Feb. 9th, 2013

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Guess I might as well catch everyone up on what's been going on since my defense. I submitted my corrections, which almost got interesting because it turned out the defense chair had forgotten to sign my certificate of examination. Got that all straightened out, so for the first time in my brother's lifetime, I am not a student.

Spent Christmas baking and reorganizing my house.

As for now, we have a grant for an industry collaboration. We're working with a company that makes roof tiles from recycled plastic as an alternative to shakes made from old growth cedar. They're trying to improve their composite material and want to do that in a directed way, so my job is to characterize the material they have right now. I'll be working on that until November. I joke that this is the academic equivalent of living in my mother's basement, but this is actually a really awesome opportunity since it gives me experience that is (obviously) very industry relevant as well as contacts in industry. So it should be helpful in finding a real job so I can be a real person. (Seriously, as a post-doctoral fellow I am even less of a person than as a grad student. I now work at the university but not for the university :p)


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