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Chapters was having a buy 3, get the 4th free sale. This is very dangerous. I was good and only bought four though! On gift cards, at that!

This included A Storm of Swords, even though I haven't read A Clash of Kings yet. I did at least figure out where the latter is! Too bad it's... in New Brunswick. :p At least my mother is visiting in a couple weeks?

I also picked up Street Magic by Tamora Pierce. And somehow wound up reading the whole thing in one sitting. I was somewhat confused, as I had read two of the later books of the series and this book was not about the events I expected it to be about in light of the later books. Apparently the book about that stuff isn't out yet. Which... seems an odd order to write things in but I love Tamora Pierce so I will allow it.

I also picked up another one of Mercedes Lackey's fairy tale books because I have been loving those even if I suck at finding them in order. And speaking of reading things completely out of order, book #4 was a Tanya Huff novel. Because urban fantasy set in Calgary? How can I resist? :p

I'm supposed to be cleaning all the things. :p
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I am home! Ten hours of driving is REALLY LONG! Also, the people at Dunkin' Donuts put WAY too much sugar in their coffee. I was worried there wouldn't be ENOUGH sugar because I just said milk and sugar and I usually get a double double with milk. But no, it was RIDICULOUSLY sweet. Insane.

We went shopping last night after the conference. So now I can say I've been in Macy's. I am far too poor for Macy's, but I have been in one. I went to Borders for the siren call of AMERICAN COVER PRICES. I was good though and only picked up the first Song of Ice and Fire book (yes, I'm finally caving). Partly because the British postdoc we adopted at the conference got the only copies of a couple other things I was looking at. :p

Oh, and I got Rune Factory 2 because it looks fun. Though I am confused why there are two Gamestops in one mall. :p

Also, did you know Long Branch, NJ has a sizable Brazilian community? We found this out while talking to the staff at the Brazilian place that we went to for supper. It was the awesomest buffet ever, they charged by the pound. Dinner for all three of us came to $21, including these amazingly awesome fresh juices. And the food was soooooooooo good, there was amazing squash. The less adventurous members of our group went to a fancier place. Their tip was more than our meal. :p
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I am home and I am clean. Slight delays on the way back, but nothing like the way down. Sleeping on the train wound up working out fairly nicely. We were in two seats that were facing another set of seats. The people who were sitting in the other sets went... somewhere. Probably because you can't really use the footrest in that setup. Once we realized they apparently weren't coming back, we Ryan grabbed their seat so we could both sleep across two seats.

Getting our luggage was interesting, because there were four full cars going to London. You'd think classes were back in session tomorrow or something. :p For some reason the baggage carousel is against the wall, so it was fun trying to SPOT our bags.

But I am home and I am clean! And on the train I finished The Science of Discworld III, read Nation and Neil Gaiman's Eternals and started The Darkest Road (last volume of The Fionavar Tapestry. My mom bought it for me on the condition that I give it to her for her library when I finish :p)

I was going to make a grocery list but then I realized it was going to consist of "EVERYTHING!" :p
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You know what's dangerous? Coupons for 20% off one book if your total purchase is $35 or more. So naturally I couldn't JUST buy The Graveyard Book, since it was only $19.50 before taxes. Had to find another $15.50 in books! I considered Millenium Falcon, but I think I'll probably wait for the paperback on that one. It looks like it could be fun, but I'm not sure it will be $30 fun. I also considered Nation, but my parents tend to get me the new Pratchetty goodness for Christmas. (This means that Daddy reads it first and sends me random excerpts cobbled together from sentences on an assortment of pages.)

So I bought Watchmen, since I want to read it before the movie comes out. Thus my entire purchase can be blamed on Neil Gaiman. Alan Moore even thanks Gaiman!

Finding The Graveyard Book was, not entirely surprisingly, an adventure. I was pretty sure it would be in children's, since that's where Vicki mentioned Chapters thought it should be shelved, so I assumed it would probably be the same at Coles. But... the Twilight fans! I was walking into the section and, well, apparently there's SOMETHING out that has fold outs with pictures from the movie. They were... shrieking! So I decided to ask for help. :p

But yay, I has books! And I renewed my iRewards card, which made for a pricey excursion over all. :p
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So, I bought Invincible today. Also, The Time Traveler's Wife. I expect to enjoy one more than the other. :p

Also, D*MN the synopsis of Millenium Falcon for actually looking like something I might want to read. I'm supposed to be QUITTING here!
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So apparently the book I just finished doesn't have a sequel. It sure ended like it has one. :p Considering the protaganist's oldest son was still in the clutches of people who trained him to hate the protaganist. And the protaganist was vowing to rescue him. His friends were telling him he was crazy, and he was insisting that he could do it because he had all the right friends.

Apparently Schroedinger thinks bathrooms are scary places people might never come out of. Because she camps out and guards the door until people DO come out. :p Now that she's settled down she really wants to be where the people are. :p She basically gets magnetically attached to laps. Though she'll settle for feet if I inform her she's not allowed on the computer. :p


Dec. 9th, 2007 06:34 pm
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It's been an ordeal, but I finally managed to retrieve my books from Kitchener. :D

I read Fury on the way there. I'm... actually enjoying a Star Wars book! This needs to happen more often. :p

Fury spoilers )

Also, Wicked in German is made of win.
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After another THREE STORE RUN I finally have Fury. It should not be this difficult to find a book that has been out for a week. At least the Coles people remembered it having BEEN on the shelf, but selling. They were listed as having one copy, but the system only updates once a day.

I'm somewhat skeptical that the same is true for the FORTY TWO phantom copies they had at Chapters. Especially since that's the number of phantom copies they had LAST time I looked. I blame all the random NOT BOOKS. MAYBE if they didn't have all sorts of space devoted to tacky Christmas baubles, they would actually be able to get BOOKS on the shelves in a timely manner. Seriously, what is with all the random junk? THey're a BOOK store for crying out loud. I go there for books. If I wanted tacky Christmas decorations, I'd go to a department store.

So they're not in my good book right now.

The Coles that didn't have it is in my good book though. Because the lady there actually ANSWERED "Hi, can you either help me find Star Wars: Fury or tell me where the nearest independent bookstore is?" I mean, I was JOKING because I was getting really frustrated, and she actually told me where to find one. :p

I wound up finding it at the next Chindicoles store, so I still got to use my discount card. It still should NOT have been this difficult to find. This isn't an obscure back catalogue title, it came out LAST WEEK. It also wasn't the release day, so they'd had PLENTY of time to actually put it on the SHELF.

GOodness knows I never had this problem in Middle of Nowhere, New Brunswick. THEY always had the new book on the shelf on the release date (or a couple days early... :p). And they had a feel for the demand for things and ordered accordingly. :p
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My mother just gave Wes and Legolas catnip. Legolas now appears to be trying to eat his own leg. It's vigorous lickig combined to writhing around with his paws above his head. It's kinda ridiculous. :p

We also went to the church to book the date today. June 28, 2008, for those of you wondering. :p It's a Saturday morning. :p

We also stopped by the cool second-hand bookstore in town, where I picked up The Last Unicorn, because I've never read it. (Hadn't even seen the movie until last year. :p)
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Today was an exciting afternoon of scanning barcodes. Yay training for work, eh? :p I made it to Highfield Square right in time to catch the bus back to Riverview... only to discover I didn't have my change purse and thus lacked bus fare. So I had to go in to the mall to break a ten, leading to having to kill an hour. :p

Fortunately, there's no bookstore in Highfield Square, so it was perfectly safe. :p

I successfully married off Sim Luke and Sim Mara. I've discovered the trick to making sure important family members don't miss weddings: HIDE THE CHESS TABLE. :p Wes played bass through the whole thing, but all things considered, that was probably a good thing. Kept him out of trouble. :p

Death decided she wanted to throw a Washburne family reunion at the Crypt o' NIght (which IS a goth club, JELLO :p). She called Daniel up and invited him downtown. When they got there, the other people turned out to be Zoe, Helen, Thisland and Billy. And Jayne, but he's not a Washburne. :p

And since I was tagged by [livejournal.com profile] stormkpr

Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little-known facts about themselves.

You must also tag 10 others on your list.

1. I sleep with this ratty old teddy bear that I've had since I was a baby. The arm has fallen off three times, but there's no other bear quite like it. (Including the other one I got that same Christmas, which initially WAS just like it :p)

2. My high school math teacher used to make jokes about "And now you can go home and put that on your math poster." We all used to laugh. Then in first year calculus, I was putting a formula sheet up on the wall and realized that I actually HAD made a math poster. The next year, my walls were COVERED in organic synthesis reaction posters. :p

3. I tend to give strange nicknames that just keep GROWING. For instance, Tessie is ":Ding ship killing baby burning Cade loving nerf herding :( skillet" :p. This started as "skillet". :p

4. My bookshelf is currently organized based on "If it stays on the shelves, that's an accomplishment". Back when there was a semblance of order, beyond grouping authors and series, my organiziation system was only obvious to ME because it was arranged by themes. Placement of some authors was determined by which categories they straddled. :p

5. I've been collecting elephant themed objects ever since my kindergarten teacher gave me a little figurine of a sleeping elephant for my sixth birthday.

6. I take a twisted pleasure in feeding other people's plot bunnies. Unfortunately, this is a habit Tess shares (along with the brain, of course :p) One day we were both trying to give the other person a certain plot bunny, and wound up collaborating on it. Slowly.

7. I tend to use a lot of short sentences when I write fiction. Sometimes this works ("Last Moments" and "One Chance to Cry" come to mind), but a lot of the time I need Tess going "ACK! CHOPPY!" when she betas. :p

8. I'm a bit of a walking musical. I WILL burst into song at random. People are frequently shocked to discover it's a real song, but I've been known to re-write lyrics on the fly. (And then make them House CUp tasks :p)

9. There's nothing more comfortable than a pair of pajama pants, a t-shirt that's two sizes too big, and an ugly sweater. And I swear, the ugly part is REQUIRED. :p

10. I use the :p face like it's a punctuation mark. Definitely not little known, but I'd say it's a fairly weird habit. :p


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Comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 icons, for you to explain.

[livejournal.com profile] sunshine_queen asked:


This one is probably obvious to about half my flist. The half that doesn't know the Gundam Wing fandom, on the other hand, is probably most confused. Most of the male characters (and some of the females) have a name that corresponds to a number. Two is my favourite character, Duo. H is Hilde, a woman he spends several episodes with and appears to be living with at one point. I think they would be cute together. This is a very lonely pairing to ship, incidently, because the fandom is rather dominated by 1x2. I don't particularly like Heero. It kinda sucks to be a Duo fan when you just don't feel 1x2. :p

Ewoks eating timbits

Well, I like Ewoks. I like Timbits. (Donut holes from Tim Hortons :p) This phrase actually originated as the silly option on a poll by AT_ST_DRIVER in Atlantic Canada General over at the JC. Back when the JC was cool and ACG was a blast. :p

Marion Zimmer Bradley

I'd honestly forgotten I still had her listed as an interest. :p I used to be a big Darkover fan when I was younger. I tried to read The Mists of Avalon this year though, and I came to the conclusion that I probably would have enjoyed it in high school, but now all I could notice was that she was trying too hard to Make Her Point. (Though Vicki tells me the book does get better when they actually get into the Arthurian myth instead of the setup)


This is one of my family's cats. His name is Wes, because he was the little troublemaker who was always trying to get out of the basket when he was a kitten. He likes to live up to his name, hence "Delicious chaos". :p

Oh, Han/Leia, how I love you so. The text is from "The More You Ruv Someone" from Avenue Q, which is totally Han and Leia's song. It opens with "The more you love someone, the more you want to kill them." The verse the text actually comes from is "And when you find someone you wanting most to kill him. You go and find him. ANd you get him. And you no kill him. 'Cause chance is good he is your love."

[livejournal.com profile] obaona made this for me in one of those memes where they make an icon based on your interests. The phrase "procrastinatable" is, like many things, a joke between me and Tess. Tess was offering to send me some sort of shiny thing when I was busy with school, and I said "Ooh! More procrastinatables!" Procrastinatables are thus any shiny thing used to procrastinate because they're more fun. :p
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Been a busy couple days. Yesterday I went to Moncton with Ryan and his roommates. I'd debated not going, but it wound up being really fun, so I'm glad I went. I only bought one book at Chapters, that's a wonderful bit of self control, right? It's a fun looking anthology.

I spent a bit of time in Chapters talking to the bookshelves. Looking at the Pratchett and declaring "Ha! HA! You can't get any more of my money right now! HA!" (This would be much more triumphant if the reason wasn't that I already had all thirty plus books :p) Glaring at Melanie Rawn's books because "You're never going to write book three of that trilogy, are you?" (I read books one and two in middle school :p) And a very melodramatic "I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU!" to the Star Wars EU. :p

We had lunch at a Thai place, with a very cool waitress. I had yummy fried rice with shrimp and lobster meat. Mmmm...

After that, we headed down to Gamezilla. I was good and resisted Lucifer! AND the Order of the Stick collection they had! I did by The Dead Boy Detectives, but I had been trying to find that for AGES! It's SO cute! :D

Then we had sushi and went back to Sackville. Where I stayed up until 3:30 AM finishing my computational paper. :p "Fun" times that. :p

Today, Vicki finally gave me and Sam our Christmas presents. They're teddy bears with "uchi" written on them in hiragana, which is the Japanese word for "house". She has one of her own too, and the three together are "house house house!" one of our running jokes. :p SHe also gave me a birthday present, this ADORABLE elephant hat. I was totally wearing it around inside all day. :p

My mother came up to help me get a start on moving out. SHe took back three boxes of books and one of fabric. And that's not all the books I have here. Ooh boy, packing will be an adventure this week. :p

Other than that, today was a SIMS D*MMIT day. :p Highlights: Jayne's alien son Sue is now a teenager and madly in love with Delirium. DEATH desperately wants to get engaged to Death. Death is too busy being a sorority girl and a popularity sim to actually roll romantic wants. Dream inherited a lousy party when he moved into a random off campus house at the university.

I'll probably do a massive picture post of doom in the near future. :p
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So Toronto was VERY fun. :D I got to meet a frillion of Vicki's relatives, which was interesting. I also got to meet her friend Shannon, who was very cool.

And, of course, OMG WICKED SQUEE! VERY cool. It wasn't weird hearing other actors sing the roles like I worried it would be. They were different, but it was a different take on the character that worked quite nicely. Elphaba played up the cuteness and Glinda was ALL OVER the snark. I didn't much care for Fiyero, but you can't win them all. It was so completey and utterly AWESOME. I bought horribly overpriced monkey because it was green and cute and a MONKEY. :p I also started my Christmas shopping. Mind you, my sister and Sam are the EASIEST ones to shop for...

I justify the overpriced monkey with the fact that I got a new pair of jeans for $20 and two new tops for $10. I really need new jeans, since my old ones are wearing out, and the new tops look nice without being something I can't wear in the lab, which I always need more of. :p

The next day I got to meet [livejournal.com profile] akeyoftime, who is SO cool. I had a migraine of doom, but I toughed it out anyway and it cleared up eventually. We puttered around Greek town. The restaurant we had lunch at needs to learn a thing or two about portion sizes. I ordered rice off the side dish menu and it was HUGE. I didn't eat much because I wasn't feeling well, but I never even finished the leftovers when I was alive again. And this was a SIDE DISH. :p But yay meeting cool people. :D

(Tess and I are SO pathetic :p)

Vicki's dad was late picking us up, so she handed me her newly purchased The Lovely Bones. She didn't get it back until I finished. It was an ODD book, but pretty interesting.

And now I'm madly trying to learn bloody katakana. :p
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My little brother is confused by Firefly. I'm not sure HOW, but he is. I mean, my sister was confused the first time she saw it, but she watched it during its original airing. Y'know, the one that was all out of order? The twerp won't even elaborate what it is that confuses him, he just keeps saying the whole thing is confusing. :p

I went to Chapters and Gamezilla on Sunday. BJ kept whining that he didn't understand how women can spend forty five minutes in one store. If he'd been talking about a shoe store, that would have been one thing (hell, I don't understand how anyone can spend that long in a shoe store. I HATE shoe shopping), but he was referring to spending forty five minutes in CHAPTERS. That is NOT a long time to spend in a bookstore. Bookstores have back cover blurbs to read and books to flip through, especially if you're not looking for anything in particular. Which I wasn't. It's been a while since I've gone into a bookstore flying completely blind, no recs or anything. I picked up a novel by Timothy Zahn and something else that looked somewhat intriguing (can't remember the title). I saw the venom cock book, died laughing and did not pick it up. :p At Gamezilla I picked up the first volume of Full Moon wo Sagishite and Yu Yu Hakusho, because my mother had a two for one manga coupon. Bit of a "Death is fun!" theme to my manga choices, I suppose. :p Both were definitely a fun read. (And Tess, you're right, Botan IS a lot like Sandman!Death. Ding ding ding! :p)

On Monday we (my mother, sister and I) went hiking down in Fundy. Always a fun time. We did the Matthew's Head/Coastal loop, which is quite pretty. We ran into this family with seven kids on the trail, so my mother went into botany lesson mode. :p

Yesterday we had to put in a full day of work. For the first time in weeks. Today we're back to the usual slacking, with a coffee break in the morning and bowling in the afternoon. :p

Nuki is back in Sackville, which is muchly exciting. We went visiting yesterday. Which led to the fun of "Okay, here's the book I borrowed in June and the sweater I borrowed on Canada Day. ANd here's the next volume of Sandman for you to borrow. And here's Firefly, which you don't get to borrow, but we can watch." :p We wound up watching all of disc three of Firefly, which is my favorite disc of the set. Mostly because War STories, Ariel and Out of Gas are my favorite episodes and Trash is also great fun. Poor Nuki didn't do well having to watch the needle thing in Out of Gas. I didn't get much entertainment out of that though, since I was also cringin away. However, her reactions throughout Ariel were PRICELESS. She'd already seen War Stories, but there was no way I was going to skip over THAT episode. :p I also have her and Nico almost trained to MY lyrics to the Firefly theme. Which are mostly the same, but the second verse goes "Take me out Aww! to the black...". If I'm watching, there's an Aww! there, end of story. Laugh all you want, but this is one of like TWO fandoms where I have an OTP in the traditional sense, so I reserve the right to be just as pathetic about them as I want. :p
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Bookshelves are HEAVY.

On th e plus side, I now actually have one in my bedroom. :p So the books that are just kina tossed anywhere they fit now have a home. A very crowded home. I'm not sure how much I'll actually be able to bring down off the communal bookshelf upstairs. We'll see how much of my Discworld stuff ends up fitting. Pratchett and Gaiman get one shelf. Graphic novels get the top where I can just stack them and all other authors get the other shelf. :p

The Sandman stack is as tall as the entire other stack of TPBs. Though I do have a box of loose SW comics that might compete. :p

I have a lot of books. And this isn't even getting IN to the zillions I have back in Riverview! :p
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Dear Chapters,

If the recommended titles in your little flyer thingy have been selected based on my purchase history, why are they all hardcover?

(They do sound interesting. But they're HARDCOVER you silly thing! :p)

Love I guess,

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Kate bought me a paid account for Christmas. That's so much yay! And I could upload an appropriate icon for it!

Do you realize I never had something I called my happy icon before? I had SILLY icons, but never HAPPY ones. :p

Paid account means snazzy new header. There's still a lot of work to do on the layout, but snazzy header! I still need to deal with colours and then make a mood theme because I'm INSANE. :p

After rehearsal yesterday (SO MUCH DANCING!) I hung out with Sam and Doug, which is always fun. Doug is trying to convince Sam to have his cat live with us next year. :p We went to see Narnia, because it was the toonie movie. Ryan hadn't read the book, which was amusingly obvious from his "ooooooookay" when the stone table cracked. This time, I kept thinking about the people who had played the various roles when my high school put on the play, which was kinda amusing. Good old "Why was the witch a boy?" :p

Vicki doesn't understand why I'm shocked when I find out that someone hasn't read the book. I mean, the books are children's classics, I didn't think it was that strange to figure most people would have read at least LWW as a child. Am I completely off base in this thought?
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Okay, B in Analytical and B+ in Inorganic. So far I'm doing okay. I really wish Langler would hurry up with our Organic marks though. I want my mark from the class I'm REALLY worried about!

Oh, I read a fantastic book the other day. It's called... Bimbos of the Death Sun by Sharyn McCrumb. It's a murder mystery set at a science fiction convention! A real hoot for anyone in fandom. Animaritime people, let's hope we never have the guest of honour get shot at OUR con. :p The only frustrating thing is that some jerk decided to scratch out anything they deemed "sexist" against males. Though from the surrounding context, the offending material mostly seemed to be a female character expressing frustration with the state of science fiction at the time the book was written. I mean, it was the eighties, fandom was rather male dominated back then!

Or in other words... no "editing" library books, jerk.

Finally, on the work front...

SNOWSUITS. That's all I have to say. :p


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