keeps my GPA at the level I need for Honours.

We actually managed to have a group meeting yesterday morning. It was shocking. Apparently my new base is "in the chemical area somewhere", which I shall deal with at lunch tomorrow after everything else is taken care of.

Everything else being tonight's QUantum midterm of long and the lit review of DOOM which is due tomorrow. It's an annotated bibliography on ten items... I've got one and a half written up tonight. We've all resigned ourselves to all-nighters, joy.

Thursday I am playing SIMS D*MMIT. Because by then I will have thoroughly earned it. :p
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Well, doom was very doomish. There was one synthesis question I was absolutely dreading having show up on the final. Well, guess what one of the synthesis questions was! I did manage to answer it, but I have very little confidence that it was the RIGHT answer. I'm pretty sure I got the first spectroscopy question. The second one, I couldn't make heads or tails of any of the data. I didn't even TRY to interpret the mass spec because I'm so sure my answer is wrong. (Okay, I tried, but I couldn't get it to work... which is probably a clue that my answer is wrong :p) I definitely got one of the mechanisms and MAY have gotten the second. I got the second synthesis, but the first one was the dreaded one. The first theory question, I got bits of but blanked overall... and it's about the same reaction as the question I blanked on on the second midterm. :p Apparently, he likes that reaction, and on some subconcious level, I really don't. :p I NAILED the theory question about NMR though. The final question was also a mechanism. When I realized how to do it, it was SO simple. I may or may not have gotten the bonus question.

In conclusion, I think I passed, but I definitely didn't do great. At least I don't need this course as a pre-req!

Incidently, I don't recall requesting pathetic fallacy. I got it though! As I walked to doom, it was raining. After doom hurt me... it was raining HARDER.


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