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Okay, this whole "have to be logged in as the right journal to comment from email" thing Dreamwidth has going is going to drive me freaking nuts. I knew I depended on the ability to just shoot off a comment from my email but I never realized how much until I couldn't. Of all the features to be missing...
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My New Years resolution is very simple: Get my PhD. I figure that's a big enough goal to not worry about anything else.
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Whole family is here. To watch the Christmas Special. Because we are a Nice Normal Family.

I may be wearing a santa hat with Yoda ears.

Spoilers for the Who Christmas Special )
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Gwenna: "It occurred to me as I went downstairs using my sonic screwdriver as a flashlight to put a Tribble in the Christmas tree that I am a bit of a nerd."

Merry Christmas all.
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Today's "this isn't what happens in normal families" incident...

"She can't be Squid! I'M SQUID!"

I'd rather be Squid. My marine life related nickname is Shrimp.
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I am on a train. Do you know what I do not have time or connection stability to deal with? The fact that LJ has decided to break Glaxcin's entire organizational system. What POSSIBLE REASON was there to remove subject lines and the ability to link subthreads?
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So Ryan is awesome. Apparently this happened to him at work.

Customer: You lucky man, surrounded by beautiful women all day.
Ryan: Umm, I'm married.
Customer: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Ryan: I'm not! My wife is learning how to make things explode. She's the BEST!

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Okay, so Steam had the first three Virtual Villagers games on for $2.50 each, so I figured I'd give them a try. So I'm playing the first game and one of my starting villagers HATES WORK. Like, that's his trait. I have nicknamed him Senor Dumbass on account of how often I have to put put him back on task. (Why Senor? Felt like it.) So anyway...


Me: Okay, Senor Dumbass, you are allowed to eat, you are allowed to drink and you are allowed to research. THAT IS IT.
Ryan: So he's a grad student?

Yep. Sounds right.
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Me: No, I'm going to wear a pair of black pumps :p
Jello: pumps are.... little things with heels?
Jello: right?
Me: yeah
Jello: YAY
Me: The heel on mine is low enough that I can dance in them
Jello: I wouldn't know anything about that.
Jello: girls and their heeliocentric universe.

Terrible and yet WONDERFUL.
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I just shouldn't be allowed to touch anything hot today. First I spilled half a mug of hot tea all over myself when I fell up the stairs. Then I decided to make quesadillas for lunch. And proceeded to drop on straight out of the pan on my wrist.

I'm making Ryan make supper. :p

(Also, apparently I have three different tags about how clumsy I am. :p)
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Things that that don't get said in normal households: "I AM NOT A MELEE WEAPON!"

Yeah... turns out that in the Scott Pilgrim game, you can pick up your co-op partner and bludgeon enemies with them. I do wonder what normal couples talk about sometimes.
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Mom: Have you read the Cassandra Clare books?
Me: Oh GOD Cassandra Clare. She has... quite the reputation in the Harry Potter fandom.
Mom: I've heard.
Me: *condensed version of the saga*
Mom: Okay, someone said it was a wank fest and I wasn't sure it was something that I should put in my library even if the kids love it...
Me: *dying laughing* WANK MEANS INTERNET DRAMA!

I must admit I... never thought I was going to have to explain wank to my mother.

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Musings on the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Spoilers! )
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First of all, if the neighbours can tell what game you are playing, the TV might be a bit loud. (THey were playing FFVII)

My journal is unupdated largely due to my life not being terribly exciting. I made some stuff yesterday and it was yellow! Which is the colour it should be, rather than the black it kept being. So that was exciting, but probably only to me.

The good news is I think I might finally see the end of all this. A lot of the experimental work is close to done, so maybe I'll actually finish my thesis on time. :p


Oct. 10th, 2011 11:23 pm
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Poor Ryan. His back hurts. But from his pain, comes great amusement.


Ryan: I feel like I'm turning into a LIEFELD DRAWING!
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Am I ready for this? I don't know.

Spoilers for The Wedding of River Song )
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Me: Why does he have a penis on his head?
Ryan: It's a Japanese only game. Don't ask questions.

He... has a point.


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