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They've cast William Adama for Blood and Chrome.

Of course, being me, I wouldn't know this actor from Adam. What I'm still waiting for is...

Spoilers for the end of Caprica )
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Well, back to the usual at work. But nothing remotely noteworthy's been happening (except that I am developing a hatred for the 4 mm probe because it behaves less every time I use it...), so have some other random babblings!

Ryan was away this weekend. When we're both home, the cats sleep on me. When I'm away, the cats sleep on my side of the bed. This was actually the first time Ryan's been away while I'm still here. Guess where the cats slept!

Yep, on me.


Today my MP3 player started acting up randomly and refused to turn off until I reset it. This would have been irritating... except it was playing "All Along the Watchtower", so it was really quite disturbing.


And today I discovered that they sell UWO branded Ugg boots. This is quite possibly the most frightening and yet oddly appropriate piece of university merchandise. Seeing as the stereotypical "Western Girl" has bleache blonde hair and wears miniskirts and Ugg boots in the dead of winter. Now they can be Western Ugg boots!

Also, are leg warmers back in fashion or something? If so... why?
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Sometimes Glaxcin makes me type really weird things. Like tonight. Specifically "Dammit, I'm trying to turn Bill into a donkey and he just keeps HUGGING!"

I really never expected to type that. Ever.
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Fan Expo was awesome, if linerific.

And I talk about it a lot )
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[livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky: so, watching Celebrity Apprentice
[livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky: the one where Curtis gets bleeped
[livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky: I know what he said and the context now!
Me: Oooooooooh
[livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky: "the plan for the presentation is we have no ****ing plan."
[livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky: I am horrified!
Me: Gasp!
Me: (Curtis is a Cylon!)
[livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky: OH NOES
[livejournal.com profile] i_paint_the_sky: oo, yay!
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Me: She's a military officer who's been having a hard time with it all :p
Kirana: ah
Kirana: just the type to be a bill baby

Yeah, the funny part? She hasn't actually seen BSG. :p
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Note: Sassy is "Tough Six", a Cylon prostitute from The Plan who I play in Glaxcin. And this conversation occurred while I was taking supper out of the oven. :p

Me: I want the Cylon toaster. I could make a whole army of Centurion toast and take over Galactica!
Ryan: Saaaaaaassy, priorities.
Me: Sex?
Ryan: EXACTLY! I DO wonder what normal couples talk about.

It's an excellent question. :p
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Allow me to set the scene. Kara Thrace has just run off to marry Sam Anders. Lee Adama responds in the way only he could.

Which is, of course, by singing "Many a New Day". And being even less convincing that Laurie. :p



Picture, if you will, Helo singing about how "Oh the humans and the cylons should be frieeeeeeeeends! Oh the humans and the cylons should be frieeeeeeeends!"

You know he would.

Also, I got my travel money today! My bank account is a happy Ewok. :p
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It has come to my attention that in light of this week's episode of HIMYM, we may have to reconsider River's assessment of Bill's duckness. Sometimes... I love the world. :p

Also, doing chemistry before breakfast was a resounding success! The reaction I need to keep doing because I'm trying to make 500 mg of product 50 mg at a time that takes about eight and a half hours. This would normally not be a major problem, but since the circulator broke down, it needs to be babysat. Since it's a -78 reaction and the dry ice has to be topped up once an hour and it's driving us all crazy. I wanted to get to work early in order to not have to stay forever. So my brilliant plan was... skip breakfast and buy something at Timmy's once the reaction was running!

I wasn't sure about this plan since I know from experience I don't function well without breakfast, but it seems to have worked out. I hope we get a new circulator soon though, it's not exactly a very budget friendly approach. If Kim doesn't get that grant, there may be rioting in the lab.
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I just want to say, for the record, that staying in Laura's head during that d*mn AU was really frakking difficult. I kept trying to jump over to Bill's in the scenes he was in, and Laura SO shouldn't have been able to read his mind yet.

We watched Ghosts of Girlfriends past with Ryan's parents last night. It was... well, everything you would expect from the previews. I spent the movie reading Unseen Academicals (which was actually quite difficult to find, I wound up sending someone into the back room at the second store I tried) so it wasn't so bad. Good book. :p Ryan and I watched Young Frankenstein afterwards, which was a lot more fun. :p
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Merry Christmas/Happy Celebration of Your Choice all!

It's mostly been fun being home. Siblings still fight, but not nearly as much as they did once upon a time. University has been good to little brother.

My father keeps insisting that Lorne Green was the bestest Adama evah. Head!Bill has been unimpressed. It didn't stop me from introducing the siblings to BSG though. Gwenna thinks the mini is a little slow paced but it's picked up. Not screaming CYLON! at the Final Five is most difficult though. She's decided Starbuck is a Cylon because she annoys her. Pretty sure that's not how it works. :p

My secret Santa fic is over 2000 words and I haven't finished it yet. Why couldn't my person have requested a short piece of fluff? Instead it's the longest I've written in ages. :p

Shannon came over last night. We were going to go for a walk, but it was pouring rain so we watched Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog. The whole family got a kick out of that. Which... says something about my family.

There's no 10 PM Mass tonight, so we're going to the the 7 PM. Which is going to be... squishy.
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Me: Lucky Cottle gets to be next to their discussion of pirates and parrots :-p
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: LOL
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: he'll let them have their fun
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: Laura's dying ;-p
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: sadface.
Me: LOL!
Me: Bill says Laura's not dying :-p
Me: Egyptianface.
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: LOL!
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: Bill didn't look at Laura's test results
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: frownyface
Me: Bill is trying to change those test results through sheer force of will
Me: Harmonianface.
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: LMAO!
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: So is Cottle, but he has the power to actually do it!
[livejournal.com profile] non_horation: smugface.
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Proctoring still sucks. And I had to do it TWICE this week.

I really want to know where the cat keeps finding the dinosaurs. Partly so I could know where my dinosaurs are. They might be in the bedroom somewhere. We keep finding her playing with different dinosaurs. She won't tell us though!

And, to completely change subjects AGAIN, there is no appropriate punctuation to describe the relationship between Kara Thrace and Leoben. I have a BSG fanmix I'm working on here and there, and I've decided that "I Will Torture You" needs to be on there for those two. Except every time I try to note it it's kinda "Kara/Leoben... no, that's not right. Kara&Leoben? But I wrote Bill&Saul..."

Only in fandom do such problems exist. :p
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QotD (the day being last night...)

[livejournal.com profile] 2raggedclaws, on what Raptors are good for: "Did he take a viper? No, he took the MINIVAN OF THE SKY!"

We instituted a bunch of house rules for the BSG board games, resulting in, for the first time, the humans NOT all dying! It was awesome. We decided we can send Raptors to try to find more resources and roll for what they get. Every time they did this, morale increased, so we decided they found a lot of weed. A 7-8 means... well, those long Raptor rides can get boring. ;)

The ability to to nuke a sector and take out all the raptors in it is also useful. And the President now gets the key to the airlock. But if the President airlocks a non-Cylon, they lose their title, get sent to the brig and the Admiral withholds sex. And yes, that last part is actually written in our house rules list. :p

We also gave Bill and Saul the ability to fly if they hand the Admiral title over to someone else until the turn after they return. If Saul is not Admiral, he also has to pass a breathalyzer roll. Hey, it says right on his card that he's an alcoholic.

But yes, the general point here is not all the humans dying!

Oh, and Fiddler on the Roof was amazing. I love that show oh so very much. Also, Tevye is such a woobie. Not quite Papadama level of wobbietude, but really, who is? :p "Do You Love Me?" is such an absurdly adorable song.
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Yesterday I learned that being the President is not NEARLY as fun when you're playing as Chief. I didn't get to play with the Quorum cards because I was too busy fixing the frakking ship. I was the third president we had that game, after Baltar and Zarek.

One of Zarek's traits in the game is the ability to use Soylent Green as a solution to the food problem once per game. Amusingly, the crisis immediately after that was riots. Possibly because of the cannibalism. Just sayin'.

The humans all died in the end. It was very festive. WE're thinking we need to implement some house rules that actually give humanity a fighting chance. Because DAMN we die a lot. (Which wouldn't be so bad... if I were ever a Cylon :p)

But there was good food, good friends and the death of humanity! All in all, a good Christmas party. :p

Aaaaaand out come the Christmas icons!
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So, I bought The Plan last Tuesday. Today I finally watched it. :p

And thus there are spoilers )
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[livejournal.com profile] sunshine_queen: and i'm sub to a tv show. fml.

This of course brought on by the fact that Star Wars is an abusive boyfriend and Battlestar Galactica is a Dom. This TOTALLY makes sense. :p
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FanExpo was pretty fun. Some definite organizational issues that I would have expected not to be seeing at a professionally run convention. Ranging from little things like the fact that the program book at no point contained a page that listed everything that was going on at the same time (you had to look through the different streams to plan) to the fact that they were letting people talk to Scott McNeil for like five minutes when there was a line. Scott's line was probably the shortest one I was in all day, but it took forever to get through. After over an hour, we gave up on him and went to see Aaron Douglas instead. Especially since we had people we were supposed to meet like fifteen minutes earlier.

Not at all the con's fault, but it was kinda sad that we didn't get the Mary McDonnell Q&A today. Obviously having to go back to LA for a memorial service is a very good reason to not do the panel, but I was quite looking forward to it. Aaron Douglas filled in, which was still pretty darn awesome. I asked him if Ron Moore ever laughed maniacally during season 4.5. He said that he doesn't think he did anything else. :p

The Q&A sessions were definitely the high point of the con. I could listen to Avery Brooks talk for quite a while. Partly because he's interesting, partly because he has a really nice voice. :p He sang! Leonard Nimoy also sang, "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins". His panel was generally hilarious, definitely a great time.

A really sweet vendors' room, incidentally. This con is definitely about the celebrity panels and the vendors' room, because there actually wasn't a terrible lot else going on. Whether I go next year will definitely depend on who they have.

Speaking of the vendor room, I am now determined to get action figures of as many of my RP characters as possible. Since I got Hobbie at Polaris and picked up Bill at Fan Expo. I was sad that they seemed to have every Doctor Who character except Martha.

All things considered, I'm really glad I paid for a photo with Mary McDonnell. Mostly because I got to hug her. :p Also, she was excited by my costume. :p So have a couple pictures!

Everyone loves pictures! )
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"The sympathizer ex-admiral president hits like a girl!" - [livejournal.com profile] 2raggedclaws

And THIS is why the Battlestar Galactica game is AWESOME.
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[livejournal.com profile] admiraljello: I want to see a Tigh and Cavil sitcom


DUDE I DO TOO! But, uh, not like that one fic. :p


Zany ideas! )


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