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I... really need to get Serenity: Float On. It's about WASH! Why was I not informed of this? Firefly LJ comms, I'm looking at you.


Spoilers for said comic )
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Me: Can you grab the cheese?
Ryan: Yeah, just let me put the lettuce down.
Me: You can't do it telekinetically?
Ryan: No, but that would be AWESOME.
Me: Telekinesis is wasted on Jedi.
Ryan: Telekinesis is wasted on JEAN GREY, she keeps DYING.

Made especially hilarious because Tess and I had been discussing Jean Grey earlier when I was giggling that Molly, a comic book character was insisting to Cottle that dead people are supposed to stay dead.
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You know what's dangerous? Coupons for 20% off one book if your total purchase is $35 or more. So naturally I couldn't JUST buy The Graveyard Book, since it was only $19.50 before taxes. Had to find another $15.50 in books! I considered Millenium Falcon, but I think I'll probably wait for the paperback on that one. It looks like it could be fun, but I'm not sure it will be $30 fun. I also considered Nation, but my parents tend to get me the new Pratchetty goodness for Christmas. (This means that Daddy reads it first and sends me random excerpts cobbled together from sentences on an assortment of pages.)

So I bought Watchmen, since I want to read it before the movie comes out. Thus my entire purchase can be blamed on Neil Gaiman. Alan Moore even thanks Gaiman!

Finding The Graveyard Book was, not entirely surprisingly, an adventure. I was pretty sure it would be in children's, since that's where Vicki mentioned Chapters thought it should be shelved, so I assumed it would probably be the same at Coles. But... the Twilight fans! I was walking into the section and, well, apparently there's SOMETHING out that has fold outs with pictures from the movie. They were... shrieking! So I decided to ask for help. :p

But yay, I has books! And I renewed my iRewards card, which made for a pricey excursion over all. :p
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I read the latest trade of Fables (I almost typed Twilight. There's a world of difference. :p) And now I know why it took so long. Year long storylines FTW. :p

Fables: THe Good Prince Spoilers )
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So, 3:45? SO not a good wakeup time. It's more like a go to sleep time. But that's when I had to get up today to make it to the 4:45 meet time to go count the Zellers in Saint John. Everyone was in agreement that it was an unholy hour. Tomorrow's meet time is 5:45, which is likewise unpleasant.

I was assigned a "buddy" today at work, a new guy who I was supposed to be helping out. It was kinda weird, since he was old enough to be my dad and I was teaching him. :p The store was about 70% hardline (things counted in multiples, considered harder to count even though I honestly prefer it), so I got pulled off softline to go do exciting things like groceries and cookware. I was doing a little "I get to do multies!" dance because I had been told that I was going to be on the one at a time stuff all day to keep me close to my buddy. :p

So yeah, short version, I HATE MORNINGS. :p

Oh, and a couple Zellers associates were having a loud conversation in which one of them was trying to explain the difference between manga and comics. It was all I could do to not yell out "You're doing it wrong!" when he explained it as "Comics don't have a story and suck. Manga has a story and doesn't suck."

CLEARLY he's been reading the wrong comics. I mean, the whole lack of story thing used to be my perception of comics. Then some evil person recommended Sandman, which had a story and was made of awesome. And then I started finding out about lots of comics that have stories. Of course, given the price, I'm not sure this was a good thing. D*MN YOU NEIL GAIMAN!

Aww, who am I kidding. I can't get mad at Neil Gaiman. :p
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So my feet? Totally killing me. We did the geek tour of Moncton today. :p It's a tradition to go to Moncton and geek out a couple weeks after the con. This year, with con being IN Moncton, we enjoyed being there with no SCHEDULES. In previous years, we all took the bus down, but this year Bill rented a van for us to drive down in. We started off at Champlain Place/Chapters and scattered from there. Vicki, Ryan and I hit Comic Hunter, Mad City Comics and Gamezilla. And a pet store to get a new collar for Elphaba. :p

I spent a LITTLE more than I meant to, but at least most of it was stuff I was planning to pick up in the near future. The haul/damage:

- Two new tops plus two tank tops to wear under low cut tops (not something I planned on buying, but a good price overall)
- Kingdom Hearts (One of the first games I wanted for my new PS2. I can borrow the Final Fantasy games from Ryan. :p)
- Lego Star Wars (I played it a little bit on my brother's Xbox and it was fun, so I picked it up for PS2. :p)
- Exile (New Star Wars book. Definitely a planned expense because it's an AARON ALLSTON book and if anyone can fix Legacy, it's him!)
- Fables: Arabian Nights (and days) (This is the infamous volume seven I ordered from Hobbyton in JULY. Yeah, they were never going to get it in. :p)
- Full Moon o Sagashite volume 2
- Skip Beat! volume 1 (the preview in Shojo Beat looked interesting
- Tsubasa volume 7
- Good Witch of the West volume 1 (Gamezilla had a buy three manga get one free sale on, and it looked like it might be cute. :p)
- yummy fudge

The sushi place we usually go to on this trip seems to be closed, so we went to a Chinese buffet instead. It was soooooooooo good. The ultimate sign of good food: Our group actually stopped talking because we were too busy EATING. :p

So far I've managed to read the Fables, which was SO SHINY. Frau Totenkinder remains SO awesome while KNITTING! And oh DEAR Beauty. There is going to be an EXPLOSION between her and Beast. And the story about the two wooden people was so CUTE and so WIBBLY and SAD too!

The hardest part will be holding out on buying volume eight. I might order it when the seventh Runaways digest comes out in May. And of course, I want more Lucifer.

I am addicted to North American comics and it's ALL NEIL GAIMAN'S FAULT!
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I woke up this morning to my roommate knocking on my door at 10:15 asking if my first class of the day was cancelled or something. It, umm, wasn't, so I had fun madly getting dressed. I was only like a minute late for Quantum though!

Since I obviously didn't have time to pack a lunch, Vicki and I ate lunch at... MEAL HALL! :p Carole was the checker lady and she remembered me. :D She still has her exciting pens, but she doesn't get to use them very much anymore since they switched to the swipe system. So Vicki and I got her to draw happy faces on the back of our receipts. The Aramark changes in there are pretty shiny. There were omelettes! On a Wednesday! At LUNCH! And there were doughnuts! And cake! And, y'know, the usual canned fruit etc. There was actually a HUGE variety of food, much better than what we used to get under Sodexho. I'm sure it would still get old, but it seems to be an improvement.

ANd of course, after lunch in meal hall, we had to have mail time. My pretty shinies came. THose being volume one of LUcifer and volumes five and six of Runaways. The latter two are less than useful without volume four though. :p Liz picked up Lucifer and flipped through it, declaring that it looks kinda dark. To which I replied "Well, it IS called Lucifer, were you expecting fluffy bunnies?" :p

In our Japanese lab, we looked through some Japanese newspapers and magazines and deciphered katakana words. I got all excited when I saw Nana in Japanese Cosmo. :p

Paper writing tonight, and rehearsal. And no oversleeping tomorrow! Oversleeping bad!

So, umm, meme time! :p

From [livejournal.com profile] cervine and others

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From [livejournal.com profile] mayhemwench
Top songs the year I turned 18 meme... this could prove embarassing... :p )
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So, just when you thought you were getting over pedophile!Wash at the beginning of the months, Desperate Housewives decides it wants in on the creeping outness. The creepy pedophile neighbor? Is named Art WASHBURN.

I barely understand my own presentation for spec tomorrow, it's evil. I hope no one asks questions. :p Heisenberg's matrices are EVIL. I mean, I thought Schroedinger's waves were bad, but Heisenberg's matrices are INTENSE. If Heisenberg weren't dead, I'd kill him! Better yet, I'd lock him in a metal box with a vial of hydrocyanic acid rigged up to a geiger counter and an atom of a radioactive substance that may or may not decay! And then I wouldn't open the box, so he would be stuck in a superposition of alive and dead!

EDIT: I can't help giggling a little at Neil Gaiman referring to a certain comic artist owning a piece of his soul. :p
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My pretty shinies came in yesterday. :D This particular batch was Where's Neil When You Need Him? (a CD inspired by the assorted work of Neil Gaiman), FaustEric (the one Discworld book I don't have... well, other than Wintersmith, obviously :p) and Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly (a geek book. :p) The CD is VERY cool music. :D And the geek book is so SHINY and so very very GEEKY and it makes me oh so VERY happy. :p

Speaking of geeky and making me happy... I finished reading the first volume of Runaways yesterday. It's a funky series and I think I definitely need to buy more. ([livejournal.com profile] chlorrel, [livejournal.com profile] djcati, [livejournal.com profile] pirate_lass? This is YOUR fault, I hope you realize. :p)

I had my audition for The Wizard of Oz last night, which I think went decently. I was running late, so I had to run to campus, but in true G&G fashion, things were running behind schedule. :p

Last night, Vicki and I went over to someone's house to watch the Grey's Anatomy premiere. Yes, the premiere. CTV is silly and showed the SECOND episode last week, so we got the premiere last night. Which made a few things make a lot more sense. :p Lily and Sean (the people we watched it with) are, like, my new favorite people, incidently. THey're just so cool. Sean is McGeek, because the other girl we were watching with decided she was Izzy. Vicki called NOT being Meredith, and then Sean said that we could call him McDreamy, but he doubted we would. This led to the designation of McGeek. :p They're also Firefly fans and generally awesome and YAY.

And now I'm ending this post because Vicki insists I come see something. :p
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Been a couple days since I updated this. :p Friday we watched more Firefly because it is VERY shiny. Including the OMG WASH! episode, which is quite possibly my favorite. THen I stayed up ridiculously late chattering online. And slept until 3:30 on Saturday. I figure I was more tired than I thought, and the whole grey and rainy thing didn't help. :p

We watched X-Men 3 Saturday night. It was pretty cool. Bit thin in the plot department, but still gutsy. Niko amused the entire theatre by yelling "THAT'S NOT WHAT I WANTED TO SEE!" after the after credit scene. :p

Sunday was a very movie day. We went down to MOvie Experts intending to rent Lion King II and A Knight's Tale. Then we found out they have a deal where it would actually be cheaper for us to rent three or four movies, so we picked up Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Clerks. We only had time to watch the first two on Sunday though. Both of which were very awesome.

Today we watched Men in Tights, which was HILARIOUS. The "We are men! Men in tights!" song SLAYS me! I must have it!

I also picked up the Serenity comic, which was a nifty little bridge. I was REALLY impressed with the art. The characters actually looked like themselves, which is more than I can say for a lot of Star Wars comics. :p

The academic timetable has been out for a few days now, for all the difference it makes to us poor fourth year chem students. Half our courses may not even be figured OUT until some time in August. :p

My schedule as it stands )

Still no Goblins. :p
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Well, Steve's thoughts on my mystery boron is that the proton wasn't what I thought it was and I still have mostly starting material. Which means I should try a stronger base to get it to actually react. So I started a new reaction and now I get to play the waiting game! So I looked at more grad school stuff.

I picked up the first TPB of Swamp THing today. Because the guy gave me a random discount of randomness. :p

I am very much a klutz, incidently. I was cutting up chicken for fajitas today and sliced my finger. It's a pain to type and use a scrolly wheel with a bandaid on my right index finger. :p

And where the blazes is Tess? I have a song about TENTACLES!
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Free comic day= happy shiny sales at Hobbyton= Yubsie buying volumes one and two of Fables :D

[livejournal.com profile] neekabe, I picked up Dream Country and Season of Mists for you. Do you want me to mail those to you, or can you wait until September? :p The store owner's daughter will probably be sad. I got her interested in the series, so she read the first two volumes last night. :p

Anyway, obviously, I am back in the Sack now. :p
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Took a stroll down to the used book shop today. There were PRETTY SHINIES! They had all of Sandman (not much difference to me since I have it, but shiny all the same) They also had the Books of Magic miniseries (More Gaimany goodness!), which I had been curious about for a while. Everything was in really good condition, you can hardly tell it's used. But it was, so HALF PRICE! So shiny! I was tempted by the Swamp Thing TPBs they had, but decided not to pick the first volume up. Mostly because Fables is next on my To Collect list and just because I could get ONE of them half price doesn't mean I could afford the rest. :p

Bloody hell Neil Gaiman, why do I read North American comics? :p

BJ's confirmation was last night. The bishop spoke to each kid and sponsor individually, which was wondeful for them, but very long. The music was starting to put people to sleep. The Sancte Spiritus was all Venied out by the end. :p Father Jeff didn't oil ANYONE as badly as he was threatening to. :p Possibly because they had sixty-five kids to get through. :p

My big accomplishment was actually getting my brother to smile in the pictures. I told him he didn't have a choice... and then I told Father Jeff he wasn't allowed to give BJ bunny ears until I got the serious picture. :p

The kids were all FAR too tall for grade nine, incidently. :p
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Kinetics went okay, I guess. He's doing best 3/4 on the questions, which is exciting. He also brought juice for the class so we'd be nice and sugared up throughout the exam.

Oh, and open internet finals are pretty sweet. :p

Hobbyton had multiple copies of volumes 2-6 of Fables, but no volume 1. Woe is me!
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Finished reading V is for Vendetta. It was... WOW. Just WOW. I really hope the Vogue gets the movie soon, even though I know I'll have to watch it through the "Don't expect it to be like the source, appreciate it for what it IS" glasses.

Want icons! :p

I was clearly trying to set myself up for nightmares last night. After I finishing V is for Vendetta, I went to read the glorified Sandman fanfiction book. A story set at the Cereal Convention. Somehow, I still slept peacefully. :p

The power went out during Organic yesterday. ONly for two seconds or so, but it led to a discussion of whether Langler would have kept teaching if it had STAYED off. The consensus was that he definitely would. There's a window, so light isn't an issue. He never uses a projector, much less a computer, he writes it all on the board. He would SO keep teaching. :p

Today I get to go to the Organic lab, put on a TLC and then run down to the Organometallics lab to run a melting point. Yay multi-tasking at the end of the semester. Then I have to put together my Analytical presentation and start my stupid soc project.
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The trip to the Big City (by which I mean Moncton. You know you live in Sackville WHEN... :p) was great fun today. The weather was gorgeous, which was really exciting, since we were expecting it to pour rain. :p We wound up in two groups. I went with Ryan, Vicki, Cherie and Nico because we wanted to hit Mad City Comics and Gamezilla.

First stop was the Asian market, because it's right by the bus station. I bought the requisite chocolate Pocky, and some jasmine tea. I couldn't help but laugh at the "How to make delicious tea" instructions. It was a series of pictures demonstrating take teabag out of package, put in cup, add water.

Mad City didn't have Fables, which made me sad. They're in a used book store though, so I picked up Neverwhere and The Last of the Renshai. Then Nico pointed out the SHINY! Desire action figure! I was just going to ogle it, but then I spotted the five dollar price tag. Naturally, I had to buy it.

Gamezilla had volumes three, four and six of Fables, which didn't exactly help me. :p I want volume one! :p I picked up the first two volumes of Slayers and Angelic Layer, because everything else that I had been considering buying was lacking in the volume one department. Very irritating, really. ANd of course, I engaged in SUPER SEKRIT NINJA BUYING! to get Vicki her birthday present. Her birthday is on MOnday, but we're celebrating it tomorrow because it fits our schedules better.

We were making fantastic time, so we decided to head over to Champlain Place to meet up with the other group. We had random singalongs all the way there. We were looking for Comic Hunter, but didn't find it. Oh well, next time. We discovered that Moncton now has an HMV! That was definitely NOT there at Christmas. :p

Naturally, we couldn't go there without hitting Chapters. I was distraught to discover that they once again only had Moving Pictures in the trade paperback, not the mass market edition. I love Discworld, but not enough to spend $20 on a bloody PAPERBACK. (Plus, all my other paperbacks are mass market, so it wouldn't match! The cover would be all wrong!) They also didn't have Fables, but I did pick up V is for Vendetta. the cashier randomly complimented my coat, which is always fun.

After that, we headed down to Groundzero for some LAN gaming. I was on the defective computer, so I spent a lot of time waiting around. What I did get to play of Unreal Tournament was fun. I managed to kill people a couple times! Of course, being me, I was the most frequently killed player. :p I'm not really big of FPS games unless I'm playing with a bunch of friends. :p

Finally, we went down to the sushi restaurant. That poor waitress, having to deal with the invading hoarde. I had a kind of sushi I'd never tried before called dynamite rolls. It had shrimp, cucumber, sweet potato, sesame seeds and something called mandago (something like that), which I think was the sauce. There might have been a couple other things in it, but the point is that it was REALLY yummy. I also tried a bite of eel, which was interesting. I'm not sure what I thought of the eel.

We made it back to the bus station more or less exactly on time. I started reading V is for Vendetta on the way back. It's quite interesting, and more than a little creepy.

Desire prettiness! And Darth Tater! )
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Went to see Wedding Crashers last night. Like Vicki said, it was amusing, if predictable. Definitely worth two dollars, at any rate.

Today, I had to boyfriendsit for Sammy. Doug and I went for lunch at Pattersons. He bought me a chocolate milkshake to prove that it would still make me hyper. Yeah, he's strange. Then we watched the second Care Bear Movie. Hey, don't look at me, I suggested Moulin Rouge! It was kinda scary that I could still remember the growing up song though. It's a cute song, I'll admit. :p Then, since he had a car, I made him drive me to the grocery store so I could pick up food for this week.

We were being total geeks, and having a birthday party for Ami. We made chocolate cake! Ryan, Sammy and Doug came over for the party. Doug, Ryan and Vicki tried to stop me and Sammy from singing, but we sang anyway. Then we ate the cake. I was a little skeptical when I read the sour cream in the recipe, but it wound up tasting good. You can't REALLY go wrong with chocolate cake. :p We watched Millenium Actress (finally, after like a year and a half of wanting to see it :p) It was a really interesting movie. QUite strange, and there are some things that still aren't clear, but that's kinda what's cool about the whole thing.

When Ryan, Sammy and Doug headed back to campus, Vicki told Sam and Doug to "Go continue your incestuous relationship elsewhere!"

Explanation: Sammy is my "little sis". Doug is my "big brother". When I introduce them as such, it makes their relationship seem really weird. It amuses me. :p

After that we watched more Stars. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that season? It's getting really, REALLY cool. We only have like ten episodes left, which we may try to get through tomorrow. I'm REALLY curious about some of the secrets.

Funny, when we were younger, my sister loved Sailor Moon and I didn't like it. Now that I'm watching it subtitled, I'm the one that loves it, and Gwenna, with only her memories of the horrendous dubs, doesn't like it. :p

Tessie has addicted me to Noob It kills me ded. :p
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Moncton is getting another comic shop

Their own Comic Hunter. You know what that means, right guys? Yep, more people to try to get to be vendors at Animaritime. :p

We were going to see A Midsummer's Night's Dream last night, but it was raining so we didn't. We picked up a new game at Hobbyton. It's Gloom and, though it makes us horrible people, it's crazy mad fun! You make your characters' lives miserable and then you KILL them. What's not to love about a game where the player who had the worst day goes first? It's a really neat design too. The cards are clear, so points from one card can show through the next if the positioning is appropriate. Then we watched Constantine, which was actually good except for the parts that weren't. :p

In honour of the last week of the House Cup, I give you...

Nicky's Gonna Murder Me

Because instead of apologizing, we sing about it. :p

It looks like hte rain is finally clearing up, so hopefully the 7:30 performance will be outside.


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