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This is the saddest sounding invasion EVER. The small cubes. Really.

Still love Rory's dad.

What did Amy say she writes? SOMEONE laughed right in my ear on that line.

She's a journalist now! That's cool. Good career for companions, journalism.

"There are soldiers all over my house and I'm in my pants." Oh Rory.

Perfect logic. Sad dress sense, must be the Doctor. Science runs UNIT now, I approve. SCIENCE!

I am all sorts of not okay with a season finale the same month as the season premiere. ALL SORTS OF NOT.

Yes, Doctor. I am sure smacking the cube will do something. Doctor, you're however many years old, surely you should have learend patience by now.

At least the housework is getting done?

Marketing campaign seems like a sensible concluion all things considered.

Yes, Amy and Rory, I do beleive you two are what they called settled. And that's okay.

Ooh, somehting happened with a cube! ... well that's not good.

Doctor, they would probably trust you more if you could aim.

As appropriate things to do on an anniversary go, "marrying Henry VIII" is not a good one.

Actually, Rory's dad, most of them are okay because the writers let them leave of their own free will in the classic series.

He is playing Wii tennis. That is... kinda adorable.

That's... probably not a good thing.

You shoot lasers. The metal dog could do that too!

Since when does the psychic paper receive messages, anyway?

"I have officers trained in beheading. Also ravens of death." I agree Amy, I like her too.

The chicken dance. On a loop.

OH MY GOD! OF COURSE SHE'S THE BRIG'S DAUGHTER! Can we keep her? Can we can we?

Doctor. Let your companions have their lives. LIKE YOU HAVE ALWAYS DONE.

Why DO you keep coming back for them? I'm still not sure I understand why they brought Amy and Rory back this season.

Nooo, we like Rory's dad!

Well that's different.

But... but... a defibrillator doesn't work on a stopped heart! It's for when it's beating erratically!

Hi Palpatine Borg!

Can we keep Kate? I really want to keep Kate! Kate is awesome!

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