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It was a good birthday. Really, how could any birthday that included the season premiere of Doctor Who not be? Ryan took me to this new sushi place my labmate has been raving about. And it was amazing.

After that it was Easter Vigil. Which was much nicer than Good Friday, since I got to Good Friday and found out the church was full and wound up watching a video feed in the basement. It was a bit bizarre.

We also tried out the co-op mode in Portal 2. Where we learned that teamwork is when people work toward a common goal, usually of not failing horribly. Or so GLADOS tells us. She didn't seem to think we were grasping that last bit for some reason. :p (At one point I fell into the water in the Hub between missions. And thus got "How are you failing at this? This isn't even a test!")
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I skipped church today due to lack of pants. Apparently my dryer wasn't quite up to the task and all my pants are still damp. And it's too cold for a skirt. I must say "lack of pants" is one of the more interesting reason's I've skipped church. :p
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Only in Canada would turning water into wine at the wedding at Cana be described as "Jesus's rookie card".

Well, maybe in the US, but then they probably wouldn't be talking about hockey cards. :p
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"And I'm going to take Father Joseph's advice and spend some time alone with God today. I hope He's looking forward to the British Open as much as I am."- Father Clare
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There were a bunch of kids getting their first communion at church. Which, at the end led to today's...


Father Joseph: "And as I always say when we have this many boys... anyone want to be a priest? It's a good job! You don't have to worry about a recession!"

Yeah, none of the eight year olds went for this notion. :p

Also, it finally happened. One of the little old ladies asked me where my parents were. Dammit, I'm going to be 24 on Thursday! :p
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It's pretty normal for the Easter Vigil to try to make up for all the alleluias we didn't say during all of Lent in one Mass. Expected, really. This year totally takes the cake though. The missioning hymn was the ALLELUIA CHORUS. That's like a year's supply of alleluias right there. :p
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So, the Easter Vigil is MUCH shorter if you only do three out of the seven readings before the gospel. :p I thanked the priest for it, because I was worried it was going to be a full three hours like at home. Not because of the length, but because that was going to cut it AWFUL close with the last bus of the night. :p Of course, I wound up getting a ride with an older couple at the church because they were worried about me having to wait alone in the dark. :p

Incidently, if you're going to go to a major mass with a slight headache, this is the one to go to. By the time they turned the lights on, I was fine. :p

It was really interesting seeeing what they did differently here. One really neat thing was that they brought the decorations up during the responsorial psalms between the readings. So after the first they brought up flowers, the second they brought back the candles that are usually by the altar and after the third people brought up water to fill the basin for the baptisms.

Seeing adult baptisms with a basin, I now understand why everyone at my parents' church was so excited when they built the font which is big enough to do immersion baptisms for adults. (There's a smaller font that pours into this that they use for babies).

Oh, and the music was AWESOME. I have never heard such a musical Litany of the Saints. And they were rocking the rainstick every time water was prominent. AND there was a CELLO!

Oh, and they gave us chocolate Easter eggs at the end. :p
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So, Good Friday mass at a church that normally has five masses? Is quite something. The place was PACKED. THey also had these TINY kids serving. I felt bad for them when they had to hold the cross during the veneration, that thing must have been getting HEAVY.

It's my poor sister's birthday today. What a bad day to have your birthday on. "Happy birthday! We got you dietary restrictions!" :p I called her and she bragged about getting to see Spamalot, Wicked, Avenue Q and Phantom of the Opera. And then informed me I was jealous as if I couldn't figure it out on my own. :p
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Saw Sweeney Todd today. :p I was glad that I was warned that Johnny Depp wasn't a very strong singer, because it meant I could focus on his acting instead.

Well that and my incredible musical frustration with the fact that they used the MUSIC for "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" but not the LYRICS. By the end of the movie I was about ready to scream "Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd DAMMIT!" and "Swing your razor high Sweeney, THERE ARE LYRICS HERE!" :p

I am NOT sad that a lot of Anthony and Johanna's stuff got cut. Even if I did like this Johanna a lot more than the one in the video of a stage performance I watched with Sammy when she was taking a musical theatre class.

The kid playing Toby was fantastic. And Helena Bonham Carter kicked ass. :p

Changing gears! Homilies comparing the baptism of Jesus to Finding Nemo? Kinda awesome. :p

And finally, John Barrowman singing "The Wizard and I" delights me. :p "And one day he'll say to me John my boy, a boy who is so superior, shouldn't a person who's so good inside have a matching exterior?" :p
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First of all, I have a new surefire cheer up video! John Barrowman on a British quiz show of some sort called Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Challenging the host to a gay-off! Is win! Brings a smile to my life forever. :p "You have OUT-GAYED me Barrowman!" "Let's have a gay-off! Lips pursed, hands on the table, go!". :p

There was a baby determined to entertain the entire church today. I was trying to calculated her distraction radius, but I realized that didn't really make sense since she was distracting more people sitting BEHIND her because they could see her climbing on the pew. The only people in FRONT of her she was distracting were the ones she poked when she was toddling along. Well, and people who turned around when she made noises. So I settled for zone of distraction instead. It was considerable, if the number of people giggling around me are an indication. :p
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Decorating the tree gets more interesting every year. Mostly because we're not as small as we used to be, so everyone getting in around the tree to put the decorations on is tricky. The fact that we had an extra PERSON didn't exactly help either. :p

I got my passport photo done. I look like I'm STONED in it. The not smiling, I knew about. What no one thought to warn me about was the fact that I wasn't allowed to wear my GLASSES. I am INTENSELY uncomfortable without my glasses. And of course, I looked stoned because my eyes are all out of focus. Isn't it nice to know my passport photo will convince people I am me? :p It's not like the absence of glasses completely changes the way my face looks or anything. :p

Home is a crazy place of wedding planning. So far we've met with my priest and the music minister. Amusingly, seeing as the Catholic church is supposed to be so old fashioned, my church frowns on "giving away the bride". Because women aren't property. :p They prefer the delightfully modern idea of the bride and groom walking in together. Which is an idea I'm definitely partial too. Though my dad was looking forward to skipping down the aisle singing "One daughter down and one to go!" :p

We also got all the music picked out. No "Here Comes the Bride" involved. (We went with a hymn set to a traditional Irish tune instead. Not that we could have used "Here Comes the Bride" if I'd WANTED to. :p)

I also finally figured out how we're going to pull off getting my skirt to the right length. With a combination of hoop and crinoline, it gets up to where I won't trip on it. We also discovered that because of the age of the dress, getting it zipped is going to involve multiple bridesmaids. :p Mostly because we don't want to pull too hard, so I need an extra set of hands to pull fabric together while someone else zips. DAMN my grandmother was skinny. :p

Still on the To Do list while we're here? Cake, DJ my sister won't kill, designing the invitations and finalizing the guest list.
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"I certainly enjoyed his wife. Umm... that didn't sound good. I enjoyed his wife's company... that doesn't sound any better, does it?"- Father Phil

Apparently I've been on the cutting edge of fashion, who knew! I was reading an article today that says hats are the next big thing in women's fashion. I've been wearing a hat whenever I got out for years because of migraines, so I am amused. :p

Also, there is a song about CAT MACROS!. Go, download. You know you want it. It's a song. About cat macros.
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QotD: "Today we have a celebration full of blessings. We're blessing everything that isn't nailed down! We're blessing these children, we're blessing their parents, we're blessing their godparents, we're blessing Jeff, we're blessing mothers because it's Mother's Day, we're blesssing... toothless lumberjacks from Albert County!"- Father Phil

So yeah, church was crazy today, between Father Jeff's (technically not his title anymore, but it's just WEIRD to try to call him just Jeff :p) sendoff and two baptisms. :p My sister was joking that it's a good thing the fire marshal only checks up on us at Christmas and Easter, because the place was PACKED.

The reception for Jeff was great. Especially since I got to see all sorts of people I hadn't seen in ages. Including my neighbour, who has apparently become an opera major and just had her first performance. She also does vocals for the high schools, which amuses us both IMMENSELY, since it means she now does vocal warmups for a living. When we were in Fiddler on the Roof, she would do the vocal warmups. It was amusing, because all the guys in the cast were intimidated by this 5'0" grade nine student. :p

I also got to joke with Jeff about how this means I don't get to threaten to spoil the ending of the last Harry Potter book. And even if I could, he couldn't threaten to excommunicate me anymore! :p I also got to talk to Father Phil about such exciting things as the fact that there is more paperwork tied to marriage than all the other sacraments put together. :p

Vicki and I actually successfully visited Kate yesterday! (Ryan came with us too, but he hasn't been trying to arrange a visit with Kate for two years to no avail :p) We weren't sure for a while, because the directions to the new house were shakey, but several cellphone calls later and a visit to a gas station, we made it!

We introduced Kate to Firefly, which was a BLAST. She's incredibly taken with the series. Not that I'm surprised. She was kinda sold on it from "It's so shiny! And they actually call things shiny!" :p She's currently torn between Simon and Kaylee for favorite character, though she's having the same problem I did when it comes to picking a favourite character. Well, without the desperate attempts to NOT love the eventual winner. More the "Everyone is just SO FREAKING LOVABLE" problem. :p

She's also distraught by the warning "Tess ships Zoe/Wash" :p It was really exciting to watch the series on a tv bright enough to actually SEE what's going on in the first scene of the pilot. :p We got to "Safe" before realizing it was getting late and we had to head back.

I spent the afternoon delivering magazines. Now my feet hurt. :p

So yeah, Convocation tomorrow. :p
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QotD: "And I would like to invite the children who will be receiving their first communion up to the altar now. I would have done this sooner, but I didn't look at my notes."

My father pointed to the family sitting in front of us this morning and declared "That's going to be you in seven years or so." My immediate reaction was "Five kids? I DON'T THINK SO." He insists he just meant the youngest kid who was all over the place, but still. :p Meanwhile my mother was trying to figure out if the man at the end of the row was the mother's husband or not, because she was going to strangle him if he was. I'm pretty sure he wasn't though, because I think one of the older boys was one of my Beavers so I would recognize his dad. The point is... that's a NO on the five kids, between two parents there are only four hands! :p

I spent most of the day playing Sims. I need to learn to check teenagers' fears before I have them abducted by aliens to get scholarships. :p I sent poor Timothy Tam into aspirational failure because his sister Marigold had been abducted the day before, which made him roll a fear of being abducted himself. Umm, oops? And he was being stubborn about me being able to fix things, since his wants were "have first kiss", "go to college", "go steady" and "new family member", none of which are easily attained. At least when I sent Kaoru and Himeno into aspirational failure by killing Himeno's mom they rolled up some EASY wants. Like "eat cereal". :p

I also played the Endless. Can I just say that Delirium would be a very INTERESTING fast food shift manager? :p

Finally, poor Inara is probably wishing I'd never read about that horrible "switched tea" plot from a bad RP. :p

Also, my brother is a BRAT. He keeps declaring "I won The Game!" Which makes me and Gwenna LOSE The Game, because winning isn't how the game WORKS. :p

(And yes, now you all lose The Game!)
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My sister seems to enjoy telling people that I'm engaged. Which wouldn't be so bad if she would do this by saying "Margy show the ring", but she apparently prefers to grab my hand and flail it at people while I'm talking to someone else. :p

She tells me the news almost gave my high school drama teacher a heart attack. :p I figure that she either thinks I graduated from RHS more recently than I did or she thinks of me as vaguely asexual. :p The first is of course that whole thing about people not aging when they're away from you. As for the second, I never did have a boyfriend in highschool, and she probably remembers me as the rather irritated third wheel to a PDA prone couple. Once she recovered she was very excited to discover it was geek love. :p (This is the teacher I corrupted into reading science fiction. :p)

Church today was a mix of ups and downs. There was a baptism, which is always exciting. One of the babies had the whole crying out against injustice thing DOWN. We also got the fun of pausing in the rite for "Wait, I already did that one, didn't I?" The homily was a whole thing about living in the world of ego and being alone. But it kinda fell apart when it hit Peter putting clothes on because he was naked. "When all else fails, fish buck naked?" :p

The big down was that Father Jeff has decided to leave the priesthood. While I certainly understand his wanting the chance to have a family, it does make me sad, since he's an absolutely fantastic priest.
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Well, Mass today was certainly educational. We learned:

- The many meanings of the Hebrew word for "poor"
- Vestments for the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time include winter coats
- The Holy Spirit is NOT a reliable alternative to oil heat
- The mystery of our faith is apparently "Amen"

In other words, the heat wasn't working in the church. :p And at "Let us proclaim the mystery of faith" the choir went into "Amen, amen" before "Umm, let's try that again. Christ has died..." :p Possibly as an attempt to skip a large chunk of the consecration in order to get home to heat. :p
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Church was amazingly uncrowded last night. It made me a happy Ewok. :p Amazing what happens when you go to the latest Mass, eh? We were there super early because Daddy was reading, so we got to hear the whole spiel with Christmas music. My sister and I have a game where we try to guess what we're about to sing from the spiel. The game becomes less fun when they start quoting half the lyrics though. :p

They sang Silent Night in German, French and English. The German was mispronounced. :p (Apparently the Latin for O Come All Ye Faithful was too, but that's normal for church Latin :p) Alas, some of the women in our choir USED to be sopranos and don't realize they aren't anymore. It was rather painful. The men could sing quite well and the mikes should have been on them. :p

My brother woke us up at 7:15 this morning. The brat. :p

Obligatory list :p )

So now after a lovely Christmas dinner, I'm on LJ wearing a stupid hat. :p
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Look, "O Come Emmanuel", I don't care if you try it every year, there is NOTHING you can do to make "high" rhyme with "mightily". :p (We went to the evening Mass at Holy Family today so I wouldn't have to deal with the CROWDS OF DOOM at our church. Which apparently have gotten WORSE since I was last year, thought I don't see how that can be possible without violating some sort of fire code.)

Oh, is anyone else having comment notification issues? As in, not getting them?

And, year in review memeness. :p

Take the first sentence (or 2) from the first post of each month of 2006. That's your year in review.

January: *sigh* Tried stopping by her house. No luck.

Febuary: My Soc prof thinks the book we need to read is a bit dry. She's looking at it from the wrong point of view. Because after my Analytical textbook? It's VERY exciting. :p

March: So, yep, this is definitely a gratuitous voice post, because, well, I have a paid account, so I might as well use all the shiny features before it expires.

April: So, I finally got home at 11:30. After being out since my 8:30 began. My GOD I hate Kinetics.

May: There is a cat on my keyboard tray. This is making computer use somewhat difficult.

June: Well, Steve's thoughts on my mystery boron is that the proton wasn't what I thought it was and I still have mostly starting material.

July: Two celebratey thingies:

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] guinastasia


August: Since Katikabe requested it...

The Bawls Song Another fine themesong for Animaritime. :p

September: Hmm, mother's laptop is even weirder than sister's. The background of everything is white. :p

October: I made Sim Saffron yesterday. She's married to Durran Haymer and they have Heinrich the security programmer living with them.

November: QotD

Doug (Sammy's boyfriend, a friend of mine from high school): I can be EVERYONE'S bitch!

December: So, Christmas cards! I swear I'll actually go to the post office and buy US stamps to SEND the things this year!

In conclusion... I'm a rather boring person at the beginning of the month. :p
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We're making slow progress on the spec labs of doom. We keep having sessions to chip away at the questions, but ACK the end of semester is looming. We shall overcome though!

Stupid people on the ANimaritime forum posting about how there are less than a hundred days left until the convention. Don't remind us! It makes us panic! :p Actually, stupid people on the Animaritime forums in general. :p

We had live action night at anime on Saturday, which was fun. We watched My Boss, My Hero which is CRACKTASTICALLY awesome. It's about a Yakuza guy who, in order to prove that he isn't too stupid to become the boss, has to graduate from high school. Needless to say, crack ensues. No wonder the poor guy is confused in his math class though. We're convinced they were making that stuff up because a bunch of people who have taken math at a university level SHOULD be able to understand what's being said in a high school math class. Still, hilariously awesome.

After that, we watched Moonchild. It had Gackt and vampires and a lot of guns. Yeah, that's about all I got out of it. I appreciated the pretty boys, but REALLY not my thing. It was really long too, I was starting to fall asleep by the end. On the plus side, I wrote the ENTIRE draft of my "My Parents Gave Me a STUPID NAME" support group crackfic. Crack is so much faster to write than other things. :p (Like the fic Tess and I finally finished the first scene of :p)

On Sunday, I discovered that if you wear a Mount A sweatshirt to church, random church ladies will ask how your schoolwork is going and offer to pray for your week of DOOM. Quite frankly, I probably need it. After church, I made serious progress on the dishes and managed to clean the disgusting microwave, which makes everything happier.

After my cleaning spree, it was off to quite possibly the most boring karate class ever. Basics weren't so bad, but then it was katta, which made it clear just how SHORT my current katta is. We did discover that parts of the bunkai are NOT particularly effective if you're significantly smaller than your attacker. Try as I might, I couldn't pull off the trip. I suppose the purse smack is still effective though. (No, purse smack isn't the OFFICIAL explanation of what's going on, but it's TOTALLY the best application.)

There was a one hour break in between karate and rehearsal, so I decided that the most effective use of my time would be going to the Cragg to work on my spec assignment. Which I am totally declaring done, incidently. :p Then we had Winkie practice. We learned the choreography for the reprise of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". I love this dance, it's so ridiculously easy. I NEVER get the dance at the first rehearsal, but this one was well within my capabilities. It's more than a little cheesy, but that just makes it fun to dance. We're liking this whole "not being enslaved to the WIcked Witch of the West anymore" thing. :p We also reworked our marching formation for the "oh ee yoh" song so that it now actually WORKS and looks really cool. :D

After that, I went home and did schoolwork. Just need to get through this week. I'll do it somehow. :p

Also, Chiron Beta Prime is the only Christmas song I am ready to hear right now. I've started Christmas shopping, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not really Christmassy until after finals are over. However, Chiron Beta Prime kinda fits that mood. "Merry Christmas, from Chiron Beta Prime. Where we're working in a mine. For our robot overlords. Did I say overlords? I mean protectors! Merry Chriiiiiiiiiiistmas, from Chiron Beta Prime!"
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Today's important lesson: 8 AM and 8 PM are not the same time. There is something to be said for the 24 hour clock. I woke up at seven and was happy that I could get another hour of sleep in. When I woke up again, it was 9:05. Mass starts at nine. The church is about a fifteen to twenty minute walk from my house. I threw on clothes and RAN, and I made it there in time for the intercessions.

The bulletin today talked about how we should fill the church from the front first and leave the back for people who come later. :p

After Mass, the church ladies fed us! It was the first church potluck I've ever seen with SUSHI! There was a ton of food leftover at the end, so they insisted the students take it home with them. They must think we're subsisting on ramen or something. :p

[livejournal.com profile] silversabre came over to watch Firefly today. And by that, I mean 3/4 of the series, SHindig to Objects in Space. :p It was shiny as ever. I was marking lab books for part of it, so I could be productive while revelling in the shiny. Oh I love shiny. :p

And a new icon since poor Goh was the only Leafe Knight not represented. :p


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